ActionRASPBERRY MASH MOD APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Diamonds, Souls)

RASPBERRY MASH MOD APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Diamonds, Souls)

RASPBERRY MASH MOD APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Diamonds, Souls)
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3.5 Rating (552) Votes

3.5 Rating (552 Votes )
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RASPBERRY MASH MOD APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Diamonds, Souls)

MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds, Souls
Category Mod Apk
Size 124 MB
Version 1.5.7
Requires Android 5.0
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Gameplay Overview

RASPBERRY MASH Mod Apk is an action game, where players carry out a revenge mission through intense battles. Using powerful weapons and superhuman moves to defeat enemies, this game takes you into a world of feuds and great strength. With explicit graphics featuring incredible characters full of life as you battle them off with your own wrathful powers, Raspberry Mash gives you unlimited freedom in your fight for justice. Experience an unpredictable sequence of events filled with chaos in both singleplayer and modes offering up to four players at a time! Fight hard against angry opponents from around the world in unique levels created using realistic physics effects that stand out like no other thrilling experience before it!


Play With Fun this game?

For an extraordinary and satisfying experience for gamers, Raspberry Mash is the perfect choice. Fight your enemies fearlessly with fascinating weapons and superhuman abilities as you take them on in thrilling battles! Experience unpredictable events set in awesome levels that feature realistic physics effects to enjoy a truly unrivalled action game. Compete against hostile players from around the world alone or join up to four friends at a time and enter into intense duels together. With vivid graphics of characters full of life combined with great background music, this game ensures every second spent playing feels like pure entertainment!

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Is it a multiplayer game?

RASPBERRY MASH is an action game that can be played both solo and in multiplayer mode. With exciting battles featuring powerful weapons and superhuman moves, the single player experience ensures you won‘t lose interest. Multiplayer can support up to four players at a time who have access to unique levels with realistic physics effects that not only look great but provide for an unpredictable gaming experience! As you take on other hostile players from around the world, Raspberry Mash is sure to provide hours of entertainment as you battle them off for revenge or simply just fun!



Combat System

The game features an intuitive combat system in which players can make use of a variety of powerful weapons and superhuman moves to fight off their enemies. Perform various combination attacks that are designed for maximum destruction and savagery or attack with brute force through frenetic buttonmashing if youre feeling creative!

Lasting Appeal

With hours of gameplay due to unique levels featuring realistic physics effects, theres plenty to enjoy as each level provides unpredictable events such as sudden tsunamis or earthquakes as well intense battles against angry opponents from around the world.

Exploitive Graphics

Vivid graphics accompanied by amazing sounds will immerse players into this dark yet beautiful world full of life even when fighting off enemies; making your experience truly unique compared with other action games out there!

Multiplayer Action

Players can go up against four others in thrilling matchups whether it be cooperative modes like team deathmatch enough competitors seeking solo glory fought one another In either scenario ,engaging fights are sure to take place throughout these unique levels where disasters may suddenly occur at any given time boosting the tension further more .

Dynamic Environment

Raspberry Mash also offers exciting dynamic environments that offer disaster effects such as floods, storms and earthquakes creating fresh varieties for every battle helping lift immersive experiences when facing beyond hostile opposition .

Personalized Load outs

Assemble personalised loadouts consisting from your favourite weapons across both ancient ages right up until today giving yourself multiple options on how best tackle missions with a specific advantage being tailored specifically towards you .

Gear Upgrades

Unlock Powerful Skills For Players Be rewarded additional content once milestones have been achieved allowing progression points used unlock new skills directly affecting your character making them more powerful than ever.


Mod Key Feature

Unlimited Diamonds

Unlock an infinite amount of diamonds in Raspberry Mash to use for upgrading weapons or unlocking new powerful moves!

Infinite Souls

Obtain thousands of souls to increase your battle capabilities and progress further through the game!

Powerful Gear Upgrades

Utilise points gained from victories and missions completed to acquire more powerful gear upgrades that will make you unstoppable against enemy players online!

Unlock New Skills

Gain access special skills that can aid you in any way shape or form, telling up particular achievements such as longer health bars among other benefits allowing perform even better battles .


Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Download the Mod Apk on your mobile device and tap to install.

2. Once installation is completed, launch the game and start playing!

3. You will now have access to unlimited diamonds, souls, powerful gear upgrades and new abilities that can help you in your adventure through Raspberry Mash!


Game Tips

1. Make Use of Combos: Variable directional attacks using the Dpad and specific button combinations helps you unleash more powerful combo moves on enemies, making each fight that much easier!

2. Upgrade Your Weapons: Upgrading your weaponry will give you an advantage in battles against tougher opponents as it increases damage output and can even reduce cooldown times for special moves used during fights!

3. Watch Out For Surprise Attacks :Enemies can be quite clever when trying to take you out; watch out for surprise attacks from them that could cost you a lot in health points once they start unloading their weapons at full power directly at your location.

4 Utilize Dodging When Necessary: With intense battles happening all around, sometimes the best choice is to simply move away or dodge heavy fire coming straight towards yourself by pressing up/down/left/right on the arrow keys .

5 Equip Yourself Properly :Be sure equip yourself properly every before mission .The right setup ,gear and characters chosen with proper timing will be key during intense situations where chaos may come an unforeseen moments allowing survive longer than expected !

Graphics and Sound Quality


Raspberry Mash‘s explicit graphics feature incredibly detailed characters that give the game its unique visual charm and lifelike vibrancy as you travel through this world of revenge, feuds and great strength. The realistic physics effects for the levels and enemies create an atmosphere filled with breathtaking views full of intense battles with each events heavily affecting your mission!


Expect great background music to start up once gear up for a fight; powerful sounds giving players more confidence while in combat range combined with sound effects produced when particular moves used also add volume intensity to make every moment feel rewarding.


RASPBERRY MASH is an awesome action game providing players with unlimited freedom as they seek revenge on those that have wronged them in the past. Additionally, experienced gamers can expect to compete against other hostile players from around the world! With explicit graphics and great background music/sound effects combined with powerful weapons and superhuman moves, Raspberry Mash ensures each moment spent playing will be filled with no dull moments! Its unique levels also feature realistic physics effects creating unpredictable events throughout the mission such scenarios add to intensity when completing a successful objective or attempting fight off someone else trying complete theirs whilst warding off sudden terrors from disasters suddenly occurring. So if you are looking for an interactive revenge experience filled carnage this could exactly something up your alley !

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1. Is RASPBERRY MASH a multiplayer game?

Yes, Raspberry Mash is an action game that can be played alone and with up to four players simultaneously in thrilling matchups. Compete against others from around the world as you battle off for glory in unique levels set by realistic physics effects!

Q2. What kind of weapons are there available in this game?

This game includes multiple powerful weapons to use for your battles such as swords, staffs and even bows accompanied superhuman abilities found throughout the mission ranging unique functions altogether .

Q3 Can I customize my character‘s loadout specifically starring me ?

Absolutely ,with points rewarded from each fight you partaken progress further onwards accessing personalised equipments enables install specific advantages which increase performance dramatically fitting whatever specific needs have perfectly .

Q4 What kinds of disasters features in the game?

Raspberry Mash offers dynamic environments where you can experience multiple thrilling effects such as floods, storms and earthquakes. These disasters often catch players off guard creating a tense atmosphere between battles making each fight that much more unpredictable!

Q5 Does this game have a single player option?

Yes, Raspberry Mash provides an enjoyable singleplayer story mode with difficult settings rose up to truly test you on certain tasks completing survival and even attack waves unlocking additional content process .

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