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The Gang: Street Wars MOD 1.19.0 APK (Unlimited Money)

The Gang: Street Wars
App Name The Gang: Street Wars
Latest Version v.1.19.0
Last Updated
Publisher Gamesture sp z o o
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Action Action
Size 143 MB
Mods Unlimited Money
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4.5 Rating (616) Votes

4.5 Rating (616 Votes )
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Dive into mafia wars! Rally your gang, fight, and reign supreme in the mafia.
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The Gang: Street Wars MOD 1.19.0 APK (Unlimited Money)

The Gang: Street Wars Mod Apk is an exciting multiplayer strategy game that allows players to create their own gangs and engage in epic street wars against other players around the world. Developed by Gamesture sp. z o.o. and released in 2021, this game provides an immersive gangster experience on mobile devices. In this in-depth review, we will cover the key aspects of The Gang: Street Wars including gameplay, graphics, storyline, controls, and in-app purchases.

The Gang Street Wars MOD


The core gameplay of The Gang: Street Wars revolves around assembling your own mob, taking over neighborhoods, and battling rival gangs in turn-based combat. As a mob boss, you start by choosing your character from a diverse lineup of gangsters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. You can recruit more mobsters, level them up, and customize their stats and gear. The strategic depth comes from organizing your gang members into an optimal battle formation to counter enemies.

The street wars themselves play out through simple yet engaging turn-based battles. You take turns moving your units across the battlefield and attacking rival gangsters. Positioning is key – you want to use tanks and melee fighters to protect your ranged damage dealers. The game also features a unique slot machine mechanic that randomly triggers powerful buffs and debuffs during fights. Matching symbols on the slots can turn the tide of battle.

Outside of combat, you manage your gang headquarters, which serves as a hub for recruiting new members, collecting resources, and upgrading abilities. You expand your territory by completing story missions that involve battling AI enemy gangs. The PvP aspect comes from periodic live events and tournaments where you fight against other players’ crews. There is always something to strive for as you build up your mob’s strength.

The Gang Street Wars MOD

Graphics and Audio

The Gang: Street Wars Mod Apk features a stylized comic book aesthetic with vibrant colors and fluid animations. The characters have exaggerated proportions and designs that fit the over-the-top gangster theme. Neon lights, graffiti murals, and streetwear fashion further bring the urban setting to life. The environments are simple 2D streets and buildings but they suit the gameplay.

The audio mainly consists of hip hop beats and gangster rap music that create an immersive backdrop for the street wars. The sound effects like gunshots and explosions also lend visceral impact during battles. Some voice over lines for characters further enhance the atmosphere. Overall, the graphics and audio combine to deliver a solid gangster-themed experience.

The Gang Street Wars MOD


The story campaign in The Gang: Street Wars follows your created character’s rise from lowly crew member to feared mob boss. The narrative is conveyed through comic book-style cutscenes between missions. You start out answering to a local gang leader but quickly decide to break off and start your own criminal empire. This puts you in conflict with your former boss who becomes the main antagonist.

The story is fairly barebones and serves mainly as a way to string together the missions and battles. There are branching story choices that let you align with other gangs or take over their territory. You can carve multiple paths on the road to supremacy which adds replayability. Overall the story gives just enough context to motivate the core gameplay loop without getting in the way.


The Gang: Street Wars Mod Apk uses simple and intuitive touch controls optimized for mobile devices. You mainly tap on units and locations to select them, then tap on enemies to initiate attacks. Dragging the mouse cursor lets you reposition your gang members. There is an auto-battle option that automatically fights battles for you.

The controls are streamlined to reduce excessive tapping and dragging. Actions like moving, attacking, and using skills take just a single tap. User interface elements are large and spaced out to prevent mis-taps. Key info like health and damage are clearly displayed during battles. Streamlining the controls allows the strategic gameplay to take center stage.

The Gang Street Wars MOD

In-App Purchases

Like most free mobile games today, The Gang: Street Wars monetizes through various in-app purchases. The main currency is Cash which is used to recruit gangsters and upgrade your headquarters. Cash is earned slowly through normal gameplay. There are options to buy more Cash directly with real money.

Other purchasable items include Gems (premium currency), gear packs, and experience boosters. These can accelerate progression but are not necessary to advance at a normal pace. With some grinding, free players can still compete at higher levels but paying provides convenience. There are also cosmetic skins for sale that don’t affect gameplay.

Pros and Cons


  • Addictive strategic gameplay merging RPG, turn-based, and slot machine elements
  • Diverse cast of mobsters to recruit with unique skills and gear to customize
  • PvP street war events and tournaments provide competitive end-game content
  • Gang headquarters hub offers progression via upgrades and resource collection
  • Stylized comic visuals and hip hop audio create immersive gangster theme


  • Generic story mainly serves as filler between the strategic battles
  • Repetitive grind to level up gangsters and collect resources
  • Paying players can gain advantages by buying power-ups and currency
  • Limited solo content relies on PvP and co-op for long-term appeal
  • Occasional stability issues and bugs that need patching

The Gang Street Wars MOD


The Gang: Street Wars Mod Apk successfully delivers a fresh strategic experience by blending RPG, turn-based, and slot machine mechanics under a cohesive gangster theme. Assembling and customizing your mob is engaging while the street wars provide challenging PvP battles. The comic visuals and hip hop audio further enhance the urban atmosphere. While the story is barebones and progression can be grindy, the core gameplay loop remains fun and addictive. For players looking for accessible mobile strategy games in an organized crime setting, The Gang: Street Wars is easy to recommend.

The Gang Street Wars MOD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Gang: Street Wars free to play?

Yes, The Gang: Street Wars can be downloaded and played for free on Android and iOS devices. There are optional in-app purchases for virtual currency and items.

How big is the download size?

The Gang: Street Wars requires about 150MB of storage space on mobile devices. The install size may be larger.

Does it require internet connection to play?

An internet connection is required as The Gang: Street Wars is an online multiplayer game. Single player modes can be played offline but you won’t be able to access all features.

Is there a clan/guild system?

Yes, you can join or create mafia families which are similar to clans or guilds. Being in a family provides bonuses and allows cooperative play.

How long does it take to progress fully?

It takes around 40-50 hours to reach the endgame with a max level gang, finish all missions, and collect top gear. Paying can reduce the grind.

  • - Campaign Mode Unveiled: Explore a myriad of new decks with progress shared across seasons, allowing you to expand your collection without time constraints. - Seasonal Card Events Revamped: Experience an updated format with even more valuable rewards! - Bug Fixes & Improvements.
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