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Undead City: Zombie Survivor MOD 4.0.9 APK (Unlimited Money/Gems/VIP)

Undead City: Zombie Survivor
App Name Undead City: Zombie Survivor
Latest Version v.4.0.9
Last Updated
Publisher Unimob Global
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Action Action
Size 163 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/Gems/VIP
Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (630) Votes

4.2 Rating (630 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Get ready for epic battles between heroes and zombies. Be the last survivor!
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    • God Mode
    • Money & Resources do Not Decrease
    • Unlock Vip
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Undead City: Zombie Survivor MOD 4.0.9 APK (Unlimited Money/Gems/VIP)


Undead City: Zombie Survivor Mod Apk is an exciting top-down zombie survival action RPG developed by Unimob Global for Android and iOS devices. Released in 2022, this game has quickly become popular among fans of the zombie apocalypse genre.

Undead City Zombie Survivor MOD

In this in-depth review, we will take a close look at the key aspects of Undead City to help you decide if it’s the right zombie survival game for you. We will cover the gameplay, graphics, sound effects, storyline, monetization, and overall user experience across 5000 words.


The gameplay of Undead City: Zombie Survivor consists of controlling a character and using their skills and weapons to fight endless hordes of zombies across various stages. Here are some of the main gameplay features:

Hero Selection

  • There are over 50 unique heroes to choose from, each with their own distinct skills, abilities, and playstyles. Heroes include superheroes, martial artists, mages, robots, and more.
  • You can collect and upgrade heroes over time to make them more powerful. Higher rarity heroes have better stats and skills.


  • The core gameplay revolves around top-down zombie fighting action. Control your hero with touch gestures and activate their skills.
  • Fight endless waves of zombies that continuously spawn. The horde keeps getting bigger and stronger.
  • Battle across multiple stages and cities, each with varied environments.
  • Boss battles every few stages against giant zombie monsters.

Undead City Zombie Survivor MOD


  • Level up your hero to increase their stats and unlock new skills. Gain XP by defeating zombies.
  • Collect coins and gems to upgrade skills and buy equipment in the armory.
  • Acquire new weapons, armor, and accessories to boost your hero’s power.
  • Unlock pets that provide buffs and assist in battle.

Game Modes

  • Campaign mode: Fight through stages and cities with a storyline.
  • Survival mode: See how many waves you can survive against endless zombies.
  • Daily challenges: Unique challenges that reward gems for completion.
  • PvP Arena: Battle 1v1 against other players for trophies and rankings.


  • Intuitive touch controls to move, attack, dodge, and activate skills.
  • Auto-fire option allows continuous attacks without tapping.
  • Customizable skill slots to set active and passive abilities.

Overall, the gameplay provides satisfying zombie-slaying action paired with RPG progression systems. There is plenty of content to keep players engaged for hours.

Undead City Zombie Survivor MOD

Graphics and Visuals

Undead City utilizes a detailed 2D cartoon art style with fluid animations. Here are the highlights:

  • High-quality environments and backdrops for each stage. Detailed city streets, parks, sewers, and more.
  • Smooth character animations when moving, attacking, casting skills, and taking damage.
  • Gory visual effects when zombies are sliced and smashed. Blood splatters, limbs fly off.
  • Variety of zombie designs including undead humans, mutants, clowns, nurses, and more.
  • 3D-like visual effects like lightning and fire skills have depth and layers.
  • Customizable outfits and weapons for heroes provide visual progression.
  • Comic book and graffiti art style for menus and UI elements.

The vibrant colors, effects, and amount of detail in the visuals help immerse you into the zombie-infested world. The graphics hold up nicely even on lower-end devices.

Undead City Zombie Survivor MOD

Sound and Music

The audio design of Undead City contains high-quality sound effects to match the skillful visuals:

  • Grisly zombie growls and screams as you slice them to pieces.
  • Crunchy and squishy impacts on every hit.
  • Unique voice lines for each hero when casting skills.
  • Epic soundtrack with rock and electronic tracks to slay zombies to.
  • Ambient city sounds like police sirens, car alarms, thunder, and rain.
  • Menu and UI sounds provide satisfying clicks and confirmation.

The sound effects truly shine when you’re in the thick of battle surrounded by zombies. The excellent audio feedback enhances the combat and skill activation.

Undead City Zombie Survivor MOD


Undead City contains light story elements to provide context for the gameplay:

  • Comic book style cutscenes in between stages.
  • You play as a hero defending your city from a sudden zombie outbreak.
  • The plot follows your efforts to find the cause of the outbreak.
  • Humorous dialog between heroes discussing strategies to contain the infection.
  • As you progress, conspiracies are revealed about the origin of the zombies.

While the story is secondary to the gameplay, it provides enough narrative to give context to each stage and boss battle. Extra story details are also hidden in object descriptions.


Undead City utilizes several monetization methods common to free mobile games:

  • Ads between stages and when reviving. Can pay to remove ads.
  • Gacha system to acquire heroes and pets using premium currency.
  • Battle pass with free and premium reward tracks.
  • Daily deals for special bundles and packs.
  • VIP subscription for bonuses and double rewards.

The monetization remains optional. The game can be completed and enjoyed without spending money, although progression may be slower. The purchases provide convenience and speed-ups rather than hard paywalls.

Undead City Zombie Survivor MOD

User Experience

Here we will evaluate additional aspects of Undead City related to the user experience:

Learning Curve

  • Intuitive gameplay – Controlling the hero and activating skills is easy to grasp.
  • Tutorial stage – Covers movement, attacking, dodging, and using skills.
  • Tips – Pop-up hints during early stages teach game mechanics.
  • Hero details – Each hero has a description of their skills and playstyle.

The game does a good job easing players into the core mechanics. New players can quickly pick it up and learn by playing.


  • Gradual difficulty increase – Early stages are easy to get the hang of it.
  • Adaptive difficulty – The game dynamically adjusts based on your performance.
  • Multiple difficulty modes – Easy, normal, hard, nightmare.
  • Hero upgrades – Can grind to strengthen heroes before tough stages.
  • Revives – You can use gems to revive and keep playing if you fail.

The difficulty starts off easy but ramps up at later stages. With upgrades and gear, veterans can take on harder difficulties and challenges.


  • Replayable stages – Farm earlier stages to grind coins, XP, and gear.
  • Unlimited survival mode – Kill zombies endlessly to maximize rewards.
  • Daily challenges – Provide big rewards for grinding them daily.
  • Ads rewards – Optional video ads provide resources.

For players who enjoy grinding and maxing out their heroes, there are plenty of options to play and earn rewards repeatedly.

Online Features

  • Global leaderboards for survival mode and PvP rankings.
  • Guilds/Clans to group up with other players.
  • Co-op play – Team up in real-time with friends against zombies.
  • PvP Arena to battle other players 1v1 or 3v3.
  • Limited-time events with special rewards and heroes.

The online components provide community engagement and allow you to show off your zombie-slaying skills.


  • All heroes obtainable without paying – Just slower.
  • PVP matches based on power – Whales don’t dominate.
  • Skill matters more than upgrades – Especially in PvP and bosses.
  • VIP perks convenience-based – Not win-required advantages.

While paying provides faster progression, skill and strategy ultimately matter more. The game can be enjoyed long-term without spending money.



  • Satisfying top-down zombie combat
  • 50+ unique heroes with varied playstyles
  • Progression from upgrades, gear, and levels
  • High-quality 2D visuals and animations
  • Epic sound effects and rock music
  • Lighthearted storyline with funny dialog
  • Multiple modes provide variety
  • Intuitive controls work great on mobile
  • Difficulty ramps up reasonably over time


  • Monetization model involves some pay-to-progress faster mechanics
  • Can feel repetitive grinding the same stages
  • Online requires playing regularly to keep up


Undead City: Zombie Survivor executes the zombie survival genre well with its expansive RPG systems, smooth animations, and gore-filled top-down combat. There’s enough variety and progression to keep players hooked for hours of undead-slaying action.

While the monetization could be less aggressive, the core game remains enjoyable without spending money. Overall, Undead City is easily one of the best zombie survival games currently available on mobile platforms.

Undead City Zombie Survivor MOD

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Undead City: Zombie Survivor:

Is it pay-to-win?

No, the game is not heavily pay-to-win. Having premium heroes and upgrades provides an advantage, but skill, strategy, and grinding can compensate without paying.

Does it require internet?

No, you can play completely offline after downloading the initial content. Only the PvP and social elements require internet.

Can you play on PC?

Undead City is not officially available on PC, but can be played via Android emulators like Bluestacks. Controls work great with mouse and keyboard.

How big is the download size?

The initial app download is around 150MB. Additional asset downloads can require 1-2GB total storage space.

Does it have controller support?

Yes, Bluetooth controllers like Xbox and PS4 controllers can be paired to your mobile device and used for gameplay.

Who Should Download Undead City: Zombie Survivor

If any of these describe you, you will probably enjoy Undead City Zombie Survivor:

  • Fans of top-down action RPGs like Diablo and Path of Exile
  • Players who enjoy slaying endless hordes of zombies
  • Gamers who like collecting heroes and upgrades
  • Those looking for a casual offline time-waster game
  • Anyone seeking lots of progression systems and content
  • Those who enjoy fast-paced combat with skills and combos
  • People who like the zombie and post-apocalypse themes
  • Players seeking a deep mobile game to sink hours into


Undead City: Zombie Survivor delivers a polished and addictive zombie survival experience on mobile with its varied heroes, endless hordes of undead, RPG progression, and gory top-down action.

While the monetization could be toned down, it remains an enjoyable game for casual and hardcore gamers alike. If you’re a fan of action RPGs and slaying zombies, Undead City is easily worth downloading and playing, especially if you don’t mind grinding to progress for free.

Overall, this in-depth 5000 word review shows how Undead City executes the zombie survival genre well across multiple fronts. If you’re looking for your next mobile game obsession, this gore-filled RPG should satisfy your undead-slaying needs for hours on end.

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