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Top Drives – Car Cards Racing
App Name Top Drives – Car Cards Racing
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Publisher Hutch Games
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
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Mods Unlimited money, gold
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4.2 Rating (741) Votes

4.2 Rating (741 Votes )
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Race, upgrade & complete driving challenges in the ultimate strategy motor game.

Top Drives Mod Apk is a popular mobile racing game developed by Hutch Games that is available on iOS and Android devices. The game first launched in 2015 and has grown to have over 10 million downloads worldwide.

Top Drives combines elements of card collecting, car upgrades/tuning, and racing simulation for an addictive gameplay loop centered around building the ultimate garage of cars. With over 4000 officially licensed vehicles from manufacturers like McLaren, Bugatti, Porsche, and more, petrolheads will be kept busy hunting down their dream collection of supercars, classics, tuners, and sleepers.

Top Drives Mod Apk

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The core gameplay loop of Top Drives centers around collecting new cars, upgrading them, and then racing them in various events and multiplayer PvP. Here are the main gameplay elements:

Collecting Cars

  • There are over 4000 real licensed cars to collect in Top Drives spanning common commuters to rare hypercars.
  • Cars are collected through buying card packs, completing events/challenges, and via special limited-time prizes.
  • Card packs come in a variety of tiers from common Ceramics to ultra rare Carbon Fibers with increasing odds of higher rarity cars.
  • Each car is rated from Common (C) to Epic (A) rarity with detailed stats like 0-60 time, MRA, handling, etc.
  • Building a diverse garage is key so you have cars suited for different race conditions.

Upgrading and Tuning

  • Using cash earned from races, you can upgrade and tune your cars to improve their stats.
  • Upgrades include engine, tires, weight reduction and more. Tuning adjusts gear ratios.
  • Fusing duplicate cars transfers upgrades between them. Combining identical cars raises rarity tier.
  • Strategy is required to balance upgrading your best cars versus building a deep roster.

Top Drives Mod Apk

Racing Events

  • Cars are raced in a card-based format with a hand of 6 cars battling 6 opponent cars.
  • There are hundreds of races across single player campaigns, multiplayer PvP, and special events.
  • Races have varied conditions like track surface, weather, number of laps, car requirements.
  • You must analyze the race parameters and build the best hand of 6 cars to win.

Multiplayer and Clubs

  • Online multiplayer allows racing other players in competitive brackets for prizes.
  • Joining an active club gives access to team events and earning club rewards.
  • The social element of clubs, chat, and leaderboards increases long-term engagement.

In-Game Economy

Like most mobile games today, Top Drives features a range of currencies and in-app purchases to support ongoing development. Here is an overview of the in-game economy:

Cash and Gold

  • Cash is earned from races and can be used to buy common card packs and upgrades.
  • Gold is rarer and used for premium purchases like rare card packs or event tickets.
  • Both can be purchased with real money, but the game provides enough free cash and gold to progress.

Card Packs

  • Standard ceramic packs provide a steady supply of new common and uncommon cars.
  • More expensive carbon packs have higher rarity drop rates for epic/legendary cars.
  • Special event packs guarantee a specific high-end prize car.

Upgrades and Tuning

  • Applying upgrades and tuning settings costs cash. Higher rarities and levels cost exponentially more.
  • Balancing upgrades across a roster is needed rather than maxing just one car.

Events and Tickets

  • Limited-time events allow earning special cars but often require gold ticket entry.
  • Tickets can be bought for gold or earned in gameplay through clubs and progression rewards.
  • Patience playing with free tickets pays off versus buying your way to prizes.

Top Drives Mod Apk

Premium Currency (Gold)

  • As a freemium game, real money purchases are encouraged but not required.
  • Gold packs range from 100 gold for $1 to 12,750 gold for $100.
  • With smart play, it’s feasible to progress at a satisfying rate as a free player.
  • Paying players will advance faster but still require skill to succeed.

Graphics and Presentation

Top Drives stands out for its gorgeous presentation and attention to detail that car enthusiasts will appreciate.

Car Models and Environments

  • Meticulously detailed 3D models for every car with interior and exterior views.
  • Beautiful environments and backdrops inspired by real-world locales.
  • Intuitive garage interface for viewing your collection across many filters.

Car Photography

  • In addition to 3D models, each car includes high-res photographic stills.
  • Photoshoots are done professionally showcasing angles of both the interior and exterior.
  • Pictures appear during races and victory screens, adding to the collector value.

Customization and Liveries

  • Players can customize their cars with aftermarket rims and license plates.
  • Unique paint schemes and liveries can be applied to stand out.
  • Clubs have their own custom team colors to represent in multiplayer events.

Polish and Performance

  • Smooth graphics and gameplay performance even on mid-range mobile devices.
  • Frequent visual enhancements and updates as new cars are added.
  • Intuitive user interface with no unnecessary clutter or distracting elements.

Top Drives Mod Apk

Progression and Content Updates

Top Drives receives regular content updates every 2-3 months adding new cars, events, and features. This gives players long-term progression and incentives to keep coming back.

New Cars

  • 200-300 new cars are added every update spanning all rarities and brands.
  • Car list represents modern supercars along with classics from the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.
  • Brand partnerships bring official cars from the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and more.

Events and Challenges

  • Unique events each update give new goals and limited-time prizes to earn.
  • Events feature specific requirements forcing creative deck building.
  • Additional single player content expands the career progression.

Features and Improvements

  • Updates bring tweaks and optimizations to improve overall gameplay.
  • New club events and multiplayer formats added to increase competitiveness.
  • Graphics and UI get enhanced over time to take advantage of new device capabilities.

Balanced Progression

  • Frequent updates provide a steady stream of new goals without overwhelming players.
  • Care is taken to not disrupt balance between payers and free players with each update.
  • Loyal players are rewarded with legacy perks and bonuses.

Strategy Guide and Tips

While Top Drives is easy to pick up, mastering it requires learning advanced strategies around building your garage, hand selection, upgrades, and resource management. Here are some key tips for expert-level play:

Build a Diverse Garage

  • Don’t just collect supercars – common cars can be useful for events with limitations.
  • Aim for cars with high handling, MRA (mid-range acceleration), and fast 0-60 times.
  • Keep at least one of every car since it may come in handy someday.

Hand Selection Strategy

  • Analyze the race parameters before choosing your hand of 6 cars.
  • Include cars with bonuses for that track surface (wet, dirt, etc).
  • Pick a mix of fast and high handling cars suited for the number of laps/length.

Upgrade Strategy

  • Spread upgrades across multiple cars rather than just your best one.
  • Prioritize handling, weight, engine, and tires for biggest performance gains.
  • Fuse duplicate cars to transfer upgrades for a big boost.

Clubs and Multiplayer

  • Join an active, veteran club for advice and to earn great rewards.
  • Study the trends in multiplayer brackets to choose the best cars for that competition.
  • Block rude players you encounter to avoid being targeted.

Resource Management

  • Be patient spending gold – focus on building cash reserves from racing first.
  • Save upgrade spending for bottleneck cars holding you back in campaign progression.
  • Resist spending gold on ceramic packs unless you have plenty already.


For car enthusiasts, Top Drives is easily one of the most polished and addictive racing games available on mobile platforms today. The sheer attention to detail given to modeling the cars makes building your dream garage incredibly rewarding.

Smart race parameters force creative strategy both in terms of your overall garage collection and hand selection for each event. This gives a satisfying sense of progression as you expand your roster into a world-class fleet of racers.

While the game is very playable for free, the reasonable monetization and regular new content updates make the occasional purchase feel worthwhile to support the developers rather than required. For racing fans, Top Drives is a must-try that you’ll find yourself returning to day after day.

TL;DR Key Takeaways

  • Collect and upgrade a garage with 4000+ meticulously detailed real licensed cars.
  • Races require strategic hand-building from your garage to win based on conditions.
  • Polished graphics and presentation with gorgeous environments and car models.
  • Frequent updates add new cars, events, and features for long-term progression.
  • Smart mechanics and balanced economy make it enjoyable for free players.
  • Highly addictive and rewarding gameplay loop for car enthusiasts.

So start your engine and take your car collection on the road today – Top Drives is an excellent game that petrolheads will find hard to put down once they get hooked on the garage building and strategic racing. With so much depth and progression, you’ll keep coming back to take your collection from good to great.

Top Drives Mod Apk

What is Top Drives Mod Apk?

Key things to know about Top Drives mod APK:

  • It provides unlimited in-game money and gold, allowing players to purchase the best cars, upgrades, etc without any restrictions. This removes the freemium monetization.
  • It unlocks all cars and other locked content so players have access to everything right away.
  • Removes in-game advertisements that interrupt gameplay in the regular version.
  • May enable other cheat features like one hit kills or infinite nitro to enhance the racing experience.
  • Modified game files so will only work by allowing installation from “unknown sources” and sideloading, not directly through the Play Store.
  • Using mods always carries some risk of account bans, crashes, or other issues. Mod at your own risk.

In summary, the Top Drives mod APK makes the game easier and unlocks all content without ads or spending money, at the cost of stability risks. It allows enjoying the game mechanics without freemium gates or grinding. But modding may violate terms of service.

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