SimulationTruck Simulator PRO Europe Mod Apk 2.6.2 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod Apk 2.6.2 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod Apk 2.6.2 (Hack, Unlimited Money)
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5.5 Rating (719) Votes

5.5 Rating (719 Votes )
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Truck Simulator PRO Europe is one of the most popular and highly rated truck driving simulator games available today. With its incredibly realistic graphics, massive open world map, and deep truck customization system, it provides an unparalleled virtual trucking experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Truck Simulator PRO Europe, including its key features, gameplay, graphics and sound, pros and cons, tips and strategies, and more. Whether you’re an experienced trucker looking for a new challenge or someone who’s always wanted to get behind the wheel of a big rig, this is the ultimate resource on this incredible trucking game.

Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod Apk

Overview and Key Features

Truck Simulator PRO Europe is developed and published by PRO Games Studio. It was first released in 2018 and is available on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Some of the standout features that have made this game so popular include:

  • Massive Open World Map – The game world spans over 5 million square kilometers across 43 European countries. Players can explore cities, highways, mountains, beaches, and more.
  • 1:20 Scale Mapping – The map is a highly accurate scale representation of real Europe. Major highways, roads, landmarks are present.
  • 60+ Truck Models – Choose from a roster of highly detailed truck models from top brands like Volvo, Renault, MAN, DAF, Scania, Mercedes and more.
  • Extensive Customization – Deep truck customization options allow you to add accessories, tune the engine, upgrade transmissions, and make each truck your own.
  • Dynamic Weather System – Realistic weather effects like rain, fog, and sun glare affect driving conditions.
  • Realistic Traffic System – Navigate through intelligently designed traffic flows and vehicles on the road.
  • Multiplayer Support – Journey across Europe with friends in multiplayer convoy mode.
  • Progression System – Start as a rookie driver and gain experience to unlock new trucks, skills, and jobs.

With these features, Truck Simulator PRO Europe provides one of the most immersive and true-to-life trucking simulation experiences on mobile platforms today.

Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod Apk

Realistic and Detailed Graphics

One of the standout aspects of Truck Simulator PRO Europe is its graphics. The visuals are stunningly detailed and realistic, bringing the expansive game world to life.

The truck models themselves are intricately modeled, with beautifully rendered interiors and exteriors. When sitting in the driver’s seat, you’ll be amazed by little details like functioning mirrors, trembling needles on the speedometer, and accurate steering wheel movements.

Environments are also diverse and realistically depicted, from dense urban areas to winding country roads. Building models are varied and many famous landmarks across Europe are recognizable. Dynamic lighting effects, weather effects, volumetric fog, and day/night cycles immerse you fully into the trucker experience.

The visuals are powered by the Unity game engine, providing console-quality graphics on mobile devices. With premium truck models coming in at over 1 million polygons, the trucks rank among some of the highest polygon models found in any mobile game.

All in all, the graphics are truly top-notch and set a new bar for truck simulation games on mobile platforms.

Authentic Truck Sounds

In addition to great visuals, Truck Simulator PRO Europe delivers an equally impressive audio experience. The truck engine sounds are amazingly realistic and was recorded from real truck engines.

You’ll hear the roar of the engine, the puffs from the exhaust, gear shifts, brake sounds, and more. Sounds adjust realistically as you speed up or slow down. Inside the cabin, you’ll hear all the small clinks and rattles just like sitting in a real truck.

External environmental sounds also add to the ambiance, from passing traffic to nature sounds. The audio design delivers a true sense of immersion into the driver’s seat.

For an even more realistic experience, the game also supports USB steering wheels and gamepads which adds realistic steering wheel sound effects when turning.

With great 3D audio design and effects, the game sounds as good as it looks. Audio is a key aspect of gameplay immersion and Truck Simulator PRO Europe nails it.

Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod Apk

Driving Physics and Handling

Of course, the most important part of any truck simulation is the actual driving physics and handling. This makes or breaks the virtual driving experience.

Truck Simulator PRO Europe delivers a sophisticated truck physics system that strikes an excellent balance between realism and accessibility. Casual players will be able to pick it up easily while still maintaining a challenging experience for simulation veterans.

The truck handling mechanics take into account factors like truck weight, distribution, suspension, engine power, gear ratios, and more. You’ll feel the difference driving a light Ford cargo compared to a fully loaded heavy-duty Volvo FH16 750.

Steering has appropriate weight and inertia that increases realistically at higher speeds. Learning to master reversing a trailer takes skill. You’ll need to account for wind resistance when traveling on highways and hilly roads. The physics system ensures every truck model handles differently.

The simulation is forgiving enough to remain fun and accessible for mobile, while still being challenging for hardcore fans to master. Additional camera modes also allow you to simulate the restricted views real truckers have to deal with on a daily basis.

For an authentic trucking experience, the driving and handling mechanics of Truck Simulator PRO Europe are top-notch.

Diverse Game Modes

Truck Simulator PRO Europe offers a few different gameplay modes that provide varied experiences:

Career Mode

This is the main mode which lets you build your own trucking company. You’ll start as a rookie driver with basic trucks and work your way up. Earn money by delivering cargo and completing jobs to purchase garages, hire drivers, and expand your fleet.

Quick Jobs

Jump into one-off delivery jobs to earn extra cash and XP. Ideal for casual gameplay.

Free Ride

Explore the open world map at your leisure without any objectives.


Team up in convoys with other players and deliver in-game goods together.


Test your skills in maneuvering challenges like parking, reversing trailers, slaloms, and more.

Having this diversity of play modes will keep you engaged as both a casual and hardcore gamer. The free-roaming sandbox aspects are great for relaxation while the challenging career mode will put your trucking skills to the test.

Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod Apk

Extensive Truck Customization

One of the most fun parts of any vehicle simulation game is customizing your rides. Truck Simulator PRO Europe delivers one of the most extensive truck customization systems found in any truck sim today.

Each of the 60+ truck models in the game can be deeply customized both visually and mechanically. For visuals, you can add and customize:

  • Paint Jobs
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Chrome Parts
  • Light Bars
  • Custom Rims
  • Interior Accessories
  • Exterior Accessories like mirrors, exhausts, etc

Mechanically, you can customize:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Suspensions
  • Brakes

Hundreds of branded aftermarket parts from real truck brands are modelled in-game, allowing you to customize trucks to your liking.

The livery editor is also robust, letting you create your own paint jobs and vinyl wraps. You can spend hours fine-tuning your trucks to create modified and unique rides.

For truck enthusiasts, the deep customization system is a dream come true and almost a game in itself!


  • Stunning console-quality graphics
  • Massive and highly detailed map
  • Realistic truck physics and handling
  • Over 60 accurately modeled truck brands
  • Extensive truck customization systems
  • Huge roster of modification parts
  • Challenging career mode with business simulation elements
  • Casual free-roam and quick jobs for pick-up gameplay
  • Multiplayer convoy support
  • Realistic weather and day/night cycle
  • No exaggerated or unrealistic elements like in other mobile truck sims


  • Large game size (2+ GB)
  • Requires internet connection to download map data
  • Can be challenging for new players
  • Modding support currently limited
  • No traffic rule violations or fines
  • No vehicle damage model
  • Multiplayer has limited features

Top 5 Trucks in Truck Simulator PRO Europe

With over 60 truck models in the game, there’s an extensive selection of trucks spanning common brands like Volvo, Mercedes, Scania, Man, Daf, Renault and more. But some trucks stand out from the pack when it comes to performance, customization potential, and overall design. Here are my picks for the top 5 trucks in Truck Simulator PRO Europe:

1. Volvo FH16 750 – The best overall truck. Excellent performance, vast customization potential and top-line luxury interior make this Volvo the king of long hauls in every way.

2. Scania S730 – Strict sleek design, smooth handling, powerful 730hp engine. A uniquely Scandinavian machine.

3. Mercedes Actros 2781 – A technological marvel with stunning aerodynamic exterior, huge horsepower and tons of customizable tech.

4. MAN TGX XXL – The biggest MAN truck yet with a menacing exterior and cavernous customizability. Beastly power makes it great for extreme hauls.

5. Renault T High 520 – Agile and fast performer perfect for quick deliveries. Uniquely French interior design and stylings a standout.

While personal preferences will vary, these trucks consistently rise to the top in terms of performance, design, and customization flexibility. They’ve become favorites among the Truck Simulator PRO Europe community.

Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod Apk

5 Tips for New Players

If you’re just getting started with Truck Simulator PRO Europe, here are some handy tips to progress faster and get the most enjoyment from the game:

1. Complete the Tutorials – The game has extensive tutorials that teach you the basics of driving, backing up trailers, Following traffic rules and more. Complete them to get a handle on the controls.

2. Pick Easy Jobs at First – When first starting out, pick shorter Quick Jobs on easy routes to get experience. Avoid tight urban areas.

3. Upgrade Trucks Wisely – Focus first on upgrades that improve stability, handling and braking which will make learning easier.

4. Use Driver Assists – Enable ABS, traction control and parking guidance systems when learning. You can turn them off later as your skills improve.

5. Adjust Camera Settings – Experiment with the camera modes and settings until you find views that work for your driving style. The right view makes a big difference.

Following these tips when first starting out will help ease the initial learning curve. You’ll be hauling and customizing with the pros in no time.

7 Answers to Common Questions about Truck Simulator PRO Europe

Truck Simulator PRO Europe is packed with features which leads new players to have many questions. Here are answers to some of the most common ones:

Q: Does the game require an internet connection to play?

A: Yes, an internet connection is required as the map data is streamed as you drive. But you can play single player game modes offline.

Q: Can I use a real steering wheel?

A: Yes, many common steering wheel peripherals like Logitech G29 are supported. Assign buttons through Settings.

Q: How big is the full map?

A: The map spans 5 million square kilometers covering 43 European countries. Major highways, landmarks modeled realistically.

Q: Are traffic rules implemented?

A: Yes, basic traffic rules like speed limits, red lights and one-way roads will be followed by AI. But you won’t get fined for violations.

Q: Can I hire drivers for my company?

A: Yes, as you progress you can recruit NPC drivers to drive your trucks and help grow your company.

Q: Can I listen to the radio or my own music?

A: Yes, you can play in-game radio stations or listen to your device’s music library while driving.

Q: Does the game have vehicle damage?

A: Unfortunately no. While there is wear & tear, vehicles won’t deform or take damage from collisions.

Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod Apk

Key Feature and Conclusion

After reviewing Truck Simulator PRO Europe in-depth, a few key takeaways:

  • With its vast highly detailed map and expansive roster of customizable trucks, this is one of the most ambitious and immersive truck sims ever on mobile platforms.
  • Graphics and audio design is top-notch, delivering remarkable realism that sets a new bar for the genre.
  • Physics and handling find a great balance between authenticity and accessibility for all players.
  • Extensive customization options let you spend hours modifying your fleet exactly how you want.
  • Challenging career mode and casual free-roam modes provide diverse gameplay styles.

Overall, Truck Simulator PRO Europe offers one of the most complete virtual trucking experiences ever seen on mobile. Both casual and hardcore simulation fans will find hours of enjoyment exploring Europe from the driver seat of some incredible big rigs. It’s an absolute must-play for truck enthusiasts.

So start your engines, customize your ride, and deliver some cargo across the continent in this incredible trucking simulator. With its depth of content and relentless pursuit of realism, Truck Simulator PRO Europe is the ultimate mobile trucking game.

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