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WCC3 MOD 2.1 APK (Unlimited Coins/All Unlocked)

World Cricket Championship 3
App Name World Cricket Championship 3
Latest Version v.2.1
Last Updated
Publisher Nextwave Multimedia
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Sports Sports
Size 800 MB
Mods Unlimited Coins/All Unlocked
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3.9 Rating (760) Votes

3.9 Rating (760 Votes )
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WCC3 - World's Leading Cricket Game Franchise. Home of Mobile Cricket!
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WCC3 MOD 2.1 APK (Unlimited Coins/All Unlocked)

World Cricket Championship 3 Mod Apk (WCC3 Mod Apk) is a mobile cricket game developed by Nextwave Multimedia for iOS and Android devices. It is the latest installment in the popular World Cricket Championship series, which first launched in 2011. With over 275 million total downloads across the franchise, WCC3 has a lot to live up to in terms of expectations from cricket fans. This review will take an in-depth look at the key aspects of WCC3 including gameplay, graphics, features, and user reviews to help you determine if this is the ultimate mobile cricket experience.



The gameplay of WCC3 aims to provide an authentic, realistic cricket simulation on mobile. The developers utilized motion capture technology to recreate the batting, bowling, and fielding animations of real cricketers. The controls allow you to precisely place shots and modify bowling speed and line/length. New gameplay features in WCC3 include:

  • Intuitive batting, bowling, and fielding controls
  • New shot types and bowling variations
  • Fielding controls to dive, throw, and stop the ball
  • Run, sprint, and dive mechanics when batting
  • Multiple camera angles and control options

The AI difficulty dynamically scales to match your skill level. This helps create competitive matches whether you are a novice or expert player. Overall the gameplay strives to emulate the ebb and flow of real cricket.

Graphics and Presentation

WCC3 has excellent graphics that bring the cricket experience to life on mobile devices. The environments are beautifully rendered with detailed stadiums and pitches that look natural. The player models are lifelike with realistic faces and animations. Their uniforms and equipment are intricately designed and animated. The instant replays showcase key moments using cinematic camera angles.

The game includes small touches that enhance immersion like close-ups of players, interactive cutscenes, and visual effects. The graphical quality allows you to feel like you are on the pitch during a live match.


Game Modes and Features

WCC3 contains a wealth of game modes including limited overs, test matches, tournaments, leagues, and more:

  • Career Mode: Progress from domestic to international cricket across 400+ matches and 25 series. Includes story elements and tactical decisions.
  • National Premier League (NPL): Features 10 club teams competing in a T20 tournament with auctions and realistic gameplay.
  • Women’s NPL: Similar T20 tournament format with women cricketers.
  • World Cup: Official tournament with qualifying rounds leading to the finals.
  • Ashes: Play the historic test cricket rivalry between England and Australia.
  • Hot Events: Limited time events tied to real world cricket.

Other key features include multiplayer, player customization, squad management, commentator options, and advanced stats tracking. There is enough content and variety to keep players engaged for countless hours.


User Reviews

WCC3 currently scores a 3.6/5 rating on Google Play based on over 370,000 user reviews. Here is a sample of the feedback:

  • “The best mobile cricket game out there. Very realistic and addictive gameplay.” ★★★★★
  • “Graphics are top notch and gameplay is super smooth. Some minor bugs but overall a great game.” ★★★★☆
  • “Really enjoying the career mode and tournaments. Bowling feels difficult but batting is very fun.” ★★★☆☆
  • “Fielding needs some work. Players seem slow and unresponsive at times. Batting and bowling are great though.” ★★★☆☆
  • “Was a huge fan of WCC2 but this version has too many issues. Gameplay is not balanced.” ★☆☆☆☆

The consensus seems to be that WCC3 provides an excellent cricket experience, but has some areas for improvement via updates. The batting and bowling mechanics receive praise but fielding draws criticism. Overall it impresses as the premier mobile cricket title.


In summary, World Cricket Championship 3 brings significant advancements that make it the most realistic and complete cricket game available on mobile platforms. The authentic gameplay, stellar graphics, wealth of modes, and multiplayer capabilities provide a premier cricket experience. Some minor issues exist, especially with fielding responsiveness, but the developers continue releasing updates to smooth out any rough edges. For cricket fans, WCC3 is a must-play that delivers an unparalleled mobile cricket simulation. It establishes a new benchmark for the genre and is highly recommended for all skill levels.



  • Realistic batting, bowling, and fielding gameplay
  • Beautiful high-quality graphics
  • Extensive game modes and tournaments
  • Multiplayer and squad management features
  • Dynamic difficulty and stats tracking
  • Licenses for teams, players, leagues, etc


  • Occasional bugs and glitches
  • Fielding controls need improvement
  • Menu navigation could be streamlined
  • Monetization and ads are intrusive

Gameplay and Controls

The gameplay of WCC3 focuses on delivering an authentic and dynamic cricket experience. The developers utilized motion capture data to recreate the batting shots, bowling actions, and fielding moves of real professional cricketers. This gives the game unparalleled realism in how the players move and react on the field.

The controls offer flexibility in how you want to play:

Batting Controls:

  • Directional batting with variable timing and precision for placing shots
  • Defensive and aggressive shot types (drive, pull, hook, sweep etc)
  • Innovation shots like scoops, reverse sweeps, and switch hits
  • Sprint, dive, and scramble buttons when running between wickets

Bowling Controls:

  • Gesture bowling lets you draw out the delivery path
  • Option for manual speed and line/length adjustment
  • Variations like yorker, bouncer, slower ball, knuckle ball etc
  • Appeal button for LBW, caught behind etc

Fielding Controls:

  • Individual fielder controls to sprint, dive, and throw
  • Iconic diving catches and run outs
  • Quick throw and direct hit buttons
  • On-field celebrations

The controls allow you to showcase your cricket skills from batting to bowling to fielding. With experience, you can execute shots and deliveries perfectly. The game is easy to pick up but has depth for mastering the intricacies.


Graphics and Animation

WCC3 utilizes high quality graphics and smooth animations to bring the cricket experience to life. The environments, players, motions, effects, and UI are beautifully designed and rendered.

Some standout graphical elements include:

  • Detailed Stadium Models: Accurately modeled cricket stadiums with unique architecture, field dimensions, and pitch conditions. Iconic venues like Lords and MCG are included.
  • Photorealistic Players: Digitally scanned face models and body types for lifelike player appearances. Kit textures and designs are authentic.
  • Fluid Animations: Seamless batting shots, bowling actions, and fielding moves captured from real cricketers. Smooth transitions between animations.
  • Cinematic Replays: Key moments like wickets, catches, and sixes replayed from dramatic broadcast camera angles.
  • Lighting and Shadows: Dynamic time of day lighting showcases sun position, shadows, and lens flare effects. Night matches feature stadium floodlights.
  • Particle Effects: Bat impacts on ball, pitch scuffs, stadium fireworks, rain, etc are conveyed through vivid VFX.

The combination of realistic environments, player likenesses, smooth animations, dynamic lighting, and immersive effects makes you feel like part of a live cricket broadcast.


Game Modes

WCC3 incorporates a diverse range of cricket match types and tournaments to play:

  • Test Matches: The traditional long form test match format played over 5 days with 2 innings per team. Test your concentration and endurance.
  • ODIs: Standard 50 over one day matches. Balance batting aggression with wickets in hand.
  • T20: Fast paced 20 over format. Explosive batting and variations in bowling required.
  • World Cup: Official ICC World Cup tournament including qualifying rounds. Customize your squad for the big stage.
  • Ashes: Historical test match series between rivals England and Australia. Battle to win the urn.
  • National Premier League: Franchise T20 league with auctions, transfers, and more.
  • Women’s NPL: Women’s T20 league with authentic teams and players.
  • Career Mode: Progress from rookie to pro by proving yourself domestically and internationally across 400+ matches.
  • Scenario Modes: Recreate famous matches and moments in cricket history.

The diversity of match types keeps gameplay fresh. You can play quick T20 clashes or test your skills in 5 day marathons.

Multiplayer and Social

WCC3 incorporates online multiplayer and social features:

  • Real-time 1v1: Take on opponents in intense PvP cricket matches. Climb the leaderboards for bragging rights.
  • Leagues and Ladders: Join competitive leagues and divisions. Get promoted or relegated based on your performance.
  • 2v2 Matches: Cooperate with a teammate against another duo in 2v2 games, a first for mobile cricket.
  • Online Stats: View your online record, replays, awards, and global rank across all modes.
  • Challenges: Take on your friends’ high scores in batting, bowling, and fielding challenges.
  • Spectator Mode: Watch other live 1v1 and 2v2 matches in progress.
  • Replays and Highlights: Save and share replays of your best moments.

The multiplayer functionality allows you to compete and cooperate with cricket fans around the world. Climbing the leaderboards and leagues becomes addictive.

Squad Management

You can fully customize and manage your cricket squad in WCC3:

  • Create Players: Make your own unique cricket superstar. Edit their appearance, attributes, and gear.
  • Transfers: Sign top players from around the world to build your dream team. Manage salaries and contracts.
  • Player Progression: Gain XP and upgrade your players’ skills like Batting, Bowling, Fielding, Fitness etc.
  • Team Strategies: Set player roles, batting orders, fielding positions, and bowling rotations to get the best lineup balance.
  • Auctions: Bid and buy players in auction events to build your franchise squad. Stay within salary cap.
  • Training: Hone your player’s capabilities in the practice nets.

As club owner and coach, you have full control over your squad’s development from recruitment to strategy to training.

Leagues and Tournaments

WCC3 incorporates official team and tournament licenses for an authentic cricket experience:

  • International Teams: Play as all major cricket national teams like India, Australia, England with official kits and logos.
  • Domestic Teams: Major domestic club and state teams are included.
  • ICC Events: Official World Cup, Champions Trophy, World T20 tournaments and formats.
  • National Premier League: Features licensed Indian Premier League teams, players, stadiums, and presentation.
  • The Ashes: Contest the historic test cricket series between England and Australia.
  • CPL and BBL: Caribbean Premier League and Big Bash League franchises and branding.

The licensed content allows you to play in renowned tournaments and venues.


WCC3 mimics the television broadcast look and sounds of real cricket:

  • Broadcast Camera Angles: Experience the action from unique camera perspectives like the bowler’s end and spider-cam.
  • Cinematic Replays: Key moments are replayed with dramatic zooms, pans, and slow motion.
  • Commentary: Insightful and enthusiastic English and Hindi commentary options.
  • On-screen Graphics: 3D rendered overlays provide match info and statistics.
  • Visual Effects: Stylized effects for boundaries, wickets, timer, and more immerse you in the cricket atmosphere.
  • Crowd Audio: Realistic ambient crowd noise builds anticipation and reacts to the play.

The combination of broadcast cameras, commentary, graphics, effects, and crowd audio transports you into a live match.

Overall Assessment

In summary, WCC3 provides an incredibly robust, detailed, and polished cricket gaming experience:

The Good

  • Deep realistic gameplay with precise controls
  • Stunning high fidelity graphics and animations
  • Wealth of authentic leagues, tournaments, and stadiums
  • Engaging online multiplayer and social features
  • Squad management for building your ultimate team
  • Broadcast-quality presentation with commentary and effects

The Bad

  • Occasional bugs and glitches
  • Steep learning curve for bowling and fielding
  • Aggressive monetization and ads
  • Menu navigation can be streamlined

WCC3 sets the new standard for cricket games on mobile with its gameplay depth, graphical quality, licensed content, online multiplayer, and squad management systems. Minor improvements can still be made but it succeeds as the premier mobile cricket title. For fans of cricket and sports gaming, WCC3 is a must-play.


WCC3 Mod Apk expertly captures the appeal of cricket in a mobile game. The authentic and dynamic cricket simulation, wealth of modes, stellar graphics, competitive online play, and squad management makes this the definitive mobile cricket experience. Despite

  • - Optimized and reduced size of downloadable stadium packs and other online content. - Bug Fixes
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