CasualMy Cruise MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)

My Cruise MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)

My Cruise MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)
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4.5 Rating (836) Votes

4.5 Rating (836 Votes )
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My Cruise MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)


My Cruise is a simulation management game that allows players to build and operate their own cruise ship. The game has stunning 3D graphics and immersive gameplay that makes you feel like you are really running a cruise business. My Cruise starts by building your first ship from scratch. You begin with a few basic cabins and add amenities like restaurants, shops, pools, and more to make your ship attractive to guests. The goal is to provide excellent service so passengers have an amazing vacation and recommend your cruise line to others. As your reputation grows, you can afford nicer ships with luxury cabins and five-star amenities. The game features many customization options – you choose the ship layout, d├ęcor, staff training, and destinations. Strategic decisions affect guest satisfaction, cash flow, and profits. This review will cover the key features that make My Cruise an engaging and addictive management simulation:

My Cruise MOD APK

Graphics and Visuals

My Cruise has beautiful, realistic 3D graphics that bring your cruise ships to life. Zoom in on any area of the ship to see incredible details – individual chairs and tables on the pool deck, pots and pans in the galley, even tiny bathroom accessories in the cabins. The visuals make you feel like you are really walking the decks of your own private cruise ship. Watch guests lounging by the pool, dining in the elegant restaurant, browsing the shops, or cheering at the theater. Everything is smoothly animated and visually polished. As your ships get bigger and more luxurious, visual details improve too. The grand staircase on a 5-star ship is dripping with crystal chandeliers and gold accents. Suite class cabins have spacious balconies and hot tubs. The visuals add to the rewarding feeling of progression. Verdict: Stunning graphics and smooth animations that make you feel immersed in running a live cruise business.

My Cruise Game Overview

My Cruise belongs to the simulation and management genres. The core gameplay loop involves:

  • Building ships
  • Adding cabins, amenities, and facilities
  • Hiring and managing staff
  • Setting itineraries and cruise routes
  • Providing services to attract and satisfy guests
  • Earning money through ticket sales and onboard purchases
  • Using profits to upgrade ships and expand your fleet

It is an open-ended sandbox game allowing you to play casually or aim for optimal growth and profits. The strategic depth comes from balancing expenses versus revenue to maximize your cruise line value. Getting started is straightforward – just add cabins and a restaurant to your first ship. As your fleet grows, you manage multiple ships sailing different itineraries. The challenge ramps up when handling the needs of thousands of simulated guests. Successful players invest wisely to keep guests happy. Gameplay stays engaging and addictive in the long run.

Key Features

My Cruise has many key features that contribute to its strategic depth and addictive gameplay loop.

Ship Building

You can fully customize your ships by placing cabins, amenities, and facilities on a grid layout. Over 75 rooms and items are available to build your dream cruise ship. Cabins: Economy, standard, deluxe, suite class Dining: Restaurants, grills, cafes, bars Entertainment: Theater, casino, arcade, pool, gym, spa Services: Hospital, security office, staff center, toilets Infrastructure: Kitchens, laundries, storerooms, offices Keep facilities accessible and place related rooms together. Suite cabins should be near the restaurants, casino, and theater. Kitchens need quick access to dining rooms. Effective layouts boost guest satisfaction.

Staff and Crew

Hire staff to operate your ship facilities. Each staff type has special skills.

  • Housekeepers clean cabins
  • Waiters serve restaurant meals
  • Entertainers perform live shows
  • Guards provide ship security
  • Janitors maintain facilities
  • Cooks prepare meals in the kitchen

Train staff in customer service, skill levels, and speed to improve performance. Happy staff provide better service quality for guests.

Guest Needs

Guests have needs in three areas that staff must satisfy:

  • Hunger – Guests get hungry over time and want to eat at restaurants or cafes.
  • Hygiene – As cabins get dirty, guests want housekeepers to clean them.
  • Fun – Guests seek entertainment like casino gambling, theater shows, gym workouts, and spa treatments.

View detailed guest information to see their needs and thoughts. Meet needs promptly to avoid negative reviews.

Cruise Routes

Choose destinations and set the days at sea versus port days. Popular routes include:

  • Alaska (scenic cruising)
  • Bahamas (beaches, casinos)
  • Mediterranean (history, cuisine)
  • Caribbean (tropical getaways)
  • Northern Europe (culture, cities)

Set routes catering to your ships. Smaller ships visit remote ports larger ships cannot access. Plan itineraries keeping facilities and staff levels in mind.


Balance expenses versus income to maximize profits. Expenses:

  • Ship construction and upgrades
  • Cabin, amenity, and facility purchases
  • Staff wages and training
  • Fuel, food, and supplies


  • Ticket sales for passengers
  • Onboard purchases at shops, spa, casino, etc

Juggle finances across multiple ships. Buy new ships or upgrades wisely. Avoid overexpansion causing excessive expenses and bankruptcy.


As your cruise company value increases, you unlock:

  • Bigger ship hulls
  • More cabins and facilities
  • Luxury amenities (spas, theaters, gyms)
  • Exotic destinations
  • 5-star staff training

Progression stays meaningful and challenging. Larger ships require more planning and strategy to manage successfully.

My Cruise MOD APK

Gameplay and Mechanics

My Cruise excels at core simulation and management mechanics that keep you engaged in the long term.

Meaningful Decisions

You make many meaningful decisions balancing costs, guest satisfaction, and profits. For example:

  • Do you build a cheap ship fast or spend more on a higher quality vessel?
  • Do you hire inexperienced staff for low wages or pay more for higher service quality?
  • Do you buy expensive theater facilities or basic cabins to increase capacity?
  • Do you invest savings in staff training or a new ship?

Decisions affect short and long-term outcomes. Weigh trade-offs wisely to succeed.

Strategy Over Time

Your decisions form long-term strategies for growth. Early on, minimize costs while maintaining guest satisfaction. Funnel profits into new ships and basic upgrades. Mid game, focus on service quality and variety. Hire trained staff and add more amenities. Late game, maximize luxury. Build 5-star ships with the best of everything. Pursue prestige over profits. Adjust strategies as your cruise company evolves. Don’t overextend early on. Build fundamentals first.

Engaging Progression

Progression feels steady and meaningful, with clear milestones. Early goals involve buying more cabins, restaurants, and basic amenities. As you expand, aim for higher class ships, diverse facilities, exotic routes, and trained staff. End game, pursue prestige through luxury, brand awareness, and a large fleet. Progression stays engaging without seeming dragged out or hurried. New goals always motivate you.

Optimization Challenges

Optimization challenges keep experienced players engaged. Key optimization goals include:

  • Maximizing ship layout efficiency
  • Balancing facility costs versus benefits
  • Managing staff levels and skills
  • Coordinating facilities with cruise routes
  • Minimizing costs without sacrificing guest satisfaction
  • Predicting demand cycles to avoid waste

Fine tune ships and strategy to become an industry tycoon.

My Cruise MOD APK

Pros and Cons


  • Stunning 3D graphics and animations
  • Deep and addictive management simulation gameplay
  • Meaningful strategic decisions
  • Engaging progression system
  • Challenging optimization opportunities
  • Active development with new content


  • Can feel repetitive after very long playtimes
  • Ship navigation is limited to menus only
  • Lacks competitive multiplayer options
  • Performance issues on older devices
  • Small text and icons on some devices


My Cruise is an excellent management simulation game for mobile devices. With gorgeous graphics, strategic depth, and addictive progression, it provides a polished cruise tycoon experience. Fans of business simulation and management games will find it a compelling and feature-rich title. The strategic decisions, optimization challenges, and progression system make it highly replayable. The lack of actual ship navigation and multiplayer is disappointing. But the core simulation gameplay is so strong, it’s easy to overlook these limitations. Overall, My Cruise stands out as one of the top management sims on mobile. For anyone intrigued by running their own cruise company, it’s definitely worth playing.

Similar Games

If you enjoy My Cruise, also check out these cruise management games:

Cruise Ship Manager

Cruise Ship Manager has similar core simulation gameplay. Build ships, manage staff and facilities, and choose cruise routes. Key differences include 3D graphics and a simplified user interface. It lacks the depth and polish of My Cruise but costs less. Cruise Ship Manager on Steam

Cruise Tycoon

Cruise Tycoon offers deeper economic strategy but simpler visuals. The focus is investing in ships and routes to maximize profitability. It has more charts and figures over realistic graphics. Worth playing for fans of business strategy. Cruise Tycoon on iOS

Ship Simulator

Ship Simulator lets you directly control ships for docking, navigation, and maneuvering. The management features are lacking compared to My Cruise but the sailing mechanics are more realistic. Play if you want to actually steer cruise ships. Ship Simulator on PlayStation


Seashine has guests with unique personalities and stories to discover. It focuses less on management and more on creating emotional experiences through personal interactions. The graphics and animations are also extremely detailed. Seashine on iOS

The Verdict

My Cruise stands out among cruise management games for its stunning visuals, addictive progression, and strategic depth. Despite some repetitive gameplay in the late stages, it remains highly engaging and rewarding. The lack of actual ship navigation and multiplayer is disappointing but the core simulation experience is strong enough to overlook these limitations. For cruise business tycoon fans, My Cruise is easily recommendable as one of the top mobile management simulators available today.

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