ToolsTasker MOD APK 6.2.11 (Paid, Premium unlocked)

Tasker MOD APK 6.2.11 (Paid, Premium unlocked)

Tasker MOD APK 6.2.11 (Paid, Premium unlocked)
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3.5 Rating (606) Votes

3.5 Rating (606 Votes )
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Tasker MOD APK 6.2.11 (Paid, Premium unlocked)

Tasker MOD APK
MOD Features Paid, Premium unlocked
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Size 101 MB
Version 6.2.11
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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APPS Overview

Tasker is an app automation tool for Android devices that allows users to create and execute automated tasks based on contexts like time, location, events, gestures, and much more. By using Tasker, you can provide your Android phone with custom operations without needing any coding experience whatsoever. It enables control of device settings such as volume levels or Wi-Fi/Data connections directly within the app interface, which feels really nice and intuitive to use. There are countless possibilities when it comes to Tasker’s capabilities ranging from very simple triggers that allow you to execute certain actions at scheduled times (like turning off your ringer after work hours) all the way down to complex programming commands through third-party plugins specifically designed for accessing various device features beyond what’s offered natively in android OS. So if there is something specific that you want to have get automated in daily life, then most likely it can be coupled with this amazing automation tool!

Tasker MOD APK

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Key Features of Tasker

Automate with profiles and tasks

Tasker allows you to create automated operations based on different triggers, giving users the ability to automate any action they can think of related to their Android device settings. You can also use it for setting notifications in certain events or triggering convenient actions like turning off your ringer after work hours.

Secure custom app launching

Launch applications securely which can be handy when you feel like a particular application needs an extra layer of security from starting/launching without your permission or being presented outside its intended context (for example, through an icon on the home screen rather than via a shortcut etc.

Contexts as triggers for automation

Create so-called ‘Profiles’, which are basically triggerable configurations; those allow user’s set up specific scenarios where certain relationships get materialized within the custom commands or even third-party plugins available in Google Play Store). For example, the user may create a profile that launches a camera app, every time headphone are connected to an audio jack – such kind of creative trickery is very entertaining!

Cross-platform compatibility

Use tasker across multiple devices running all kinds (even legacy) versions of android ora such as Cyanogenmod and AOSP etc., thus making sure no matter what phone, or tablet brand is used, tasks will run smoothly despite platform restrictions often inherent due to hardware limitations within high range branded mobile company releases nowadays days ad 2015->2019+.

Tasker MOD APK

Application triggered actions

 Leverage process data while executing interactions between different apps for quick responses during emergencies requiring thinking fast under pressure situations (such as sharing important messages directly subscriber confirmation box). This feature enables customizable entry page visibility capable display activities relevant person accessing content, perhaps accessing limited websites only ones with valid login credentials using pro mode authorization protocol.

Speech recognition and Virtual personal assistance

Use speech commands to activate elements such as calendar; contacts list to enable virtual assistant feature assisting intuitive Roomba vacuum cleaner mobility guide voice text app functionality, increasing convenience within context-sensitive feedback environment like this one (tulliostat). This kind of powerful automation capability makes scenarios possible where the user doesn’t even need to remember certain keywords in order callsto upon interactive agents to behave intelligently with expressiveness, rarely seen AI-powered solutions before the emergence of tasker availability smartphones .

Powerful scripting capabilities

 It offers advanced options users can script actions that have exact repeatable results, perfect debugging settings without any prior programming experience whatsoever! Leveraging deep integration scripts engine it can fine-tune conditional statements and decide how should perform type operations it’s capable of carrying, which is invaluable nowadays when it comes to mastering Android OS rooted functionalities without having to acquire complex set skills (like tinkering Xposed ,Kernel modifiers rooting bootloaders, etc.

Community-driven insights and development

 It’s backed by a massive community of developers who are constantly providing new plugins that extend the possibilities that Tasker has. Moreover, you’ll find lots of helpful articles on forums detailing different use cases for using this awesome application in both recreational activities as well as daily time-saving task automation.

Tasker MOD APK

What is Tasker Mod Apk?

Tasker Mod Apk is a modified version of Tasker that has all the features of its original but additionally allows users to customize their experience even more by executing scripts and embedding 3rd party plugins for greater device automation capability.

Tasker MOD APK

Mod Key Feature

Tasker Mod Apk is a paid version of the original that unlocks all its features for the price of $2.99, thus allowing users to experience the full potential of this amazing Android application automation tool without any limitations whatsoever! With premium access, there’s no need to worry about device compatibility upgrades or subscription fees associated with devices Ecosystems such as Apple’s AppStore and Google Play Store .

Premium Unlocked

Users who opt to buy ‘Tasker Premium will find themselves enhancing their mobile usage TenFold by diving into distinct features beyond what regular ‘paid-version’ can offer them access plugins (giving applications added functionality tailored one individual preferences) embedded scripts vastly increase capabilities when it comes automatization & optimization daily routines also unlocking advanced performance among other things!

Ad-free experience with tasker mod apk

For those who get annoyed with advertisement banners ads notifications all over the screen every so often, taskers modded apks provide an ad-free environment, enjoy the process of creating contexts based tasks problematically without fearing having ruined pacing reading content due to intrusive ads! Considering how expensive data plans have become nowadays seems like a great way to keep some money in your pocket while avoiding being bombarded with digital noise levels elsewhere, webpages/applications, respective mobile phones other gadgets connected internet alike.

Disable Bloatware Apps and Unused System components permanently

Remove unnecessary factory bloatware apps, which can save you lots of time situation arise s where erasing phone settings is a simple yet effective method of cleaning up malicious code that could be lurking after installing certain infected files from unknown sources onto laptop tablet-related hardware compromising overall user privacy breach security reasons, same apply disabling system components aren’t used replace them better faster alternatives available google play app store example.

Tasker MOD APK


1. Schedule tasks with precise accuracy by adjusting various triggers such as time, location, and gestures to best fit your own requirement.

2. Use the voice recognition feature of Tasker to easily activate elements such as calendars or contacts lists with a simple command without needing any typing whatsoever!

3 Set up customized entry page visibility that displays activities relevant for each person accessing content through certain website or application interfaces in-order to draw attention to relevant data points increasing interactivity ratio.

4 Test commands via built-in scripting capabilities before applying them on a real device set to make sure the process runs smoothly. Expected values procured from testing, namely confirming debugging phase successfully organized upcoming tasking sessions support intended results assume coming mean task starts functioning while little more than necessary was included script from cost performance viewpoint purpose previously mentioned sequence check moments away!

5 Invest some time into reading helpful articles available online detailing different use cases for using this awesome Android appliance automation tool, both recreational entertainment and daily work essence saving timely automated tasks projections managed their completion using profiles configurations formed earlier round spectrum devices Listings range smartphones tablets computers eye wear!

Tasker MOD APK


Tasker is a smart and reliable Android app automation tool that allows users to create automated tasks based on simple user-friendly commands which can be used for various purposes, including saving time, optimizing settings, and creating personalized experiences. Through Tasker, it’s relatively easy to gain complete control over your device’s functions, as you no longer need any coding experience whatsoever in order to take advantage of the powerful capabilities it offers.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1. What is Tasker?

A1. Tasker is an app automation tool for Android devices that enables users to create and execute automated tasks based on contexts like time, location, events, gestures, and more without requiring any coding experience whatsoever! Additionally, it offers secure custom app launching as well as virtual personal assistance through speech recognition capabilities, thus expanding possibilities far beyond what’s normally offered natively by the device’s OS settings & functions.

Q2. What are the advantages of using this application?

A2: There are many advantages in using Tasker, such as automated task execution triggered from context-specific data points or fine-tuned debugging processes via scripting abilities while leveraging integration scripts engine providing continuous development insights towards creating tailored, personalized experiences universally across multiple platforms (even legacy ones).

Q3 Who can benefit from its functionality?

A3 Individuals who use their mobile phones extensively could greatly benefit from leveraging Taskers power features, given how customizable each action becomes! This type of application becomes extremely useful scenarios when managing various activities on a daily basis, such as sending messages activating email accounts, forecasting weather conditions even allowing access to limited websites, particular login credentials, potent revolutionary ecosystem around the usage of smartphones, tablets related gadgets connected to internet !

Q4 Does it cost money to purchase modded apk offer full feature available platform ?

A4 YES – Although you have a free version with limited capabilities, most interesting newfound functionalities do come at a price being charged $2.99; therefore consider taking into account the extent to which it needs to be fulfilled coming said would want to pay gain unrestricted amount of profits generated by possible automations .

 Q5 Are there tutorials that help you get familiarized with other advanced usage aspects ?

A5 Indeed – Besides wide array of articles and reviews popping up around the web regarding its potential utility applications, there are also many tutorial videos available through official as well communications between user community actively seeking sharing knowledge and empower others to benefit from same concept through integrated solutions!

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