ArcadeX Survive Mod Apk 1.755 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Free Crafting)

X Survive Mod Apk 1.755 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Free Crafting)

X Survive Mod Apk 1.755 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Free Crafting)
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4.5 Rating (155) Votes

4.5 Rating (155 Votes )
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X Survive Mod Apk 1.755 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Free Crafting)

X Survive Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Free Crafting
Category Mod Apk
Size 221 MB
Version 1.755
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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X Survive Mod Apk is a sandbox game that pits you and your friends against the zombie hordes. Players can craft weapons and build fortifications to protect themselves from these relentless enemies better, collect resources to survive longer, explore dangerous areas filled with loot, fight off hostile monsters or simply scavenge for materials needed in order to craft various tools necessary for progress. In X Survive Mod Apk Free Download, it’s up to you how long you can stay alive!

X Survive Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

X Survive is a sandbox game that pits you and your friends against the forces of nature and evil zombie hordes. You will need to collect as many resources as possible in order to construct necessary tools, craft weapons, build fortifications, or explore hazardous areas looking for loot. Combat against monsters is also crucial in order to survive- so make sure you upgrade your arsenal when necessary! As each new day dawns brings with it uncertainties- plan accordingly if you hope to come out alive!

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Play With Fun this game?

X Survive is a fun game that pits your wits against nature and zombie hordes! It offers an exciting, vibrant gaming environment with plenty of resources to collect, weapons to craft, and fortifications to defend yourself. You also have the opportunity to explore dangerous areas filled with loot- so why not take the plunge? With friends along for the ride, you’ll always find something fun to do in X Survive Mod Apk Free Download. Try it out today!

X Survive Mod Apk

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, X Survive is a fully multiplayer game. Up to four players can team up at the same time to fight off hostile zombies and monsters. With different classes available, your party will need effective cooperation in order to survive- so make sure you plan accordingly if you have any hope of coming out alive!

Features of X Survive

Crafting and Building

X Survive offers players a massive variety of crafting opportunities for tools, weapons and fortifications that can be used to survive the zombie hordes. Collect resources such as wood, stone or metal in order to construct defensive walls that will provide cover from monster attacks as well as housing storage materials and items you’ll need for the long haul! Additionally, create powerful explosive projectiles, sharp blades or machine guns without needing an armoury- so get out there and start building!


Players have an incentive to leave their safe havens by exploring new mysterious regions filled with unpredictable hazards; Undead encounters are just one of many enemies standing between your group and succeeding objectives within these foreign lands. Use scavenging skills acquired throughout our travels in search of superior weapons; materiel-antique buildings may give shelter, while abandoned vehicles might contain supplies– go ahead and see what awaits you beyond your present boundaries! You never know what valuable resource could be awaiting discovery down strange alleyways. Good Luck Exploring!!

Map Interaction & Resource Collection

X Survive’s map offers players better views of their surrounding areas as well the ability to zoom in and out to gain points-of-interest information (i.e. structure locations, opponents location etc.). Every area can be searched for materials with specific resources found within designated regions through sieving hotspots located on each island, providing an economic balance system that encourages user resource optimization strategies playing into our experience rewards & unlocks.

Character Classes

Choose between various characters; Enforcers offer powerful melee weapons allowing for quick offensive strikes, while Scientists provide advanced technology, including construct devices affecting aspects such as health & transformation paths, or even fight back monsters from a distance using sniper rifles

Player Interaction

With four parties available at any given time, X Survive provides interaction methods toward surviving efforts by allowing players to create teams collaborating against a common enemy when required to protect one another key points, offering advantages over/Adverse factors throughout PvP events! Additionally, strategic trading packs can also be formed, giving access to higher levels of loot, increasing the survivability rate of held properties pushing your team forward across boundaries. Real survivors would know no boundary limitations material accumulated fractionally could save lifetimes!

Campaign Mode

For those of you who want something extra challenging , accept side quests related to missions tasking you with different objectives and reward systems, unlocking new content unique with this game mode only . Raid Face overwhelming hordes ultimately face epic bosses vie victory!!!

Variety Other Features

Capture flags defend bases hold tactical advantageous positions, set traps, capture prisoners, all lending boost towards securing perimeter large area survivors strive to upgrade weaponry Scheduling raids nutritional values affect performance day-night cycle real time indicators generate firefights come daybreak find suitable cover objects glass walls breakable containers avoided unless closest thing shelter drying up don’t forget controllable War robots devastatingly awesome stats clip amounts air-ground strike abilities turret destructibility!

X Survive Mod Apk

What is X Survive Mod APK?

X Survive Mod APK is an unofficial version of the game that has been modified to include special features and upgrades. It allows you to gain access to resources for free, level up faster than normal gameplay would allow, as well as other perks such as unlimited lives and various weapons or skills. X Survive Mod APK also removes tedious micro-transactions typically found within the officially released game, allowing players a more enjoyable experience without needing any extra cost.

Features of X Survive Mod APK

Unlimited Money

X Survive Mod APK lets you have all the money needed to upgrade your characters, purchase weapons and craft tools without having to worry about finding it yourself or emptying out your pocket. This feature eliminates the need for micro-transactions allowing everyone a fair chance at enjoying what this game has to offer!

Free Crafting

With X Survive Mod APK, we also grant players free access to crafting specific items that are usually needing to be purchased with in-game currency, such as resource packs, schematics plans etc. As well as being able to build special defensive fortifications normally requiring higher level resources obtained through hard work & dedication, thus creating powerful traps on command ready when the time comes elect risking the safety of others, further adding advantage towards survivability concerns day turns night!!

God Mode

To keep things interesting within X Survive mod apk is its additional god mode offering unlimited health virtually invincible state, affording players greater control in handling hordes of enemies and towering bosses alike, pretending a never-ending life hero arises from tragedy and becomes a legendary survivor closing gates against evil deep underworld proving conquest death isn’t chance!

X Survive Mod Apk

How to Download And Install X Survive Mod Apk

• Download X Survive Mod APK file from a secure, trusted source like

• Install the application on your PC or mobile device by using Android Emulator such as

• Open the emulator and launch X Survive Mod APK

• Enjoy all features that come along with this version of the game!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Clear the cache and data of your phone to ensure that all old files have been removed.

• Make sure that you enable Unknown Sources on your device.

• Re-install X Survive Mod APK if it is already installed earlier but facing issues while playing the game.

• Check and make sure you are connected to a stable network when installing or playing this game for an optimized experience.

• Sometimes, the download might get stuck during the installation process. To resolve this issue, try using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi network to install the game successfully

• Ensure that your device meets the minimum system requirements for playing X Survive Hack APK Free Download.

X Survive Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


X Survive Mod APK offers stunning visuals that faithfully recreate the feeling of a zombie apocalypse. You’ll explore abandoned cities and desolate wastelands with beautiful detail that immerses you in terror. Enemies are designed to look menacingly realistic, bringing out some real fear!


Adding more horror flair is an impressive soundtrack featuring spooky effects and ambient soundscapes woven together to take anxiety playing a whole nother level of professionalism setting horrifying moods really do!!


X Survive Mod APK is a great way to take the zombie survival experience up a notch! With its wide variety of features such as unlimited money, free crafting and god mode- you have all the tools required for a successful survival run. Along with its gorgeous visuals, intense music/sound & multiplayer capabilities – X Survive Modded Apk Free Download offers an engaging atmosphere for those needing something more out of their game sessions. So why not try it out today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is X Survive Hack APK safe to download and install?

A. Yes, X Survive Hack APK is completely safe to download and install as all external files have been verified with virus scanning tools before being made available on trusted host sites like

Q. Does this mod require any additional plugins or mods for it to work?

A No, all that’s needed in order for this modifier of the game to work properly are those included within the apk files myself!

Q . Are there any micro-transactions when playing this mod?

A Nope! With this version of X Survive Apk Mod, there are no micro-transactions getting in the way, allowing you tons enjoy without the pressure of daily tasks piling up.

Q Do I need a Wi-Fi connection to play X Survive Mod Apk?

A.No, X Survive Apk Mod Free Download can be played offline as well- so you can take your adventure on the go without worrying about the reception!

Q Is there an age restriction when accessing this mod?

All players should follow the game’s Terms of Service before playing any versions of X Survive Apk Mod or its mods. It is recommended that only minors aged 17 and above use this mod in order to protect their privacy and security .

Q Is X Survive Mod APK compatible with all operating systems?

Yes, the mod is available for download on any Android or iOS device.


• Make sure to download X Survive Modded APK from reliable sources like in order to be safe when playing. 

• Only minors aged 17 and above should use this mod as it contains mature content. 

• Remember, you will need an active Wi-Fi connection in order to sign up for game services such as achievements tracking online leaderboards etc. 

• Ensure that your device meets the system requirements before downloading any versions of X Survive Apk Mod or its mods.

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