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Sniper 3D MOD 4.30.7 APK (Mod Menu/Unlimited Coins/VIP)

Sniper 3D:Gun Shooting Games
App Name Sniper 3D:Gun Shooting Games
Latest Version v.4.30.7
Last Updated
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Action Action
Size 230 MB
Mods Mod Menu/Unlimited Coins/VIP
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4.3 Rating (453) Votes

4.3 Rating (453 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Online & offline multiplayer FPS shooting game. Play PvP live with your friends!
    • Mod Menu
    • Unlimited Coins
    • Unlimited Diamonds
    • Unlimited Energy
    • Unlock Premium
    • Remove Ads
    • No Spread
    • No Recoil
    • High Stabilty
    • High Damage
    • No Reload
    • No Fire Rate
    • All Weapon Silenced

Sniper 3D MOD 4.30.7 APK (Mod Menu/Unlimited Coins/VIP)


Sniper 3D Mod Apk is a popular first-person shooter game developed by Fun Games For Free for iOS and Android devices. With over 500 million downloads and 15 million reviews, it is one of the most successful shooting games on mobile.

Sniper 3D MOD

The premise of Sniper 3D is simple – players take on the role of an elite assassin sniper tasked with eliminating criminals and terrorists. Gameplay involves aiming down the scope of a sniper rifle and carefully taking out targets with single headshots.

While the core gameplay loop is straightforward, Sniper 3D features hundreds of missions, a variety of weapons to unlock, and both single player and multiplayer modes. The game monetizes through in-app purchases and advertising.

Below is an in-depth review of Sniper 3D covering:

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics & Audio
  • Progression & Monetization
  • Modes & Features
  • Controls
  • Verdict


The gameplay of Sniper 3D revolves around aiming down the scope of your sniper rifle and taking out enemies with clean headshots. Missions involve assassinating criminals, rescuing hostages, and completing other objectives.

Most levels take place from fixed sniper nests overlooking an area filled with enemies and targets. Gameplay is methodical, requiring patience to observe patterns of movement, carefully line up shots, and pull the trigger between heartbeats to maximize accuracy.

While stealth and remaining undetected are encouraged, going loud and gunning down all hostiles with an assault rifle is also an option on many missions.

Gameplay is smooth and satisfying, with ragdoll physics causing enemies to crumple and recoil realistically when shot. Slow motion kill cam replays add to the dramatic impact of landing a perfect headshot.

Missions start out simple, but gradually increase in difficulty with smarter enemies, multiple targets, and time pressure. While early on it’s easy to score headshots, later levels can provide a good challenge even for seasoned FPS players.

Overall, the core gameplay loop of sniping enemies is very polished. Lining up the perfect kill shot feels great thanks to solid mechanics and feedback.

Sniper 3D MOD

Graphics & Audio

Sniper 3D features decent 3D graphics and animations. While not at the level of console or PC shooters, the visuals are good for a mobile game.

Environments are detailed with weather effects, flowing vegetation, vehicles, and other elements bringing levels to life. Textures tend to be on the low resolution side but the models and effects are solid.

Character models for enemies could be better but get the job done. Ragdoll physics gives bodies a realistic heft when shot. The kill cam zooms add cinematic flair.

From a technical standpoint, the graphics run smoothly on most devices. Even older phones can handle the game well thanks to optimization and graphical options to tweak the visuals.

The audio design is highlighted by booming gunfire and impactful slow motion kill replays. Weapons sound beefy and metallic with tons of bass and punch. Explosions and ambient environmental audio add immersion.

The soundtrack features tense, moody instrumental music that fits the assassin theme well. Together with the sound effects, the audio elevates the sniper fantasy.

Sniper 3D MOD

Progression & Monetization

Sniper 3D uses a dual currency system of coins (earned through gameplay) and diamonds (premium currency bought with real money).

Coins are used to purchase and upgrade weapons. Diamonds allow you to speed up upgrades, buy exclusive premium weapons, refill energy, and more.

Weapons can be leveled up to increase attributes like damage, zoom level, stability, reload speed, and magazine size. Hundreds of attachments can be equipped for bonuses.

The game offers opportunities to earn diamonds through gameplay, but monetization is aggressive with video ads between missions, banner ads, daily deals, special offers, and the premium battle pass subscription.

While the core gameplay is skill-based, paying players can gain advantages with premium weapons and upgrades. The game often tries to push you to spend real money.

Progression is rewarding at first but eventually hits steep walls where grinding or spending becomes necessary. Monetization could be dialed back a bit to improve gameplay pacing.

Sniper 3D MOD

Modes & Features

Sniper 3D includes a diverse range of modes and features:

Campaign – 100s of sniper missions across 13 cities. Missions involve assassinations, rescues, infiltrations, and more. The campaign is the core PVE mode with a linear progression.

Wanted – Special missions where you must identify and eliminate a target from a description in a crowded setting. Tests your observation skills.

Special Ops – Harder missions that require skill and good equipment to complete but offer great rewards.

Multiplayer – Competitive 1v1 matches against other players. Winning raises your weekly league ranking.

Squad – Join a squad alliance to earn bonuses and compete on leaderboards. Chat and socialize with squadmates.

Events – Limited time events with special missions and exclusive rewards. Keeps gameplay fresh.

Battle Pass – Premium subscription for seasonal content/challenges. Unlocks weapons, characters, and cosmetics.

Armory – Collection of all weapons in the game. View stats and equip attachments on unlocked guns.

Upgrade System – In-depth system for leveling up weapons and gear with coins and diamonds.

Achievements – Challenges and milestones that reward coins and diamonds for completing gameplay objectives.

Daily Deals – Rotating store with discounts on weapons, upgrades, bundles, diamonds, and more. Refreshes daily.

The wealth of modes and meta-features gives players lots to do beyond the main campaign. Multiplayer, events, battle pass, squads, and achievements provide long-term engagement.

Sniper 3D MOD


Sniper 3D uses intuitive touchscreen controls optimized for mobile devices.

The main controls are:

  • Move: Left thumb on screen to move camera and character.
  • Aim: Right thumb on screen to aim down scope.
  • Shoot: Tap right thumb to fire shot.
  • Zoom: Two finger pinch/spread to adjust scope zoom.
  • Reload: Tap reload button on screen.
  • Switch Weapon: Tap weapon icon to toggle guns.

An optional gyroscope setting allows you to physically tilt your device to aim for more immersion.

Controls are responsive and handle well. Auto aim assist helps snap to targets but lining up precise headshots still requires skill.

Custom HUD options allow you to enable/disable and move buttons to your preferred layout. Controls work great on both smartphones and tablets.

While touchscreen controls have limitations compared to a mouse, Sniper 3D makes the best possible use of the mobile platform.

Sniper 3D MOD


Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games executes well on the core fantasy of being an assassin sniper. Lining up kill shots with the tap of a finger feels intuitive and satisfying.

The wealth of content and modes gives players plenty to do across the hundreds of missions. Progression feels rewarding in the early game but slows down later on.

While the monetization is aggressive with ads and pushes to spend real money, the game still succeeds in delivering a polished sniper experience on mobile for free.

For fans of first-person shooters looking for sniper action on the go, Sniper 3D is one of the better options on mobile. The gameplay depth and production values exceed many mobile shooters.

If you can overlook the aggressive monetization schemes, Sniper 3D is a great game to pick up and play when you have a few minutes to spare. Steadily landing lethal headshots from afar is intensely gratifying.

Overall, Sniper 3D accomplishes its core goal of letting you feel like a badass assassin sniper on your phone or tablet. For a mobile FPS experience that captures the thrill of sniping with intuitive controls, Sniper 3D is on target.

  • - Bug Fixes - Stability improvements
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