ArcadeStar Warfare2:Payback MOD APK 1.31 (Unlimited Money/God Mode)

Star Warfare2:Payback MOD APK 1.31 (Unlimited Money/God Mode)

Star Warfare2:Payback MOD APK 1.31 (Unlimited Money/God Mode)
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3.5 Rating (316) Votes

3.5 Rating (316 Votes )
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Star Warfare2:Payback is a classic  vertical  scrolling  shooter  arcade  game developed and published by Gameloft in 2011.  It is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. The game is a sequel to Gameloft’s highly popular Star Warfare series.

Star Warfare2:Payback MOD APK


  • Genre: Vertical scrolling shooter/Shoot ’em up
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Release date: June 9, 2011
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Modes: Single-player

Star Warfare2:Payback  is a classic arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter game.  The player controls a spaceship and must shoot down enemies while avoiding getting hit. Power-ups and bonuses can be collected to upgrade weapons and gain abilities.  The  goal  is  to  achieve a high score by destroying as many enemies as possible across several different levels and boss fights.


  • Vertical scrolling shooter format
  • Control a spaceship with touch screen commands
  • Shoot down enemies and avoid getting hit
  • Collect power-ups and bonuses to upgrade weapons
  • Intense boss fights at the end of levels
  • High score tracking based on enemies destroyed

Star Warfare2:Payback MOD APK

The  core  gameplay  involves  controlling  a  spaceship  that  automatically scrolls upwards through vertical levels.    The player can move the ship left and right and shoot weapons using on-screen buttons. A variety of enemy ships will attack from the  top of the screen downwards.   The player must shoot them down while  avoiding getting hit by their attacks and bullets.

Power-ups like  improved weapons  and  shields  can be collected to upgrade your ship’s  abilities.   Bonus points are awarded for chains and combos. At the end of each level, a boss enemy must be defeated. Once all lives are lost, the game is over.   The goal is to achieve the highest score possible before death.

Overall, the gameplay   offers simple,  accessible controls  combined  with intense arcade-style shooting action. Quick reflexes and memorization of enemy patterns are required to succeed.


Graphics and Visuals

  • Pixel-art sprite graphics
  • Detailed space environments and backgrounds
  • Smooth animations and visual effects
  • High quality retina display support

Star Warfare2:Payback MOD APK

Star Warfare2:Payback  utilizes  a  colorful  and  detailed pixel art style for its graphics.  The spaceships, enemies,  bullets, and backgrounds are all rendered in a retro pixelated look that is reminiscent of classic late 80’s/early 90’s shooters.

The visuals help convey  the setting of space combat with dark backgrounds contrasted by the bright explosions  and  laser  fire. The animations  are  smooth  with  screen-filling enemy swarms and tons of action effects.  Overall the graphics are high quality and optimized for high resolution mobile displays.

Audio and Sound

  • Retro electronic music tracks
  • Explosive sound effects
  • Immersive space combat atmosphere

The music in  Star  Warfare2:Payback  is uptempo electronica that fits the space shooter  theme.  The tracks evoke a retro arcade feel with driving beats. Sound effects like explosions, laser blasts, and enemy shouts help sell the intense action. It creates an immersive  atmosphere that  captures the  excitement of a frantic arcade shooter.

Power-Ups and Bonuses

  • Weapon upgrades
  • Shield boosts
  • Smart bombs
  • Point and scoring bonuses

Star Warfare2:Payback MOD APK

During play,  various power-ups  can be  collected to help improve your chances.  Weapon power-ups will upgrade your main gun to higher  damage and spread. Shield upgrades will allow you to take more hits before losing a life. Smart bombs provide a screen-clearing explosion to  destroy all enemies.

Scoring bonuses like chains, combos,  and  multipliers are also  available.  These allow skilled players to rack up huge scores  by chaining  together kills and avoiding damage. Managing power-ups and scoring big is key to reaching the top of the leaderboards.

Controls and Interface

  • Intuitive touch screen controls
  • On-screen buttons for movement, firing, and bombs
  • Clean UI shows score, lives, and charge meter

The controls for Star  Warfare2: Payback are optimized for touch screens. The main controls include a movement joystick on the left and action buttons on the right. Tap anywhere to fire your weapons. Special bomb and shield buttons are nearby.

The interface is simplified to  just the essentials  like score,  lives remaining,  and a  charge meter for special  weapons. This keeps the focus on the shooting action without unnecessary clutter. The controls are responsive and easy to grasp while still allowing for sophisticated play.

Star Warfare2:Payback MOD APK

Different Levels and Boss Fights

  • 7 main levels each with a unique theme
  • Challenge increases as progress through levels
  • Imposing boss enemies require strategy to defeat

Across the game’s 7  levels,  the difficulty  gradually  ramps  up  as enemies get more aggressive and numerous. Each level has a different look and feel – like crystal asteroid fields, enemy bases, and space stations.

At the end of each level a unique  boss  enemy  appears.  They have powerful attacks  and  a  lot of health, requiring  the player to  recognize and respond to attack patterns rather than just mindless shooting. Defeating bosses requires skill and results in a great sense of satisfaction.

Game Modes

Star Warfare2:Payback focuses on a single player experience.  The  main  game  mode  is  the  classic arcade format of achieving a high score by getting as far as possible before losing all lives.

  • Career – Main single player mode across 7 levels with increasing difficulty. High score tracking.
  • Survival – Alternative endless mode focused on surviving as long as possible against endless waves of enemies.
  • Multiplayer – Omitted from the mobile version of the game unfortunately. Would have been a great addition.

The lack of direct  multiplayer  or co-op  play  is  one  of the few shortcomings of the mobile release.  But the highly replayable single player campaign still offers plenty of fun and challenge.

Pros and Cons


  • Satisfying and   addictive shooter gameplay
  • Colorful retro graphics and great sound
  • Good touch   screen controls
  • Upgrade   systems adds depth and strategy
  • 7 levels provide   good variety and challenge
  • Bosses require skill to defeat


  • Lacks online or local multiplayer
  • Could use more   weapon and ship varieties
  • Very difficult and  challenging for newcomers
  • Can feel repetitive  after extended play

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Star Warfare2:Payback MOD APK

Review  Scores

Star Warfare: Payback received mostly positive reviews, averaging around 4/5 stars from critics.

  • TouchArcade: 4/5
  • Gamezebo: 4/5
  • Pocket Gamer: 8/10
  • AppSpy: 4/5
  • Slide to Play: 3/4

Player Reviews and Reception

The game has over  5  million  downloads  on  the  App  Store alone indicating its popularity among mobile gamers. It holds a 4.5 star rating based on over 200,000 user reviews.

Here are some example player reviews:

  • “This game is so awesome! It reminds  me  of the old-school games I grew up with. Addictive shooting action and the touch controls are perfect.”
  • “Really captured the arcade   shooter experience.   Simple controls, non-stop action, and epic boss battles!”
  • “One of the best vertical   scrolling   shooters on mobile. Would love online multiplayer though.”
  • “Challenging but fair difficulty curve.   Retro graphics are top notch.”

Bottom Line

Key Feature:

  • Classic fixed  scrolling   arcade   shooter   adapted seamlessly for mobile
  • Intuitive touch screen controls work great for this genre
  • Pixel graphics and sound effects create  an   immersive retro atmosphere
  • Upgrade system  and   scoring mechanics provide depth
  • Boss fights punctuate   the high-octane   shooting action
  • Massive popularity with over   5   million downloads

Star Warfare2:Payback succeeds at bringing the thrilling and addictive  arcade shooter experience  to  mobile devices. It executes the formula pitch perfectly from controls to upgrades to graphics. While the lack of multiplayer is disappointing, the game still shines as a  solo experience. Overall, a must-try for fans of intense, high score chasing shoot ’em ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Star Warfare: Payback free to play?

No, Star Warfare2:Payback is a paid  game costing  $0.99  USD on the App Store and Google Play Store. There are no in-app purchases or ads.

2. What devices can I play it on?

Star Warfare2:Payback   is   available   for iOS devices like the  iPhone  and  iPad, along with Android smartphones and tablets.

3. Does it support  controllers?

No, Star Warfare2:Payback does not officially support controllers.  The touch screen controls are the only input method.

4. How many levels are there?

There are 7 main levels in the game  with  different  themes and bosses. An additional endless survival mode is also available.

5. Is there a story or campaign?

There is no real story campaign,  just  the  progression  through the levels with increasing difficulty. The focus is on arcade-style high score chasing gameplay.


In conclusion, Star Warfare2:Payback  succeeds  at bringing  the popular vertical  scrolling shooter genre to mobile. It features excellent touch screen controls that make playing on phones and tablets intuitive. The pixel  art  graphics  and  sound  capture  the retro arcade feel. Power-ups and   high   score chasing provide plenty of replayability. While the lack of multiplayer is a shame, the single player provides hours  of  intense action. Overall, Star Warfare2:Payback is   a    cheap and highly enjoyable shooter for iOS and Android that lives up to its classic arcade influences.

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