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Prime Video - Android TV
App Name Prime Video - Android TV
Latest Version v.6.16.7+
Last Updated
Publisher Amazon Mobile LLC
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Entertainment Entertainment
Size 25 MB
Mods Premium/4K Unlocked
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1.2 Rating (690) Votes

1.2 Rating (690 Votes )
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Watch TV shows and movies including award-winning Amazon exclusives.
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Prime Video MOD 6.16.7v14.1.0.772armv7a APK (Premium/4K Unlocked)


The Prime Video app allows Amazon Prime members to stream movies, TV shows, and other content on Android devices. With over 20,000 titles available, Prime Video offers an extensive library of entertainment. This article provides a comprehensive review of the Prime Video Android app, examining its key features, content library, performance, and overall user experience.

Prime Video MOD APK

User Interface and Navigation

The Prime Video app features an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. The home screen displays rows of content organized into categories like “Recommended for You”, “Continue Watching”, and “Popular Movies”.

A navigation drawer on the left provides quick access to the Home, Store, Find, Live TV, Free with Ads, and My Stuff sections. The app makes it easy to browse for content, with categories for movies, TV shows, sports, and more.

Searching for content is straightforward – just tap the search icon to bring up the search bar. As you type, Prime Video displays suggested results along with the ability to filter by genre. This makes it fast and simple to find your desired title.

The app clearly indicates titles included with Prime versus those requiring additional purchase or rental. This is done through the use of blue checkmark icons for included titles and gold shopping bag icons for paid content.


The Prime Video app supports multiple user profiles, allowing each person to have their own customized recommendations and watch history. Profiles can be added for adults and kids. To switch profiles, just tap on your profile icon in the navigation drawer.

Profiles are a useful way to separate watch histories and get tailored suggestions for each member of the household. Kids can have their own profiles with parental controls enabled as needed.

Video and Audio Quality

On compatible Android devices, the Prime Video app can stream up to 4K Ultra HD video quality with support for HDR10/HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. This allows for an exceptional viewing experience on high-end Android phones and tablets.

For audio, the app can output up to 5.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos on supported devices. With quality headphones or speakers connected, you can enjoy immersive audio for movies and shows.

Streaming quality will vary based on your device specs, display resolution, and internet connection speed. But for the best experience, the Prime Video app leverages the latest standards in high-resolution video and audio.

Prime Video MOD APK

Offline Downloads

One handy feature of the Prime Video app is the ability to download movies and shows for offline viewing. This is perfect for situations when you won’t have an internet connection, like on a plane or subway.

Downloading content is straightforward – just tap the download button on the details page for a movie or TV show episode. An Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is required for the initial download.

The Prime Video app has settings to control the download quality and local storage location. Downloads can be played back even when offline. This provides a seamless viewing experience when internet access is limited.


The Prime Video app has an “X-Ray” feature powered by IMDb that offers extra information about the movie or TV show you are watching. Just tap the screen while a video is playing to bring up the X-Ray panel.

X-Ray provides useful details like actor bios, scene trivia, soundtrack listings, and more. You can see the entire cast and scroll through the scenes to view all the X-Ray details. For movie buffs and TV fans, this additional context enhances the viewing experience.

Alexa Integration

Owners of Alexa-enabled devices can control Prime Video through Alexa voice commands. You can search for titles, play, pause, fast forward, and more completely hands-free. Alexa also gives you access to X-Ray information on request during playback.

With compatible Fire TV devices, Alexa offers robust Prime Video integration. Just press the microphone button on the remote and ask Alexa to find movies, launch your watchlist, and control playback. This convenient voice control option makes it easy to manage Prime Video on Fire TV.

Prime Video MOD APK

Live TV

In addition to the extensive on-demand library, Prime Video also offers some live TV streaming. This includes Thursday Night Football games, various sports events, and certain news and entertainment channels through Prime Video Channels subscriptions.

The Live TV hub shows you what’s currently airing and upcoming programming on your available live channels. From there you can tune to the live stream or set recordings for future events.

While more limited than a dedicated live TV streaming service, Prime Video provides some great live sports and news viewing options.

Prime Video Channels

To supplement the included Prime Video library, you can add Prime Video Channels subscriptions for additional shows, movies, and live streams.

Some of the most popular Prime Video Channels include HBO, Showtime, Starz, Paramount+, AMC+, Discovery+, PBS Masterpiece, Noggin, and MLB.tv. There’s a broad selection of entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and kids programming available.

Channels can be managed in the Prime Video app, with the ability to add and cancel subscriptions right from your Android device. Most channels offer free 7-day trials for new subscribers.

Watch Parties

For a shared viewing experience, the Prime Video app lets you create Watch Parties. When you start a Watch Party, you generate a shareable link that others can join.

Participants in the Watch Party all watch the selected title in sync. There’s a chat window on the side where you can have conversations about what you’re watching in real-time.

Watch Parties work on desktop, mobile, and living room devices. It’s a fun way to virtually get together with friends and family to enjoy Prime Video content.

Prime Video MOD APK


On supported Android devices, the Prime Video app can utilize picture-in-picture mode. This lets you watch a video in a small overlay window while simultaneously using other apps.

Picture-in-picture is great for multitasking. You can check email or browse the web while continuing to watch your show or movie on Prime Video. Just tap the home or back button to trigger picture-in-picture.

Parental Controls

For parents, the Prime Video app has mature content filters and PIN protection options. The parental controls allow you to restrict viewing of adult content and block purchases.

In profile settings, you can enable maturity filtering and PIN entry requirements. This prevents kids from accessing inappropriate titles or making unauthorized purchases through the app.

Robust parental controls give parents peace of mind that their children can safely use Prime Video without accessing mature content meant for adults.

Prime Video MOD APK

Prime Video Content Library

Now let’s explore the breadth of movies, shows, and other programming available through Prime Video. With thousands of titles spanning all genres, there’s plenty to watch for entertainment fans of all types.


The Prime Video movie library includes major theatrical releases, independent films, classics, and its own original productions. From Oscar-winning dramas to big-budget action flicks, comedies, romances, and more, the selection is vast.

Highlights of the movie catalog include franchises like James Bond and Harry Potter, award-winners like Manchester by the Sea, acclaimed directors such as Wes Anderson and Martin Scorsese, and Amazon originals like The Big Sick and The Lost City. There are new recent theatrical movies available for rental or purchase as well.

TV Shows

Prime Video offers hundreds of popular TV shows spanning drama, comedy, reality, kids, and more. This includes both past and present hits, along with a growing slate of acclaimed Amazon originals.

Some examples of the TV content available includes favorites like The Office, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Downton Abbey, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Boys, Fleabag, Suits, and The Expanse. There’s truly something for all tastes – from sci-fi and fantasy, to superheroes, sitcoms, and award-winning dramas.

Amazon Originals

In recent years, Amazon has invested heavily in producing high-quality original movies and shows through Amazon Studios. Prime Video now boasts dozens of top-tier Amazon originals.

Some of the most popular Amazon original titles include the Emmy-winning comedies Fleabag and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, superhero satire The Boys, fantasy epic The Wheel of Time, sci-fi thriller The Expanse, Bosch police procedural, Goliath legal drama, and acclaimed films like Manchester by the Sea.

Upcoming highly anticipated Amazon originals include The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, sci-fi thriller Night Sky, and more. Prime Video has established itself as a destination for premium original programming.


For children, Prime Video has a dedicated kids section with age-appropriate shows, movies, books, apps, and games. Popular kids shows on Prime Video include Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, Arthur, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Amazon originals like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

There are also plenty of family movies to choose from, like Shrek, Hotel Transylvania, and various Scooby-Doo films. The kids section makes it easy for children to safely access entertaining content tailored for them.


Beyond Hollywood movies and American TV, Prime Video also offers a wide array of foreign and international content. This includes Korean dramas, Japanese anime, Bollywood films, Hispanic programming, and European series.

Whether you want to watch Oscar-winning Korean thriller Parasite or binge on Spanish crime drama Gangs of London, Prime Video has a diverse mix of foreign language and international content.


For documentary fans, Prime Video has an impressive selection covering topics like sports, music, history, business, and more. Notable examples include Emmy-winner The Last Dance (Michael Jordan), P!nk: All I Know So Far, Lucy and Desi, and Amazon originals like LuLaRich.

Live Sports

As previously mentioned, Prime Video provides live streams for Thursday Night Football and various other sporting events. These live games and matches are available to Prime members at no extra cost.

This includes exclusive NFL games, NBA, MLB, tennis, soccer, and more. While not as robust as major sports streaming services, Prime Video does offer some exciting live sporting action.

Prime Video MOD APK

Prime Video App Performance

Now let’s examine the technical performance of the Prime Video Android app. Factors like streaming quality, reliability, and resource usage contribute to the overall user experience.

Streaming Quality

The Prime Video app streams smoothly in HD and 4K UHD on high-speed connections. Video quality automatically adapts based on your available bandwidth, with a minimum of 1-2 Mbps required for SD and 5+ Mbps recommended for HD.

On an Android phone or tablet with a fast Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, Prime Video provides an excellent streaming experience. Video quality is crisp and clear at popular resolutions like 1080p and 4K when supported by your device.

However, users with slower internet speeds may experience occasional buffering and downgraded video quality. Larger screens like tablets can also highlight any compression artifacts present in the streams. But overall, Prime Video quality is quite good given sufficient bandwidth.


The Prime Video app exhibits reliable playback and streaming across a wide variety of Android devices. Crashes or errors are infrequent, and the streams remain highly stable with minimal stuttering or buffering when network conditions permit.

Of course, factors like weak Wi-Fi, congested cellular networks, and background app activity can negatively impact reliability. But in general, the Prime Video app delivers a smooth and dependable streaming experience on Android. It’s improved in this regard over the years.

Resource Usage

Prime Video is not too resource intensive, though it does require a relatively modern Android device for the best experience. Streaming high-resolution video with surround audio utilizes more system resources.

When streaming HD or 4K content, Prime Video can consume 500MB+ per hour of data. So high cellular data usage should be expected when not on Wi-Fi. The app also uses up to 100MB of storage space.

A device with at least 2GB of RAM and Android 6.0 or newer is recommended. Quad-core processors or better will provide sufficient performance for smooth streaming. Less powerful or outdated Android devices may struggle with Prime Video.

Offline Performance

A major advantage of downloading Prime Video content for offline viewing is the ability to maintain quality and reliability even without an internet connection.

Downloaded videos reliably play back without stalling or buffering issues. This allows for a seamless viewing experience offline, ideal for situations like flights or areas with limited connectivity. Image and audio quality remain intact when streaming over the internet is not available.

The only downside is that offline playback requires sufficient storage space on your Android device to save the downloads. But the performance itself is generally flawless in offline mode.

Prime Video App Usability

Beyond its features and capabilities, it’s important to evaluate the Prime Video app’s overall usability. Factors like accessibility, ease of use, and visual design all contribute to the experience.

Ease of Use

As covered earlier, Prime Video provides a straightforward and intuitive interface on Android. Simple rows and menus make browsing and finding content easy.

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