SimulationNutaku Mod Apk 2.0.9 (Hack, Unlocked)

Nutaku Mod Apk 2.0.9 (Hack, Unlocked)

Nutaku Mod Apk 2.0.9 (Hack, Unlocked)
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5 Rating (1 Votes )
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Nutaku Mod Apk 2.0.9 (Hack, Unlocked)

Nutaku is an erotic RPG game available on the adult gaming platform Nutaku. Developed and published by Nutaku themselves, Project QT combines match-3 puzzle gameplay with turn-based combat to create an addictive and sexy gaming experience. As one of Nutaku’s most popular titles boasting over 5 million downloads, Project QT definitely stands out as a top notch 18+ game. This in-depth review will cover all aspects of Nutaku to see if it lives up to the hype.

Nutaku Mod Apk


Project QT is free-to-play with in-app purchases. The core gameplay loop involves completing match-3 puzzle levels to earn coins and experience to upgrade a roster of 10 unique anime girls. These girls can then be taken into turn-based RPG battles against enemies. The game features explicit XXX hentai content in the form of fully uncensored art and animations. Fans of sexy anime girls will certainly find eye candy to enjoy. Beyond the erotic visuals, Project QT has deep gameplay systems, tons of stages and events, and engaging progression that makes it easy to sink hours into.

Match 3 Gameplay

The match-3 levels in Project QT play out on an 8×6 grid board. Players must match 3 or more tokens horizontally or vertically to clear them. The main goal is to remove all tokens from the board within a set number of moves. There are varied token types to create matches with:

  • Color Tokens – Match 3+ of the same color
  • Rainbow – Counts as any color
  • Prism – Clears all tokens of that color
  • Bomb – Explodes in a 2×2 area
  • Lock – Must be destroyed with special skills
  • Metal – Cannot be matched normally

Matching tokens charges up the Burst Meter located on the side of the screen. Filling the meter allows players to activate special skills. The meter also passively fills automatically with each move. The match-3 puzzles start out simple, but become more complex with added mechanics later on like locked tokens, bombs, and metal blocks. There are also boss levels that are considerably more challenging. Overall, the match-3 gameplay is smooth and addictive. It mixes in enough variety to stop it from feeling stale.

RPG Battles

After completing a certain number of match-3 levels, players can take their team into turn-based RPG battles. These battles take place on a 3×3 grid. The goal is to defeat all enemies on the grid using skills and attacks. Each girl has a regular attack along with 3 special skills. Managing skill rotations and turn order is key. Enemies will also use attacks and have various statuses that must be countered. Area of effect skills that hit multiple grid squares are useful to efficiently clear out foes. Defeating battles earns coins that can be used to upgrade skills and stats. Occasional boss fights provide a difficulty spike. The combat isn’t overly complex, but remains engaging. It encourages strategizing to optimize damage and skill usage.

Nutaku Mod Apk


The main draw of Project QT is collecting a roster of gorgeous anime girls with unique designs and personalities:

  • Ayane – A purple-haired ninja who excels at AoE attacks.
  • Misty – A shy maid who keeps the team alive with healing skills.
  • Erica – A mad scientist who uses robots and lasers to fight.
  • Nina – A gunslinger with a cheeky attitude who unloads bullet hell.
  • Sylvia – A graceful elf archer who inflicts precision damage from afar.
  • Quinn – A punk rocker who shreds enemies with her electric guitar.
  • Myrtle – A witch who cripples foes with debuffs and status effects.
  • Amy – An athletic swimmer who charges enemies to deal damage.
  • Elva – A vampire who drains health and blood from enemies.
  • Rita – A stoic warrior who can draw attacks and shield allies.

The colorful cast covers a diverse set of anime character archetypes. Their distinctive personalities and designs shine through beautifully detailed artwork. Interacting with the girls via intimate scenes, conversations, and dates is a major highlight of Project QT.

Progression Systems

Project QT offers deep progression systems that give a strong sense of growth:

Leveling – Gain XP from matches and combat to increase overall stats. Girls max out at Level 100.

Ascension – Special milestone levels that unlock enhanced skills and sexy new outfits.

Skills – Active and passive skills can be upgraded on each girl’s skill tree.

Equipment – Equip weapons, armor, and accessories with various bonuses.

Affection – Raise relationship levels by giving gifts for stat boosts.

Intimacy – Unlocks sex scenes and animated H content at higher levels.

Skinshop – Alternate skins that change the girls’ appearance and outfits. With so many ways to customize the roster, players can fine-tune their team to optimize abilities and attributes.

Nutaku Mod Apk


As a free mobile game, Project QT monetization includes:

  • Gold – Premium currency for gacha rolls, upgrades, skins, etc.
  • Daily Deals – Special packages with big Gold bundles.
  • Subscription – Monthly VIP Pass with bonuses and daily Gold.
  • Events – Limited-time events with exclusive girls.
  • Skinshop – Cosmetics that can be purchased directly.

While it’s possible to play for free, spending money provides faster progression and access to powerful characters. Players who want to experience all the content may need to invest some cash.

Art & Animation

Project QT really shines in the visual department. The artwork and animations are of the highest caliber:

  • Beautiful and detailed 2D character designs
  • Intricate clothing and outfits on each girl
  • Smooth and fluid sex scene animations
  • Uncensored erotic content with no visual obstructions
  • Range of facial expressions and poses
  • Varied scene locations and camera angles
  • Vibrant colors and visual effects

It’s clear a lot of care and effort went into crafting the visual presentation. The excellent aesthetics help immerse players into the lewd experience.

Nutaku Mod Apk


Project QT executes well on delivering an engaging gameplay loop paired with stunning erotic visuals. Players looking for an adult game that goes beyond static hentai images will find Project QT’s puzzle and RPG elements a nice change of pace. The collectible cast of cute and sexy anime girls is a major highlight. Interacting with them via combat, intimacy systems, and unlockable H-scenes provides plenty of motivation to keep playing. While the monetization could be aggressive for some, Project QT remains one of the highest quality adult games available today. It stands out as a must-play title on Nutaku’s platform.

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