ActionPixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk 35.4.4 (Hack, Free Upgrades)

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk 35.4.4 (Hack, Free Upgrades)

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk 35.4.4 (Hack, Free Upgrades)
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3.5 Rating (897) Votes

3.5 Rating (897 Votes )
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Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk 35.4.4 (Hack, Free Upgrades)

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk
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Size 74 MB
Version 35.4.4
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk is an exciting zombie shooting game developed by Omega Studio. This action-packed game brings hours of entertainment as you battle waves of zombies across multiple maps and missions. With smooth graphics, immersive gameplay and tons of weapons to unlock, Pixel Z Hunter2 3D is a must-have for fans of zombie shooters.

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk


Pixel Z Hunter2 3D is the sequel to the popular Pixel Z Hunter game. It builds upon the original with improved 3D graphics, new maps and zombie types, boss battles, missions and a compelling story campaign. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. As one of the last remaining human survivors, you must take on the zombie hordes using an arsenal of weapons and your wits.

Some key features of Pixel Z Hunter2 3D:

  • Addictive zombie shooting action
  • Simple one-touch controls
  • Impressive 3D graphics
  • Variety of maps and locations
  • Tons of weapons and upgrades to unlock
  • Intense boss battles
  • Multiplayer co-op mode
  • Smooth FPS gameplay

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk


Pixel Z Hunter2 3D gameplay involves navigating through maps and using your weapons to kill zombies before they can reach you. The touch controls are responsive, allowing you to aim, move and shoot swiftly.

Each level presents new challenges as you face different types of zombies. Some charge directly at you while others take cover and try to surround you. The zombie variety keeps gameplay exciting across over 50 levels.

As you progress, you can unlock new high-powered weapons like shotguns, rifles, grenade launchers and more. Upgrade your weapons for added firepower. Precision headshots are key to defeating zombies quickly before they overwhelm you.

Boss battles add another dimension to the gameplay. These huge zombies take tons of firepower and strategy to take down. Environments are also destructible, allowing you to explode objects like barrels to damage nearby zombies.

The game has an energy system that replenishes over time. You can play through multiple short levels before needing to recharge. There is also a fever mode that offers temporary unlimited energy, letting you go on a rampage.

Overall, Pixel Z Hunter2 3D gameplay is easy to pick up but offers plenty of depth with the RPG elements, weapons and strategies needed to beat each intense level.

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk


Addictive Zombie Shooting Action

  • Blast your way through hordes of zombies across 50+ levels
  • Face challenging bosses that require skill to defeat
  • Intense action that will keep you playing for hours

Great 3D Visuals

  • Smooth 3D graphics with destructible environments
  • Detailed character and zombie models
  • Immersive post-apocalyptic atmosphere

RPG Progression System

  • Level up your character and weapons
  • Unlock, upgrade and customize a huge arsenal
  • Become more powerful as you progress through the game

Varied Modes and Maps

  • Story-driven campaign mode with boss fights
  • Survival mode for endless zombie slaying
  • PvP multiplayer matches against other players
  • Fight zombies across farms, cities, military bases and more

Simple, Intuitive Controls

  • Easy one-touch controls for moving, aiming and shooting
  • Precise FPS control scheme perfect for mobile
  • Automatically lock-on and fire at nearby targets

Energy System

  • Replenishes over time so you can play in short bursts
  • Fever mode offers temporary unlimited energy
  • Energy system prevents the game from being too repetitive

With so much content and replayability packed into one game, Pixel Z Hunter2 3D is one of the top options for zombie shooting action on mobile devices.

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk

Pros and Cons


  • High quality 3D graphics
  • Smooth FPS gameplay
  • Lots of zombies and gore
  • Tons of weapons to use
  • Multiple modes extend replay value
  • Simple control scheme
  • RPG progression is rewarding
  • Boss battles require strategy
  • Co-op multiplayer option


  • Gets repetitive after a while
  • Energy system limits gameplay
  • Story is a bit basic
  • Map design isn’t perfect
  • PAY TO Win
  • Occasional bugs need fixing

While Pixel Z Hunter2 3D does suffer from some repetitive gameplay over time, the overall package is highly compelling for zombie game fans looking for action on their mobile device.

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk

Graphics and Sound

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D delivers a visually impressive experience that takes full advantage of mobile hardware capabilities. The environments are sharply detailed, with destructible objects like explosive barrels adding to the immersion.

Zombie designs are varied, with different models for regular undead, mutated zombies, and gruesome bosses. Weapon effects like muzzle flashes, sparks, and explosions also look great. There are spectacular slow motion scenes when landing critical hits or defeating bosses that really showcase the graphics.

From eerie farms to devastated cities, each map has a distinct post-apocalyptic vibe. The mood is enhanced by dynamic lighting and weather effects like rain or mist. Altogether, Pixel Z Hunter2 3D looks as good if not better than many console zombie games.

The audio mainly consists of zombie growls and screams, gunfire noises, explosions and a subtle background music track. The sounds lack variety but generally fit the fast-paced action. Voice acting is minimal but the zombie sounds are distinct enough to give an audible cue of where enemies are approaching from.

While the graphics are a standout, the sound is serviceable if unremarkable. However, the audiovisual presentation as a whole adds to the gameplay experience. Pixel Z Hunter2 3D is easily among the best-looking zombie shooter games available on mobile platforms right now.

Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Pixel Z Hunter2 3D:

Q: Is the game free to play?

A: Pixel Z Hunter2 3D is free to download and play, but it does contain in-app purchases to buy coins and upgrades. It is not completely pay to win, but spending money does help progression.

Q: How much storage space does the game require?

A: The game requires 490 MB of free storage space for installing on Android. The iOS version is around 600 MB. Make sure you have enough free space on your device before downloading.

Q: Does Pixel Z Hunter2 3D have controller support?

A: Yes, the game has built-in controller support for Bluetooth controllers. This gives an enhanced gameplay experience compared to touchscreen controls.

Q: Does the game have online multiplayer?

A: A 4-player co-op mode was added in a recent update. This allows friends to team up and battle zombies together online. There is also a basic PvP deathmatch mode.

Q: Is there a campaign mode or just individual levels?

A: The main mode is a multi-level campaign across various maps. There are optional side missions and hidden areas to discover too. Completing the story campaign takes around 5-6 hours.

Q: How often are new levels or weapons added in updates?

A: The developers try to release a major content update every 2-3 months. These often add new weapons, zombie types, levels, and modes. Smaller updates with optimizations and bug fixes are more frequent.

Q: Will Pixel Z Hunter2 run smoothly on an older device?

A: The game is optimized well for mid-range and budget devices. As long as you meet the minimum system requirements, you can expect a smooth FPS experience. Just lower the graphics settings if needed.

With exciting gameplay, great graphics and plenty of unlockable content, it’s easy to see why Pixel Z Hunter2 3D is such a hit with mobile gamers. The above questions cover some key details about this addictive zombie shooter.

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

  • Pixel Z Hunter2 3D is an impressive zombie shooter for mobile devices, with addictive gameplay, great graphics and tons of progression
  • Core gameplay involves annihilating zombies across 50+ levels using a huge arsenal of upgradable weapons
  • Varied game modes like campaign, survival and multiplayer provide 100+ hours of content
  • Smooth 3D graphics and a detailed atmosphere make for an immersive experience
  • Intuitive touch controls combined with solid game design result in a very polished overall package
  • Minor flaws like repetitive gameplay, energy limits and basic audio hold the game back from perfection
  • For zombie action on mobile, Pixel Z Hunter2 3D is easily one of the top choices right now and well worth trying

In conclusion, Pixel Z Hunter2 3D Mod Apk offers an outstanding FPS experience considering its mobile platform. The developers packed tons of content and replay value into the game while keeping the core zombie shooting action highly addictive. For anyone looking for fast-paced undead slaying fun on their phone or tablet, Pixel Z Hunter2 3D is easily worth the download. While some improvements can still be made, the game succeeds as a top-tier mobile zombie shooter.

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