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PhotoApp MOD 2.3.12 APK (Premium Unlocked)

PhotoApp - AI Photo Enhancer
App Name PhotoApp - AI Photo Enhancer
Latest Version v.2.3.12
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Publisher ScaleUp
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Photography Photography
Size 45 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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4.2 Rating (221) Votes

4.2 Rating (221 Votes )
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Enhance photo quality with AI Photo Enhancer. Restore & unblur old photos.
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PhotoApp MOD 2.3.12 APK (Premium Unlocked)


PhotoApp – AI Photo Enhancer is a popular photo editing app that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance and restore old and blurry photos. With over 200 million photos enhanced, PhotoApp is one of the top choices for giving new life to old printed photos and low-resolution digital images.

In this in-depth review, we will cover the key features of PhotoApp, user interface and design, performance, and how it compares to similar apps.

PhotoApp MOD APK

Key Features

PhotoApp packs a robust set of photo enhancement tools powered by AI into an easy-to-use mobile app. Here are some of the standout features:

AI Photo Enhancement

The main feature of PhotoApp is its AI photo enhancer. With one tap, it can instantly improve the quality and clarity of any photo. The AI technology sharpens details, reduces noise, and enhances colors to make the photo look like it was taken with a high-end camera.

Both old vintage photos and recent blurry pics can be enhanced. The AI photo enhancer works its magic while preserving the original content, faces, and textures of the photo.

Fix Blurry Photos

PhotoApp uses AI to deblur and sharpen out of focus and blurry photos. Its blurry photo fixer can unblur faces, objects, and other details that traditional sharpening filters cannot fix. This makes it easy to rescue blurry old photos and fix focus issues with new pictures.

Increase Photo Resolution

Besides enhancing existing photo quality, PhotoApp can also upscale images to much higher resolutions like 2x, 5x, or even 10x. This super resolution feature takes a low resolution photo and enlarges it while adding realistic details through AI.

Old Photo Restoration

PhotoApp’s AI colorizer can add color to black and white photos. This auto colorization restores old family photos and historic images, bringing new life into monochrome photos.

The photo restoration does not just add color – it also enhances quality, sharpens faces, and removes blemishes and creases caused by aging and scanning.

Object Removal

Unwanted objects, watermarks, and photobombers can be seamlessly removed from any photo with a few taps in PhotoApp. The AI object and person removal results look incredibly realistic.

Photo to Cartoon Effect

PhotoApp can convert portraits into cartoon avatars with smooth outlines and vivid colors. The AI cartoon effect stylizes faces while retaining facial features and expressions.

Background Removal

Easily remove or replace backgrounds in portraits with PhotoApp’s AI background remover. The complex segmentation isolates the person or object flawlessly from the background for compositing.

Photo Animation

Breathing life into still photos, PhotoApp can animate portraits with facial motions triggered by gestures. The AI animation effect enables creating fun shareable animated photos.

PhotoApp MOD APK

User Interface and Design

PhotoApp features a clean, intuitive interface optimized for mobile devices. The streamlined design makes photo enhancement just a few taps away.

Simple Enhancement Workflow

The app launches right into the photo gallery or camera. A single tap on a photo applies automatic enhancement using AI.

Advanced settings are tucked away while basic options like cropping, filters, and text overlay are easily accessible. This simplifies the workflow for casual users.

Flexible Editing Tools

Tapping the Edit button reveals more granular controls for manual adjustments. Here you can fine-tune the AI photo enhancer, select custom filters, adjust colors, and more.

The editing tools strike a nice balance between simplicity and control. Casual users can ignore them while professionals have enough options to refine the final image.

Intuitive Object Removal

Removing distractions from photos is made easy with the Object Removal tool. Just select the objects or people to remove and the AI fills in the background seamlessly.

Handy Animation Controls

The AI Animation effect lets you make portraits come alive through facial gestures. The animation is controlled by simply tilting and moving your phone.

Stylish Design and Animations

The app uses a stylish design with bright colors and fluid animations. This creates a fun and engaging experience while enhancing photos.

Overall, PhotoApp’s interface makes otherwise complex photo manipulations accessible for casual users while providing enough advanced controls for enthusiasts.

PhotoApp MOD APK


In order to evaluate PhotoApp’s performance, I tested the app on a Google Pixel 6 phone. Here are my findings:


Enhancing 12MP photos takes just 2-4 seconds thanks to the AI engine’s optimization for mobile hardware. Changing filters and settings is also very snappy.

Image Quality

The AI photo enhancer delivers excellent results, with sharpened details, reduced noise, and enhanced colors. The enhanced photos look strikingly better than the originals.

The super resolution upscaling produces sharp and natural-looking details. Enlarging photos up to 10x their original resolution works surprisingly well.


The AI manages to improve image quality while retaining the original photo’s content accurately. Faces stay recognizable and no odd artifacts are introduced.


In my testing, PhotoApp worked flawlessly every time. The AI features succeeded in enhancing every photo I tried without any glitches or inconsistencies.


PhotoApp uses AI acceleration and performs all processing locally on the device. This allows quick enhancement without relying on the cloud.

The app has a light footprint, using only moderate computing resources. Battery drain is minimal thanks to optimization for mobile hardware.

Overall, PhotoApp delivers excellent performance, enhancing photos swiftly while preserving quality and details. The AI tech works reliably for a smooth user experience.

PhotoApp MOD APK

Comparable Apps

PhotoApp competes with other AI-powered photo enhancer apps. Here’s how it compares to some top alternatives:


Remini focuses on enhancing portraits by sharpening faces. PhotoApp has a more versatile AI engine that can enhance all kinds of photos.


EnhanceFox offers more manual control but its AI effects are inconsistent. PhotoApp’s results are more reliably high-quality.


Pixelup can upscale images nicely but struggles with fixing blur. PhotoApp’s deblurring AI is superior.

Topaz Sharpen AI

Topaz Sharpen AI is powerful but desktop-only. PhotoApp brings great AI photo enhancement to mobile.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express has manual editing tools but lacks AI-powered automation. PhotoApp makes enhancement easy.

PhotoApp matches and often exceeds the enhancement capabilities of desktop software in a mobile-first experience. The AI quality and versatility is ahead of other mobile photo enhancer apps.

PhotoApp MOD APK

Pros & Cons


  • AI enhances all photos with a single tap
  • Restores old and low-res images excellently
  • Simple and intuitive mobile interface
  • Flexible editing tools for fine adjustments
  • Fast performance thanks to AI acceleration
  • Preserves photo details accurately
  • Works reliably on a wide range of photos
  • Lightweight app with minimal battery drain


  • Requires a paid subscription for full functionality
  • Limited batch processing capabilities
  • Cannot teach AI using before/after examples
  • Does not work on RAW camera files
  • No cloud syncing across devices

Price and Availability

PhotoApp is free to download on Android and iOS devices. The app offers a 7-day free trial of the pro features.

A weekly pro subscription costs $4.99 while the yearly plan is $34.99. There are also lifetime plans available as in-app purchases.

PhotoApp does not require an internet connection to enhance photos. However, a subscription is needed to unlock exporting in high resolution.

PhotoApp MOD APK


PhotoApp – AI Photo Enhancer makes restoring and enhancing photos easy with powerful AI. Once notoriously difficult edits like increasing resolution, deblurring, and colorizing are now just taps away thanks to the AI engine.

While pros may want more batch processing and customizability, PhotoApp hits the sweet spot for casual users. Its smart automatic enhancement combined with handy tools like object removal and animation effects make it easy to give photos a new lease of life.

For breathing new life into old printed or blurry digital photos, PhotoApp offers the best combination of intelligent AI and streamlined mobile interface. The AI photo restoration and enhancement technology is a cut above other mobile photo editor apps.

If you have old family photos to restore or low-quality digital pictures to enhance, PhotoApp is a top choice. The AI delivers consistently high-quality results in just seconds while the app remains snappy even on mid-range phones. For giving photos a new lease of life no matter their age or quality, PhotoApp is a must-try.

  • We just fixed a little bug that improves the overall performance.

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