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Super Sus MOD APK (Menu, Unlocked, Unlimited Money)

Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor
App Name Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor
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Publisher PIProductions
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
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Size 170 MB
Mods Menu, Unlocked, Unlimited Money
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4.4 Rating (279) Votes

4.4 Rating (279 Votes )
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Trending admired 3D Among Us game played by 300 million global players!
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Super Sus MOD APK (Menu, Unlocked, Unlimited Money)

Super Sus Who Is The Impostor is a multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by PIProductions for Android and iOS devices. The game is heavily inspired by the popular title Among Us and shares many similarities in terms of gameplay and mechanics.

Super Sus MOD

Super Sus was first released in September 2021 and has since become massively popular, garnering over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone.

In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at all the key features of Super Sus and evaluate how it compares to Among Us and other games in the genre.


The core gameplay loop of Super Sus follows the same structure as Among Us. Players are divided into two teams – Spacecrews and Impostors.

The goal of the Spacecrews is to complete all their assigned tasks around the map while identifying and eliminating the Impostors hiding among them. The Impostors aim to sabotage and kill all the Spacecrews before their tasks are completed.

Matches take place on spaceship-themed maps. At the start of each round, players are randomly assigned their secret roles. The Spacecrews are given various tasks to complete such as swiping cards, entering codes, cleaning filters etc. Impostors on the other hand can freely roam the map and kill Spacecrews when the opportunity arises.

After a body is discovered or an emergency meeting is called, all the players come together to discuss and vote on who they think the Impostor might be. The player with the most votes is ejected. Impostors try to blend in and divert suspicion while Spacecrews try to find contradictions in testimonies.

This creates an atmosphere of deception and distrust as you never really know who is telling the truth. The Impostors win if there is an equal number of Impostors and Spacecrews left. The Spacecrews win if they complete all tasks or vote out all the Impostors.

Overall, the back and forth gameplay built on finding the Impostors through careful deduction and voting is engaging and addictive. Fans of Among Us will feel right at home with the mechanics.

Super Sus MOD (1)

Graphics and Visuals

Super Sus Mod Apk utilizes a more realistic 3D art style compared to the minimalist 2D designs of Among Us. The character models are chunky and cartoony but have additional detail in textures and animations.

The spaceship maps are brought to life with polished environments and smooth visual effects when completing tasks like cleaning oxygen filters. Things like flickering lights and steam add a lot of atmosphere and immersion to the setting.

Vibrant lighting, clean interface, fun animated emotes and smooth gameplay come together to create a very appealing aesthetic. The visual upgrades make the game feel modern and help it stand out from the crowd.


A major highlight of Super Sus is the deep customization system allowing you to personalize your character. There are tons of cosmetic options to unlock including skins, hats, pets, back items, weapons and more.

The game uses a seasonal battle pass system. Each season introduces new themes and cosmetics to collect through mission rewards and tier progression. There are also daily, weekly and permanent missions that offer free and premium currency.

The wide range of customization keeps gameplay feeling fresh as you can always try out new looks. It also adds greater attachment and uniqueness to your in-game avatar. The collectible nature gives you long term goals to work towards.

Roles and Abilities

While Among Us only has the two main roles, Super Sus Hack Apk takes things up a notch by introducing additional Impostor and Spacecrew sub-roles with special abilities.

Impostor Roles

  • Spy – Can disguise as other players for a short duration.
  • Puppeteer – Can take control of a player for a few seconds.
  • Conjurer – Creates illusions of themselves as distractions.
  • Janitor – Can hide dead bodies.
  • Vigilante – Kills have no cooldown between them.

Spacecrew Roles

  • Sheriff – Has a one-shot gun to kill Impostors.
  • Engineer – Can use vents for transportation.
  • Guardian – Can shield players from attacks.
  • Mayor – Votes count double during discussions.
  • Detective – Leaves behind evidence when killed.

The extra roles add more complexity and mindgames to the gameplay. You have to balance your special abilities for maximum impact while also avoiding accidental teamkills. This extra layer of strategy sets Super Sus apart.

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Game Modes

Aside from the Classic mode that follows original Among Us rules, Super Sus provides a variety of alternate game modes:

  • Ranked – Competitive mode with ranked tiers and seasons.
  • Arcade – Faster matches with ability cooldowns reduced.
  • Hide – Prop hunt mode where Impostors disguise as objects.
  • Deathmatch – Free for all mode with no tasks or voting.

The different modes offer new twists on the gameplay to keep things exciting after repeated Classic matches. You can take a break from the usual deduction gameplay and enjoy the casual fun of Deathmatch or Prop Hunt modes.


Super Sus currently has 4 different maps – Spaceship, Mars Base, Airship and Krakenburg Castle. The maps have interconnected rooms, vents and hiding spots across multiple floors.

The maps are large and maze-like with many pathways and rooms to discover. There are unique environmental hazards like lava pits, moving platforms and laser gates.

Vents allow Impostors to swiftly traverse the map and stage ambushes. The free map rotation and variety of layouts force you to constantly adapt your playstyle and strategy.


Like Among Us, Super Sus is primarily a multiplayer game best enjoyed with 4-10 players. You can play locally over LAN or online with matchmaking.

The online lobbies make it easy to jump into games quickly. You can set preferences for map, Impostor ratio and number of players. Voice chat is built into the game for streamlined discussions during meetings.

Playing with friends on voice adds another layer of fun through banter and direct accusations. The unpredictable nature of multiplayer matches keeps bringing you back.

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Super Sus is free to play with optional in-app purchases. The two currencies are Coins (earned through gameplay) and Stars (premium currency bought with real money).

Stars are mainly used to unlock seasonal battle pass rewards faster. All gameplay content can be unlocked with Coins through normal progression. There are no invasive ads either.

The monetization is fairly balanced and not necessary to enjoy the full experience. You can easily enjoy hundreds of hours without spending money. The premium currency just speeds up collectible acquisition.

Pros and Cons


  • Polished 3D visuals and animations
  • Great variety of cosmetic customization
  • Additional Impostor and Spacecrew roles
  • Multiple game modes for variety
  • Large maze-like maps to explore
  • Quick online matchmaking
  • Built-in proximity voice chat


  • Can feel repetitive after long play sessions
  • Some minor bugs and glitches
  • Unlockable content encourages grinding

Super Sus MOD (4)


Super Sus Mod Apk improves upon the classic Among Us formula in many ways while retaining the addictive social deduction gameplay. The 3D visuals, expanded roles and customization add a lot of depth and variety.

The game offers countless hours of entertainment hunting down Impostors with friends online. Unlockable cosmetics provide long term goals to work towards each season.

Super Sus executes the concept of multiplayer betrayal exceptionally well. Fans of Among Us will certainly enjoy the fresh take on the genre. Some minor technical issues aside, it’s easy to recommend Super Sus for its sheer fun factor and replayability.

Overall, Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor is an easy 8/10. The addictive gameplay built on finding friends and foes keeps you coming back. If you enjoy social deduction multiplayer titles, don’t miss out on this gem.

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