SimulationProducer: Choose your Star Mod Apk 2.57 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Tokens, Spins)

Producer: Choose your Star Mod Apk 2.57 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Tokens, Spins)

Producer: Choose your Star Mod Apk 2.57 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Tokens, Spins)
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4.5 Rating (639) Votes

4.5 Rating (639 Votes )
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Producer: Choose your Star Mod Apk 2.57 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Tokens, Spins)

Producer: Choose your Star Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Tokens, Spins
Category Mod Apk
Size 161 MB
Version 2.57
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Producer: Choose Your Star Mod Apk – Become a Celebrity Manager


Producer: Choose Your Star is a popular simulation game for Android devices. In the game, you take on the role of a celebrity manager and guide aspiring stars to stardom. The original game has some limitations, but the modded version called Producer: Choose Your Star Mod Apk unlocks unlimited money and removes ads so you can fully enjoy the experience.

In this detailed article, we will cover everything you need to know about the Producer: Choose Your Star mod apk, including its key features, gameplay, tips and strategies, and reasons to download the mod over the original version.

Overview of Producer: Choose Your Star

Producer: Choose Your Star is developed and published by Apprope, a Korean mobile game company. The game first launched in 2018 and has become highly popular worldwide.

The basic gameplay involves managing every aspect of your chosen star’s career from training them, booking jobs, creating publicity stunts, and more. Your goal is to turn amateur talents into A-list celebrities by making the right choices.

The game features over 100 aspiring celebrities to choose from. Each star has a unique personality, talent, and background story. As their manager, you get to shape their image, schedule their jobs, and lead them down different career paths like singing, acting, modeling, and variety shows.

Part of the challenge is balancing their packed schedules, stress levels, income, and fame. You need strategic planning to juggle all these factors and turn them into superstars.

Here are some of the key features of Producer: Choose Your Star:

  • Over 100 unique aspiring celebrities to manage
  • Shape your star’s singing, acting, modeling & variety skills
  • Schedule training sessions, auditions, concerts, photo shoots & variety show gigs
  • Make publicity stunts & strategic career choices for your talent
  • Balance packed schedules, income, stress levels & fame
  • Unlock celebrity mansions & luxury items as you progress
  • Realistic management simulation experience
  • Play mini-games during training sessions
  • Professional Korean voice acting and cutscenes

Producer Choose Your Star Mod Apk

Producer: Choose Your Star Mod Apk Features

The modded version of Producer: Choose Your Star gives you the following extra features:

  • Unlimited Money: You get unlimited cash to spend on training, luxury items, and anything you want for your star. This allows you to fully focus on decision-making rather than worrying about money.
  • No Ads: The original game has frequent ads after almost every action. The mod apk has all ads removed so you can enjoy smooth uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Everything Unlocked: Normally you need to progress through the game to unlock new celebrity homes, clothes, gifts etc. The mod unlocks everything right from the start.

These bonus features in the mod allow you to strategize better and make the most of the management simulator experience. You can become the ultimate celebrity maker without annoyances like lack of money or ads.

Producer Choose Your Star Mod Apk

Gameplay Walkthrough of Producer: Choose Your Star

Here is a quick gameplay walkthrough highlighting the main aspects of being a celebrity manager in Producer: Choose Your Star:

1. Select Your Aspiring Celebrity

  • When you first launch the game, you can swipe through the profiles of over 100 amateur talents.
  • Review their background, personality traits, skills, and more.
  • Select the one you want to manage based on your playstyle.

2. Schedule Your First Gigs

  • Start booking basic modeling, singing, and acting jobs for your talent.
  • Balance their schedule so they don’t get overworked.
  • Completing gigs will earn money and fame.

3. Take Your Star for Training

  • Use your earnings to pay for training sessions.
  • Play mini-games during training to improve specific skills like dance, rap, acting etc.
  • Higher training levels will unlock better job opportunities.

4. Purchase Homes and Luxury Items

  • As your star gets more popular, you can unlock mansions and luxury items like sports cars, yachts, etc.
  • These provide lifestyle buffs that boost skills, reduce stress, and more.

5. Strategize Publicity Stunts

  • Plan one-time publicity stunts like fake dating, leaks, and controversies.
  • Time these during career lulls or right before big gigs for maximum impact.
  • Stunts can greatly boost your star’s fame but may also backfire.

6. Balance Your Star’s Schedule

  • Don’t overwork your star with back-to-back gigs or their stress will lead to poor performance.
  • Schedule sufficient rest periods and part-time jobs during busy phases.
  • Keep checking on their happiness, health, stress, and income levels.

7. Unlock Late-Game Content

  • In the late game, you will deal with crazed fans, paparazzi chases, lawsuits, and other challenges.
  • Unlock S-level job opportunities, celebrity collaborations, world tours, and more for established stars.
  • Become the ultimate celebrity maker and guide your star to Hall of Fame status!

That covers the core gameplay flow. Now let’s dive deeper into tips and strategies to master Producer: Choose Your Star.

Producer Choose Your Star Mod Apk

Producer: Choose Your Star Tips and Strategies

Managing your rising celebrity in Producer: Choose Your Star requires strategic planning. Here are some useful tips to succeed as an elite celebrity maker:

Pick Celebrities Suited to Your Playstyle

  • Each aspiring star has varied stat distributions focusing on either singing, acting, modeling, or variety skills.
  • Pick ones matching your preferred career path rather than blindly following tier lists.

Balance Schedules to Avoid Overwork

  • Schedule 1-2 days off after every 2-3 gigs to allow your star to destress.
  • Avoid packing their schedule with too many jobs at once even if it means slower fame progress.

Train Skills Suited to Upcoming Gigs

  • Check what jobs you’ve booked next for your star and train skills specific to that.
  • For example, take extra dance training if they have a concert coming up.

Buy Luxury Items Strategically

  • Don’t blow all your money on expensive mansions and cars too early.
  • Wait for net worth milestones and buy homes when you need lifestyle buffs.

Use Publicity Stunts to Boost Fame

  • Use stunts like leaked photos and controversy before big gigs for extra hype.
  • Time them when your star has no jobs to avoid any cancellations.

Satisfy Your Star’s Needs

  • Keep an eye on their happiness, health, stress and hygiene levels.
  • Schedule spa trips, gifts, and praise to prevent them from having meltdowns.

Progress Slowly in Early Game

  • The early game is slow but don’t try to rush by overworking your star.
  • Be patient and gradually train skills and do basic gigs to build up.

Save Megastar Jobs for Late Game

  • Don’t immediately accept megastar collaborations and world tour offers early on.
  • Wait until your star has high skills and fame or these will likely fail or get cancelled.

Enjoy the Process and Roleplaying Aspects

  • Have fun roleplaying as a manager through the celebrity-making journey.
  • Don’t stress too much about perfect play and tier lists. Enjoy the experience!

Applying these tips during key moments in the game will help you make the optimal decisions and groom your star into an A-lister celebrity.

Producer Choose Your Star Mod Apk

Reasons to Download Producer: Choose Your Star Mod Apk

Here are some of the top reasons you should download the Producer: Choose Your Star mod apk instead of the basic version:

  • Unlimited Money: No need to worry about going broke and restricting your star’s progress. Spend freely on whatever is needed.
  • No Ads: The original game’s constant ads after every action really disrupt the experience. The mod eliminates them entirely.
  • Everything Unlocked: Get access to all clothes, homes, gifts etc. right from the start instead of waiting to unlock them.
  • More Enjoyable Gameplay: With unlimited money and no ads, you can focus entirely on celeb management rather than grindy aspects.
  • Customize Your Star Easily: Dress up your talent however you want from the get-go with everything already unlocked.
  • Roleplay Better: Roleplay as an elite manager more realistically when money is no constraint.
  • Smoother Progression: Progress your star’s career more smoothly without sudden roadblocks due to lack of funds.
  • Try Risky Strategies: Experiment with risky publicity stunts and strategies without worrying about going bankrupt.

So if you want to become the ultimate celebrity maker without limitations, download the Producer: Choose Your Star mod apk now and enjoy!

Producer Choose Your Star Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the Producer: Choose Your Star mod apk:

Is the modded apk safe to download?

Yes, it is completely safe to download and install. It is created by trusted modders and only unlocks what is already present in the original game. There are no viruses or malware.

Does it work on both Android and iOS?

The mod apk only works for Android devices as it has to directly modify the application package. iOS users cannot install modded apps due to system restrictions.

Do I need to root my phone?

No rooting required! The mod apk can simply be installed just like a normal apk. No special access is needed.

Will my game progress be affected?

Your current game progress will not be lost. The mod can be installed over your existing game seamlessly.

Can my account get banned for using the mod?

There have been no reports of accounts getting banned for using this mod. It is completely client-side so the developers cannot detect you are using it.

Does the mod need updating after game patches?

Yes, whenever the base game gets updated, you may need to download the latest version of the mod apk and install it again.

Is there unlimited energy also in the mod?

No, only money is unlimited. You will still need to recharge your star’s energy by making them rest, use items etc. The core gameplay remains unchanged.

Can I switch back to the normal version?

Yes, you can easily switch back by uninstalling the mod apk and reinstalling the original game from the Play Store. Your progress is synced online.

Producer Choose Your Star Mod Apk


Producer: Choose Your Star mod apk is the ultimate way to enjoy this highly addictive celeb management simulator. With unlimited money, no ads, and everything unlocked from the start, you can craft stellar careers for your aspiring stars without any limitations or grind.

Use the tips and strategies outlined in this article to train your celebrities’ skills, balance packed schedules, strategize publicity stunts, and satisfy their needs to become the ultimate starmaker.

Whether you want to chart an acting or music career path, turn rags to riches, or enjoy a leisurely low-stress management experience, the modified version offers the freedom to play exactly how you want.

So get ready to guide talents from obscurity to Hall of Fame with the Producer: Choose Your Star mod and experience this highly engaging mobile game to its fullest potential!

Key Takeaways

  • Producer: Choose Your Star is a popular Android simulation game where you manage an aspiring celebrity’s career.
  • The modded apk gives you unlimited money, removes ads, and unlocks everything.
  • Pick suitable celebrities, balance schedules, train skills strategically, use stunts, and satisfy needs.
  • Download the mod for unlimited money, no ads, faster unlocks, and smoother gameplay.
  • The mod apk is completely safe and does not require root access.
  • With unlimited resources, you can fully enjoy managing your star’s journey to stardom.

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