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Remini Mod 3.7.446.202304269 Apk (Full Unlocked, No Ads, Unlimited Pro Cards)

Remini - AI Photo Enhancer
App Name Remini - AI Photo Enhancer
Latest Version v.3.7.446.202304269
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Publisher Bending Spoons
Category Photography Photography
Size 264 MB
Mods Full Unlocked/No Ads/Unlimited Pro Cards
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4.0 Rating (825) Votes

4.0 Rating (825 Votes )
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Create AI Photos, Improve and restore quality of blurry, old or damaged pics.
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Remini Mod 3.7.446.202304269 Apk (Full Unlocked, No Ads, Unlimited Pro Cards)


Remini is a popular AI-powered photo and video editing app developed by Splice Video Editor. The app uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance and restore old, blurry, or low-quality photos and videos with just a tap.

Since its launch in 2019, Remini has become one of the top photo enhancer apps with over 100 million downloads on Android and iOS devices. The app continues to gain popularity thanks to its user-friendly interface and powerful AI capabilities that can breathe new life into old memories.

In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at Remini app for Android to help you understand its key features, interface, performance, and how it compares to alternative apps.

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Remini Mod Apk


Remini comes packed with a variety of AI-powered features to enhance photos and videos. Here are some of the key capabilities of the app:

Photo Enhancement

The core function of Remini is enhancing and restoring old and low-quality photos. The app uses AI to:

  • Sharpen and unblur photos
  • Reduce noise and graininess
  • Correct colors and exposure
  • Upscale resolution for clear details
  • Restore faded photos and fix damage

With just a tap, Remini can transform dull and blurry old photos into clear and vibrant images.

Video Enhancement

Remini can also enhance and upscale video resolution up to 4K UHD. The AI algorithms improve video quality by:

  • Increasing sharpness and detail
  • Reducing noise and artifacts
  • Correcting colors and lighting
  • Upscaling resolution up to 4K

This makes old, grainy videos look crisp and clear.

Face Enhancement

One of Remini’s standout features is facial enhancement. The app can detect faces in photos and videos to:

  • Smooth skin and remove blemishes
  • Whiten teeth
  • Brighten and open eyes
  • Sharpen facial features

It results in professional portrait enhancement with just a click.

Object Removal

Remini provides an object removal tool to erase unwanted elements from photos. You can simply select the object you want to remove and the AI will seamlessly fill in the background.

Photo Effects

The app includes creative photo effects and filters to add some artistic flair:

  • Black and white conversion
  • Vintage filters like Lomo and Retro
  • Color splash to make everything black and white except one color
  • Glitch effects
  • Text and emoji overlays

Collage Maker

Remini has a built-in collage maker to combine multiple photos into creative layouts and grids. You can make 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 photo grids.

AI Avatar Generator

The AI avatar generator is a fun feature that creates a realistic avatar selfie from your photos. You simply choose your gender and Remini generates variations of AI-enhanced selfies.

Slideshow Maker

Turn your photos into a dynamic slideshow video complete with pan and zoom effects and background music. This makes it easy to showcase your enhanced photos.

Remini Mod Apk

Interface and User Experience

Remini sports a clean and intuitive interface optimized for the mobile experience. Here is an overview of the app’s navigation and UX:

Simple 3-Step Enhancement

Editing a photo is quick and easy:

  1. Import a photo from your gallery
  2. Select enhancement type (Auto, Enhance, Restore)
  3. Tap the check mark to apply enhancement

The AI does the rest automatically and shows you the improved result.

Easy Mode Selection

The app features preset modes that optimize enhancement based on the photo type:

  • Portrait: For people photos
  • Landscape: For scenery photos
  • Night: For low light photos
  • Text: For documents and text

This makes it easy to choose the right enhancement.

User-Friendly Design

The app follows Google’s Material Design language with an intuitive layout:

  • Bottom navbar for quick access to modes
  • Large preview of edited photo
  • Prominent buttons for key actions
  • Smooth animations and transitions

This makes Remini easy to navigate even for beginners.

Handy Photo Tools

The app provides handy tools to further edit and touch up photos:

  • Crop and rotate
  • Brightness, contrast, and color adjustment
  • Vignette and lighting effects
  • Text and emoji overlays

The tools are easy to apply with sliders and presets.


Remini offers a free version supported by ads. Ads appear before showing the enhanced photo results. There are no ads or watermarks on the exported photos.

Premium Subscription

A paid subscription removes ads and provides additional capabilities and customizations for $4.99/month or $39.99/year.

Overall, Remini offers a polished interface that makes AI photo enhancement accessible. The simple workfow and handy tools allow users of all levels to improve their photos with ease.

Remini Mod Apk


Remini leverages state-of-the-art AI and machine learning algorithms to deliver excellent photo and video enhancement capabilities. Here is an overview of its performance:


Thanks to optimization for mobile devices, Remini can enhance photos quickly, usually under 5 seconds based on the photo resolution. Videos take a bit longer depending on length but rarely more than a minute.

Image Quality

The AI generates surprisingly high-quality results, restoring details and colors accurately while avoiding over-processing artifacts. This allows breathing new life into old photos.


Remini delivers reliable enhancement across various photo types like portraits, landscapes, documents, and more. The AI detects photo content intelligently.


The premium subscription offers custom enhancement settings. You can fine-tune the intensity, colors, textures, and details.

File Size

Enhanced photos retain full resolution. You can export up to 20MP photos in the free version. The premium version supports huge 60MP exports.

Supported Formats

Remini supports JPG, PNG, and BMP photo formats. For video it supports MP4, MOV, and MPEG formats up to 4K.

In summary, Remini offers excellent performance thanks to advanced AI. It enhances photos quickly while retaining high image quality and customization options.

Remini Mod Apk

Comparison With Alternatives

Here is how Remini compares to some top alternative photo enhancer apps:

Remini Adobe Photoshop Express PhotoDirector
AI enhancement
Object removal
Video enhancement
Custom filters
Layer editing
Price Free + IAP Free + IAP Free + IAP

Key Differences

  • Adobe Photoshop Express focuses more on artistic filters rather than restoration
  • PhotoDirector has more advanced editing with layers but no video tools
  • Remini specializes in AI photo and video enhancement

Overall, Remini offers the most robust AI enhancement capabilities compared to alternatives. The app also provides unique tools like avatars, slideshows, and video support.

Remini Mod Apk

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of using Remini app:


  • Powerful AI instantly enhances photos
  • Restores old and blurry photos effectively
  • Easy to use interface and workflow
  • Additional creative tools like avatars and collages
  • Free version available
  • Works great on mobile


  • Can sometimes over process portraits
  • Limited export resolution on free version
  • Requires internet connection to function
  • Contains ads on free version

Remini Mod Apk


Remini is an outstanding mobile app that utilizes AI to restore and enhance photos and videos with a simple interface and workflow. The AI delivers excellent improvements automatically with just a tap.

The app excels at renovating old memories by fixing damage, reducing blur, correcting colors, sharpening details, and upscaling resolution. Fun tools like avatars, effects, and slideshows offer creative options.

While the free ad-supported version has some limitations, the premium subscription unlocks the full capabilities. Overall, Remini provides an accessible way to breathe new life into your old photos using the power of AI. Its user-friendly approach makes photo enhancement easy for anyone.

Summary of Key Points

  • Remini utilizes advanced AI to enhance photos and videos
  • Core features include photo restoration, noise reduction, upscaling, and facial enhancement
  • Additional creative tools like avatars, effects, collages, and slideshows
  • User-friendly interface optimized for mobile
  • Quick and easy 3-step photo enhancement
  • Powerful performance thanks to optimized AI algorithms
  • Specializes in restoration compared to alternatives like Photoshop Express
  • Free version with ads, paid subscription removes ads and adds capabilities
  • Overall an excellent app to enhance old photos with a simple mobile interface

  • Transform your selfies into breathtaking scenes and unlock a world of possibilities! Try on new hairstyles, explore dream destinations, and step into various roles effortlessly. Dive into the world of AI-powered metamorphosis – your perfect shot awaits! Your experience is our priority, and this update brings you enhanced stability for seamless creativity. Love from the Remini team

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