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Niagara Launcher MOD 1.10.2 APK (Pro Unlocked, No Ads)

Niagara Launcher ‧ fresh/clean
App Name Niagara Launcher ‧ fresh/clean
Latest Version v.1.10.2
Last Updated
Publisher Peter Huber
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Personalization Personalization
Size 8 MB
Mods Pro Unlocked, No Ads
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4.6 Rating (851) Votes

4.6 Rating (851 Votes )
Price: $ 0
A minimalist productivity launcher. One-hand-friendly. Zero ads.
    • Pro Features Unlocked

Niagara Launcher MOD 1.10.2 APK (Pro Unlocked, No Ads)

Niagara Launcher is a unique, minimalist home screen replacement app for Android that aims to provide an efficient one-handed experience. With its streamlined vertical layout and innovative features, Niagara Launcher offers a fresh take on Android launchers.

Overview and First Impressions

Upon installing Niagara Launcher, you’ll immediately notice its distinct vertical layout compared to the traditional grid layout used by most Android launchers. Instead of multiple home screens, Niagara consolidates everything into a single scrolling vertical list. This unconventional approach takes some getting used to, but ultimately results in a clean and decluttered home screen optimized for one-handed use.

My first impressions of Niagara Launcher were very positive. The initial setup only takes a minute, with Niagara asking you to select 8 favorite apps to pin to the home screen. With just these few apps and the time/date widget, the home screen looks beautifully minimalist right away. Swiping down the alphabet list on the side provides quick access to all other apps in seconds. The smooth animations when opening apps also add to the polished user experience.

Niagara Launcher MOD APK

Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the standout features that make Niagara Launcher a uniquely efficient launcher:

One-Handed Access

The primary goal of Niagara Launcher is enhanced one-handed usability, which it accomplishes remarkably well. The vertical scrolling list makes all apps accessible by swiping up or down along the screen edge using just one hand. This is perfect for large phones where reaching the entire screen is difficult. Accessing apps feels faster than traditional home screen grids and app drawers.

Adaptive List

Unlike rigid icon grids, Niagara Launcher’s list adapts based on your usage patterns. Your favorite and most used apps appear at the top for quick access. The list also consolidates notifications, app shortcuts, and contextual apps like music controls. This adaptive nature keeps relevant information at your fingertips.

Minimalist Design

Niagara Launcher’s streamlined interface minimizes distractions and clutter. The home screen shows only the essentials – your favorite apps, the time, and widgets if desired. This simplicity helps you focus on the task at hand instead of getting lost in app icons.


Having ads in a minimalist launcher designed for focus makes little sense. Thankfully, Niagara Launcher is completely free of ads, even in the free version. This ensures no annoying disruptions while using the launcher.

Lightweight Performance

Despite the enhanced functionality, Niagara Launcher remains lightweight and fast. At just a few megabytes, it runs smoothly even on budget devices. The fluid motions and interactions create a lag-free experience critical for a home screen launcher.

Material You Theming

Niagara Launcher adopted Android 12’s Material You design language to automatically theme based on your wallpaper colors. This provides a cohesive look across your home screen and system UI. The theming works on earlier Android versions too thanks to backporting.

Personalization Options

While not as customizable as other launchers, Niagara Launcher still offers personalization through integrated icon packs, fonts, and wallpapers. You can theme it to suit your style without compromising on its signature minimalism.

Active Development

Niagara Launcher is under active development with regular updates and an engaged user community on Twitter and Reddit. The developers frequently seek and respond to user feedback for improvements.

Niagara Launcher MOD APK

Setup and Configuration

The setup process for Niagara Launcher is quick and intuitive. On first launch, you select up to 8 favorite apps to pin to the home screen. Niagara then hides rarely used apps in the alphabet list to declutter your home screen.

In Settings, you can configure various options under Features and Look:


  • Add app shortcuts
  • Customize Niagara Widget
  • Enable notification dots
  • Set Niagara Button actions
  • Add widgets stacks (Niagara Pro only)


  • Select icon pack
  • Customize text fonts (Niagara Pro only)
  • Choose from wallpaper collections
  • Set theme colors

Compared to other launchers, Niagara offers relatively few customization options by design. However, the available options provide enough flexibility for most users.

Layout and Navigation

Niagara Launcher’s layout takes some relearning if you’re used to Android’s traditional grid-based home screens. Here are some tips to navigate Niagara Launcher effectively:

  • Swipe up/down on the edge to access the alphabet list and apps not pinned to the home screen.
  • Swipe right on apps to view shortcuts or notifications.
  • Tap on the Niagara Widget to see calendar, weather, and other info.
  • Use the Niagara Button for quick access to a favorite app.
  • Search for apps by swiping up from the bottom.

Once you get the hang of these gestures, navigating Niagara Launcher becomes second nature. The ability to quickly jump to any app in the list with one hand is incredibly useful.

Niagara Launcher MOD APK


In addition to the pre-installed Niagara Widget, you can add widgets from other apps too. However, to maintain a clean look, Niagara Launcher does not support freely placing widgets anywhere on the home screen.

Instead, it offers these options to add widgets:

  • Widget Stacks (Niagara Pro) – Stack multiple widgets in a popup list, accessed by tapping the entry in the favorites list. This keeps widgets readily available without taking up permanent space on the home screen.
  • Niagara Folder – Add a folder to the home screen and include widgets inside it along with app shortcuts.
  • Invisible Widgets – Place a transparent widget from third-party apps as a spacer between other items.

The widget implementation is unconventional but effective if you want widgets alongside Niagara Launcher’s minimalist layout.

Theming and Personalization

To make Niagara Launcher your own, you can customize it with:

  • Integrated icon packs – Niagara includes its own icon packs like Niagara Dots. The Pro version also has the Anycon packs with automatic theming.
  • Custom fonts (Pro only) – Change the font for a unique look.
  • Wallpapers – Use Niagara’s included wallpaper collections or your own.
  • Individual icon editing – Manually select custom icons for individual apps.
  • Accent colors – Automatically derived from wallpaper colors based on Material You.

While not as extensive as traditional launchers, the personalization options allow ample customization within Niagara’s minimalist framework.

Pro Version

Niagara Launcher has a Pro version that unlocks additional features for a yearly subscription of $10. Here are some of the key features included in Niagara Pro:

  • Widget stacks – Add multiple widgets without cluttering the home screen.
  • Custom fonts – Change font styles for a unique look.
  • Calendar and weather widgets – Glanceable daily info on the home screen.
  • Icon packs – Access premium icon packs like Anycon.
  • Pop-up folders – Organize apps and widgets into folders accessible with a swipe.
  • Quick settings toggle – Swiftly turn off the screen with a gesture.

Considering the useful pro features, the $10 yearly pricing seems reasonable for heavy Niagara Launcher users who want to unlock its full potential.

Niagara Launcher MOD APK


Despite the added functionality compared to stock launchers, Niagara Launcher maintains excellent performance thanks to its lightweight codebase of just a few megabytes.

On my Google Pixel 6, it runs smoothly with no noticeable lag when opening apps, swiping through lists, or using widgets. The fluid animations enhance the user experience. Launching apps also feels faster than third-party launchers bogged down by excessive features.

Even on budget devices with less powerful processors, Niagara Launcher performs admirably. The simplicity of the interface keeps things speedy while offering enhanced one-handed usability.


Niagara Launcher provides some helpful accessibility features:

  • One-handed use – The vertical layout and edge gestures maximize reachability for those with limited mobility.
  • Dyslexia-friendly font (Pro only) – The OpenDyslexic font option aids readers with dyslexia.
  • Text scaling – Icon names and text can be resized as needed.
  • High contrast mode – Inverts colors to improve visibility.
  • Voice commands – Use voice input instead of typing when searching apps.

While more accessibility options are always welcome, Niagara Launcher still offers helpful features for users with disabilities. Contextual awareness could be improved by integrating with Android’s built-in accessibility services.


Niagara Launcher’s unconventional approach brings some drawbacks:

  • Learning curve – The vertical layout and gestures take time getting used to, especially if you’re accustomed to traditional Android launchers.
  • Limited customization – Customization options are purposefully restrained compared to other launchers. This may frustrate users who enjoy extensive customization.
  • No folders – Lacking standard home screen folders, Niagara instead relies on swipe actions and pop-ups for grouping apps.
  • Fewer features – By design, Niagara omits many features found in maximalist launchers like Nova Launcher. The focus is solely on core functionality.
  • Not for widgets – Widget support is limited, so users who rely heavily on widgets may want to look elsewhere.

While reasonable trade-offs given its minimalist nature, these limitations may dissuade some users. But those willing to adapt to the unconventional approach can enjoy huge one-handed usability benefits.

Niagara Launcher MOD APK


Here are some alternative home screen launchers to consider:

  • Nova Launcher – Extremely customizable launcher for power users.
  • Evie Launcher – Lightweight vertical launcher with iOS-style aesthetics.
  • Hyperion Launcher – Advanced customization features using a traditional layout.
  • Lawnchair Launcher – Builds upon the Pixel Launcher with added options.
  • Smart Launcher – Automatic categorization of apps to reduce clutter.
  • Action Launcher – Desktop-style quick actions and widgets.

While Niagara stands out with its unique minimalist approach, users wanting more conventional launchers have plenty of alternatives. Nova Launcher in particular offers vastly greater customizability for those who desire that.


Niagara Launcher provides a refreshing take on Android home screen launchers with its innovative vertical layout and minimalist design. Once you adapt to the new navigation gestures, the one-handed efficiency gains are tremendous, especially on large phones. Although it eschews some features and customization options common in other launchers, this streamlined approach is exactly what makes Niagara Launcher so fast and user-friendly. For those seeking the ultimate minimalist home screen optimized for one-handed ergonomics, Niagara Launcher is a top choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Niagara Launcher:

Does Niagara Launcher support icon packs?

Yes, Niagara Launcher has built-in support for applying custom icon packs. The free version includes basic icon packs while Niagara Pro offers premium ones like Anycon. You can also use third-party icon packs.

Can I add widgets to Niagara Launcher?

You can add widgets using Widget Stacks, Niagara Folder, or invisible widget spacers. But full freeform widget placement is not supported to maintain a clean layout.

Is Niagara Launcher customizable?

Niagara Launcher offers theming, icon packs, fonts, and layout tweaks. But customization is intentionally more limited compared to traditional launchers to stay simple.

Does Niagara Launcher have ads?

No, Niagara Launcher is completely free of ads. There are no annoying ads, even in the free version.

Is Niagara Launcher battery efficient?

Yes, Niagara Launcher is highly optimized for battery life. The lightweight app consumes minimal system resources, so battery impact is negligible.

Can I use Nova Launcher with Niagara?

No, you cannot use Nova Launcher simultaneously with Niagara Launcher. Like all launcher apps, only one can be active at a time. You have to choose between them.

Does Niagara support Material You theming?

Yes, Niagara Launcher supports Material You theming based on your wallpaper colors. It adopted Dynamic Color even before Android 12 launched.

Is Niagara Launcher safe to use?

Yes, Niagara Launcher is safe to use. It is a trusted app with no history of privacy or security issues. As a home screen app, it requires very few permissions.

Niagara Launcher MOD APK


In conclusion, Niagara Launcher provides an exceptionally fast, user-friendly, and one-handed optimized home screen experience. Its innovative vertical layout and minimalist design set Niagara Launcher apart from traditional Android launchers. While it may require some adjustment initially, the long-term usability and productivity benefits are tremendous, especially on large phones. For those seeking a streamlined, distraction-free

  • 📚️ Introducing Widget Stacks Use multiple widgets without sacrificing screen space Learn more on our blog: Our latest update also improves the overall stability and performance.

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