ActionTalking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk (Hack, Unlockable Characters)

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk (Hack, Unlockable Characters)

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk (Hack, Unlockable Characters)
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5.5 Rating (338) Votes

5.5 Rating (338 Votes )
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Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk (Hack, Unlockable Characters)

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlockable Characters
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Size 116 MB
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk – A Fast-Paced Runner Game With Fun Upgrades

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk  is  a  popular endless runner game  from  Outfit7 Limited. The modded version  of  the  game  offers unlimited coins  and  gems  so  you  can  unlock  all  characters, power-ups  and  skins  for  free. In  this  in-depth review,  we’ll  take  a  look  at  the  key features  of  Talking Tom Hero Dash mod apk and discuss  its  pros  and  cons.

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Talking Tom Hero Dash  is  an  exciting action game  where  players control  the  character Talking Tom  and  must guide  him  through  dangerous city landscapes  while  avoiding obstacles  and  collecting gold coins. The game features fast-paced gameplay  and  slick graphics along  with  unlockable characters, superpowers  and  cosmetic upgrades.

The modded version provides players  with  unlimited coins  and  gems  which  normally  need  to  be  purchased using real money  or  slowly earned through gameplay. This allows  you  to  instantly unlock all characters like Talking Ben, Talking Angela  and  Talking Hank  as  well  as power-ups like jetpacks, super sneakers  and  protection bubbles. You  can  also  access  all  premium skins  without  grinding.

Overall, Talking Tom Hero Dash mod apk offers  an  enjoyable, challenging gameplay experience  without  frustrating paywalls  or  excessive grind. The unlimited resources allow  you  to  fully experience everything  the  game  has  to  offer.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk

Key Features

Here  are  some  of  the  main features  of  Talking Tom Hero Dash mod apk:

  • Addictive, fast-paced endless runner gameplay
  • Slick graphics  and  animations
  • Over 20 unlockable characters  from  the  Talking Tom universe
  • Special power-ups like jetpacks, magnets, protection bubbles
  • Daily challenges  and  missions
  • Leaderboards  to  compete against friends
  • Customize Talking Tom  with  fun skins  and  outfits
  • No ads  or  annoying pop-ups
  • Unlimited coins  and  gems  for  free purchases
  • Frequent updates  with  new  content


The goal  in  Talking Tom Hero Dash  is  to   run  as  far  as  possible  through  each level  while  avoiding obstacles  and  collecting coins. Players tap  and  swipe  to  move Talking Tom left  or  right  to  dodge oncoming vehicles, obstacles like roadblocks and lasers,  and  environmental hazards.

Talking Tom  will  run forward automatically  and  you  need  to  guide  him  safely around  these  obstacles. Collecting gold coins  will  fill  up  your nitro meter which gives  you  a  quick burst  of  speed  when  activated. There  are  also  various power-ups like jetpacks  and  magnets scattered along each level  which  provide advantages  and  allow  you  to  fly farther.

Each level  has  2 routes – sky  or  ground. The sky levels  allow  you  to  run along rooftops  and  collect flying bonuses while  the  ground levels feature different  themes  like jungle  or  desert. Certain characters only work  with  specific routes  so  you  need  to  pick wisely before each run.

As you progress,  the  game speeds up  and  introduces new challenges  and  obstacles  to  overcome. With  the  mod,  you’ll  be  able  to  instantly try  out  newly unlocked characters  and  their  unique abilities  for  varied gameplay.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk

Graphics and Sound

Talking Tom Hero Dash features bright  and  colorful graphics  with  a  cartoonish style. The environments  are  detailed  and  animations  are  smooth  and  fluid. Effects like explosions  and  special abilities  have  cool visual flair.

Characters  also  have  distinct designs  and  personalities, voiced  by  the  original voice actors. From Talking Hank’s upbeat attitude  to  Talking Ben’s mischievous nature,  the  characters add charm  with  their  quips  and  comments.

The soundtrack  is  upbeat  with  fast-paced music  that  fits  the  superhero themes. Collecting coins  and  flying  with  jetpacks  has  satisfying sound effects. Overall,  the  audiovisual presentation  is  polished  and  enhances  the  gameplay experience.

Unlockable Characters

One  of  the  highlights  of  Talking Tom Hero Dash  is  the  variety  of  playable characters  from  the  Talking Tom universe. With  the  mod apk,  you  can  instantly unlock  and  play as:

  • Talking Tom – The main character  with  balanced abilities. His nitro ability lets  him  run incredibly  fast  for  a  short burst.
  • Talking Ben – A mischievous  cat  who  uses  grappling hooks  to  swing  over  obstacles. His nitro generates shockwaves  to  destroy obstacles.
  • Talking Hank – An enthusiastic character  who  zooms around  on  a  hoverboard. His nitro ability causes him  to  spin rapidly  and  damage enemies.
  • Talking Angela – A graceful  cat  who  uses  ballet pirouettes  to  jump over hazards. Her nitro allows  her  to  spin  and  reflect projectiles.
  • Talking Ginger – A nimble character  who  uses  parkour moves. She  can  also  double jump  with  her  nitro  for  extreme heights.

There  are  over 20 unlockable characters  in  total  with  more  added regularly via updates. Each character requires collected  of  coins  to  unlock  so  the  mod apk  lets  you  get  them  all  instantly.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk


As you play, power-ups will appear  that  provide useful abilities  and  advantages:

  • Jetpack – Lets you fly over obstacles  and  reach new heights. Great  for  collecting airborne coins  and  power-ups.
  • Super Sneakers – Increases your running speed substantially  for  a  short time. Allows  you  to  outrun threats.
  • Protection Bubble – Grants temporary invincibility, allowing  you  to  absorb hits  and  plow through threats.
  • Magnet – Pulls coins towards  you  from  a  wider radius  so  you  can  collect more  as  you  run.
  • Perfect Start – Gives  you  a  starting boost  of  speed  in  levels  so  you  can  get off  to  a  great start.

With unlimited gems  from  the  mod apk,  you  can  purchase  and  upgrade  each  of  these  power-ups  to  increase  their  effectiveness  and  duration. This  gives  you  an  edge  in  tackling  more  challenging levels  and  pursuing high scores.


A fun part  of  Talking Tom Hero Dash  is  customizing  your  characters’ looks  through  different skins. These  are  purely cosmetic  but  let  you  personalize your  favorites.

Skins range  from  seasonal outfits like Santa Claus  to  pop  culture references like Avatar. There  are  also  skins  themed  after historical figures like Cleopatra  and  fictional characters like  the  Phantom  of  the  Opera.

With  the  modded version, all skins  are  available  for  free  without  needing  to  play  for  hours  to  earn  coins. So  you  can  instantly dress up characters however  you  like before going  on  a  run.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk

Game Modes

Talking Tom Hero Dash  offers  different  game  modes  to  keep  things  fresh:

  • Career – The main mode  where  you  continuously run across randomly generated levels, aiming  for  a  new high score each time.
  • Missions – Daily missions  with  specific objectives like collecting  a  certain number  of  coins, traversing  a  distance,  or  defeating enemies. Completing  them  earns  you  rewards.
  • Challenge – Race against pre-set times  to  beat Talking Tom’s best runs across different environments. A good test  of  skill.
  • Arena – Special timed levels  where  you  can  challenge  and  defeat giant bosses. Earn arena-exclusive power-ups  here .

With unlimited resources  from  the  mod,  you  can  play  these  modes freely  without  worrying  about  energy limits  or  timers.

Pros and Cons

Here  are  some  of  the  key advantages  and  disadvantages  of  using  the  Talking Tom Hero Dash mod apk:


  • Unlimited coins  and  gems  for  free  purchases
  • Access all characters, power-ups  and  skins instantly
  • No advertisements  or  disruptive pop-ups
  • Have  more  funds  for  upgrades  and  better gear
  • Progress faster  without  grinding  or  paying real money
  • Try  out  any  character  on  any  level
  • Customize Talking Tom easily  with  costumes
  • Enjoy  all  game  modes  without  limits


  • Could make  the  game  too  easy  and  reduce long-term motivation
  • Goes against  the  developer’s original vision
  • Potential risk  of  the  app  not  working properly
  • Mod  is  not  officially supported  or  endorsed
  • May contain undesirable software modifications
  • Could prevent  you  from  competing  on  leaderboards

Overall,  the  modded version removes  almost  all  grind  from  Talking Tom Hero Dash, letting  you  fully enjoy  its  gameplay  and  characters. But  it  comes  with  risks  and  reduces incentives  to  play daily.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk

Here  are  some  common questions about  the  Talking Tom Hero Dash mod apk:

Q: Is the modded app safe to download?

A: There  are  always risks  with  unofficial mod apks. Make sure  to  scan  any  downloaded file  for  malware before installing. Stick  to  trusted sources.

Q: Will I get banned for using the modded version?

A: It’s unlikely, but  use  at  your own risk. The modded app  may  connect differently  to  the  game’s servers  so  there’s  a  chance  of  getting detected  and  blocked. But many users report  no  issues.

Q: Does the mod work on both Android and iOS?

A: The modded .apk file  is  only  for  Android devices. iOS users cannot install  it  directly. However,  there  are  some  iOS mods available via third-party app stores.

Q: Will I still earn achievements with the mod?

A: Achievements  and  leaderboard scores may  get  blocked  or  nullified  when  using  mods since  they  give  an  unfair advantage. So  you  may  miss  out  on  these  features.

Q: Can I play offline with the mod apk?

A: Yes,  the  modded version  still  works offline without  an  internet connection.  all  features  are  accessible except  for  online leaderboards.

Q: Does it provide unlimited stamina as well?

A: Yes,  the  mod apk generally removes stamina restrictions  so  you  can  play levels continuously  without  breaks.

Q: Will I get the latest game updates with the mod?

A: The modded app may  not  automatically update  to  the  latest version  of  the  game. You  may  need  to  download  a  new mod file after major updates.

Key Takeaways

  • Talking Tom Hero Dash mod apk provides unlimited  coins  and  gems  for  unlocking characters, power-ups  and  skins  without  grinding  or  paying.
  • The game features fast-paced, challenging endless runner gameplay across diverse environments.
  • Over 20 playable characters  from  the  Talking Tom universe  with  unique abilities  and  nitro power ups.
  • Daily missions, challenges, leaderboards  and  arena  battles  offer  varied gameplay modes.
  • Fun customization  through  collectible character skins  and  costumes.
  • Slick, colorful graphics  and  upbeat soundtrack enhance  the  experience.
  • Reduce grind substantially  but  can  make progression  too  fast  and  easy.
  • Mod  use  risks account block, lacks official support,  and  may  contain undesirable software changes.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk


For fans  of  endless running games looking  to  fully explore Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk  without  excessive ads  and  grinding,  the  mod apk  is  a  handy shortcut. It provides  a  polished  and  enjoyable gameplay experience  where  everything  is  instantly unlocked and freely accessible.

But potential downsides like reduced long-term engagement  and  risks  of  account blocks  should  be  considered. Overall,  the  mod delivers what  it  advertises – unlimited resources  for  an  addictive action game  that’s  easy  to  recommend trying, especially  for  younger audiences  who want  to  play  as  their  favorite Talking Tom characters unhindered.

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