Twitter MOD 10.16.0release.0 APK (Premium Unlocked/Extra Features)

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3.3 Rating (807 Votes )
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Twitter MOD 10.16.0release.0 APK (Premium Unlocked/Extra Features)

The Twitter android app is one of the most popular social media apps, with millions of daily active users. As Twitter’s official app for the Android platform, it offers users the core Twitter experience right on their Android devices.

In this extensive review, we will examine the Twitter android app’s user interface, features, and performance. We’ll also compare it to some of the top third-party Twitter apps for Android.

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Twitter MOD APK

User Interface

The Twitter app features a clean, minimalist user interface optimized for Android.

Home Timeline

The home timeline is front and center when you open the app. It displays tweets from accounts you follow in reverse chronological order.

Key elements of the home timeline UI:

  • Profile pictures and names are displayed prominently beside tweets
  • Retweet, like, share, and comment icons below each tweet
  • Media previews for images, GIFs and videos
  • Threads indicated under tweets with comments
  • Like, retweet and view counts below tweets

You can tap on tweets to view them in more detail, retweet, like, or reply. Pulling down on the timeline refreshes it with new tweets.

Side Navigation Menu

Tapping the hamburger menu icon in the top left opens the side navigation menu. This is where you access key areas of the app including:

  • Home – Takes you back to your home timeline
  • Search – Search for tweets, accounts, topics
  • Notifications – View notifications for your account
  • Messages – Access your private messages
  • Bookmarks – View your bookmarked tweets
  • Lists – Access lists you created or are a member of
  • Profile – View and edit your Twitter profile
  • More – Settings, help resources, and more

The side menu provides quick navigation between key parts of the app.

Compose Tweet Screen

Tapping the compose tweet icon opens a modal screen where you can type out a new tweet. You can include up to 4 media attachments like images, GIFs or videos.

The character count tracks your progress as you type and turns red when you only have room for a few characters left.

Dark Mode

The Twitter app supports a system-wide dark mode. Enabling Android’s dark theme will automatically make the Twitter app use a dark color scheme.

All UI elements adapt to dark mode, with black backgrounds and white text. This can help improve readability in low light conditions.

Twitter MOD APK


The Twitter android app incorporates all of Twitter’s core features like tweeting, following, messaging, and more.


Posting tweets is fast and seamless in the app. You can include up to 4 media attachments, tag accounts, use hashtags, add your location, and tweet up to 280 characters.

Threaded tweets allow you to connect multiple tweets together in a chain. This helps you tweet longer thoughts while keeping conversations connected.

Customizing media attachments is also excellent in the app. You can crop images, apply filters, annotate GIFs with text, and trim video clips before tweeting.


Notification support is robust in the Twitter app. You get notified for a wide range of interactions including:

  • New followers
  • Likes and retweets of your tweets
  • Replies to your tweets
  • Mentions of your account

Notifications are organized chronologically so you see the latest first. You can swipe to dismiss notifications when done.

There is a dedicated search section with advanced search filters and operators. You can search for:

  • Accounts
  • Specific tweets
  • Hashtags and topics
  • Events, places, etc near a location

Saved searches allow you to easily access common searches again. You can also get notifications when new tweets match a saved search.

Twitter MOD APK

Media Previews

The Twitter app shows full-size media previews of images, GIFs and videos right in your timeline. This allows you to view content without leaving the app.

Long-pressing on media previews lets you save images and videos to your device or share externally.


Lists allow you to organize accounts into groups that show up as separate timelines in the app.

For example you can create a list for news sites or friends. Viewing a list timeline then only shows tweets from those accounts.

Lists are excellent for customizing your feed when following many accounts. You can also subscribe to lists from other users without needing to follow all the accounts.


Moments are curated stories showcasing tweets about specific events or topics like concerts, sports games, holidays, etc.

The app features a Moments section where you can discover trending stories or catch up on events you missed. Tapping into a moment shows relevant media and tweets handpicked by Twitter.


From your profile, you can view analytics for your tweets and account performance over the last 28 days. Metrics include:

  • Tweet impressions
  • Profile visits
  • Mentions
  • Follower growth

The analytics give helpful insights to gauge engagement and reach.

Twitter MOD APK


The Twitter app offers excellent performance, especially on modern Android phones.

Loading tweets, refreshing timelines, posting tweets, and navigating between sections feels snappy. The app utilizes caching and background updating to minimize waiting.

Some performance optimization highlights:

  • Data Saver – Limits data usage by not auto-playing videos and media
  • Lazy image loading – Only loads images that appear on screen
  • Tweet caching – Stores tweets you’ve seen so they load instantly when scrolling
  • Push notifications – Gets new tweet alerts instantly without needing refreshes

These all help minimize data usage and bandwidth demands.

The app is quite well optimized for older and low-end Android phones as well. Twitter Lite offers an even more lightweight version for devices with minimal resources.

Twitter MOD APK

Comparison With Third-Party Apps

The official Twitter app delivers the expected Twitter experience and essential features you would want. But there are some excellent third-party Twitter apps for Android that offer nice customizations and extras the official app lacks.

Here is how some of the top third-party Twitter android apps compare:

App Key Features
Fenix 2 Multiple account support, muted words, themes
Talon Interface customization, tweet scheduling, sticker packs
Twidere Open source, privacy controls, extensive theming
Owly Cross-platform, home screen widgets, granular notification settings

These apps provide more customization flexibility in areas like theming, notifications, widgets, viewing options, etc. They can create a more tailored Twitter experience for power users willing to pay a small fee.

However, first-party support and direct API access gives the official Twitter app exclusive early access to new Twitter features. So it is still the best option for users that want features right when they launch.

Twitter MOD APK


The Twitter android app provides an excellent Twitter experience optimized specifically for Android. It nails the fundamentals like a clean UI, robust features, and solid performance.

Frequent Twitter users that want a no-fuss app with the latest Twitter features will appreciate the official app. Plus it’s completely free.

However, third-party apps do offer more customization for areas like theming, notifications, viewing options, etc. So Android enthusiasts may prefer an alternative app like Fenix 2 or Talon instead.

But for most regular Twitter users, the official app is more than enough to enjoy Twitter on Android. The UI, features, and optimization come together to deliver great user experience.

  • - Affiliate badges now render in the video player - Premium: Fixed Singup page, now supports longer feature descriptions - Premium: users can now send longer videos in DMs (up to 10 minutes) - Non-community members can now like and bookmark community posts - Fixed a bug where subtitles in the video player are not visible in some cases
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