Role PlayingPocket Rogues MOD APK 1.35.3 (God Mode, One Hit, Mana)

Pocket Rogues MOD APK 1.35.3 (God Mode, One Hit, Mana)

Pocket Rogues MOD APK 1.35.3 (God Mode, One Hit, Mana)
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4.5 Rating (930) Votes

4.5 Rating (930 Votes )
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Pocket Rogues MOD APK 1.35.3 (God Mode, One Hit, Mana)

Pocket Rogues MOD APK
MOD Features God Mode, One Hit, Mana
Category Mod Apk
Size 148 MB
Version 1.35.3
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

Players step into the mysterious and dangerous world of Rogueport to complete their mission. Starting out as a beginner, players must brave numerous levels filled with menacing monsters, traps and puzzles while collecting items for their equipment loadout. As they progress through ever tougher areas of rogue dungeons, towers and catacombs, they must build up their strength by engaging in classbased tactical battles against both formidable enemies and vicious bosses. Players are able to level up multiple classes; archers can use powerful bows to take on longrange foes from afar while warriors make use of brute force close quarter combat. With an upgrade system allowing them to reinforce gear sets such as weapons or armor pieces that suit different roles best according too personal playstyles all is required in order for one‘s hero triumphs over untold hordes encountered along the way!

Pocket Rogues MOD APK

Play With Fun this game?

Players can enjoy this game on their own or with friends in both local and online coop. Players able to join forces of up to four parties in order take down the imposing bosses, progress further into otherwise inaccessible areas filled with dangerous monsters and gain better rewards for each challenge completed. They are also able to try out vast number of unique equipment loadouts available only through discovering hidden loot scattered across worlds within the game such as special weapons, armor pieces as well as mysterious artifacts giving powerful benefits all is just there waiting if one is brave enough! Through careful exploration players gain insight about different backstory elements uncovering secrets abound each far reaching part of exciting fictional world ahead!

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Pocket Rogues MOD APK

Is it a multiplayer game?

Rogues is both a singleplayer and multiplayer game. In single player mode, players take control of their hero and embark on an epic journey across the lands. They will venture through different areas such as towers, dungeons, catacombs while discovering various items and enemies along the way to build up their strength in order to fulfill missions and goals set out before them. Multiplayer mode allows players from all around world join forces in coop games comprising 4 members each time together with whom they can brave even more difficult challenges previously inaccessible as well having chance of finding hidden artifacts otherwise unavailable when playing solo!

Pocket Rogues MOD APK

Key Features of Pocket Rogues

1.Class System:

Players can choose from five different classes in the game, such as archers using bows and arrows to attack enemies long range or warriors wielding close quarter weapons like swords and axes. Different character classes have unique abilities that must be taken into consideration when making tactical choices during battle scenarios. Each class offers its own specialties for both ranged and melee combat, so that players have a vast array of tactics to choose from! Strategic play is essential with this feature as it allows you to take down foes more efficiently who counter your heros offensive talents otherwise unsuitable for the situation at hand.

2 .Equipment & Upgrades:

Through exploring locations within rogue dungeons players will obtain loot scattered across worlds such as weapons, armor pieces or special artifacts giving them powerful benefits besides physical increases in strength like temporary invincibility witch all achievable if one brave enough findem ! Player loadouts can be further reinforced through an upgrade system where they can equip items according too vary rolespecific tasks they need them thru each area explored allowing even better fine tuned approach on their way forward!

3 .Missions And Goals:

As exploration ensues missions goals become available throughout gameplay; Defeating strong boss characters rewarding player‘s progress further into else inaccessible catacombs filled dangerous monsters gain even better rewards each challenge knock out over unbeaten hordes encountered along journey awaits players ! Also depending chosen route storyline direct how challenges change accordingly providing real sense customization tailored made fit single person adventure set out before him!

4 .Challenging Levels & Puzzles :

For those seeking ultimate experience Rogues provides plentiful endgame content testing strongest dedicated solvers thoroughly ; consisted countless levels puzzles ranging simple fun exercises tougher head scratchers requiring creative problem solving combined tools available new ever increasing obstacles all set an invulnerable adventure for player part ways many original ones safely return!

5. Coop Mode:

Up to four players can join forces and tackle group challenges such as tactical bosses or complete section with large numbers enemies swarming at once instead taunting individually offering better chance of success per challenge faced! This feature allows you team up friends inside game world across multiple platforms share same screen iPad TV giving even more intense experience breeze might guide light way through struggles when outnumbering enemy !

6 .Scene Exploration:

Players given access explorable, mysterious areas including catacombs reachable only through systematic puzzle solving en route progression; exploring being rewarded items artifacts previously unavailable either discovering loot scattered around lets one gain insight about different storylines while unraveling secrets abound each far between corner fascinatingly detailed realms!

7.Upgrade System

Pocket Rogues offers a variety of upgrade options that let the player customize their characters stats and equipment sets like special weapons, armor pieces or powerful relics which give extra powerful benefits for certain mods and playstyles making every journey unique own tailor made style fitting best suit the hero‘s individual needs !

8.Quests & Achievements :

Filled plenty missions increasingly difficult foes seeking testPlayers skill level gives them our dynamic scoring system rewards higher scores upon completion under specified Achievement tasks found back catalog entire Rogueverse within always ready attain next breakthrough happen seems limit !

Pocket Rogues MOD APK

What is Pocket Rogues Mod Apk?

Pocket Rogues Mod Apk is a modified variant of the originalPocket Rogues Android/iOS game that has unlimited resources and full control over all aspects of the game, allowing players to access all functions of this fantastic role playing action adventure. This mod version removes any restrictions encountered when playing the official version as it carries extra features like stronger weapons, high defensive items, exclusive powers and larger coins which are not available in earlier versions. Its intuitive interface makes users feel comfortable while learning quickly on how to play the game according to their own styles!

Pocket Rogues MOD APK

Mod Key Feature

God Mode:

This mod allows players to become indestructible, granting them infinite health and shields. So no matter how intense the battles get, your character will remain safe throughout its journey!

One Hit Kills:

Rogue ports are filled with various monsters that makes stepping outside of ones comfort zone a real risk. But with this mod feature activated players can instantly eliminate even the strongest of beasts in just one single strike whittling away all enemy forces without having worrying too much about deviating from leveled paths !


Although heroes can increase their power capacity through leveling up their classes they still require resources to summon special abilities attacks break through stubborn opponents quickly bonus mana points brought forth this version allowing users access greater degree customization used enhancing strategies fit whatever challenge ground depending particular situation develops lying ahead !

Unlimited Coins & Gems :

Coinfilled environment giving chance invest multiple purchases acquire never before seen items could not normally obtain; gems also part play forming backbone entire monetary structure lets people equip stuff top ranged performance enhance overall offensive/defensive capabilities turn tides battle during critical moments !!

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Download Apk: The mod version of Pocket Rogues can be downloaded through online websites that offer modified versions of games and apps or directly from game developers website itself, after providing necessary documents to verify authenticity.

2. Uninstall Previous Versions: After downloading the mod apk one must uninstall any previous versions prior to installation as duplicate/multiple files on system may cause conflicts while playing the game and slow gameplay performance as well !

3 .Allow Unverified Sources : Mobile devices running Android OS block apps installed from unknown sources out security reasons in order install install this modified version player must switch setting allowing app installations outside Google Play store!

4 .Install Process : Accessingfile manager find purchase immediately upon opening up opens up options related further activities like installing extracting contents etc finish process activating it within menu settings turn fully activated before launching!

5 .Run Game & Enjoy!: Now one ready embrace full power behind rogues holding them forefront Conqueror‘s Battlefront become eternal champion!. Feel free customize all available map parameters via interactive intuitive user interface matching exact specifications ultimately leading extreme joy amidst now unlocked parts true adventure game awaits!

Pocket Rogues MOD APK

Game Tips

1. Upgrade for Improved Strength: Upgrading your weapons, armor and relics is essential to your progress in Pocket Rogues better items provide higher levels of protection and strength against tough foes!

2. Explore Everywhere for Loot & Rewards: Do not miss out on hidden areas within roguelikes which may contain special drops like weapons or artifacts that can be collected this will give heroes an edge in battles as well as story goals !

3. Check Your Loadout Before Engaging Enemies : Prepare yourself with the right equipment before fighting a monster by ensuring that your stats are uptodate accordingly with whats matched up best each another doing so gives strategies applied at particular moments greater chance success enabled thru innovation creative approaches never seen once!

4 .Use Special Tactic Maneuvers When Necessary : Taking out powerful bosses requires the usage of special tactics aside from just standard attacks like juggernauts becoming invulnerable certain period time afterwards countering stalling forces still untouched its resources reserves despite being persistent destructive force trying eliminate any sort barrier goes way says ! Finish Quest Reward Early Not Later : Fulfilling mission tasks objectives gives early rewards XP points allowing user level shortly compared dragging feet collect them eventually setting back course due lack preparation planning slacking off beforehand !!

Graphics and Sound Quality


Pocket Rogues offers players an immersive experience with detailed graphics and a wide range of monsters, environments, and characters. The visuals are bright and vibrant with some really cool animation making each battle a truly captivating watch! Additionally the vast selection of weapons that can be collected brings out best possible presentation one could find on any sort mobile device!


Alongside vivid artwork amazing audio reel accompanies playing situation giving realtime immersion thru beautiful symphonies driven thematic tunes catered especially towards action orientated scenes happening during intense fields against likes bosses others!! Naturally clear sound as well variations voice acting dedicatedly provided every one hero available included adding more descriptive field whatever engaged composing authentic atmospheric blend filled entire gaming experience !


Pocket Rogues Mod Apk is a unique, actionpacked RPG that brings players an immersive and thrilling adventure. With five character classes, endless levels of intense combat and challenging puzzles as well a wide variety of upgrades all contributing too creating ones personalized gaming journey Pocket Rogues stands apart from other games in the genre. Additionally mod version allows even further freedom whilst adding God Mode protection indestructibility One Hit Kill capabilities increased resources such unlimited coins gems or extra mana points helping out those grinding help get ahead ! Proven perfect choice quench thirst for another original rogue & old fashioned hack slash affair this certainly among top selections anyone planning spruce their mobile game library anytime soon !

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q: What is the game story of Pocket Rogues?

A: Players step into the mysterious and dangerous world of Rogueport to complete their mission. Starting out as a beginner, players must brave numerous levels filled with menacing monsters, traps and puzzles while collecting items for their equipment loadout in order to level up multiple classes. The goal is ultimately become victorious over untold hordes encountered along the way!

Q: Is there a multiplayer mode available?

A: Yes! Up to four players can join forces online or in local coop play, working together against fearsome bosses or combatting an onslaught of enemies at once this provides much better chance success per challenge faced compared solo runs !

Q : How do I obtain special artifacts like weapons or armor pieces ?

A : These are available hidden across rogue dungeons where exploration rewarded loot scattered around; these magical artifacts are so powerful due bonus benefits enabling one gain even greater insight about different storylines unraveling many secrets abound each far between corner help progressing further ahead !

Q : Does Pocket Rogues have upgrade system ?

A.: Yes indeed it does through this system users able customize stats item sets equip according role specific tasks each area explored allowing themselves fine tuning approach on quests goals set out before them eventually leading triumphant victories outcomes!

Q: What is Mod Apk?

A : Pocket Rogues Mod Apk a modified variant of the original game that has unlimited resources and full control over all aspects of the game allowing players access all functions with extra features like stronger weapons, defensive items exclusive powers larger coins which not available earlier versions. Its intuitive interface makes users feel comfortable while learning quickly on how play making every journey unique one own tailor made style!

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