CasualIdle World MOD APK 6.1.2 (Unlimited Money)

Idle World MOD APK 6.1.2 (Unlimited Money)

Idle World MOD APK 6.1.2 (Unlimited Money)
App Name Idle World - Build The Planet
Latest Version v.6.1.2
Last Updated
Publisher Funcell Games Pvt Ltd
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Casual Casual
Google Playstore

2.8 Rating (725) Votes

2.8 Rating (725 Votes )
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The Idle World MOD APK introduces a range of exciting enhancements, including unlimited money in the form of diamonds, allowing players to boost their progress and unlock features without restriction. This version offers an even more immersive and captivating experience, inviting players to explore, create, and discover as they shape their ideal planet

Key Takeaways

  • Idle World is a simulation game that allows players to create their own planet from scratch, adding elements like water, land, soil, and microorganisms.
  • The game is offered by Homa Games, an independent mobile game studio, and is available for free on Android and iOS devices, without requiring an internet connection.
  • Players can craft their planet click by click, gradually bringing it to life and learning about the different challenges of creating a sustainable world.
  • Idle World offers a panoramic 2D graphic view of the planet set against outer space, allowing players to admire their creation from different angles.
  • The game features a stimulating soundtrack and surprise appearances, such as aliens and UFOs, adding excitement to the planet-building experience.
  • Energy management is a key aspect of the game, with players needing to strategically add elements and unlock features to boost their progress.
  • Idle World supports 11 languages, bringing players from around the world together and offering an opportunity to learn new vocabulary.

Idle World MOD APK

Do you want to build your own planet? Idle World gives you the power to create a world from scratch. It’s an exciting simulation game where you can shape a primitive planet and watch it come to life. With each click, you’ll add elements like water and land, gradually crafting your unique world.

The Ultimate Planet-Building Experience

Do you want to build your own planet? Idle World is here to make your dream come true! This exciting simulation game lets you create your very own Earth from scratch. Imagine having the power to shape a planet and watch it come to life. It’s an incredible journey that’s both fun and educational.

Idle World is brought to you by Homa Games, an independent mobile game studio that’s all about delivering awesome gaming experiences. The best part? You can download Idle World for free on your Android or iOS device, and you don’t even need an internet connection to play!

Build Your Planet, Your Way

Step into Idle World, and you’ll find a primitive planet waiting for your touch. With a simple click, you’ll start crafting water, land, and everything in between. It’s all about adding elements one by one, gradually bringing your planet to life. Each element brings its own unique challenge, and you’ll soon discover that building a planet takes time and strategy!

But it’s not just about clicking and creating. Idle World is packed with exciting features that keep the game lively and engaging. As you build, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of your planet, set against the backdrop of outer space. Spin your planet around, admire it from different angles, and feel the thrill of watching your creation take shape.

A Fun and Educational Journey

Idle World isn’t just a game; it’s an educational adventure. As you build your planet, you’ll learn all about the different elements that make up our Earth. From soil and microorganisms to plants and animals, each addition brings new knowledge and a sense of accomplishment. It’s like having a front-row seat to the creation of the world, and it’s an incredibly satisfying experience.

But that’s not all – Idle World also takes you on a journey through space and time. As you progress, you’ll unlock new features like time travel and alien encounters. These surprises keep the game exciting, always leaving you wanting more. And with a simple and engaging interface, Idle World is easy to play and perfect for all ages.

Master the Art of Planet Crafting

In Idle World, the power to craft a planet is in your hands. As a master planet crafter, you’ll need to manage your resources wisely and plan your moves carefully. It’s not just about creating life; it’s about sustaining it too. The more you play, the more you’ll discover the delicate balance of planet-building and the satisfaction that comes with it.

And let’s not forget the fun surprises along the way. Keep an eye out for flying images that bring bonuses and rewards. From aliens in tubes to UFOs, these unexpected treats add to the excitement. Plus, with a lively soundtrack and sound effects, you’ll be immersed in the world you’re creating.

Idle World MOD APK

A Global Game for Everyone

Idle World is a game for the world, and that’s why it offers support for 11 different languages. Whether you’re a French speaker or a Japanese enthusiast, you can enjoy the game in your preferred language. It’s an excellent way to bring players together and even learn a few new words in different languages!

Are You Ready to Create a World?

Idle World is more than just a game; it’s an invitation to explore, create, and discover. With its simple gameplay, exciting features, and educational twist, it offers an unforgettable experience. So, are you ready to take on the challenge? It’s time to roll up your sleeves, fire up your imagination, and build a planet that’s out of this world!

Remember, Idle World is completely free to play, and you can download it right now. Start crafting your planet, unlocking new elements, and discovering the secrets of the universe. It’s an incredible journey that awaits, and we can’t wait to see the worlds you create!

The Idle World MOD offers a range of exciting features to enhance your planet-building experience:

Unlimited Diamonds: Diamonds are a valuable resource in Idle World, and with this MOD, you’ll have an unlimited supply to boost your progress.
Unlimited Energy: Energy is crucial for creating and adding elements to your planet. With unlimited energy, you can build to your heart’s content without any restrictions.
Unlocked Prestige: Prestige features and benefits are now accessible, providing an enhanced gameplay experience and additional perks. You Also Like Hustle Castle Mod Apk And Clash of Kings MOD APK

Idle World MOD APK

Here are the key features of Idle World:

– Build Your Planet: Craft a unique planet, adding elements like water, land, soil, and microorganisms to bring it to life.
– Educational Experience: Learn about the different components of Earth and the challenges of creating a sustainable world.
– Panoramic View: Enjoy a 2D graphic foundation with a backdrop of outer space, allowing you to admire your planet from various angles.
– Lively Sound and Surprises: Engage with a stimulating soundtrack and be delighted by surprise appearances of flying images, like aliens and UFOs.
– Energy Management: Strategically manage your energy levels by adding elements and unlocking features like time travel to boost your progress.
– Multiple Ways to Earn Energy: Discover different methods to earn energy, including watching ads, interacting with flying images, and completing in-game missions.
– Unlock New Elements: Unlock a range of elements, from soil to microorganisms, by meeting specific requirements and progressing in the game.
– Planet Preservation and Protection: Enhance your planet with new features like different types of terrain and the introduction of animals and plants.
– Atmosphere Building: Create the atmosphere of your planet with five distinct spheres, including the Troposphere and Exosphere.
– World 2.0 and Mars: Explore additional worlds, including World 2.0 and Mars, for an even more captivating gameplay experience.
– Scientific Discovery: Gain knowledge about Earth and its elements through sentences that appear during gameplay, making science fun and accessible.
– Multi-Language Support: Idle World offers support for 11 languages, helping players worldwide and providing an opportunity to learn new vocabulary.
– Simple and Easy Gameplay: Enjoy a stress-free gaming experience with simple controls and engaging features, making it accessible to players of all ages.
– Upgrade and Add Life: Upgrade your planet, add animals and humans, and watch your planet’s population grow.
– Exciting Effects: Be thrilled by vivid sound effects and visual surprises that keep you engaged and excited throughout the building process.

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