SimulationNiffelheim Mod Apk 1.5.78 (Hack, God Mode, Unlimited Money)

Niffelheim Mod Apk 1.5.78 (Hack, God Mode, Unlimited Money)

Niffelheim Mod Apk 1.5.78 (Hack, God Mode, Unlimited Money)
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3.5 Rating (768) Votes

3.5 Rating (768 Votes )
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Niffelheim Mod Apk 1.5.78 (Hack, God Mode, Unlimited Money)

Niffelheim Mod Apk
MOD Features God Mode, Unlimited Money
Category Mod Apk
Size 43 MB
Version 1.5.78
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Niffelheim Mod Apk is an action-adventure survival game developed by Ellada Games and released in October 2016. The player controls a Viking warrior who has died and arrived in Niffelheim Hack Apk, a bleak Norse underworld ruled by the great dragon serpent Nidhogg. In order to escape from this dark place, your character needs to explore its mysterious depths while manipulating the various elements of nature -life energy (ether), death power (shadows), and raw materials -in order to help restore balance at the gates of Niflgaard. The activity will require players not only to battle against creatures inspired by Norse mythology but also to gather resources for crafting tools such as weapons or buildings, as well as creating recipes for food items that are vital for their survival within this cruel realm full of enemies at every corner.

Niffelheim Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

Niffelheim is an action-adventure survival game that requires players to explore the Norse underworld. They must battle creatures, gather resources, and craft tools for their journey while manipulating elements of nature to restore balance at the gates of Niflgaard. Utilize materials and recipes available to survive this unforgiving environment filled with enemies.

Niffelheim Mod Apk

Play With Fun this game?

Yes, Niffelheim is a fun game to play. The thrilling action will keep you enthralled as you traverse the bleak and mysterious depths of the underworld. Explore ancient ruins, slay mythical creatures, and find treasures while engaging in intense battles with enemies trying to thwart your progress. With crafting systems available for creating tools or buildings, along with various recipes of food items necessary for survival – this is an immersive experience sure to challenge players’ skills while keeping them entertained!

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Niffelheim Mod Apk

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Niffelheim is a single-player action-adventure. However, you can compete against other players worldwide in leaderboards to measure where your progress ranks among the best of them. The game also features daily rewards and challenges for extra bonuses as an additional incentive to keep playing and improve your rank on the rankings!

Features of Niffelheim


Niffelheim provides a comprehensive crafting system in order to help players stay alive and progress through its challenging environment. Players can craft weapons, tools, or buildings necessary for their survival. Crafted materials can also be used to create food which is essential for survival in this unforgiving realm full of dangers at every corner.


Throughout your exploration of the underworld, you will stumble upon various resources such as wood, stone, or iron; all are required for crafting items needed on your journey, along with recipes and other items available via trading with NPCs which allow you to upgrade equipment faster than if done only by relying on rewards from enemies defeated during combat sequences scattering across the murky depths awaiting beneath Nidhogg’s rule!

Ethereal power

tapping into the ethereal power found within some of Niffelheim’s dungeons will help players restore their health or even reclaim lost life. Of course, this mysterious force is not all roses and rainbows as it has a corrupting side to it too, which can lead characters becoming more susceptible to damage!


As mentioned, scaled beasts and humanoids roam throughout the underworld, so fight prepares mainly through several types of weapons such as one-handed blades or two-handed mauls along with magical powers. Fierce enemies will threaten your progress while sometimes leaving behind valuable loot when defeated in battle!

Achievement System

To keep things interesting for veteran players as well as motivate new ones, achievements come built into Niffelheim, offering extra rewards every time certain goals are accomplished (like killing a certain amount of creatures). Such attention to detail takes advantage of having full statistics both locally on the device and also allowing online accounts so there’s better tracking and visualizing results over longer periods of time, letting everybody easily compare feats among other gamers currently living similar journeys in the same realm beneath Nidhogg’s rule!

Leader boards

The game also features leaderboards allowing participants to compete against others worldwide accessed via the official website plus featured rankings with fellow local gamers standing out most testament effort put forth by the best players in each region using specific criteria like level cleared ascending order popularity showing climbers’ face up front giving Trials real motivation prominence acknowledgment deserve without compromising across borders those earned spot rightfully .

Daily Challenges & Rewards

This additional incentive keeps users coming back daily, providing bragging rights to climb the highest ranks, additionally granting special rewards to exclusive recipients only making playable alternative events that place throughout effective layout lasting series many hours until total completion.

Niffelheim Mod Apk

What is Niffelheim Mod APK?

Niffelheim Mod APK is an unofficial version of the official Niffelheim game. It has been developed by third-party developers in order to provide additional features and content not available in the original version. This includes modified item drops, improved weapons or armor stats, increased XP gain rate, and more. While this mod does offer added advantages over normal play, it should be used at players’ own risk, as the use of such modifications may constitute a violation of copyright law depending on your country’s regulations.

Niffelheim Mod Apk

Features of Niffelheim Mod APK

God Mode

By using Niffelheim APK Mod, players can enable the powerful god mode, which makes them completely immune to all sorts of damage. This will make it easier for them to progress through the game and conquer challenging dungeons without fear of death.

Unlimited Money

With Niffelheim Modded APK installed, users are able to generate an unlimited amount of money (gold) which can be used in-game for purchasing items such as weapons or armor pieces that are otherwise hard to come by.

Improved Items

The mod also offers improved weapon and armor stats along with modified item drops, so users have access to more rare in-game items than they would normally get from playing the “vanilla” version alone – giving gamers a better chance at success quicker!

How to Download And Install Niffelheim Mod Apk

• Visit a reliable website from which to download the Niffelheim Mod Apk Free Download.

• Download and install the APK file onto your device.

• Allow third-party sources to transfer files onto your device if prompted for permission by Android OS during the installation process.

• Open the installed application after it has finished downloading and start playing!

Niffelheim Mod Apk

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Check that you have reliable internet access and good download speed before attempting to install the mod apk.

• Make sure your device’s OS is compatible with the version of Niffelheim Mod Apk Free Download that you are attempting to install.

• Make sure that third-party sources are enabled on your phone for successful installation.

• Check if there’s enough storage space available on the device for game files being downloaded as part process!

Visual and sound quality


Niffelheim Mod Apk visuals provide an authentic atmosphere within its challenging environment as players traverse through the underworld. The beautifully crafted graphics capture every moment, from jaw-dropping vistas to tense battles against mythical creatures with animations that bring them life onscreen, along with special effects like divine lightning or shifting shadows, further heightening the overall immersive experience!


Accompanying this masterpiece of aesthetics is a robust soundtrack filled with mysterious and epic melodies composed by acclaimed authors such as Long Bach, Peter Gundry, or John Hisem – enhancing mood perfectly throughout the journey, helping characters become part of Norse folklore living realm beneath Nidhogg’s rule.


Niffelheim Mod Apk is a thrilling action-adventure survival game that captures the essence of Norse mythology. Players can explore the shadowy depths of Niffelheim’s blemished underworld while battling mythical monsters and crafting valuable items to help restore balance at its gates, all within an immersive atmosphere enhanced further with visuals and sound captivating enough to make anyone feel part of this realm beneath Nidhogg’s rule! To receive even more advantages, fans can download Niffelheim Apk Mod Free Download, which will give them god mode, unlimited money, and improved armor/weapon stats – making their journey easier than ever before as they strive to escape from dark land cursed boisterous dragon serpent itself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Niffelheim Hack Apk safe to download and use?

A: Yes, as long as you source it from a reliable website and ensure that third-party sources are enabled on your device for successful installation.

Q: Does downloading the mod void my warranty?

A: No, downloading an augmented version of any game does not void warranties or damage devices in any way.

Q: Can I still access the Online Leaderboards after installing this mod?

A : Yes, online leaderboard information is unaffected by installing Mods since they only modify single-player content within games.

Q: Is there an easier way to make progress instead of playing normally?

A: Yes, downloading Niffelheim Hack Apk Free Download grants players extra features such as god mode and improved items, which will make their journey through the underworld far less challenging.

Q: Are there any benefits for using official game accounts over modded versions?

A : Official game accounts offer access to leaderboards, daily rewards, and exclusive content unavailable on the modified version.

Q: Does Niffelheim Apk Mod offer increased XP gain rate over standard play?

A : Yes, it is reported that users gain triple the amount of XP per task when compared with vanilla versions due to various bonuses hidden within this unofficial application!

Q: Is the mod available on other platforms, such as iOS or console?

A : No, currently Niffelheim Modded Apk Free Download is only available for Android devices.


• Niffelheim Modded Apk is an unofficial modification to Niffelheim provided by third-party developers. 

• It grants players various extra features and improved items that are unavailable in the official version of the game. 

• Using this mod may constitute a violation of copyright law, so source it carefully from reliable websites and use it at your own risk! 

• Official accounts offer access to leaderboards, daily rewards, and exclusive content, so evaluate if it’s worth creating or linking one before making a decision either way.

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