Role PlayingPixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk 2.3.0 (Hack, God Mode, One Hit, Speed)

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk 2.3.0 (Hack, God Mode, One Hit, Speed)

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk 2.3.0 (Hack, God Mode, One Hit, Speed)
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4.5 Rating (234) Votes

4.5 Rating (234 Votes )
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Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk 2.3.0 (Hack, God Mode, One Hit, Speed)

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk
MOD Features God Mode, One Hit, Speed
Category Mod Apk
Size 75 MB
Version 2.3.0
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk is a fantasy-style action RPG for PC. This game throws you into the middle of a kingdom embroiled in civil war, and challenges you to restore peace and justice as one of four powerful Champions. Explore new lands, battle formidable enemies in thrilling real-time combat, unlock dozens of weapons and skills with which to equip your character; choose from hundreds of items and accessories to customize him according to your playstyle! Along the way recruit allies who join both your battles against evil forces as well as stories within an entertaining storyline full off twists and turns. Experience endless replayability through procedurally generated dungeons puzzles that randomly change each time you try them!

Beat Shooter Mod Apk

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

Pixel Blade Revolution is a 3D action-RPG set in a fantasy world. You can play as one of four Champions – mage, warrior, archer or rogue – with their own unique skills and weapons to master. Battle your way through intense real-time combat against hordes of fantastical enemies using moves such as dash attacks and guard breaks; team up with NPC companions or friends online for co-op adventures. Unlock new equipment from vendors and merchants while upgrading existing items to create powerful customizations; explore procedurally generated dungeons full off dangerous traps that you must overcome with skill! Story progression is presented via exciting cutscenes done in an old school 2D animation style bridging the gap between classic RPGs eras and modern ones for complete immersion into the game’s narrative path.

Play With Fun this game?

Pixel Blade Revolution is an innovative and fun action-RPG game with a huge variety of features. Engaging real-time combat keeps you on your toes, while the Item System allows for strategic customizations that feel rewarding. The procedurally generated dungeons provide endless replayability as they change each time you enter them, adding to their challenge; also co-op multiplayer ups the ante when playing with friends! Add in several engaging stories full off intriguing characters that make for interesting cutscenes between gameplay segments plus hordes of enemies waiting to be taken down – Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk Free Download can be enjoyed like multiple games in one!

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, Pixel Blade Revolution supports a fully featured multiplayer mode. You can play co-op with friends either locally or online via dedicated servers – send invites to join your game and team up against tougher enemies to create epic battles! The multiplayer also comes with various tweaks such as changing the AI difficulty setting so that all players are in for equal challenges; you’ll also get exclusive loot drops when playing together!

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk

Features of Pixel Blade Revolution

One of a Kind Action-RPG Experience

Pixel Blade Revolution brings you an unique action-RPG experience that leverages innovative input mechanics, thrilling real time combat and a large variety of enemy types with different behaviors and attack patterns. Dive into the game’s exhaustive story campaigns full off cutscenes done in classic 2D animation to immerse yourself even further!

Multiple Playable Characters

Choose from four Champions available who wield totally different weapons, skillsets and fighting styles, ranging from warrior strength to arcane magic use; feel free to mix them together for truly distinctively creative battles on your will! Fully customize each character by equipping various pieces of gear you acquire while traveling around the kingdom; upgrade existing items or unlock new ones for more potent configurations.

Item System & Loot Drops

With hundreds of weapons, shields hats armors etcetera exploring dungeons can prove useful if not mandatory since every random drop can be utilized in crafting stronger versions as well as sold at vendors for extra gold coins used when upgrading other goods. Further progress is now very much viable through guild shops found only accessible after completing specific quests set in each area’s main plotline.’

Customization Galore

With the game’s impressive array of customization options, you can create your own personal combinations in terms of skill-sets and equipment no one else has devised. Designate personal buffs that automatically activate upon certain conditions while piecing together an ideal armor set to make sure that every battle goes as smooth possible!

Procedurally Generated Dungeons

Never have same experience twice; explore randomly generated dungeons tailored according to both difficulty level chosen at start as well challenging objectives designed to test even more experienced players. Battle hordes of monsters along the way; it won’t get boring since each room design is a fresh surprise throughout full playtime offered by these depths!

Multiplayer Co-op Adventure

Pixel Blade Revolution isn’t just limited exploration all on lone but rather offers ways for extra progress should someone join almost instantly anytime upon pressing a button from any area visited during solo playthroughs. Have access exclusive loot drops when joining sessions with up three other friends via local connections or internet based servers too: meet cutthroat competition who will put skills test in real time fights plus bosses also necessitating strategic long range combat tactics forged utilizing entire roster Champions!’

Engaging Stories & NPCs

Along multi dimensional plots putting four main characters go against dangerous foes, come across equally diverse conversations between friendly Non Playable Characters granting new perspective about kingdom where everyone lives closer than ever imagined before being thrown into civil war frenzy resulting whole region plunge chaos without anymore peace held sacred amongst citizens who once called available living day prosperity.

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk

What is Pixel Blade Revolution Mod APK?

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod APK is an unlocked version of the original game. It includes all the content from Pixel Blade Revolution, plus bonus features such as unlimited coins and items, enhanced controls for easier gameplay, and a higher level cap. The mod also enables access to exclusive locations not available in normal play-throughs – explore special dungeons with increased rewards or gain access to areas filled with even tougher enemies! Other features include god mode for invincibility and complete mastery over skill trees so you can customize your character however you choose!

Features of Pixel Blade Revolution Mod APK

God Mode

If you’re looking for an edge, Pixel Blade Revolution Mod APK can provide it in the form of God Mode. This feature makes your character invincible, allowing you to breeze through battles with ease!

One Hit Kill

This mod also lets you take out enemies in a single hit! You won’t have any trouble dealing with hordes of foes if one strong blow is enough thanks this hackable bonus offered by this downloadable version game application.


Players can adjust the speed at which they move by toggling this feature on or off in the menu options; gods don’t have time waste when it comes slicing their way through mobs baddies! Increase your movement rate for faster completion of levels, quests and more during overall game playtime plus decrease need grind tactics specialized items dropped as rewards belong victorious conflicts waged against pesky creatures around kingdom.

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk

• Download the Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk from a trusted website

• Open your mobile device’s file manager and locate the downloaded Apk.

• Tap on it to install then send over necessary permissions if asked for when doing so; wait while files are being extracted onto device storage space accordingly.

• Once installation is complete, open up application ready use!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

•If the installation fails due to an insufficient storage space error, try uninstalling other applications or moving them to a SD card.

•If the application does not open after being installed, make sure that all necessary permissions have been provided for use during its initial stages; if it still doesn’t run properly consider reinstalling Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk Free Download with appropriate privileges enabled.

• Make sure that your wireless connection is strong enough as weak connections may cause unexpected errors while downloading.

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk is home to some of the finest visuals seen on a mobile device. Explore vibrant yet detailed environments rich with color and texture; witness fluidly animated characters that bring battles alive while you fight side-by-side with companion allies! Each dungeon offers unique visuals alongside various monsters, adding depth to an already extensive visual experience when playing through this modded version game title available handheld gaming platforms used nowadays around world!


The soundtrack adds to the atmosphere of Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk. Supportive battle tunes, intense boss theme tracks, and ambient game world BGM all help bring out your best mercenary habits while fighting hordes of foes looking take you down without hesitation! Enjoy a rich selection SFX that will make each action come alive with detail as well provide soothing peace when clearing events put through grindy levels visiting regarding progress made towards success; truly unique audio designs setting it apart from regular base version offering similar features albeit in lower quality state.


Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk is a must-have game for any fan of action-RPGs. Offering intense real time combat and extensive customization options that allow you to truly make your character unique, it provides countless hours fun challenges! The procedurally generated dungeons keep the content fresh and unexpected; plus with top notch visuals accompanied by great audio design supporting entire experience available mobile devices everywhere fits perfectly alongside base chapters displayed most gaming systems developed today. Download this modded version now if classic role playing video games ever wanted have chance become answer modern portable gaming demands anytime anywhere!

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk contain microtransactions?

A1: No, the mod does not contain or require any real money purchases. All content in the game can be obtained through natural progression such as dungeon drops, quests and other methods found within its core features of action-RPG gameplay.

Q2. Is Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Apk available in other languages?

A2: Currently the game is only available for English speaking players, however language packs are possible to include later down the line with future updates. Keep an eye out for them!

Q3. Are there exclusive dungeons and enemy locations in Pixel Blade Revolution Hack Apk Free Download?

A3: Yes, the mod contains special areas such as unique boss fights or dungeons containing powerful equipment which can sometimes not be found elsewhere; these offer great rewards after completing their challenges!

Q4. Does Pixel Blade Revolution Hack Apk support online multiplayer?

A4: Yes, an online co-op mode is offered in the mod where up to four players can join forces and take on harder enemies for even greater loot drops; also, exclusive content is unlocked when playing together with friends!

Q5. Will I need a powerful device to run Pixel Blade Revolution Modded Apk Free Download?

A5: No, the game has been optimized so that it will work smoothly on any device without requiring high-end specifications.; you’ll only need Android 4.0 or later versions installed for proper running of course!

Q6 Are all features from original version available in this modded form as well ?

A6 Yes , you got exactly same feature set here while some have gone extra mile such possibility increase movement speed proccess clearance quicker than ever before plus new tailor made dungeons await exploration now!

Q7 Is there recharging option bigger energy bar stay longer battles?

A7 Regretfully no . Although fact happens often situation right reducing having larger capacity doesn ‘t mean survivability increases significantly after prolonged playtime duration due balancing issues faced during implementation including computer character intelligence AI intended respond strategies employed real opponent .


• Pixel Blade Revolution Modded Apk is a great addition to the action-RPG genre.

• The mod contains exclusive content such as dungeons and boss fights; plus online co-op mode with extra loot drops!

• It works well on any device running Android 4.0 or later, without requiring high-end specs in order for it to run smoothly.

• God Mode, One Hit Kill and Speed features are also possible through this unlockable version of the game.

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