RacingTop Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK 1.43.5 (Unlimited Money, Level)

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK 1.43.5 (Unlimited Money, Level)

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK 1.43.5 (Unlimited Money, Level)
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4.5 Rating (515) Votes

4.5 Rating (515 Votes )
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Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK 1.43.5 (Unlimited Money, Level)

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Level
Category Mod Apk
Size 112 MB
Version 1.43.5
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

Speed thrills in a new kind of racing game! In Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, you will experience the ultimate rush on the streets as you race other skilled drivers. Choose your dream car and customize it to your style. Accelerate with special nitro boosts, cut corners perfectly, upgrade performance parts for more power, and beat rivals all over the world! Race at breakneck speed in unique challenges such as Time Trials, Races against opponents, or Unlimited Mode where there is no end to proving yourself. Challenge yourself through beautiful tracks both night and day designed by real racers so that every lap is sheer fun when playing Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing!

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK

Play With Fun this game?

Experience the thrill of high-speed racing with Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing! You can race against anyone, anywhere in the world, for incredible rewards and powerful upgrades. This game provides a fresh new take on drag-racing games with realistic physics and customization options. With its wide variety of cars ranging from classic to modern models, you’re sure to find the perfect ride. The customization available also allows you to craft your car into one that is truly unique and reflective of your style. There are endless possibilities when it comes to functions like painting, tinting windows, installing rims, or even upgrading performance parts for more power. As if that wasn’t enough motivation, each challenge rewards players accordingly, so you know how honored they deserve by beating rivals worldwide in these adrenaline pumping races!

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Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing is a multiplayer game that supports both online and offline racing. Race with friends or battle solo against real players across the globe for fun during worldwide events held periodically in the game. Strategy and skill play an important role in succeeding as you add nitro boosts to your speedometer throughout each race to gain an edge over rivals on the tracks. Through this feature, gamers can truly feel connected and go beyond their front doors by competing against other players from different countries around the world!

Key Features of Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing

Variety of Race Modes

Engage yourself in multiple levels and missions like Time Trials, Races vs Opponents, or Unlimited Mode for a never-ending challenge.

Customizable Cars

Select from over 200 cars that feature the latest models from manufacturers around the world with custom parts to upgrade them and make your ride truly unique!

Worldwide Multiplayer

Participate in online events against real players from all over the world to get rewards as well as bragging rights for being crowned champion!

Realistic Physics Engine

With its comprehensive physics engine, you will be able to experience an authentic driving experience unlike any other on your mobile device giving maximum control while taking sharp turns or speeding through nitro boosts!

Incredible Tracks & Locations

You have Appreciation Tracks lined up across different locations, such as the USA , Germany, still China, with day & night cycles, so each lap always feels new!

Challenging Missions

You can take part in various daily & weekly challenges, which give you points when completed. Frequently use those points to unlock newer car parts and even lucrative skins !

Leaderboard Rankings

 Finally, there are also exciting leaderboard features that put place track scores against friends and rivals and check current ranks they are status wise within the community, keep improving every race better faster driver than beforebeat opponents finish time trials successfully obtain higher level rankings. Official legend charts appreciating efforts made out field go head victory road lead pack win overall mastermind title play ever greatest class tiller has offer right fingertips enjoy spins towards ultimate stardom success title totally deserved it belts worthiest winners ?

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK

What is Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing Mod Apk?

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing Mod Apk is an unlocked version of the original Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing game. This modded version unlocks all cars, tracks, and upgrades in the game that are normally unavailable to players using a standard tier account. Additionally, it provides an unlimited amount of money for use on car parts and upgrades. The mod apk also comes with improved graphics quality as well as performance tweaks to enhance gameplay while still keeping things running smoothly even on low-end devices! Players can enjoy absolutely no restrictions when playing through this modified edition, including access to exclusive events not found elsewhere nor any ads or paid purchases necessary!

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK

Mod Key Feature

All Cars Unlocked

Every car in the game is available free of charge with the Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing Mod Apk; from classic rides to modern vehicles, you have access to all the vehicles in case you want something more unique for your racing experience!

Unlimited Money and Upgrades

With this mod version, players will be able to instantly upgrade their cars without any worry as it comes with an infinite source of money; unleash every bit of performance out from your vehicle and get ready for some competitive races!

No Ads or Paid Purchases

This tweaked apk removes all ads or paid purchases found within, giving players a totally hassle-free gaming session ; keep winning without distractions !

Enhanced Graphics & Performance

Improved graphics quality and performance tweaks allow optimized gameplay even on low-end devices while providing extremely beautiful visuals while traversing across stunning tracks by day night perfect fun do drive repeats endlessly.

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Download the Mod Apk The first step to installing the Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing Mod Apk is by downloading it from reliable sources like Google Play store or third-party websites. Ensure that you are able to locate a safe source in order for you to complete this step and move on with your installation process so all secure measures can be taken into place for an enjoyable gaming experience.

2. Enable Installation From Unknown Sources Since we are dealing with a mod apk file, some changes may be required before being allowed allow installation; go ahead and check if ‘Allow installing apps from unknown sources’ has been enabled in your phone settings under Security > then toggle switch next Installations Follow instructions Device accurately . To proceed ‘Yes’.

 3. Using File Manager Go ahead and use any file manager of choice ; open the folder location, download the modded game ( rooted uprooted identical ) press the install prompt a few moments completed . After which, should present device’s main menu should make an obvious shortcut display icon off the screen enjoy including non-stop races part unbeatable team ever placed device !

4 Grant Permissions Having installed the modified version of Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, certain permissions may need to be granted within Android Settings menus since tweaks due done other parts software possibly infringing user privacy security policy. As typical smartphone request permission to charge battery view contacts among others need authorization clicking accept continue usage however redundant depending scene better play safe grant minimal unavoidable keep running smoothly nothing worries mind one time avoids surprises later times!

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK

Game Tips (give 5 tips)

1. Upgrade your car regularly to get better performance during races

2. Utilise the Nitro Boosts judiciously for an extra edge over opponents

3. Complete daily tasks and challenges for great rewards and collect valuable rare parts

4 Practice Time Trials as they are a good way to test out new cars or upgrades before taking them into real battles against other players

5 Use shortcuts when available while fully aware of any potential obstacles that may appear on the track – Look before you leap!

Graphics and Sound Quality


 Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing boasts of unique, detailed graphics that promise to give you an immersive and realistic experience as you race your opponents on different tracks across the world or zoom around with nitro boosts in Time Trails mode. Every car is accurately detailed when it comes to performance parts like rims, spoilers and other customizations. Not only this, but there are also features such as dynamic day-night cycles, which can be seen while engaging in a race giving all players a unique kind of racing experience!

Sound & Music

 Quality audio adds much more exciting tone gameplay making waves, engines roaring, monitors visual aid accordingly Thus, providing soundtracks, music modes electric hip-hop genres aligned own style makes the run feel smoother Along effective transition themed after each track let head rock hop hand deep bass tunes quite light up streets list favorite songs anytime anywhere depending mood looking forward hearing background effects mechanics given substantial clarity result crowning success every lap victory line .


Overall, Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing offers an ultimate racing experience for you to get the best out of your gaming skills. With its Mod Apk version, it can let players fully customize their vehicles by providing access to all cars and upgrades without any restrictions or ads. Plus, with its physics engine that promises realistic racing but still keeps things running smoothly on low-end devices, too – this is definitely one game you don’t want to miss out on! If taking part in online worldwide events as well as improved graphics quality and soundtracks appeal to you, then do give this game a shot if you have never heard of tried it before – guarantee won’t regret decision minute taking wheel . Develops amazing adrenaline rush while pushing limits earning unique rewards rank leaderboards prove worth race king the streets !

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1. Is Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing Mod Apk safe to use?

A1. Yes, it is safe to use the mod apk version of Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing as long as you carefully select a reliable source for its download and follow all necessary steps, such as granting permissions in your device settings, before moving forward with installation. Also, ensure that updates are up-to-date regularly so any potential bugs or other improvements are fixed accordingly for an enhanced user experience!

Q2 What type of rewards can be earned in this game ?

A2. There are many rewards that can be acquired in Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, such as gold, cash, sponsorships, and even exclusive events depending on your performance level when playing through the game. Furthermore , there are also daily tasks and challenges that players can complete to receive more lucrative rewards!

Q3 Is it free to download the mod apk version of this game ?

A3.Yes , you do not need any money or paid purchases to download this modified edition ; all you have to do is find a safe source for its download from reliable websites . After that, just follow the instructions accurately made known going usual smartphone procedures while enabling the feature ‘allow app unknown sources’ security settings. Accepting yes, continue installation smoothly !

Q4 Is Multiplayer Supported in Top Speed : Drag & Fast Racing ?

A4 Yes – if offers worldwide multiplayer, which allows you to battle against players across the globe using different cars, bumping performances needing strategies every wins fun part usually results in intense battles friends foes alike both earn paying favorite ride without expending anything close appreciation formula committed inspiring competitive side us those trying to show skills car drifting controls even nitro boost pumping action go forward gathering greatest levels title ever since came out world wide web Keep grinding top tip new marvels await challengers ahead virtual world full performers by our fingers tips !

Q5 How does Progression System work here?

A5 The Progression system greatly helps maintain status among users during online races by awarding them points based on their accomplishments; these points will then be redeemable with better rewards like cash or sponsorships!

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