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Otherworld Legends MOD APK 2.0.2 b20467 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Vip, Gems)

Otherworld Legends
App Name Otherworld Legends
Latest Version v.2.0.2 b20467
Last Updated
Publisher ChillyRoom
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 180 MB
Mods Menu, Unlimited Money, Vip, Gems
Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (214) Votes

4.2 Rating (214 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Kick, Dodge and Smash! Ready to rule this roguelike dungeon crawler RPG?
    • MOD MENU
    • Unlimited Money
    • Unlimited Asura Power
    • Unlock Skin
    • Unlimited Ticket Weapon Enhance
    • Unlimited Reborn Card
    • Item Increase When You spend
    • God Mode
    • No Cooldown Skill New
    • Unlimited Skill New
    • Unlock Skill New
    • Unlock Hero Newer
    • Unlock Style New
    • Unlock Vip New


Otherworld Legends Mod Apk is a roguelike action RPG developed by ChillyRoom for Android, iOS, and PC. The game was first released in 2020 and has received several major updates since then, adding new characters, levels, enemies, and gameplay features.

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk

In Otherworld Legends, players take control of powerful warriors summoned to a mystical realm called the Mirage. The goal is to fight through procedurally generated dungeon floors, defeating enemies and bosses to unlock new areas and heroes. With its pixel art graphics, frantic real-time combat, and RPG elements like collecting loot and leveling up, Otherworld Legends delivers an addictive gameplay loop reminiscent of classic arcade brawlers.

This review will examine all aspects of Otherworld Legends in depth, including graphics and audio, gameplay and progression, monetization, and post-launch support. Whether you’re considering trying the game for the first time or are an existing player looking for tips, this guide will provide a comprehensive look at everything Otherworld Legends has to offer.

Graphics and Audio

Otherworld Legends features a retro pixel art style, with chunky character sprites and detailed environmental art. The game’s various themed areas all have unique visual flair, from the bamboo forests and pagodas of the Orient levels to the wild west ghost towns and saloons. Vibrant colors and effects like screen shakes and damage numbers give combat a satisfying crunch.

The pixel art animations are also top notch, breathing life into the heroes and enemies. Characters slice, kick, shoot, and cast spells with smooth motions, and taking damage triggers fun reaction animations like getting knocked back or stunned. The detailed animations make gameplay feel even more hard-hitting and visceral.

On the audio front, Otherworld Legends has an atmospheric original soundtrack that evolves dynamically based on your current area and situation. The music ranges from serene and mystical to fast-paced and intense pumping battle themes. Sound effects like swords clashing, guns firing, and bones crunching add to the sensory assault.

Overall, the pixel art visuals and energetic audio make Otherworld Legends feel like a living arcade game. ChillyRoom nailed the presentation, creating a stylish and polished experience.

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk

Gameplay and Progression

Core Gameplay Loop

The core gameplay loop of Otherworld Legends will be instantly familiar to fans of action RPGs and roguelikes. Each run consists of fighting through semi-randomly generated dungeon floors connected by portals, growing stronger through loot drops and character progression while working towards the end boss.

Gameplay is in real-time, with players directly controlling their chosen hero and using their basic attacks, skills, and dodges to defeat swarms of enemies room by room. The combat is fast-paced and frenetic, with hordes of monsters bearing down on you and special attacks and spells creating flashy effects. Defeating enemies and finding chests earns you gold and items to power up your hero.

Each floor has a shop where you can spend gold on permanent upgrades and temporary consumable buffs to improve your odds of survival. Floors also contain challenge rooms with special rewards for those who dare to risk their necks. The further you get, the more difficult enemies become and the more complex floor layouts get.

Surviving long enough also unlocks access to tougher bonus biomes with greater challenges and rewards. Perishing means starting your run over, but you keep meta progress like unlocked heroes and upgrades. The loop of pushing just a bit further each time by honing your skills and gear finds that perfect balance of “one more run” addictiveness.


Otherworld Legends currently features 15 playable heroes, with more added regularly via updates. Heroes fall into classes like Berserkers who dish out melee damage, Rangers who pick off enemies from afar with bows, and Mages who wield elemental spells.

Each hero has their own unique basic attacks, skills, and playstyles. For example, the sword-wielding knight Akaisha can charge her strikes for crushing single-target damage, while the brawler Quan Huying juggles foes with fiery flying kicks.

Leveling up heroes by using them unlocks additional skills and passive bonuses that diversify their abilities. Further replayability comes from equipping different weapons that alter skills and stats. The variety of heroes and customization ensures gameplay stays fresh.

Progression and Meta-Upgrades

While each individual run starts you off weak, repeated runs build up your overall metagame progression. Leveling up your Profile with experience earned in runs unlocks new gameplay modes and permanent upgrades.

Heroes also have their own progression systems and skill trees separate from individual runs. Leveling them up unlocks specializations like poison attacks or lifesteal, along with permanent stat boosts.

The meta-progression gives a great sense of long-term advancement. While the RNG nature of roguelikes means success on any given run is uncertain, you’re always working towards something with every bit of experience and gold earned. Unlocking a new hero or beating your highest run count provides major milestones.

Items and Builds

A huge part of the fun in Otherworld Legends is collecting and utilizing different gear to create crazy powerful hero builds. Hundreds of equipable weapons, armors, accessories, and consumables can be found during runs.

Items range from common staples like health potions to rare artifacts with unique attributes like causing explosions. Equipping complementary gear types creates devastating synergies. For example, boosting fire damage then adding burning effect to your attacks melts enemies.

Adaptability is key – you have to constantly evaluate loot and adjust your build based on what the dungeon throws at you. The variability of gear contributes tremendous replay value, offering new experiences every time.

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk

Game Modes and Post-Game Content

Otherworld Legends has expanded well beyond its initial scope thanks to numerous updates adding endgame systems and challenges for experienced players. Here are some of the major modes and features:

Nightmare Mode

After completing the main campaign, Nightmare Mode amps up the difficulty to the extreme with enemies that hit even harder but drop better loot. Surviving Nightmare requires expert play and gear. Special Nightmare-only resources let you craft new equipment.

Boss Revenge

Boss Revenge offers remixed boss fights that are tougher than their campaign versions. Triumphing over the amped-up bosses earns you new character skins and bragging rights.

Infinite Mode

Infinite Mode removes the final boss, allowing you to see how far you can push into the endless dungeon. Leaderboards track the highest room counts reached by each hero.

Secret Bosses

Six new Secret Bosses were added as an endgame challenge, each guarded by a lengthy questline. Defeating them earns you their exclusive weapons and artifacts.


Up to 4 players can team up via online co-op to battle through the dungeons together. Coordinating skills and gear with allies adds a new dimension of strategy.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges give special rewards for completing runs under various conditions. Some limit your gear, others race against the clock, forcing you to master different playstyles.

Pet System

Pets picked up during runs offer unique bonuses like lifesteal or critical hit chance. Leveling up and evolving pets by feeding them items improves their abilities.

The wealth of late and endgame content provides tremendous replay value for those who get hooked on the core gameplay. There’s always a new goal or milestone to work towards.


Otherworld Legends is free-to-play, with monetization primarily coming from unlocking additional heroes. 3 heroes are permanently free, while the rest can be unlocked with premium currency bought for real money or earned slowly in-game. There are also some cosmetic skins and pets sold for premium currency.

The hero unlock pricing is quite expensive, ranging from $5-10 worth of premium currency per hero. Given heroes are a major part of the gameplay variety, locking most behind paywalls or unreasonable grinds is unfortunate.

On the plus side, there are no forced ads or pay-to-win mechanics – skill determines success. Spending money just unlocks content faster. The gameplay itself remains balanced and enjoyable without spending. But the aggressive monetization mars the experience somewhat.

Post-Launch Support

One area where Otherworld Legends truly shines is the extensive post-launch support from developer ChillyRoom. Major content updates release every 2-3 months, continuously expanding the game with new heroes, levels, gear, modes, and quality of life improvements.

Some highlights include a huge New Game+ style “Realms of Six” update that effectively doubled the content, introducing 6 new biomes themed after Chinese mythology, along with new bosses and progression systems.

Other notable updates added long-requested features like online co-op multiplayer and an endless Infinite Mode. ChillyRoom also frequently runs limited-time events with special rewards.

The developers interact extensively with players via social media and Discord to gather feedback and bug reports. Issues generally get addressed quickly. Overall, the level of active long-term support is impressive for a mobile title.

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk

What is Otherworld Legends Mod Apk?

Otherworld Legends Mod APK is a modified version of the popular Android action RPG game Otherworld Legends. It offers various cheats and hacks not available in the regular version, such as:

  • Unlimited money/gems/resources
  • All heroes/characters unlocked
  • All skills unlocked
  • God mode (invincibility)
  • No skill cooldowns
  • Built-in mod menu with additional options

The mod allows you to access premium content and remove certain limitations of the freemium base game, enabling faster progression. This can let you try out all the different heroes, skills, and content without grinding.

However, using mods comes with risks – it may cause crashes or bans if detected. Mods also take away some challenge intended by the developers. So use responsibly keeping those factors in mind.

Overall, Otherworld Legends Mod APK aims to provide an enhanced and less restricted gameplay experience for those looking to fully enjoy the game’s content without excessive grinding. But it does change the original vision, so weigh whether that tradeoff is worthwhile for your needs.


Otherworld Legends delivers a polished, action-packed dungeon crawling experience with satisfying progression and near infinite replayability. The pixel art visuals and effects are fantastic, and hacking through swarms of monsters feels great, especially once you build up some beefy gear.

While the monetization could be less aggressive, the core gameplay loop stays engaging for the long haul. Frequent major content updates continue expanding the world and systems. Otherworld Legends easily stands tall among the top tier of mobile roguelikes.

For fans of real-time combat, loot hunting, and defeating challenging bosses, Otherworld Legends is easy to recommend. There’s always a new build to try, hero to master, or high score to chase after. Despite some flaws, this is one mobile RPG that can truly suck you into its addictive depths for hours on end.


  • Retro pixel art style with detailed animations brings the heroes and monsters to life
  • Dynamic original soundtrack pumps up the action
  • Highly polished real-time combat feels great, especially once you’re powered up
  • 15+ heroes offer drastically different playstyles and abilities
  • Meta-progression provides long-term goals and milestones
  • Hundreds of items and gear combinations enable deep build customization
  • Lots of endgame activities like Nightmare Mode and Boss Revenge for hardcore players
  • Frequent major content updates add substantial new features
  • Aggressive monetization hampers aspects of the experience
  • Overall an excellent and addictive mobile roguelike

  • *Adjusted the tutorial for new players.
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