Role PlayingTotAL RPG Mod Apk 1.18.4 (Hack, Unlimited Money, One Hit)

TotAL RPG Mod Apk 1.18.4 (Hack, Unlimited Money, One Hit)

TotAL RPG Mod Apk 1.18.4 (Hack, Unlimited Money, One Hit)
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5.5 Rating (691) Votes

5.5 Rating (691 Votes )
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TotAL RPG Mod Apk 1.18.4 (Hack, Unlimited Money, One Hit)

TotAL RPG Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money, One Hit
Category Mod Apk
Size 223 MB
Version 1.18.4
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Total RPG Mod Apk is a role-playing game that takes players on an exciting adventure through different fantasy worlds filled with monsters, magic and mystery. The game allows players to create and customize their own avatar before embarking on quests to explore each world. Along the way, they will face battles in turn based combat against various enemies while earning experience points for leveling up their character’s skills and stats. Players can also craft weapons where they can scavenge materials from defeated monsters or purchase them from merchants scattered across the lands. With many dungeons full of traps to navigate as well as interesting NPCs everywhere, Total RPG Mod Apk Free Download provides hours of fun exploring its unique setting full of secrets about its various characters and locations waiting for curious adventurers looking to take a break from reality!

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Total RPG Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

Total RPG features turn-based battling, crafting weapons from materials found in dungeons, and exploring whimsical worlds full of secrets. Players customize their own avatar before setting off on quests to face enemies while gaining experience points and leveling up their character’s stats. The game also includes interesting NPCs scattered throughout the lands offering unique items, extra challenges or just a friendly chat!

Play With Fun this game?

Total RPG is perfect for players looking to invite friends and family to join an electrifying adventure with turn based combat, crafting, mysteries and exploration. Plus with interesting NPCs scattered throughout the game’s worlds it promises countless hours of fun! New challenges can be unlocked simply by talking to these characters as well as taking on friendships before facing off against powerful bosses. So why not gather up your gang of adventurers today?

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Total RPG is a single-player game.

Total RPG Mod Apk

Features of TotAL RPG

Combat System

The combat system in Total RPG is turn-based, meaning that each player has a set number of turns to attack and defend against opponents. Each character has their own unique skills and abilities which can be used in conflict situations, such as attacking with weapons or using magic spells Symbols on the screen indicate whether it’s the player’s or enemies turn currently active and how much health they have left during battle. Different enemy monsters comes with different power levels that increases as players progress throughout the game; from simple goblins to giant dragons!

Crafting Weapons

Throughout their journey, players will come across materials both defeated monster drops or purchased from merchants around various worlds which can be crafted into powerful weapons at any blacksmith station located near cities or dungeons They are able customize these items’ stats depending on what kind of material parts were used while augmenting them further using special stones found scattered through out places This allows for endless customization possibilities for buffs like strength increase, weapon range enlargement etc., giving adventurers an edge against bosses at tricky dungeons!

Explore Secrets

In Total RPG, the world awaits curious adventurers to explore its secrets and ancient lore. Traversing through different cities or dungeons will unlock mysteries scraps of information about powerful items hidden throughout the game Aside from that side quests are also available where players can complete requests from NPCs for various rewards like rare weaponry or materials!

Experience Points

The basic way to level up one’s character is by defeating enemies and earning experience points which increases their stats such as strength health etc.. Grinding these possibilities allow characters progress higher along with proficiency in varied skills Overall there’s scarce opportunity not to gain something when playing Total RPG Apk Mod Free Download!

Interesting NPCs

One of the most special part about Total RPG are interesting Non Playable Characters all around its various lands, many whom have unique personalities who provide extra challenges besides fighting monsters During conversations they often brings attention towards certain plot points adding memorable moments while participating different activities e g trading fishing dancing make this amazing adventure much livelier unforgettable! Interesting quest and tasks help diversify player’s prefered style combatting entities or searching nooks crannies accelerating further!

Active Quests

Aside from the main storyline, Total RPG also includes quests for experience points, items and rewards scattered throughout the game At certain pivotal moments players will have to choose between several tasks each with its own objectives whether it’s defeating a powerful boss protecting an NPC or simply gathering special materials on map locations Consequently decisions from earlier can affect storylines giving replay values never seen before in any other RPGs.

Crossover Bonus

From time to time the developers of Total RPG reward loyalty by offering crossovers bonus like extra items extra gold coins and increased stat boosts All these give,Adventurers edge competing any upcoming situations whenever they return whether one need sharper combat strategies monsters busting magic spells stories full contentment vibrant graphics when finishing each playthrough worth nothing but fame glory head home without considering drawbacks usually encountered on most entertainment titles out date!

Total RPG Mod Apk

What is TotAL RPG Mod APK?

Total RPG Mod APK is a modified version of the Total RPG game that includes extra features such as unlimited money, increased stats/skills, and sometimes new areas or characters. It is not officially supported by the developers of Total RPG Modded Apk Free Download but provides an alternative way for players to enjoy all aspects of the game without needing to buy in-game purchases or progress through difficult challenges.

Features of TotAL RPG Mod APK

Unlimited Money

This feature of the Total RPG Mod APK allows players to have an unlimited amount of money available at any time, making it easier to purchase items from merchants and craft powerful weapons for battling opponents.

One Hit

The one hit feature in Total RPG Apk Mod lets players defeat enemies with only one attack, no matter how powerful or strong they may be. This can significantly decrease the difficulty levels during battles allowing adventurers to make faster progress throughout their game without having to grind resources or level up stats as much as usual!

Increased Stats/Skills

Another advantage that comes with playing through the modded version is increased maximum stat points which boosts character’s various attributes such hardiness power vitality when engaging foes As results these improve playability hours fun entertainment elegance simplicity features including but not limited bonus characters !

Total RPG Mod Apk

How to Download And Install TotAL RPG Mod Apk

• Download the Total RPG Mod APK Free Download file from a trusted website
• Open your device’s settings and enable the option to install apps from unknown sources.
• Locate the downloaded file on your device, click on it and select ‘Install’ to begin setup process.
• Once installed, open up Total RPG Hack APK Free Download and enjoy!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure you have enough free space on your device to complete installation process.
• If the APK file is blocked by your device’s security settings, manually allow permissions through settings before continuing with setup.
• The MOD APK should only be downloaded from websites that specialize in modded versions of apps and games, as these are more likely to be secure and free of viruses or malicious content.

Total RPG Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


Total RPG Apk Mod features vibrant visuals with eye-catching scenery and characters artfully designed for an immersive gaming experience. Each world has its own unique visual themes from a sunny beach paradise to a ghostly haunted mansion Players are sure to be delighted by these vivid stylized environments that await them as they explore different realms!


The game also includes a selection of soothes ing music which accompanies each area Players can expose themselves into the atmosphere further as notes blend together harmoniously increasing game quality satisfy vigilant players Furthermore sound effects like battle grunts item acquisition accompanied charming background performers giving special touch make this illustrious title become memorable one family friends passing time connecting spirits hearts way events stories tied up gain momentum pull towards various journey’s end!


Overall, Total RPG Mod Apk is an exciting role-playing game with turn based combat, crafting and exploration suitable for players of any age. The game includes vibrant visuals accompanied by soothing music as well as unique NPCs to interact with and challenges to complete while unlocking secrets of different worlds. With a MOD APK available for extra content like unlimited money or increased stat points, there’s plenty of things discover that new and returning adventurers are sure to appreciate!

Total RPG Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the mod safe to download?

Yes, as long as the mod is downloaded from a trusted website and all permissions are enabled on your device before installation then it will be completely safe.

2. Are there any cheats available for Total RPG Modded Apk?

Yes, some mods can include cheats such as unlimited money or one-hit kills but these features may not be present in every version of the game so it’s best to check beforehand if this is an option you’re looking for.

3. Does Total RPG Hack Apk support online multiplayer?

No, at this time Total RPG Hack Apk does not include online multiplayer capabilities however players can still invite friends and family members to join them in their adventures offline!

4 Can I customize my character’s skills when using Mod APK ?

Yes absolutely! All unlocked characters have full customization options including stats upgrades even if they are playing through a MOD APK version of the game giving players complete control over how powerful their hero will become!.

5. How do I upgrade my character’s stats?

You can increase your character’s stats by gaining experience points from defeating enemies or completing quests. You can also use merchants to buy special items that give stat boosts, however these are usually quite expensive and require a lot of grinding first!

6 Is it possible to find rare items in Total RPG Mod Apk?

Yes it is! Along with regular merchant drop offs and monster drops scattered throughout the game, players may find themselves coming across even more valuable loot while exploring various dungeons for secret areas or pursuing different side quests provided by NPCs in cities around the lands.

7 Does total RPG mod APK include new content?

Some mods may includes exclusive content such as bonus levels, extra characters or weapons that aren’t available anywhere else so you’ll have to check out individual MOD versions before deciding which one you’d like to download!.


• Total RPG Modded Apk is a single-player role playing game with turn based combat, crafting and exploration systems.
• Players can customize their own avatar before embarking on quests to explore worlds filled with monsters, magic and mystery.
• Turn based battles against various enemies while earning experience points for leveling up their character’s stats also featured throughout the game.
• Weapons can be crafted from materials found in dungeons or purchased from merchants across lands as well as plenty of secrets hidden in different places waiting to be discovered!
• The Total RPG MOD APK includes extra features such as unlimited money, increased stats/skills, and sometimes new areas or characters that are not available anywhere else.

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