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ToonMe - cartoons from photos
App Name ToonMe - cartoons from photos
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4.6 Rating (126) Votes

4.6 Rating (126 Votes )
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Toon up your photos with hundreds of styles and most sophisticated AI ever!
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ToonMe MOD 0.6.97 APK (Pro Unlocked)


ToonMe is a popular photo editing app that transforms your photos into cartoon avatars using artificial intelligence. With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, ToonMe allows users to easily convert their portraits into fun cartoon characters with just a few taps.

In this comprehensive review, we will cover the key features of ToonMe, its user interface and experience, performance, and comparisons with similar apps. We will also provide an expert evaluation of the app to help you determine if ToonMe is the right cartoon avatar creator for you.

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Key Features

Here are some of the standout features of ToonMe:

AI-Powered Cartoon Effect

The main highlight of ToonMe is its powerful AI engine that can instantly convert your portraits into cartoon avatars. The app accurately detects facial features and transforms the photo into a cartoonish version while retaining your unique facial characteristics.

ToonMe offers a wide range of cartoon styles to choose from, including Disney, Pixar, anime, caricature, sketches, and more. You simply need to select a style filter and the AI does the rest.

Facial Recognition and Customization

In addition to auto-generating cartoon avatars, ToonMe also allows manual customization for precision editing. The app automatically recognizes faces in your photo and maps out facial features.

You can then use the customization slider to control the intensity of the cartoon effect over specific facial areas like the eyes, mouth, nose, and more. This allows you to get the exact look you want.

Diverse Photo Filters

ToonMe provides various artistic filters to enhance your cartoon portraits. You can add effects like black-and-white, sepia, colored pencil, oil painting, and more. Filters help give your cartoon avatar a unique stylized appearance.

Background Editing

After creating your cartoon avatar, you can further edit the background using ToonMe’s background tools. Options include changing the background color, adding textures, inserting shapes, adding blur, and more.

Image Transformations

In addition to converting images to cartoons, ToonMe also lets you flip, rotate, crop, and make other edits to your photo before transforming it. This allows you to set up the perfect shot for conversion.

Share Creations on Social Media

Once you create a cartoon avatar you love, you can directly share it from ToonMe to popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. The app also has its own feed where you can post and view other user creations.


User Interface and Experience

ToonMe has an intuitive and user-friendly interface optimized for the cartoon creation process:

Easy Navigation

The app features a clean bottom menu bar that lets you quickly access the home feed, your profile, the photo editor, styles, and settings. Key features can be accessed with just a tap.

Step-by-Step Workflow

ToonMe guides you through the cartoon avatar creation process via simple step-by-step instructions. Options like selecting a photo, choosing a style filter, and customizing your avatar are clearly laid out.

Real-Time Previews

When selecting filters or making edits, you can preview changes in real-time before applying them. This allows you to experiment while seeing how adjustments affect your cartoon avatar.

Ad-Free Experience

Unlike many free photo editing apps, ToonMe provides an ad-free experience even without a premium subscription. This results in smooth cartoon creation without annoying disruptions.

Intuitive Editing Tools

Editing tools like facial customization sliders, background effects, and image transformations are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Even beginners can easily create great cartoon effects.


Here is an evaluation of ToonMe’s technical performance based on hands-on testing:

Cartoon Effect Processing Speed

ToonMe leverages AI to convert portraits into cartoon avatars extremely quickly. Stylized cartoon effects are applied instantly with almost zero lag on most modern smartphones.

Image Quality

The app maintains excellent image quality throughout the transformation process. Cartoon avatars retain high resolution with no loss of detail from the original portrait photo.

Reliable Face Detection

The facial recognition engine accurately detects facial features like eyes, nose, mouth, face shape, and more. This enables high-quality cartoon transformations.

App Size Optimization

Despite having sophisticated AI capabilities, ToonMe has an install size of just 30MB. This keeps the app light and fast even on phones with limited storage.

Stable App Performance

The app delivers smooth performance with minimal glitches or crashes. ToonMe runs reliably during extended cartoon creation and editing sessions.


Comparison With Similar Apps

Here is how ToonMe compares to other popular AI-powered cartoon avatar maker apps:

vs Cartoon Yourself

  • ToonMe has more diverse cartoon styles and effects while Cartoon Yourself focuses mainly on simplistic black-and-white sketches.
  • ToonMe allows greater customization of facial features. Cartoon Yourself automatically applies the cartoon filter with limited adjustments.
  • ToonMe performs faster cartoon conversions compared to Cartoon Yourself which can have lag.

vs MomentCam Cartoons

  • ToonMe retains finer facial details like wrinkles and pores. MomentCam produces more simplified smoothed-out cartoons.
  • ToonMe offers background editing tools. MomentCam lacks options to customize the background.
  • MomentCam provides more real-time stickers and effects. ToonMe focuses mainly on core cartoon conversion.

vs Bobble AI Cartoon

  • ToonMe gives more control over the final cartoon styling. Bobble AI Cartoon applies effects automatically with limited customization.
  • ToonMe has more cartoon styles to choose from while Bobble’s styles are more limited.
  • Bobble AI Cartoon can animate portraits. ToonMe creates static cartoon avatars.


Expert Evaluation

Based on extensive testing and analysis, here is our expert evaluation of ToonMe:


  • Powerful AI instantly generates high-quality cartoon avatars
  • Numerous cartoon styles and effects to choose from
  • Facial recognition enables customization and precision
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Real-time previews allow experimentation
  • Lightweight app with smooth performance
  • Free app with no ads or annoying pop-ups


  • Cannot create caricatures from multiple people in one shot
  • Lacks tools to edit or customize hair
  • Does not allow saving images without watermark on free version
  • Limited sharing options from within the app


ToonMe is one of the most versatile and advanced AI cartoon creator apps available. The powerful AI transform engine, diverse styles, easy-to-use interface, and smooth performance make ToonMe a compelling choice. While the inability to customize hair and group shots are limitations, ToonMe delivers an overall excellent experience.

For casual users looking to quickly convert portraits to cartoons for social sharing, ToonMe is a great free option. The pro version expands features for $34.99 yearly but is not essential.

In summary, ToonMe provides an fun way to turn yourself and friends into cartoon avatars making it easy to recommend for cartoon selfie enthusiasts.


How To Guide

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to creating cartoon avatars using ToonMe:

  1. Download and install the ToonMe app on your Android device. Launch the app after installing.
  2. Allow permissions like camera and storage access when prompted. This enables full app functionality.
  3. Select a photo of a face you want to convert to a cartoon. You can choose from your camera roll or take a new photo directly in the ToonMe app.
  4. Press the Convert To Cartoon button to make ToonMe work its AI magic. The app will automatically detect the face and render a cartoon avatar.
  5. Browse styles by swiping left and right to see the different cartoon filters. Select the style you like.
  6. Customize the avatar using the facial control sliders for eyes, mouth, blush and more.
  7. Edit the background by tapping the background editing icon and applying effects.
  8. When satisfied, tap the Share button to save or share your creation on social media and messaging apps.

And that’s it! In just a few simple steps you can convert portraits into stunning cartoon avatars using ToonMe. Have fun exploring all the creative possibilities.

User Reviews

Here are some user reviews from the Google Play Store to provide additional perspective on the ToonMe app experience:


“I absolutely LOVE this app! I use it all the time to make different variations of myself and my family/friends into cartoons! It’s so fun and easy to use. I love having all the different styles to choose from.”


“This app is simple but great! I can turn photos into cartoons with one click. My only complaint is that some styles work better than others, depending on angles and lighting in the original photo. But overall it’s fun to see myself caricatured.”


“The cartoon effects are decent but could be better. Some facial features get distorted. And the amount of customization could be improved. But still entertaining if you want a quick cartoon selfie.”


“Seems like a cool concept but doesn’t work well for me. The facial recognition often misses features like glasses and ends up distorting my face. The quality of the cartoons also seems low-res.”


“I’m disappointed with this app. The majority of styles make me look weird with distorted features instead of looking like a proper cartoon. It feels like a gimmick rather than a quality app.”



In closing, ToonMe provides an entertaining way to convert portrait photos into cartoon avatars for social media fun. The AI transforms work quickly with a variety of styles. Simple customization options help fine-tune your creations. While the app has some limitations, ToonMe excels at fast cartoon selfie generation making it easy to recommend trying out. Just set your expectations accordingly, and you’re bound to have a delightful time cartoonizing yourself with ToonMe.

  • Every day may not be good. But there is something good in every day! Update the app to get performance improvements and amazing new styles!

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