CardPlants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod Apk 1.39.94 (Hack, Free Shopping)

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod Apk 1.39.94 (Hack, Free Shopping)

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod Apk 1.39.94 (Hack, Free Shopping)
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5.5 Rating (963) Votes

5.5 Rating (963 Votes )
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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod Apk 1.39.94 (Hack, Free Shopping)

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod Apk
MOD Features Free Shopping
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Size 23 MB
Version 1.39.94
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod Apk is the next evolution of the beloved Plants vs Zombies franchise, bringing together characters from both sides with an unprecedented card-based gameplay system in a collectible strategy cards game. In this thrilling adventure, you will join forces with either the plants or the zombies to defeat your opponents and save Neighborville! Choose your favorite Hero from over 20 powerful plants and zombies in an epic turn-based battle as Plant Heros create flowery attacks while Zombie Heros gnaw their way to glory (and brains). Collect hundreds of unique Superpowers like Bullseye before any zombie can say “BRAINS!” With so many ways to play, victory or brainzzz are only a click away!

Gameplay Overview

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is the newest iteration in the beloved Plants vs Zombies franchise, creating a completely new experience combining card collecting and strategic battle mechanics like never before. Players take on either of two sides–the daring plants or fiendish zombies–each with their own unique array of heroes, superpowers & strategies for winning against your enemies! In each turn-based match-up you’ll build custom decks to lead your team to victory by strategizing when & how best to play cards from your chosen hero’s abilities and from over 300 exciting collectible superpowers – bullseyeing targets up close or across half the board! Winning matches winning rewards that unlocks more powerful Supwerpwers and some mysterious surprises too…

With so many ways to customize Decks, Superheroes & Strategies; an endless variety of opponents; building multiple decks for multi-player competition all within one unified ecosystem that keeps growing – Plants vs. Zombies Heroes takes strategy gaming into exciting new directions without leaving behind its roots: saving Neighborville turf block by block as only PvZ Heroes Mod Apk can do it!.

Play With Fun this game?

Absolutely! Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a deeply engaging and wildly fun game that engages players of all ages on both sides of the plants-vs-zombies feud in collectible, strategic battles throughout Neighborville! From building competitive decks around your favorite superheroes to unlocking dozens of powers in thrilling turn-based matches against real opponents online or offline – there’s so much action & content packed into this game. It also supports local multiplayer mode with friends and easy explainable rules/strategies for new players trying to jump right into the fray! And whether you are looking for quick games on lunch break at work or intense all-night battles with the best zombie hunters; PvZ Heroes Mod Apk offers a complete package where kids, gamers & adults alike can find fun no matter what their skill level!.

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Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a multiplayer game! Players bring their custom decks to battle against each other online or with local pass-and-play sessions with friends and family. Engage in epic turn-based battles as Plant Heros create flowery attacks while Zombie Heros gnaw their way to glory (and brains). Unlock dozens of powerful Superpowers like Bullseye and level up your Heroes for more powerful cards & combos that outwit even the wiliest opponents. No matter if you are looking for relaxed strategy matches or intense team duels – PvZ Heroes Mod Apk can deliver endless fun as fierce competition between players of all ages enjoying the beloved community spirit only this franchise can provide!

History and popularity of the game

The Plants vs Zombies franchise began as a popular tower defense strategy game developed by PopCap Games and later by Electronic Arts. Initially released in 2009, the original PvZ was a breakout success crossing console, mobile device & pc with millions of downloads pushing it to become one of the best-selling video games ever made. Since then its variants (Garden Warfare series) have built on that foundation offering further innovative ways for players to enjoy Neighborville’s fight between plants & zombies turning it into cult classic series inspiring multiple genres within gaming industry like this new Collectible Strategy Card Game!

Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk

Main Features of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes


Plant PvZ heroes and Zombie heroes each come with their own special abilities, playstyles & strategies for engaging in epic turn-based battles helping lead their team to victory!


Collect over 300 unique superpowers like Bullseye or Hot Potato those Zombies’ brains with a fiery Popcorn attack – step up your game combining cards to create powerful combos that unleash devastating attacks across the board!

Building Decks and Strategies

With plenty of superhero cards to choose from there are endless paths you can take when building decks using one of 5 existing card types (Plants, Zombies, Tricks, Environment & Stadiums). Your deck design influences which type of strategy you use in battle where good decisions can mean imminent victory or humiliating defeat – so think ahead every move matters!.

Rewards and Advancement

Win matches reward yourself unlocking Powerful Super powers together extra surprises plus level up your superheroes as they gain experience demonstrating strategic brilliance! Plus expand content library with growing selection of new characters each bringing fresh approaches towards winning glory.

Diverse online community entertainment

PvZ Heroes Mod Apk provides an encompassing player experience already gathering millions since initial December 2017 release accommodating all types playing styles – solo players looking for quick Player vs AI match-ups; highly competitive Championship level participants entering regular tournaments around world; local friends forming coop groups battling zombie hordes together and much more waiting explore discovering it genuine Neighborhood Watch spirit!.


Supercharge your team blending characters from both PvZ titles like Chomper inspiring a whole new tactics based on favorite Plants’ and Zombies’ charming personalities – coming to the rescue (or dispatching zombie brains) depending situation!.

Single-player Story Campaigns

Test strategies beyond opponents in engaging story campaigns adjusting difficulty let players find their own rhythm mastering tactical skills along quest! So choose side fate of Neighborville’s turf depends you achieving victory!

Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk

Game Tips

• Choose your heroes wisely – each come with their own special abilities & strategies for victory; analyze them carefully determining which will work best on the field.
• Don’t forget to level up characters as they gain experience by winning matches providing access higher powered cards and openings for more powerful combinations.
• Build a balanced deck around your chosen hero allowing different types of play but create decks specialized particular match-ups too! This will keep opponents guessing while leveraging one’s own strengths .
• Look out rewards unlocking Superpowers extra surprises giving way mobilize fearsome attacks against zombie hordes or defend Neighborville turf from overwhelming plants forces! Also collect coins aiding progress along Battle lab missions.
• Monitor opponent movements using Hero Academy course stay atop rising trends quickly adjust existing deck plan of attack countering enemy offensive threats!.
• Analyze battlefield conditions understanding terrain changes, character placement & rarity levels strategize ahead coordinating teams block by block saving every precious bite brains!.

What is Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod APK?

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod APK is a modified version of the popular PvZ strategy game with more options and features for the user. It provides players with access to powerful PvP mode, improved defenses and much greater control over battle decisions. The mod also allows users to unlock different heroes, play through multiple battles with custom decks customized for each fight as well as various rewards that can help them progress further faster! This enhanced version of Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk offers fun and flair of original franchise plus extended content not found anywhere else ensuring unparalleled gaming experience full surprises!

Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk

Features of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod APK

Free Shopping

The Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod APK allows players to shop without spending points! Various consumable items such as coins and booster packs can be purchased freely using the mod. This makes it much easier for users to buy powerful cards and increase their decks in order to become stronger opponents faster.

Custom Decks

Players have greater control over how they build their custom decks with the help of PvZ Heroes Mod Apk, allowing them tweak combinations stats even further battle-readying strategies. Having access more cards, characters abilities & modified versions of original ones playing around with power levels making sure opponents remain guessing!

Powerful PvP Mode

This mod version of PvZ Heroes Mod Apk also offers enhanced IP-based Multiplayer mode that allows players to partake in fast paced 1v1 battles against real people online from anywhere the world! With even greater rewards keeping score build higher level decks faster than ever before proving your tactical strategy games skills all over world!

How to Download Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod APK

• Download or other legal third-party sources, or purchase the game directly from your device.
• Once you have downloaded the mod file onto your device, note down its location.
• Enable “Unknown Sources” on your Settings menu to allow sideloading of applications not available through
• Return to file’s location and install it tapping on its icon in display list before continuing with registration set up found inside game itself!

Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Check your device operations are up to date, and the mod perfectly compatible with it by double-checking its requirements.
• Don’t forget enable “Unknown Sources” so that you can easily install the Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod APK from third-party sites.
• Make sure you have plenty of memory available on your mobile phone or tablet for installation to avoid interruptions during set up!
• If experiencing network issues contact providers check internet connection they recommend meeting game required minimum bandwidth usage download speed!.
• It never hurts double checking downloaded file make sure it’s authentic one not corrupted in any way helping maintain secure gameplay environment at all times!

Visual and sound quality


Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk offers vibrant, cartoon-like visuals allowing players enjoy every pixel inside Neighborville thriving environment! Character sprites become highlighted during performing Super/Superpower attacks that constantly keep player engaged & involved throughout match. Following progressive updates this mod version also adds more effects making sure visual eye candy enlivens each scene!


Ambient soundtrack succeeds establishing chaotic but cheerful atmosphere adding extra layer playability level taking into fun-filled world full excitement & strategic possibilities!. Voice acting boosts up suspense further when characters appear speaking out PvZ heroes’ Hack Apk signature phrases ringing bold with strength energetic shouts leave no doubt who reigns supreme threating or praising brainzzz – all as enjoyable now as it was back launch title!

Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod APK free to play?

A: Yes, the game is available for free both on Android and iOS devices.

Q. Does the mod have more features than the original game?

A:Yes, this modified version provides greater control over custom decks as well as more rewards and a powerful PvP mode for players who like to compete in fast paced 1v1 online battles!

Q. Can I access new content continuously when playing PvZ Heroes Mod Apk?

A: Absolutely! The mod not only offers existing content from original title but adds its own take introducing & unlocking surprises further along progression curve!.

Q. Are there any limits or safety measures taken into account when playing Plants vs Zombies Heroes Hack Apk ?

A:Yes, this version of the game features built-in safety measures preventing players from accessing any unsupported third party plugins or mods that could endanger both account security & experience quality.

Q. Does PvZ Heroes Mod Apk offer regular updates?

A: Yes! In addition to seasonal content updated several times during year; team also strives ensuring mod remains bug-free with most recent versions offering improvements upon already existing tools!.

Q. Can I access/play Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod APK offline?

A: No, as being a multiplayer game; it must remain connected online in order for users enjoy its features full extent!.

Q. Is there an age limit when playing Plants Vs Zombies Hero Mods APK ?

A:The original title and the modified version are rated E+10 by ESRB meaning they widely available children 10 years old or older – but parental supervision advised younger kids nonetheless!

Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk


Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk is an exciting game for strategy fans of all ages – adding a greater level of customization and features to the beloved franchise. With over 20 powerful heroes, 300+ unique superpowers & hundreds of customizable decks encouraging strategic thinking no two battles ever be same! Players can also choose to battle against computer opponents or strive becoming undefeated champion online using dynamically designed PvP Heroes mod apk!. Rewards keep coming unlocking surprises allowing strengthen playable characters plus extend content library parts unknown waiting explored. It’s time join forces Plants VS Zombies Hero Mods APK build custom team bring glory Neighborville once more!


• Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Modded Apk is an exciting strategy game for all age offering great customization & features over original title.
• With 20+ heroes, 300+ superpowers & hundreds of decks build your own custom team lead it to victory against computer opponents or real users online.
• Unlock rewards as you progress through story campaigns and PvP battles allowing expand content library gaining access greater cards plus modified versions existing ones!.
• Take advantage extra safety measures provided in this mod version protecting players from unsupported third-party programs ensuring secure gaming environment.

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