ArcadeTricky Track 3D Mod 1.10 APK (Free Rewards)

Tricky Track 3D Mod 1.10 APK (Free Rewards)

Tricky Track 3D Mod 1.10 APK (Free Rewards)
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5.5 Rating (474) Votes

5.5 Rating (474 Votes )
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Tricky Track 3D Mod 1.10 APK (Free Rewards)

Tricky Track 3D is an arcade game developed by Voodoo for Android devices. The gameplay involves racing against an AI opponent while using balls to hit targets and activate switches. The goal is to outrun your rival by clearing obstacles, messing them up, and finishing each level first. With simple one-touch controls, Tricky Track 3D offers quick pick-up-and-play action. The colorful 3D graphics and variety of wacky obstacles makes for an entertaining experience. While the gameplay is basic, the competitive element adds replayability as you try to beat your high score. For free on the Google Play Store, Tricky Track 3D is a solid casual title for killing time. The ads and repetitive gameplay prevent it from being a must-have. But it’s easy to learn and great for short play sessions when you want uncomplicated arcade fun.

Tricky Track 3D


Tricky Track 3D is an auto-running game where your character constantly moves forward through each level. As you run, various obstacles and targets will appear that you must deal with. The core mechanic involves throwing balls to hit switches and break barriers. Tapping the screen lobs a ball in an arc towards wherever you tap. Aiming carefully to strike switches opens gates so you can continue. Smashing glass blocks removes obstacles from your path.

Some levels feature sections with just targets you must hit to get a high score. This gameplay is similar to a skee ball machine, requiring precision shots into specific scoring zones. Your AI opponent runs on a parallel track. You can throw balls to obstruct them and impede their progress. However, they can also mess with your track using switches. The gameplay loop is simple – run, throw balls to clear your path and bash the opponent, finish the level first. With one-touch controls, Tricky Track 3D is easy to pick up and get into quickly.

Tricky Track 3D


As an auto-runner, your character constantly moves forward through each level automatically. You don’t control their movement at all. Instead, the only control is tapping the screen. This lobs a ball that arcs towards the spot you tapped. The ball bounces around and can hit switches or break glass. The controls are as basic as can be. Just tap anywhere on the screen to throw a ball. That’s the only user input needed for the entire game. This simplicity allows anyone to easily grasp the mechanics. But since movement and aiming happen automatically, there isn’t much skill involved either. While the one-touch design works fine for mobile, the lack of depth means the gameplay remains straightforward and repetitive. There isn’t much nuance to master.

Graphics and Visuals

Tricky Track 3D utilizes a colorful 3D cartoon style for its visuals. The environments and character designs feature simple, chunky models. The levels include things like giant pinball machines, candy factories, and arctic areas. Visual variety comes from obstacles like pinball bumpers, ice slides, swinging hammers, and more. The aesthetic won’t wow you, but it’s pleasant and smooth. The 3D graphics are optimized well for mobile, with a consistent frame rate. Even when balls rapidly bounce everywhere, the game runs fine. Some extra visual polish like shadows, reflections, or particles would enhance the experience. As is, the graphics get the job done but are merely serviceable.

Tricky Track 3D

Sound Design

Sound effects in Tricky Track 3D consist of basic pops, smashes, and boings. Throwing a ball makes a cartoony lob noise while switches make an electric click. When you hit glass or other objects, they make appropriate though rudimentary crashing sounds. The audio provides clear feedback for your actions but lacks impact. There is no background music during levels. While this avoids repetition given the simple gameplay, some upbeat tunes could’ve made things more energetic. The minimalist sound allows you to focus entirely on the visuals and gameplay. Overall the audio works fine and cues you into events, but is an afterthought. More depth with music and sharper sound effects would better match the colorful visuals.

Game Modes

Tricky Track 3D only has a single player mode focused on beating levels. There are over 100 levels spread across various environments. Each level plays out the same – run down a straight track while lobbing balls to clear obstacles and mess with your rival. Reach the finish line before the opponent to win.

Tricky Track 3D

There are a few level goals that add some variety:

  • Race – Beat the AI to the finish line
  • Target Smash – Hit all the targets along the route
  • Collector – Gather a certain number of items while running

But every level just recycles the same basic gameplay. There are no other modes besides completing stages to provide different experiences. While the core mechanic remains enjoyable, the lack of variety results in repetition setting in quickly. With no alternatives beyond the main mode, the simplicity sees diminishing returns.

Progression and Rewards

Progress in Tricky Track 3D involves completing its 100+ levels to advance further. Beating a level unlocks the next one in sequence. You earn stars based on how quickly you finish a level. 3 stars requires beating fast target times. These stars are necessary to unlock later levels and content. The game has a couple progression systems and rewards:

  • Level progression – Beat levels to advance
  • Star collection – Earn stars by finishing fast to unlock levels
  • Power-ups – Gather coins to purchase temporary boost power-ups
  • Character customization – Collect gears to unlock new character skins

While there are plenty of levels, the repetitive gameplay means the progression feels shallow. The rewards also lack excitement since the power-ups and skins don’t change the core mechanics. Overall the progression gives you reasons to keep playing but needed more depth through gameplay variety and meaningful unlocks.


Like most free mobile games, Tricky Track 3D contains forced ads and optional in-app purchases. Ads play between levels and if you fail a level. Watching a full video ad revives you to retry a failed level. The in-app purchases provide temporary power-ups, permanent upgrades, and cosmetics:

  • Power Ball – Better ball throwing for 5 games
  • No Ads – Remove ads for $4.99
  • Skins – Alternate character outfits
  • Upgrades – Permanent power-ups like magnets

The ads are annoying but expected for a free game. While the IAPs can help by removing ads or making levels easier, they aren’t required. The monetization overall is tolerable for a casual mobile game. Nothing feels aggressively pushed or pay-to-win. But the ads do hamper the experience.

Tricky Track 3D


Tricky Track 3D offers simple arcade fun that’s easy to pick up and play. The gameplay loop of lobbing balls, hitting switches, and beating your rival is enjoyable in short bursts. While the controls and objectives are basic, it fulfills that need for quick casual gaming. However, the simplicity also means there isn’t much depth. The repetitive levels and straightforward mechanics limit the lasting appeal. With only a single mode and little progression, the novelty wears off over time. For free-to-play mobile titles, Tricky Track 3D hits the mark with its straightforward gameplay and approachable style. It’s just lacking that hook to sustain your attention in the long run.


  • Easy one-touch controls
  • Straightforward mechanics
  • Colorful 3D visuals
  • Great for quick sessions


  • Very repetitive
  • Lacks progression variety
  • Forced ads are annoying
  • Too simple for extended play

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