PuzzleZombie Blast MOD APK 3.3.1 (Menu/Unlimited bullet/Antidote)

Zombie Blast MOD APK 3.3.1 (Menu/Unlimited bullet/Antidote)

Zombie Blast MOD APK 3.3.1 (Menu/Unlimited bullet/Antidote)
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3.5 Rating (332) Votes

3.5 Rating (332 Votes )
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Zombie Blast MOD APK 3.3.1 (Menu/Unlimited bullet/Antidote)

Zombie Blast MOD APK
MOD Features Menu/Unlimited bullet/Antidote
Category Games
Size 232 MB
Version 3.3.1
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

Zombie Blast is a unique match3 puzzle combat game set in a zombie ridden world. As the brave hero, your mission is to solve match 3 puzzles while blasting cartoon style zombies with character specific abilities and power ups. Match at least three items together to generate powerful weapons that can be used instantly or stored for later use when tougher enemies arise! Fight your way through funny yet challenging levels by freezing, exploding and shooting the hordes of wicked undead who wont stand still for a single moment success requires strategic combinations of attack gadgets, hand-eye coordination and careful resource management in order blast those pesky zombies into oblivion! The future of humanity lies rest upon you join this exciting quest to save mankind today!

Zombie Blast MOD APK

Play With Fun this game?

Zombie Blast is an exciting puzzle combat game filled with endless levels of zombiefighting fun! The cartoon graphics and character abilities create a delightful combination of action, strategy and humor. But don‘t let the wackiness fool you success requires good handeye coordination as well as smart resource management in order to progress through the increasingly difficult levels. One misfire or wrong move can turn out to be catastrophic for your ultimate mission take on hordes of monsters while utilizing an array power ups such as freezing, exploding and shooting gadgets! Become the savior humanity needs by downloading Zombie Blast now get ready for some zombie blasting fun!

Zombie Blast MOD APK

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Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Zombie Blast is a single player experience where you are the only hero in the fight against zombies. You will take on hordes of monsters and evil undead alone as you progress through challenging levels that get increasingly difficult. Utilize your power ups and gadgets to help survive each level as you work towards vanquishing all enemies once and for all! Upgrade hero abilities with coins collected while playing match 3 puzzles or face off with bosses at higher levels dont let a little thing like death stop some zombie blasting fun! Download today to start fighting for survival now in this unique singleplayer game!

Zombie Blast MOD APK

Key Features of Zombie Blast

1. Match 3 puzzles:

Zombie Blast is a match 3 puzzler at heart, where players must advance through increasingly intricate levels by matching puzzle pieces together to reveal power ups and weapons with which they can use against zombies. As the hero progresses, so too does their variety of attack gadgets from freezing and exploding gadgets to different weapon types like pistols or machine guns; theres plenty of ways for the resourceful player to clear the field!

2. Challenging Levels:

To save humanity you will need quick reflexes and sharp strategies as you progress through 40 unique yet exhilaratingly challenging levels across 4 distinct zones full of challenges such as traps, barricades etc! Take on bosses in higher level rounds if you think your skills are up for it or not?

3. Abilities & Upgrades:

Each zombie character has specific abilities based on its ownspecial sauce which can be upgraded along with their hero stats between levels using coins earned from completing missions or defeated monsters respectively giving an edge when facing off tougher opposition later down the line yeah we said that already but every choice matters here folks!

4 Fun Cartoon Style Artwork & Soundtrack:

To accompany all this zombietastic intensity is a beautiful cartoon style art style full of vibrant colors alongside an energetic musical score that keeps energy alive even during those harder battles cause why should zombie slaying be boring right?

5 Resource Management :

All heroes come equipped with gadgetry (weapons) used against villains but resources dont grow on trees forever thanks Mom but luckily each new round presents opportunities for more powerful upgrades keeping stocked up enough ammo never been easier too bad those same bullets could kill enemies well then

6 Unlockable characters & content:

As you complete each level you will be rewarded with coins and XP which can be used in the store to buy new gadgets or even unlock additional characters such as a hunter, ninja or soldier (each with their own special abilities). Earn enough currency and rewards by finishing missions to take on boss levels for an even bigger challenge.

7 Game Centre Currencies:

Not everyone needs those flashy upgrades but for those that do, Zombie Blast provides players with access to game centre currencies allowing them exchange real world money for virtual goods. This feature allows players who dont have time save up coins between rounds boost their hero stats quicker than normal just dont forget the zombies are still melting!

8 Daily Bonus Rewards & Achievements

Celebrate success in style by accumulating daily bonus reward points whenever a task is completed from unlocking upgrades unlocking hidden secrets achievements etc. these bonuses not only help keep your zombie bursting action fresh but t gives incentive continue completing tasks mayhem filled adventure mode a thankyou gift from us to you!

Zombie Blast MOD APK

What is Zombie Blast Mod Apk?

Zombie Blast Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Zombie Blast game available on both Android and iOS. This mod includes features such as unlimited coins, gems, lives and energy for the user to enjoy with zero restrictions or cost. It also has all unlockable characters straight away instead of having to complete levels or missions which makes it faster and easier progression through the game. Furthermore this mod also provides players with access to an online leaderboard as well as exclusive rewards that can be unlocked within limited time periods these rewards are usually in form of extra XP points or gadgets/upgrades that otherwise normally require hard earned coins ingame! Unrestricted, top notch gaming awaits zombie blast enthusiasts so grab your shotgun (or freeze beam if you prefer) now get out there vanquish those undead armies good people!

Mod Key Feature

1. Unlimited Menu:

Zombie Blast Mod Apk comes with unlimited menu options, allowing you customize your gaming experience according flexibility choose preferred language, or turn specific sound effects and music on/off etc! Spend fewer hours setting preferences more time delving into mayhem filled action!

2. Unlimited Bullets:

The mod apk also allows players enjoy gameplay progress without restrictiveness; users will never run out ammo thanks the addition of an unlimited bullet supply keeping up power to take down zombie hordes no matter what number they arrive in this bonus feature makes sure all heroes have a fighting chance survive until the bitter end which there wont be any!

3 Antidote Option :

Lastly one last deviously useful extra featured within this mod apk designed make zombie fighting even easier for us desperate heroes it takes form an antidote option ensuring zombies or bosses dont stand much of a chance against our antizombie warrior armoury.

Zombie Blast MOD APK

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Allowed Apps: When installing the mod apk, make sure only trusted and verified sources are used as any malicious source could install harmful applications onto your device be careful and doublecheck before continuing download process!

2. Package Installer: Next look for a package installer tool such as Google Play Store where you can locate and downloa the Zombie Blast Mod Apk file to your phone or tablet this will ensure that download is safe secure from corrupted files which would otherwise affect installation of application.

3 Scanning : Once downloaded, use effective system scanning techniques like virus scans in order check any potentially dangerous viruses aliases embedded within file if all tests clean then congratulations you now have access mod version without having worry about potential security issues during play time!

Game Tips

1. Strategize: Utilize the gadgets at your disposal to form strategies and plan each move efficiently dont randomly fire away as this wont help increase chances of success

2. Upgrade Wisely : Make sure only the most effective upgrades are used as they will enable you to progress faster through levels poor planning here can result in a longer, more difficult journey than necessary!

3 Collect Coins: Fill up your inventory with coins every chance you get (from matching puzzle pieces or defeated monsters) these coins can be extremely useful for getting more powerful weapons alluring upgrades which boost stats drastically!

4 Don‘t Waste Bullets & Bombs : There is no way back from death in Zombie Blast so make sure weapons shots calculated before being fired there very few things worse than running out ammo during an intense battle! All bombs must too wielded carefully so their numbers also remain replete throughout game play time.

5 Reduce Player Fatigue: It not uncommon feel fatigue during game play due concentration focus required whilst playing match 3 puzzles blasts; taking short 15 minute breaks between rounds ensures that energy levels are full when starting next mission fresher minds we go soldiers!!!

Graphics and Sound Quality

1. Graphics:

Prepare yourself for a visually stunning feast when playing Zombie Blast! The cartoon style graphics feature bright, vivid and vibrant colors that flesh out cartoonized zombies in all their glory they blend perfectly with the intense green grassy backgrounds giving an overall comic book feel to whole game world. Most environment elements like foreground objects such as barrels , barricades and chests also have been smoothly detailed to ensure optimum visual enjoyment during days night alike.

2. Sound & Music :

Accompanying these topnotched graphics are equally well made sound/music assets which include voice overs, explosions sounds even background music note can be turned on or off same applies dialogues between characters which provide emotional clues context invaluable sense of direction at times extreme pressure. Zombies also sound terrifying when they get close for skin but dont worry it just (probably) part of show stopper!


Zombie Blast Mod Apk offers zombie blasting enthusiasts a modified version of the original fight against evil with numerous extra features such as unlimited coins, gems, lives and energy for zero restrictions. This mod provides access to an online leaderboard and exclusive rewards that can be unlocked within limited time periods keep players engaged even after completing all levels. Working your way through all these additional options are only part fun beautiful graphics, exotic soundtracks supportive sound effects crafted perfectly bring out emotions in every levels ensuring fantastic gaming experience from start finish! Cap off extraordinary Battle Royale by strategizing correctly improving hero stats using effective upgrades take down those wicked zombies once for all! Download Zombie Blast Mod Apk now witness convenience yourself!.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q. Is there a tutorial when playing Zombie Blast?

A. Yes, Zombie Blast contains an interactive tutorial designed to help newcomers quickly learn the basics of the game including how match items together and use gadgets against hordes of zombies. With regular updates that provide new characters levels and other content it is important for players stay informed such tutorials can be found within settings menu or main home screen with relative ease making sure all heroes find their inner zombie slayer in no time!

Q. Does the mod apk contain extra content?

A: Yes, The mod version includes access to exclusive rewards which usually come form bonus XP points ingame currencies like gems coins etc which can then used upgrade different hero stats gadgets etc providing a more unrestricted gaming experience overall . It has additional menu options too so that our customization preferences intact all in one package. what else could we ask for?

Q. Are any micro transactions involved in this game ?

A: No, Both original gameplay version as well as MOD Apk does not involve any kind microtransactions from players pocket mode itself allows users unlock countries by acquiring coins either playing levels defeating monsters without spending real world money enjoy ultimate zombie blasting experience .. at zero cost entertainment guaranteed right here folks!

Q. Does Zombie Blast support online gameplay?

A: Not currently, everything takes places in a singleplayer gaming environment so no cooperative or competitive modes are available right now however there have been some discussions about adding multiplayer version the future for those craving destruction with friends Stay tuned updates!

Q. What gadgets can the player use against enemies ?

A: As mentioned before weapons used vary from freezing blasts exploding bullets even machine guns if you got cash upgrade them each hero also has unique abilities tailored specifically for its own benefit . There are many options going around, ultimately allowing resourceful players to create powerful combo attacks become true zombie hunting champions!

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