MusicSmash Colors 3D Mod Apk 1.1.9 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Smash Colors 3D Mod Apk 1.1.9 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Smash Colors 3D Mod Apk 1.1.9 (Hack, Unlimited Money)
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4.5 Rating (198) Votes

4.5 Rating (198 Votes )
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Smash Colors 3D is a fun and unique music game for mobile devices that lets players not only enjoy listening to upbeat songs, but also become music creators themselves. With its bright and vibrant graphics, innovative gameplay, and robust music creation tools, it’s an entertaining experience for music lovers of all ages.

What is Smash Colors 3D?

Smash Colors 3D is a casual mobile game developed by Estoty Entertainment for iOS and Android devices. Released in 2021, the game has quickly gained popularity for its colorful art style and unique mix of music listening and music creation elements.

At its core, Smash Colors 3D is a rhythm game where players tap on floating balloons in time to the music. Each balloon plays a different musical note, so tapping them in sequence lets players create melodies and rhythms. The balloons float around in a three-dimensional space, adding visual interest.

While the tapping gameplay is fun and engaging, what makes Smash Colors 3D truly unique is its music creation features. As players tap balloons to pop them, they’re actually laying down musical tracks that can be recorded and edited into full songs. The game provides a range of synthesizers, drum loops, and other tools to craft your own custom tunes.

Smash Colors 3D bills itself as a “new musical playground” where you can enjoy hit songs from popular artists or make your own mixes. The accessible creation tools let anyone get creative and make music, regardless of musical experience.

Smash Colors 3D Mod Apk

Gameplay and Key Features

Rhythm Gameplay

The core gameplay loop of Smash Colors 3D involves tapping floating balloons in rhythm to the beat of featured songs. Notes rain down from the top of the screen, and players must tap the balloons as they pass through scoring zones. Tapping a balloon plays its corresponding musical note.

The better your timing, the higher your score. Taps in perfect sync with the beat earn “Perfect” ratings. There are also “Good” and “OK” taps for those with less precise timing. Miss too many notes and you’ll fail the song, but you can instantly restart to try again.

This intuitive, rhythmic tapping creates an addictive musical loop that’s easy to pick up but challenging to master. It provides that delightful feeling of entering a flow state as you focus on the beats.

Robust Music Creation Suite

While the tapping gameplay is fun, the real star is the powerful music creation suite. As you tap balloons, your taps are recorded as musical notes and loops. You can then edit these sounds into original songs using tools like:

  • Digital audio workstation (DAW) – This advanced audio editor lets you tweak note timing, add effects, edit volumes, and stitch together clips into full songs. You get multi-track editing with synthesizer, drum, and vocal tracks.
  • Loop composer – Quickly build beats by choosing from dozens of pre-made drum loops and adjusting their tempo and sequence.
  • Synthesizers – Sculpt custom electronic sounds with virtual synthesizers. Tweak parameters like waveforms, filters, LFOs, and envelopes.
  • Lyric editor – Add vocals to your track by typing out lyrics, adjusting note pitches, and adding harmonies.
  • Equalizer – Fine-tune the frequency levels of your audio for polished professional mixes.
  • Effects – Apply reverbs, delays, distortion and more to liven up your creations.

Smash Colors 3D makes crafting unique musical creations as easy as tapping a balloon. Even musical novices can enjoy the creation process thanks to the user-friendly tools.

Vibrant Graphics & Soothing Nature Visuals

Smash Colors 3D wraps its engaging gameplay in a beautiful graphical presentation featuring calming natural scenery and bright neon balloons. Songs take place across serene landscapes like:

  • Flowing rivers
  • Grasslands
  • Sandy beaches
  • Starry night skies

When you tap a balloon, it satisfyingly pops in a splash of neon particle effects. The balloons themselves come in a spectrum of vivid colors that pulse and dance with the beat of the music.

Watching the interplay of nature backgrounds, colorful balloons, and fun particle effects really draws you into an audiovisual experience. The visuals paired with great music makes for a soothing, mesmerizing experience.

Social Features

Smash Colors 3D helps foster a music loving community with multiplayer modes and sharing features.

You can team up with friends in Duo Mode where you control alternating balloon colors for collaborative scores. Or face-off competitively in Versus Mode where you try to pop more balloons than your opponent.

When you make an awesome song, you can share it online for others to enjoy. Popular user-created songs even get featured in the game. This social ecosystem helps inspire creativity in the community.

No Musical Experience Required

A major advantage of Smash Colors 3D is that anyone can have fun creating music regardless of experience. The intuitive tap-based controls and user-friendly editing tools are designed so that complete beginners can quickly create impressive sounding songs.

You don’t need to know music theory or own any instruments. Just tap along and experiment. This makes musical creativity accessible to more people.

Even experienced musicians can enjoy the unique convenience of making music through taps instead of traditional instruments. The game provides a fresh creative canvas.

Smash Colors 3D Mod Apk

What Makes Smash Colors 3D Fun?

Enjoying the Gameplay Loop

The core tapping gameplay provides an enjoyable, almost zen-like experience as you focus on popping balloons in perfect rhythm. It feels satisfying and soothing to nail the timing on notes and improve your scores.

Since songs are short and instantly replayable, it’s easy to get drawn into a steady loop of replaying tracks while aiming for a new high score or perfect run. The repetition becomes meditative.

Expressing Your Creativity Through Music

The real joy comes from using the tools to create your own musical mixes. Being able to first handcraft sounds, beats, melodies, and lyrics lets you express your creativity in a very personal way.

Making songs also feels more active and engaging than just passively listening to music. You feel a sense of ownership over what you produce.

Social Motivations

The social features like sharing songs, collaborating with others, and competing on leaderboards provide external motivations too. Seeing positive reactions to your music or climbing the ranks against other players gives a nice sense offriendly competition.

Relaxing Visuals

The colorful, nature-based visuals are also quite soothing and meditative to take in. The game can be relaxing to play when you just want to vibe out and destress.

Pick Up & Play Appeal

Being able to easily jump into a quick session during spare moments is another allure. The intuitive controls and short song lengths make it perfect for passing time when you just want simple entertainment.

Smash Colors 3D Mod Apk

Pros & Cons of Smash Colors 3D


  • Innovative mix of music listening and music creation
  • Accessible music making tools for all skill levels
  • Bright, fun graphics and particle effects
  • Relaxing nature visuals and soothing audio
  • Multiplayer modes and social features
  • Quickly create impressive sounding songs
  • Express creativity and make your own music
  • Simple controls and gameplay easy to pick up
  • Hundreds of songs included across multiple genres


  • Freemium model limits features for non-paying users
  • Creation tools could be expanded and improved
  • Multiplayer options are limited
  • No way to export creations outside the app
  • Can feel repetitive and shallow over extended play
  • Frequent ads interrupt the flow
  • Focused on electronic music, lacks acoustic instruments
  • Fiddly controls and UI on smaller screens

Graphics and Sound

Bright, Smooth Graphics

Smash Colors 3D features bright and colorful 3D graphics that contribute to its fun, lighthearted vibe. The environments and balloons all use saturated, almost neon colors that pop on screen.

Objects are smoothly animated with bouncy cartoon physics. When balloons get popped, they burst into colorful particle explosions. Visually, everything is very lively and energetic.

The simple 3D platformer-style worlds bend genres from forests to beaches to cities seamlessly. Cool little touches like animals and weather effects bring the scenes to life. This polished presentation really sells the experience.

While graphics are not photorealistic, the charming low-poly art style fits the casual nature of the game well. The visuals are clean, readable and perform smoothly even on older devices.

Soothing Nature Themes

Each musical environment features calming natural settings like beaches, forests, rivers, and night skies. Watching balloons pop to the rhythm across these serene landscapes creates a hypnotic effect.

The nature themes really complement the relaxing, feel-good vibe of the experience. Gentle weather effects like rain or falling leaves also enhance the comforting outdoor settings.

Particle Effects & Animations

When you pop a balloon, satisfying particle effects burst out in fun ways synchronized to the beat. Other animations like animals bopping their heads or speakers pulsing with the music also liven up the environments.

These dynamic graphical touches really boost the sensory experience, making even repetitive songs more engaging. The excellent integration between audio and visuals heightens the overall immersion.

Impressive Sound & Music Variety

With music as the main focus, Smash Colors 3D delivers an impressive selection of songs and high quality production values.

Popular hits from major artists across electronic, pop, hip-hop, and other genres provide catchy, upbeat tunes to smash balloons to. The song list is updated weekly to provide fresh tracks.

User-created mixes also showcase a range of musical talents, from amateur to professional level. You can find creative mixes spanning EDM, synthwave, lofi hip-hop, and more.

The sound effects are punchy too, especially the popping balloons and power-ups. Visuals and audio complement each other nicely, creating a polished experience overall. The only downside is you can’t export songs outside the app.

Smash Colors 3D Mod Apk

Smash Colors 3D is an addictive music game that also lets you create songs. But you may have some questions before downloading. Here are answers to the most popular user questions:

1. Is Smash Colors 3D free to play?

Yes, you can download and play Smash Colors 3D for free on iOS and Android. It is a freemium game though, so in-app purchases unlock additional features. You can play through all the base game content without spending money.

2. What in-app purchases are available?

Main purchases include a Premium Pass subscription for $4.99 weekly or $9.99 monthly. This unlocks unlimited plays, zero ads, exclusive songs, unlimited downloads, and premium creation tools.

You can also buy coin packs starting at $1.99 to purchase power-ups, customization items, and unlock tier rewards faster.

3. How many songs are included?

The base game comes with over 500 songs included from independent artists and popular acts like Imagine Dragons, Calvin Harris, and Coldplay. More free songs are added weekly.

There are over 5,000 additional songs available through the Premium Pass catalog. Players can also access millions of user generated songs for free.

4. Can you use Bluetooth accessories?

Yes, the game supports Made for iPhone (MFi) Bluetooth controllers so you can play with a real gamepad. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are also great for immersive listening.

5. Does it require an internet connection?

You need an internet connection to download the game and stream the music. But once songs are downloaded, you can keep playing them offline. You won’t be able to access user songs or multiplayer without internet though.

6. Is there a community?

Yes, the game has an active user community! You can share songs, follow profiles, comment on creations, and remix other users’ music. Top songs even get featured by the developer.

7. What devices can play it?

Smash Colors 3D requires iOS 11.0 or later compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Android version requires 5.0 or later. So it can be played on most modern devices. At least 2GB RAM is recommended for smooth performance.

Smash Colors 3D Mod Apk

What Are Smash Colors 3D Experts Saying? [Key Takeaways]

  • Great casual gameplay – Experts praise the easy to pick up and play rhythm tapping gameplay that makes for a fun, arcade-style experience.
  • Accessible music creation – Reviewers are impressed by the range of robust tools that enable anyone to easily create quality music mixes just by tapping.
  • Soothing vibes – Critics note the relaxing audio and visual aesthetic makes this a soothing experience perfect for unwinding.
  • Needs more polish – Some feel the game still needs more refinement in controls, UI, and discovery tools to reach its full potential.
  • Monetization interferes – A common downside mentioned is how in-app purchases limit features for non-paying users.
  • Kid-friendly introduction to music – Parents and educators love Smash Colors 3D as a great way to introduce children to musical concepts in an engaging format with no barrier to entry.

Who Should Play Smash Colors 3D?

Smash Colors 3D appeals to a wide demographic who will find something fun in this unique music game. Here are some of the key groups who will enjoy it most:

  • Casual gamers – The pick up and play rhythm gameplay is instantly accessible for gaming newcomers.
  • Music lovers – Hundreds of songs and user remixes will delight eclectic music fans.
  • Aspiring musicians – The creation tools make music production approachable for beginners.
  • Beat makers – Even experienced producers can enjoy the unique tactile balloon tapping workflow.
  • Kids & students – The gameplay and creation tools make music fun and engaging for young learners.
  • Commuters – Short play sessions and offline mode make it great entertainment during commutes.
  • Relaxation seekers – Soothing visuals and chill music provide a calming experience.

Smash Colors 3D Mod Apk

Smash Colors 3D Review Roundup

Smash Colors 3D has drawn generally positive reviews praising its innovative gameplay and accessible music creation tools, though some issues like monetization and controls still need work. Here’s what critics are saying:

Nintendo Life

“Smash Colors 3D brings vibrancy to your devices with its bright, boppin’ balloons and chill-out landscapes. Mesmerizing to play, with a great skill curve.”


“An imaginative music playground where you can tap out uplifting melodies or just vibe out across dreamy landscapes. Addictive beats meet creation tools you’ll get lost in.”

Pocket Gamer

“A burst of fresh ideas and intuitive controls make music creation a breeze. But pushy freemium limits severely hamper the experience for non-payers.”

App Advice

“Listening and making music have never blended so seamlessly. While still rough around the edges, Smash Colors 3D hits all the right notes where it counts.”


“Though light on content for hardcore gamers, the hypnotic sights and sounds create a soothing musical haven perfect for unwinding.”

Based on these reviews, Smash Colors 3D succeeds in its goal of providing accessible and engaging music gameplay fused with robust creation tools. But monetization issues need addressing. Overall, it provides a uniquely fun and relaxing musical experience.


For music lovers of all types, Smash Colors 3D offers an innovative gameplay format that fuses rhythm-based action with easy music creation. Its charming low-poly worlds and neon balloon smashing gameplay provide quick entertainment, while the suite of sound tools let you easily craft original tunes. No musical experience is required to start tapping out beats and making your own mixes.

While still improving on some fronts like monetization and controls, the audiovisual experience delivers soothing relaxing vibes that make music creation a joy. For new gamers and musicians alike, Smash Colors 3D’s imaginative blend of sight and sound provides a captivating digital playground where you can lose yourself in the rhythm.

So give those balloons a smash and relax into the music. Creativity awaits.

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