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Nova Launcher MOD 8.0.8 APK (Unlocked)

Nova Launcher
App Name Nova Launcher
Latest Version v.8.0.8
Last Updated
Publisher Nova Launcher
Requirements Android 8.0 Android 8.0
Category Personalization Personalization
Size 11 MB
Mods Unlocked
Google Playstore

5 Rating (1) Votes

5 Rating (1 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Customize your home screen!
    • Prime / Paid features unlocked – no additional key required;
    • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
    • Optimized and zip aligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
    • Default wallpapers removed;
    • Disabled Rate and Social Menu;
    • Google Play Store install package check disabled;
    • Debug code removed;
    • Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
    • Ultra compress packaging for small size;
    • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
    • No active trackers;
    • Native bugsnag analytics removed completely;
    • Languages: Full Multi Languages;
    • CPUs: universal architecture;
    • Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
    • Original package signature changed;

Nova Launcher MOD 8.0.8 APK (Unlocked)

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular and highly customizable launcher apps available for Android. It provides users with an immense amount of customization options to personalize the home screen, app drawer, dock, folders, icons, widgets and more.

Headunit Reloaded MOD APK

Nova Launcher MOD APK


Nova Launcher was first released in 2011 by TeslaCoil Software and has been consistently updated since then. Here are some of the key features of Nova Launcher:

  • Highly Customizable: Nova allows customizing almost every aspect of the home screen – layout, scroll effects, transition animations, icon size and style, colors etc.
  • Icon Themes: It supports thousands of icon packs available on the Play Store to completely change the look of icons.
  • Gestures: Perform gestures like swiping, pinching, double tapping on home screen icons and folders to open apps or trigger actions.
  • App Drawer Customization: Customize app drawer with scroll effects, transition animations and layout like vertical scrolling or tabbed categories.
  • Subgrid Positioning: Unlike default launchers, Nova allows placing icons and widgets between grid cells for more precise positioning.
  • Backup & Restore: Backup and restore home screen layouts and Nova settings.
  • Performance: Nova Launcher is lightweight and optimized for smooth performance even on older Android devices.
  • Prime Version: Nova Launcher Prime unlocks more features like app drawer categories, hiding apps, icon swipe gestures, notification badges etc.

Nova Launcher MOD APK

Customization Features

Nova Launcher offers an insane amount of ways to customize the home screen and app drawer. Here are some of the key ways Nova can be customized:

Home Screen

  • Grid Size – Set number of rows and columns
  • Subgrid Positioning – Place items between grid cells
  • Scroll Effects – Customize home screen scroll animation
  • Transition Effects – Customize transition animations between home screens
  • Icon Layout – Resize icons and change layout using gestures
  • Hide Icon Labels – Remove text below icons
  • Overlapping Widgets – Allow widgets to overlap each other


  • Icon Size
  • Number of Icons
  • Background Color
  • Scroll Indicators
  • Hide Dock


  • Background Color
  • Background Image
  • Folder Preview – Customize number of preview icons

App Drawer

  • Scroll Effect – Customize scroll animation
  • Layout – Vertical, Horizontal Paginated, Vertical Paginated
  • Background Color
  • Card or Immersive Background
  • Hide App Drawer Button
  • Categories (Nova Launcher Prime)
  • Position – Top or Bottom
  • Color
  • Background Color


  • Icon Packs – Use icon packs from Play Store
  • Icon Shape – Square, Rounded, Teardrop etc.
  • Icon Size
  • Label Color
  • Label Font Size


  • Overlapping Widgets
  • Widget Positioning Between Grid Cells


  • Swipe, Pinch, Double Tap on Icons and Folders
  • Icon Swipe (Nova Launcher Prime)

App Drawer

  • Swipe Down For Notifications
  • Pinch To Open App Drawer
  • Double Tap To Sleep


  • Themes – Dark, Light etc.
  • Scroll Effects
  • Transition Animations
  • Icon Shape
  • Icon Size
  • Grid Size
  • Fonts

Backup & Restore

  • Backup Home Screen Layout
  • Backup Nova Settings
  • Restore Backups

Nova Launcher MOD APK


Despite having so many features, Nova Launcher is designed to provide smooth performance even on older Android devices. It is lightweight on system resources.

Some ways Nova Launcher improves performance compared to stock launcher:

  • Smoother animations and transitions
  • Faster home screen rendering
  • Lower battery drain
  • Optimized for older phones

Having used Nova Launcher extensively on devices like OnePlus 5T, Galaxy S9, Pixel 4A etc. I have always found it to be extremely smooth without any lag or stutter. Of course, performance can vary depending on the device but in general Nova performs very well.

Ease of Use

Despite having an overwhelming amount of customization options, Nova Launcher is actually easy to use for beginners.

The default layout resembles stock Android so users coming from Pixel or Motorola phones will feel right at home. Nova also has a very intuitive settings menu making it easy to find options.

Some key things that make Nova Launcher beginner friendly:

  • Intuitive gestures like swipe up for app drawer, pinch for overview
  • Simple settings menu with search
  • Resembles stock Android UI
  • Help guide for new users
  • Safe mode to revert changes
  • Backup & restore options

Advanced users can dig deeper into the customization settings and really personalize Nova to their liking. But for casual users, Nova Launcher is as easy to use as stock Android launcher.

Nova Launcher MOD APK

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely customizable
  • Smooth performance
  • Lightweight on system resources
  • Feature packed Prime version
  • Supports icon packs
  • Intuitive gestures
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • Too many options can seem overwhelming initially
  • Lacks some features like feed integration, app suggestions
  • Few minor bugs or inconsistencies with some themes

Should You Use Nova Launcher?

For users looking to customize and personalize their Android home screen, Nova Launcher is easily the top choice. The sheer amount of customization options Nova provides is unmatched. Casual users may feel overwhelmed initially but Nova still provides a great stock Android-like experience out of the box. Its performance is buttery smooth and it’s more optimized than stock launchers. Highly recommended for every Android user looking to enhance their home screen experience.

Nova Launcher MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Nova Launcher:

Does Nova Launcher drain battery?

No, Nova Launcher does not drain battery compared to the stock launcher. In fact, many users report slightly better battery life as Nova is optimized to be lightweight on system resources. Of course, excessive customization like live wallpapers or widgets can impact battery life.

Is Nova Launcher safe to use?

Yes, Nova Launcher is 100% safe to use. It does not access any private data or require unnecessary permissions. Nova is used by millions of users worldwide for over 10 years.

Does Nova Launcher work on all Android phones?

Nova works on Android 4.0 and above. So it will work on almost any Android phone released in the last 5-6 years. It may not work properly on some phones with heavily customized skins like MIUI or ColorOS.

Does Nova Launcher slow down Android?

No, Nova Launcher does not slow down Android. In fact many users report faster performance with Nova. It is highly optimized to provide smooth performance on most devices.

What are the best Nova Launcher features?

Some of the best Nova Launcher features are:

  • Icon packs & custom icons
  • Custom gestures
  • Overlapping widgets
  • Custom scroll effects
  • Different icon shapes
  • App drawer customization
  • Subgrid positioning
  • Backup & Restore

What is Nova Launcher Prime?

Nova Launcher Prime is the paid version of Nova Launcher that unlocks additional features like gestures, app drawer categories, notification badges etc. It costs $4.99 as a one-time purchase.

How is Nova Launcher different from stock Android launcher?

Nova Launcher provides way more customization options compared to stock Android launcher. It also adds new features like gestures, subgrid positioning, overlapping widgets etc. Nova is also smoother and faster compared to some stock launchers.

Does Nova Launcher work with Android 12?

Yes, Nova Launcher is fully compatible with Android 12 and Material You theming. Dynamic theming works perfectly in Nova Launcher.

Can you use icon packs with Nova Launcher?

Yes, one of the best features of Nova Launcher is support for icon packs. You can use any icon pack from the Google Play Store to customize icons.

Does Nova Launcher have ads?

No, Nova Launcher does not have any ads in the free or Prime version. Nova Launcher Prime is a paid upgrade with one-time fee and no subscriptions.

Nova Launcher MOD APK


Nova Launcher provides an immense amount of customization options through an intuitive interface making it easy for beginners to use. Advanced users can take advantage of the depth of options to really personalize their home screen. It delivers smooth performance and is more optimized than stock launchers. Nova Launcher is highly recommended for all Android users looking to customize their phone. The Prime version unlocks even more powerful features. For users looking to enhance their home screen experience, Nova Launcher is the top choice.

  • Fixes for Android 12L Bug fixes and optimizations

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