AdventureScary Mansion MOD APK 1.113 (God Mode, Dumb Enemy)

Scary Mansion MOD APK 1.113 (God Mode, Dumb Enemy)

Scary Mansion MOD APK 1.113 (God Mode, Dumb Enemy)
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5.5 Rating (424) Votes

5.5 Rating (424 Votes )
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Scary Mansion MOD APK 1.113 (God Mode, Dumb Enemy)

Scary Mansion: Horror Game 3D is a mobile survival horror game developed and published by Cheely Apps. Released in 2020, the game has garnered over 20 million downloads and a 4 star rating on the Google Play Store. This review will provide a comprehensive look at the gameplay, story, graphics, sound design, and overall quality of Scary Mansion.

Scary Mansion MOD APK


Scary Mansion is a first person survival horror game set inside a creepy mansion. The main gameplay involves exploring the mansion, solving puzzles, finding keys, evading traps, and hiding from a dangerous killer named Dr. Jason Crow. The story follows a hapless postman named Freddy who has become the next victim of Dr. Crow. The player takes on the role of Freddy and must guide him through the mansion, solving puzzles and avoiding the killer in order to escape. Key features of the game include:

  • Survival horror gameplay with stealth and hide-and-seek elements
  • Challenging puzzles and traps
  • Eerie atmosphere and classic horror components
  • High quality 3D visuals and animations
  • Gripping narrative centered around escaping a serial killer

Scary Mansion MOD APK


The core gameplay loop involves cautiously exploring each room and floor of the mansion, finding clues, keys, and tools that allow access to new areas. Solving puzzles and disarming traps is required to progress. All the while, the player must sneak around and hide from the merciless Dr. Crow. Getting caught by Dr. Crow results in instant death, so stealth and evasion are crucial. The player must use observation skills to study Dr. Crow’s patrol patterns and sneak by him undetected. Hiding in lockers and cabinets is important for avoiding detection. Puzzles range from finding hidden objects, to decoding clues, to manipulating mechanisms. Solving puzzles requires paying close attention to details in the environment and making logical deductions. Inventory management is key, as certain items are needed to unlock access to new rooms and areas. Traps like tripwires, falling ceilings, and triggered spikes can instantly kill Freddy. These require careful observation and quick reflexes to disarm. Trap disarming adds tense action sequences to the slower-paced exploration. As the player delves deeper into the mansion, the puzzles, traps, and Dr. Crow’s AI become more sophisticated, keeping tension high even after mastering the basics. There’s a true sense of escalation as the game ramps up in difficulty. Overall, the gameplay provides an engaging mix of stealth, exploration, puzzle solving, resource management, and evasive action. There’s a satisfying gameplay loop of using found items to gain access to new areas with their own unique challenges.

Scary Mansion MOD APK

Story & Setting

The story is conveyed through journal pages and notes found throughout the mansion. These provide backstory about Dr. Crow and his victims. It’s gradually revealed that Dr. Crow was once a renowned surgeon who went mad after a personal tragedy. His mansion used to be a sanatorium that he has turned into a torture chamber for his victims. Freddy’s own tragic story unfolds through additional notes that chronicle his abduction and the gruesome torture he has endured inside the mansion. It becomes clear the player is experiencing Freddy’s last chance at escape before meeting his inevitable demise. The mansion itself has a wonderfully creepy atmosphere. It features a variety of rooms ranging from opulent ballrooms and libraries to grimy surgical theaters and blood-soaked cells. Exploring the mansion provides equal parts beauty and horror. The visual storytelling excels at conveying the mansion’s long history of housing both luxury and unspeakable suffering. Hidden rooms and secret passages help build a sense of mystery and foreboding. Audiologs and ghostly figures add haunting backstory. While fairly straightforward, the narrative adds motivation and context to the gameplay. Learning Dr. Crow and Freddy’s stories provides reasons to keep pushing forward and see what horrors await in the next room.

Scary Mansion MOD APK

Graphics & Visuals

Scary Mansion utilizes high quality 3D graphics and detailed visual effects to bring its creepy mansion to life. The environments are impressive in their level of detail, from the lavish decor in the mansion’s grand rooms, to the blood-stained tools in the sanatorium. Subtle visual touches like dust particles in the air, rays of light streaming through holes, and spider webs in the corners help sell the spooky atmosphere. The mansion feels aged and alive. The character models, especially Dr. Crow himself, are highlights of the visual design. Dr. Crow’s menacing stature and unsettling animations make him a terrifying pursuer. His visual design channels classic horror villains. Smooth lighting effects help set mood and tension. Shadows dance realistically and flashlights pierce thick darkness. Lighting is used smartly to guide the player’s eyes while obscuring dangers. The high quality graphics and effects help the player feel truly immersed in the creepy setting. The environments have a tangible sense of place that makes exploration engaging. Overall, the visuals are impressive for a mobile title and on par with early PlayStation 3 era graphics.

Scary Mansion MOD APK

Audio Design

The audio design is stellar, featuring an eerie soundtrack and unnerving sound effects that complement the horror atmosphere. The subtle ambient noises like creaking wood, howling wind, and distant screams are especially effective at building tension. Dr. Crow’s footsteps and heavy breathing ratchet up the dread when he draws near. His movements can be tracked through audio cues, making the stealth gameplay more immersive. Musical stings and sound effects punctuate jump scares perfectly. Sounds react convincingly to player actions like crunching glass underfoot or metallic clanks when bumping objects. High quality audio makes the environments feel alive. Coupled with the visuals, the thoughtful sound design creates a believable and terrifying world to explore. The ambient sounds and chilling music greatly enhance the horror experience.

Overall Impressions

Scary Mansion: Horror Game 3D executes the core survival horror experience remarkably well. The cat and mouse gameplay provides tense and thrilling moments in an immersive, frightening setting. While light on story, the backstory provided creates motivation and context for the gameplay. The mansion itself is the real star, featuring stunning graphics and sound that result in a horrifying atmosphere. The gameplay loop of stealth, exploration, puzzle solving, and evasion is polished and keeps the tension high even after several hours of play. While the horror experience is fairly linear, the excellent presentation and gameplay encourage replayability. Fans of the horror genre should find everything they want in Scary Mansion. For a mobile title, the production values are top-notch, rivaling early PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 horror titles. This is a must-play for horror fans looking for chills on the go. Overall Score: 8/10 Scary Mansion: Horror Game 3D delivers a compelling horror experience with excellent atmosphere, engaging gameplay, and high production values. Its classic survival horror formula is executed masterfully. Players looking for tense cat and mouse gameplay inside a terrifying mansion should look no further. This is one of the best horror games available on mobile devices.

Scary Mansion MOD APK


  • Immersive horror atmosphere
  • Polished stealth and evasion gameplay
  • Creative puzzles and trap mechanics
  • High quality visuals and audio
  • Engaging progression and escalation


  • Story is a bit light
  • Controls can be finicky at times
  • Puzzles sometimes repeat similar mechanics
  • Can feel repetitive after extended play sessions


For horror fans, Scary Mansion: Horror Game 3D is easy to recommend based on its tense atmosphere, high quality presentation, and engaging core gameplay loop. It executes the survival horror formula remarkably well and provides plenty of frightening moments as players explore the macabre mansion and try to outwit its crazed owner. Some minor control issues and repetitive puzzles don’t significantly detract from the overall experience. Scary Mansion remains one of the premier horror experiences available on mobile platforms today. Players looking for immersive scares on the go need look no further than this excellent horror title.

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