Health FitnessStrava MOD APK 362.15 (Premium Unlocked)

Strava MOD APK 362.15 (Premium Unlocked)

Strava MOD APK 362.15 (Premium Unlocked)
App Name Strava: Run, Bike, Hike
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Publisher Strava Inc.
Category Health Fitness Health Fitness
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4.5 Rating (254) Votes

4.5 Rating (254 Votes )
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Strava Mod Apk is a fitness tracking app that brings a social twist to your active lifestyle. It's like having a supportive community alongside you, cheering you on and keeping you motivated. With Strava, you can record runs, rides, hikes, and more, discover popular routes, and build a network of fitness-minded friends. The app offers a free version and a premium subscription, with features like data insights, safety tools, and monthly challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Strava is a social fitness tracking app that records activities, recommends routes, and connects you with a supportive community.
  • It offers a free version and a subscription with premium features, compatible with various devices and apps.
  • Key features include data insights, safety tools, monthly challenges, and an unfiltered feed of authentic efforts from real people.
  • The app suits all fitness levels, providing training plans, a social network, and safety measures for outdoor activities.
  • Strava’s social fitness network allows users to interact, share progress, and access tips and routes from a global community.

What is Strava?

Strava is a fitness tracking app that brings a social element to your fitness journey. It’s like having a supportive community right at your fingertips, cheering you on and keeping you motivated every step of the way.

How Does It Work?

With Strava, you can record all your activities, including runs, rides, hikes, yoga, and over 30 other sport types. It’s like having a personal trainer and a cheer squad all in one! The app also lets you discover popular routes based on your preferences or create your own, so you’ll never get bored with your workout routine.

Key Features:

  • Support Network: Strava is all about celebrating movement and creating a community. You can connect with friends, family, and other like-minded individuals, sharing your progress and cheering each other on.
  • Smart Tracking: Strava provides data insights to help you understand your progress and see how you’re improving. You can access your Training Log to review all your workouts and feel proud of your achievements.
  • Safety First: One of Strava’s unique features is the ability to share your real-time location with loved ones while you’re outdoors, giving you an extra layer of safety.
  • Device Sync: The app is compatible with thousands of apps and devices, including Wear OS, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin. Easily sync your favorite devices and quickly launch activities.
  • Monthly Challenges: Join a global community of millions as you take on monthly challenges, chase new goals, and collect digital badges. Stay motivated and accountable with others on the same journey.
  • Real Efforts, Real People: Strava’s feed is filled with unfiltered, authentic efforts from real people. This creates a motivating environment where everyone can inspire and be inspired.
  • For All Fitness Levels: Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, Strava is for you. It’s a judgment-free community where everyone is welcome, and you can record and go at your own pace.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • User-Friendly: Strava is easy to use and accessible to everyone, with a simple interface and straightforward vocabulary.
  • Engaging: With social features, monthly challenges, and a supportive community, Strava keeps you engaged and motivated to continue your fitness journey.
  • Informative: The app provides valuable insights and data to help you understand your progress and make informed decisions about your training.
  • Safe and Secure: Strava prioritizes your safety with real-time location sharing and access permissions that give you control over your data.

Feel free to give Strava a try! With a free version available, you can explore the app’s features and discover how it can enhance your fitness experiences. Join the Strava community and take control of your active lifestyle!

System Requirements:

  • Android 8.0 or later


Strava requires the following permissions to function:

  • Normal Permissions:
    • View certain data about your profile
    • Upload your activities from the app to Strava
    • View your complete profile
  • Signature Permissions:
    • None


  • Md5: B1B103FA442532DC31520CF82BA654AB
  • Signature: 37CAB548D4972EEA2259422FBE1986CB0ACD0D23
  • Sha256: CBE6A1BEDFBFA85C5D9779D3D7D32377B32CFA05707C5E251132E7E289FCEA04
  • Valid From: Fri Mar 18 12:49:33 CET 2022 until: Tue Mar 12 12:49:33 CET 2047
  • Serial Number: 241efb1d
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