CasualRestaurant Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Restaurant Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Restaurant Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)
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5.5 Rating (861) Votes

5.5 Rating (861 Votes )
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Restaurant Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Restaurant Story is a popular free-to-play restaurant simulation game developed by Storm8 for iOS and Android devices. First released in 2010, Restaurant Story allows players to design, decorate, and manage their own virtual restaurant. With cute graphics and addictive gameplay, Restaurant Story became an instant hit for casual gamers. This comprehensive review will cover all aspects of the game including decorating, cooking, managing, social features, progression, monetization, and more.

Gameplay Overview

The core gameplay loop of Restaurant Story involves:

  • Decorating and expanding your restaurant
  • Cooking and serving food to customers
  • Earning coins to upgrade your restaurant
  • Gaining XP to level up and unlock new items

The goal is to create your dream restaurant, keep customers satisfied, and continuously grow your business empire.

Decorating and Expanding

  • Players start with an empty restaurant and basic kitchen equipment
  • Hundreds of decor items can be purchased including tables, chairs, floors, walls, kitchen appliances, and ambient decorations like plants, aquariums, pianos etc.
  • The restaurant can be expanded to add more table space as you level up
  • Decorating is one of the most creative aspects of the game

Cooking and Serving

  • Players select recipes, add ingredients, cook, finish, and serve dishes
  • Customers enter, sit down, order food, eat, pay, and leave
  • Need to balance cooking speed and number of servings to meet demand
  • More recipes are unlocked by leveling up


  • Earn coins from serving customers to upgrade restaurant
  • Gain XP and level up to unlock new items and abilities
  • Prestige system lets you reset and redesign restaurant while keeping bonuses
  • Catering events provide big coin and XP rewards

Restaurant Story MOD APK

Decorating Your Restaurant

Decorating your restaurant is one of the most enjoyable parts of Restaurant Story. You start with an empty space and can fully customize the layout and style.

Floor Plans and Expansion

  • Restaurant begins as a single room
  • Can expand to add more floors and rooms as you level up
  • Flexible floor plans – dining room, kitchen, bathroom, lounge area etc.

Tables and Chairs

  • Many colorful table and chair sets to choose from
  • Arrange tables freely or use blueprints for optimized layouts
  • Circle booths, long banquet tables, small 2-person tables etc.

Kitchen Appliances

  • Purchase stoves, grills, fryers, drink machines, and other appliances
  • More cooking stations increases food output

Walls and Floors

  • Tile floors, wood floors, carpets, and more
  • Painted, wallpapered, brick, or stone walls
  • Windows, doors, half-walls, partitions etc.

Ambient Decorations

  • Jukeboxes, bubble fountains, aquariums, statues, plants, clocks
  • Pianos, pool tables, TVs, and other themed decor
  • Holiday and special event decorations

With thousands of items to choose from, you have the flexibility to create any style restaurant you can imagine. You can make a cozy cafe, a family diner, a romantic bistro, or a 5-star luxury establishment. The decorating possibilities are nearly endless.

Restaurant Story MOD APK

Cooking in Restaurant Story

Cooking and serving food is at the heart of Restaurant Story gameplay. Here is an overview of how the cooking system works:


  • Start with a basic menu of cheap recipes like sandwiches
  • Unlock more expensive and complex recipes as you level up
  • Recipes have prep time, cook time, servings produced, sale price, and XP value


  • Each recipe requires certain ingredients like bread, cheese, tomatoes etc.
  • Ingredients are stocked automatically over time
  • Can buy more ingredients instantly using coins if needed

Cooking Process

To cook a recipe:

  1. Select recipe
  2. Tap each ingredient to add it
  3. Tap recipe again when prep complete to start cooking
  4. Tap once more when timer ends to finish and serve

Serving Customers

  • Completed dishes appear on serving counters for customers
  • Customers enter, take a seat, order food, eat, pay bill, and leave
  • Earn coins equal to the sale price of each serving

Matching cooking speed to customer demand is an important skill. Letting food spoil or running out leads to lost profits. With practice, you can intuit how much to cook of each recipe.

Managing and Upgrading

While decorating and cooking are the fun parts, you also need to manage your restaurant effectively:


  • Hire cooks, waiters, hosts, and janitors to help run your restaurant
  • Staff grant bonuses like faster service, more tips, or reduced costs
  • Balance wages against increased earnings from bonuses


  • Purchase floor upgrades to expand restaurant
  • Buy table upgrades to increase customer capacity
  • Install kitchen upgrades to cook faster and add new recipes

Catering Events

  • Periodic events provide big coin and XP rewards
  • Must cook specific recipes within a time limit
  • Creative way to earn major upgrades faster

Keeping Customers Happy

  • Customers get angry if food runs out or they can’t find a seat
  • Angry customers leave bad reviews decreasing future customers
  • Balance seating space, staff, and food output to maximize satisfaction


  • Reset restaurant to level 1 while keeping all recipes, upgrades, and bonuses
  • Lets you redesign restaurant from scratch once established
  • Shows your total lifetime customers, earnings, etc.

With good management you can grow your restaurant from a roadside stand into a booming franchise.

Restaurant Story MOD APK

Social Features

Restaurant Story incorporates social gameplay elements by allowing you to visit friends:

Visiting Friends

  • Search friends by username or Facebook account
  • Visit up to 10 friends per day
  • Send free food gifts to friends

Restaurant Tips

  • Friends can leave tips on your tables
  • Claim tips to get coins, gems, and XP
  • Higher level friends leave bigger tips


  • Compare your level, customers served, and earnings with friends
  • Leaderboards drive competition and engagement

Benefits of Visiting

  • Earn a customer bonus after visiting all friends
  • Chance of getting rare recipes, ingredients, or decorations
  • It pays to be social and connect with more players

Visiting friends provides both social enjoyment and gameplay benefits.


Restaurant Story uses typical free-to-play progression mechanics mixed with monetization elements:

Level Progression

  • Earn XP from serving food and completing events
  • Level up to unlock new recipes, ingredients, decor items, and upgrades
  • Reaching certain levels grants major expansions like more floors


  • Coins – Earned from customers. Used to buy upgrades.
  • Gems – Premium currency bought with real money. Used to speed up timers, finish events instantly, or purchase rare items.

Mod Feature

  • In-app Purchases – Unlocked
  • Video Ads – Ads Free
  • Time Gates – No Timers limit how fast you can progress without paying.

Restaurant Story finds a balance between rewarding free gameplay while encouraging monetization from invested players. The core restaurant simulation gameplay remains fun and satisfying for free players.

Review Summary

Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons of Restaurant Story based on this review:


  • Addictive restaurant simulation gameplay
  • Tons of decorating options for creativity
  • Fun cooking system with hundreds of recipes
  • Good progression and prestige system
  • Social features like visiting friends
  • Cute graphics and animations


  • Aggressive and time gates
  • Repetitive music and sound effects
  • Not much variety in core gameplay
  • Could use more customization options
  • Minor bugs and stability issues

Overall, Restaurant Story executes the restaurant simulation formula very well. Fans of games like Diner Dash and Cooking Mama will find it familiar but still enjoy the decorating creativity and dopamine hits of progression. Just be prepared for the aggressive monetization strategies typical of free mobile games.


Restaurant Story deserves its popularity among casual simulation fans. It nails the basic gameplay loop and gives players enough freedom to inject their own creativity. The monetization could be dialed back slightly, but overall Restaurant Story delivers a delicious free restaurant management experience on mobile.

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