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Temp Mail MOD 3.40 APK (No Ads, Premium) for android

Temp Mail - Temporary Email
App Name Temp Mail - Temporary Email
Latest Version v.3.40
Last Updated
Publisher Privatix Limited
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Communication Communication
Size 16 MB
Mods No Ads, Premium
Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (523) Votes

4.4 Rating (523 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Keep your real email inbox clean. Get temporary disposable email address.
    • AD Free
    • Premium Unlocked

Temp Mail MOD 3.40 APK (No Ads, Premium) for android


Temp Mail is a popular android app that allows users to generate disposable temporary email addresses. With over 10 million downloads and a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play Store, it is one of the top apps for getting instant anonymous email addresses.

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Temp Mail MOD APK

Overview of Temp Mail App

Temp Mail is developed by Privatix Limited and allows generating disposable email addresses that self-destruct after a predefined time. It is an advanced version of temporary email services also known as 10minutemail, disposable mail, fake email, guerrilla mail, etc.

Some of the key features of the Temp Mail app include:

  • Generate instant disposable email addresses with no registration required
  • Emails get automatically deleted after 1-2 hours ensuring privacy
  • Receive emails, attachments, and download email sources
  • Supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Russian, etc.
  • Clean and intuitive interface similar to Gmail or Outlook
  • Premium version available with extended features
  • Ad-free experience with one-time in-app payment

The app aims to provide complete privacy protection and anonymity to users looking for temporary email addresses. It has become quite popular among users who want to avoid spam or protect their identity on the internet.

Benefits of Using Temp Mail

Here are some of the main benefits of using disposable email addresses from Temp Mail:

1. Avoid Spam and Phishing Attempts

The biggest benefit of Temp Mail is it prevents your primary inbox from getting flooded with promotional emails, newsletters, surveys or even phishing attempts. You can use the disposable address on websites and platforms you don’t completely trust or want to remain anonymous on.

2. Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity

Your real email address reveals your identity. Temp Mail email addresses are completely anonymous without any registration. Your personal information and identity remain protected.

3. Access Public Wi-Fi Anonymously

When connecting to open public Wi-Fi, Temp Mail protects your privacy by allowing anonymous access without using personal emails.

4. Avoid Email Bombing

Email bombing is sending a huge number of emails to overflow a user’s inbox as a malicious attempt. Temp Mail saves your real inbox from getting email bombed.

5. Security from Data Breaches

Even if the website you shared your Temp Mail address gets hacked, your anonymity stays intact. Your real inbox and identity are never exposed.

6. Disposable Email Address

You can generate unlimited Temp Mail addresses and delete them anytime. There is no need to keep using the same address.

7. Registration on Online Services

Most online services like social media, forums, subscriptions require an email address to register. Temp Mail allows easy registration without compromising privacy.

Temp Mail MOD APK

How to Use Temp Mail on Android

Using Temp Mail on your Android smartphone is very simple:

1. Download and Install the App

Download Temp Mail from the Google Play Store. Install it on your Android phone like any other app.

2. Open the App and Get Instant Email

As soon as you open the app, it will generate a random temporary email address for you. This only takes a few seconds.

3. Copy or Share the Email Address

You can copy the email address to clipboard or share the QR code to use on websites or services where you need a disposable email.

4. Receive Emails Anonymously

Any emails sent to your Temp Mail address will be delivered to your Temp Mail inbox automatically. You can read them directly within the app interface.

5. Delete Emails and Addresses

Emails get auto-deleted from Temp Mail servers after 1-2 hours. You can also manually delete emails or generate a new address.

6. Access Additional Features (Premium)

Upgrade to premium within the app to get features like custom email addresses, multiple inboxes, extended storage etc.

So getting started with Temp Mail is quick and easy. Within minutes, you can start using anonymous and disposable email addresses from your Android device.

Temp Mail App Interface

The Temp Mail app features a clean and intuitive interface optimized for mobile devices. Here is a quick look at the different sections:


The inbox shows all received emails and attachments. You can read, reply, delete or download emails from the inbox. Emails get automatically deleted after 1-2 hours.

Email Address

This shows your current temporary email address. You can copy it or generate a new one with a single tap.

The menu allows accessing settings, premium features, help docs, contacting support etc.


Temp Mail supports multiple languages. You can change the app language from settings.


Free version shows ads. You can remove them forever with a one-time in-app payment.

Overall, the app interface focuses on the core email inbox functionalities. Navigating the app is easy even for beginners.

Temp Mail MOD APK

Generating Temporary Email Addresses

Let’s look at how Temp Mail allows generating disposable email addresses:

1. Randomized Addresses

By default, Temp Mail generates randomized email addresses on its own domains like,, etc.

2. Refresh for New Address

Don’t like the generated address? Simply refresh or delete it to get a new email address instantly.

3. Copy Address to Clipboard

Tap the copy button to copy your new Temp Mail address to clipboard. You can then directly paste it in web forms or apps.

4. QR Code

Share your Temp Mail address easily by scanning the QR code.

5. Custom Addresses (Premium)

With a premium plan, you can create custom email addresses on your own domain name.

6. Multiple Addresses

There is no limit on how many addresses you can generate. You can create new ones anytime.

As you can see, getting access to anonymous, disposable addresses is quick and convenient with Temp Mail.

Receiving Emails and Replies

Here is how you can receive emails and send replies using your Temp Mail address:

Email Delivery

Any emails sent to your Temp Mail address get automatically delivered to your inbox within seconds.

Push Notifications

Temp Mail sends push notifications when you receive a new email. You can directly open the app to view it.

Viewing Emails

Received emails can be opened and viewed directly within the Temp Mail app interface.

Downloading Attachments

If the emails contain attachments, you can download them to your device storage.

Replying to Emails

You cannot directly reply to emails from the Temp Mail app. However, you can copy/paste content from the app to manually send a reply from your real email address.

Email Source

For debugging or testing, you can view the full email source including headers and content.

So Temp Mail allows anonymously receiving emails and attachments without revealing your real email address or identity.

Temp Mail MOD APK

Privacy Protection in Temp Mail

Temp Mail provides robust privacy protection using the following methods:

Anonymous Addresses

The disposable email addresses themselves don’t reveal any personal information.

No IP Tracking

Temp Mail does not store or link your device IP address with the email address.

Encrypted Servers

Emails are stored on encrypted servers before getting automatically deleted.

Self-Destructing Emails

Inbox emails get automatically deleted after 1-2 hours removing all traces.

No Personal Info Required

No personal information or registration is needed to start using Temp Mail.

GDPR Compliant

Temp Mail follows GDPR data privacy guidelines applicable in the EU region.

Open Support Contact

You can contact the Temp Mail support team directly for any issues.

For privacy-conscious users, these protections make Temp Mail more reliable than other temporary email services.

Temp Mail Premium Features

Temp Mail offers a premium version with extended features for power users:

No Ads

The premium version removes all in-app banner ads for uninterrupted usage.

Multiple Email Addresses

You can generate multiple Temp Mail addresses and maintain separate inboxes.

Custom Email Addresses

Choose your own custom name when generating Temp Mail addresses.

Extended Email History

Premium plan stores emails for 30 days compared to 1-2 hours on free plan.

Enhanced Support

Get priority email support with faster response times.

Additional Domains

Access exclusive premium domains for generating Temp Mail addresses.

The premium plan provides a more advanced experience for $2.99 per month. It adds more flexibility and convenience compared to the free version.

Temp Mail MOD APK

Temp Mail Use Cases

Here are some common use cases and scenarios where Temp Mail becomes very handy:

1. Registering on Forums

Forums often require email verification to let users post comments. Temp Mail allows quick registration without spam.

2. Signing Up for Trials

Use Temp Mail when signing up for free trials of apps, services or software to avoid getting billed after the trial ends.

3. Classifieds and Listings

When responding to classifieds listings online, Temp Mail protects your real identity.

4. Avoiding Spam

Give your Temp Mail address instead of primary email when making purchases, filling surveys, etc. to avoid spam.

5. Protecting Real Inbox

Use Temp Mail as a shield to keep your real inbox clean from unwanted emails.

6. Disposable Email

Generate Temp Mail addresses for one-time use like verifying accounts, receiving codes, etc.

7. Public Computers

When using public or shared computers, Temp Mail protects your privacy.

So Temp Mail addresses a variety of use cases where you need anonymous and disposable email addresses.

Limitations of Temp Mail

While Temp Mail is quite useful, there are some limitations to keep in mind:

  • Cannot send emails, only receive
  • Emails get automatically deleted after 1-2 hours
  • Limited attachment support
  • No phone or live chat support
  • Need a premium account for custom domains
  • Paid premium version for advanced features
  • Blocking by some websites that blacklist temporary email domains

However, for basic purposes like avoiding spam and protecting privacy, the free version of Temp Mail works quite well.

Temp Mail vs Alternative Services

How does Temp Mail compare with alternative disposable email providers? Here is a quick comparison:

Guerrilla Mail

  • Temp Mail has a cleaner and more intuitive interface
  • Guerrilla Mail shows more ads
  • Both offer temporary email addresses


  • Temp Mail emails get deleted automatically unlike Mailinator
  • Mailinator has been around longer and is more established
  • Temp Mail offers mobile apps, Mailinator doesn’t

10 Minute Mail

  • 10 Minute Mail addresses expire after 10 minutes while Temp Mail offers 1-2 hours
  • Temp Mail allows replying to emails, 10 Minute Mail doesn’t
  • Temp Mail has mobile apps, 10 Minute Mail is web-only


  • Temp Mail is newer while YOPmail is more established
  • YOPmail shows more ads compared to Temp Mail
  • Both are primarily focused on temporary and disposable email

So while there are multiple temporary email services, Temp Mail stands out with its smooth mobile apps, intuitive interface, and focus on privacy.


Temp Mail is one of the top disposable email apps available for Android. With its easy account creation, automatic email deletion, built-in inbox, and privacy protections, it fulfills the need for temporary and anonymous email addresses.

While the free version works great, the premium plan unlocks more advanced features and customization options for power users. Considering its millions of downloads and positive reviews, Temp Mail emerges as the go-to choice for getting instant disposable email addresses on the go.

If you are looking for a temporary email service to protect your main inbox from spam or remain anonymous online, Temp Mail is definitely worth trying out. It perfectly balances simplicity and privacy for disposable email addresses.

  • Performance improvements and libraries update

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