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ProCCD - Retro Digital Camera
App Name ProCCD - Retro Digital Camera
Latest Version v.2.4.6
Last Updated
Publisher cerdillac
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Photography Photography
Size 90 MB
Mods Pro Unlocked
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4.5 Rating (879) Votes

4.5 Rating (879 Votes )
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Vintage analog film FX, 2000s y2k aesthetic filters & old retro camera.
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ProCCD is a retro-style camera app for Android that allows users to take photos and videos with a vintage, nostalgic look. The app features multiple camera modes modeled after old CCD digital cameras from the 1990s and early 2000s. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the main features of ProCCD and examine what makes this app stand out.


Camera Modes

One of the highlights of ProCCD is the variety of camera modes it offers, each with its own retro style. Here are some of the key camera modes:


The Z30 camera mode produces images with rich, vibrant colors and a lo-fi quality. This gives photos a vibrant, saturated look that is great for various scenes and lighting conditions. The colors really pop in this mode.


This camera mode creates a greenish tint to photos, especially in low light. It evokes the feel of a disposable camera with its grainy texture. The IXUS95 mode is perfect for street photography and portraits with its vintage, film-like qualities.


The U300 mode applies cool, transparent blue-green tones to images. This gives photos a melancholy, nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of old 35mm film cameras. It performs especially well for scenery like beaches, lakes, and skies.


With this camera mode enabled, photos have reduced color saturation and a slight faded effect. It’s great for capturing portraits and outdoor scenes on sunny days with its washed-out, retro style. The M532 mode produces images that look like they were taken decades ago.


Photo Editing Features

Beyond its camera capabilities, ProCCD also offers an array of editing features to add effects and customize your photos.


ProCCD has a collection of filters you can apply to images to achieve different styles and moods. Options include black and white, sepia, vintage, Lo-Fi, and more. The filters give photos an old-school look.


You can fine-tune images using adjustments like exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, warmth, and saturation. This allows you to dial in the exact retro look you want.


Add stylistic overlays on top of your photos to further the vintage aesthetic. Choose from light leaks, dust, scratches, vignette, and grain effects.


Include custom text on your photos with a choice of fonts, colors, and sizes. You can add a date stamp or fun captions.


Decorate your photos with stickers like emojis, shapes, badges, and more. Stickers range from retro icons to colorful doodles.


Pick from a set of frames in various shapes, patterns, and colors to add a border to your photos. Frames complement the vintage style.


Additional Features

ProCCD contains other useful features that improve the overall user experience:

Detailed Camera Controls

Manually adjust ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focus, and exposure compensation. This level of control allows you to craft your photos’ look.


Overlay different grid patterns like the rule of thirds while composing shots to aid with alignment and framing.

Self Timer

Use the self timer to delay the camera shutter when taking selfies or group shots.

Import Images

Import photos from your phone’s gallery to edit with ProCCD’s filters and tools.

Export Options

Export edited photos at various resolutions or share them directly to social media and messaging apps.

Photo Management

Organize your photos into albums, favorite images, and view EXIF data like shutter speed and ISO.


Video Capabilities

Aside from still images, ProCCD can also capture video with its retro camera effects applied in real-time. Videos can be exported in high definition quality. You can add filters, text, stickers, and music to videos as well. The vintage video effects lend an old-school charm to your moving clips.

User Interface

ProCCD features a clean, minimalist interface with an emphasis on the viewfinder for taking photos. Controls and settings are conveniently located but don’t clutter up the screen. The interface uses a black background for a slick look. Switching modes and filters is fast and responsive. Overall, the app is intuitive and user-friendly.


In terms of performance, ProCCD delivers excellent speed and reliability. The camera shutter is quick with minimal lag. Applying filters and adjustments is also fast without any lengthy processing delays. The app remains stable even when capturing photos in rapid succession. Videos record smoothly with no stuttering. ProCCD works great on both newer and older Android devices.


Pros & Cons


  • Numerous camera modes with unique retro styles
  • Comprehensive editing tools to customize photos
  • Realistic vintage filter effects
  • Manual camera controls provide flexibility
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Reliable performance and quick operation
  • HD video recording with effects


  • Limited number of free camera modes
  • No option to shoot in RAW format
  • Occasional bugs with certain features
  • Large app size


For any photography enthusiast wanting to shoot photos and videos with a vintage, retro aesthetic straight from their Android device, ProCCD is an excellent choice. The app convincingly recreates the look of old CCD digital cameras with its specialized camera modes. You have a high degree of control over the styling of your images with ProCCD’s editing features. The interface makes capturing and customizing photos a breeze. Aside from a few minor issues, overall ProCCD delivers on its promise of turning your phone into a retro camera. It’s a fun, creative way to produce content with a nostalgic vibe.


Comparison to Similar Apps

How does ProCCD stack up against other retro camera apps on Android? Here is a comparison of key features between ProCCD and a few competitors:

App Camera Modes Filters Manual Controls Video Mode
ProCCD Multiple unique modes Yes ISO, shutter speed, etc Yes
Retro Camera 3 modes Yes Limited No
Vintage Camera 5 modes Yes ISO, focus No
Old Camera 1 mode No No Yes

As the table illustrates, ProCCD offers the most camera modes with distinctive styles, extensive editing options, full manual controls, and video capabilities. This makes it one of the most versatile vintage camera apps available for Android. The combination of features in ProCCD is unmatched.

Final Thoughts

ProCCD succeeds in transforming your Android device into a CCD digital camera from the days of yore. With its varied camera modes, authentic filter effects, and a full set of editing tools, you can easily produce content with a nostalgic, retro style. The interface is intuitive and performance is solid. Aside from a few minor gripes, ProCCD is a superb app for any mobile photographer who wants to infuse their photos and videos with vintage character. Whether you want to create lo-fi art or simply add a touch of the 90s to your content, ProCCD is a great choice.

  • 1. New Cameras: [IXUS210]: Fine particles and gentle blur, get vintage film texture. [NX]: Fresh colors & dreamy glowing effect. [ZR1500]: Inspired by the disposable camera, for outdoor photography. 2. [Selective Framing]: A new way to frame your shot. Compatible with Original2 & Original camera.

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