Role PlayingMonsters: Dragon Tamer MOD APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

Monsters: Dragon Tamer MOD APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

Monsters: Dragon Tamer MOD APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money)
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4.5 Rating (732) Votes

4.5 Rating (732 Votes )
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Monsters: Dragon Tamer MOD APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

Monsters: Dragon Tamer is a free-to-play mobile role-playing game developed by TINYSOFT for Android devices. The game immerses players in a fantasy world filled with magical dragons that can be collected, trained, and used in battle. Some key aspects of Monsters: Dragon Tamer:

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  • Gameplay – Strategic turn-based battles, monster collection and training
  • Graphics – Bright, cartoonish visuals with detailed monster designs
  • Story – Become the ultimate dragon tamer and build an unstoppable monster team
  • Monsters – Over 100 unique dragons with different designs, types, and skills
  • In-App Purchases – Optional purchases for currency, items, monsters etc.


The core gameplay loop of Monsters: Dragon Tamer involves strategically collecting monsters, training them to increase their power, and then using them in turn-based battles against AI or other players.

Monster Collection

  • Over 100 dragons to collect, each with unique designs, types, skills, and abilities
  • Monsters are acquired through battling, breeding, events, and in-app purchases
  • Gotta catch ’em all! Fill up your monster collection book and albums

Monster Training

  • Level up dragons by feeding and training to increase stats
  • Evolve dragons into more powerful forms through ascension
  • Strategically equip runes and gear to boost stats and abilities

Turn-based Battles

  • Put together a team of 3-6 monsters and battle against AI or other players
  • Matches involve turn-based combat with various skill attacks and abilities
  • Defeat monster teams to gain rewards and climb the competitive leagues


  • Breed two dragons together to produce rare hybrid offspring monsters
  • Breeding allows you to acquire new species not found in the wild
  • Some epic or legendary dragons can only be obtained through breeding


  • Battle against other players in real-time PvP arena matches
  • Weekly competitions to earn trophies and rewards
  • Global leaderboards to climb by defeating other tamers

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Graphics and Visuals

Monsters: Dragon Tamer features bright, colorful cartoon graphics with detailed 2D monster designs. The visuals are high quality but not too complex, giving the game a playful, lighthearted feel. Some examples of the graphics:

  • Vibrant environments – Floating islands, magical forests, fiery volcanoes
  • Cute monster designs – Dragons have unique horns, wings, tails, and markings
  • Animated battles – Dynamic moves and attack animations
  • Customization – Change dragons’ appearance with skins and colors

The monsters are the highlight of the game’s visuals. Each dragon has intricately designed features like scales, wings, tails, and facial markings. During battles, their animations and attack effects add excitement.

Story and Setting

The world of Monsters: Dragon Tamer is filled with floating islands where tamers raise a variety of magical dragons. Players take on the role of a new tamer aiming to build a team of dragons and become a legend. The lighthearted story moves the game along through various regions but mainly serves as a backdrop for catching and battling monsters. Key story elements:

  • Whimsical world brimming with rare and powerful dragons
  • You are a new tamer who must catch and train all types of dragons
  • Battle dragon tamers around the world and prove your skills
  • Take down each region’s evil boss dragons and masters
  • Unlock new areas and story chapters as you advance

While not overly complex, the setting provides context for exploration and a reason to catch ’em all!

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The dragons you collect are the heart of the game. With over 100 unique types, there’s plenty of variety to discover.


Dragons come in different elemental types:

  • Fire – Fiery dragons with flame attacks
  • Water – Sea serpents and leviathans
  • Nature – Leafy dragons with healing abilities
  • Electric – Lightning whelps and storm dragons
  • Ice – Frost wyrms and cold-breathing beasts

And more! Each type has strengths and weaknesses against other types Pokémon-style.


Dragons also come in different rarities:

Rarity Description
Common Weak, basic monsters
Rare Decent monsters with some good skills
Epic Strong monsters with powerful skills
Legendary Very rare and powerful dragons

The rarer a dragon, the harder it is to obtain!


Each dragon has stats like:

  • Health – Determines how much damage they can take
  • Attack – Impacts damage done by skills and attacks
  • Defense – Reduces damage taken in battle
  • Speed – Affects order of turns in battle

Leveling up and equipping gear boosts these stats.


Dragons can learn various skills and abilities such as:

  • Fire Breath – Spew flames at the enemy
  • Water Jet – Blast high-pressure water
  • Thunder – Call down lightning strikes
  • Heal – Restore an ally’s HP
  • Roar – Lower enemy attack power

And more! Each dragon learns skills naturally by leveling up.

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In-App Purchases

While the game is free-to-play, there are optional in-app purchases that provide various bonuses and boosts. Some example IAPs:

  • Gems – Premium currency used to summon monsters
  • Energy – Replenishes stamina for battles
  • XP Boosts – Increase monster XP gains for leveling
  • Rare Dragons – Directly buy special rare monsters
  • Cosmetics – Alternate skins to customize dragons

These IAPs can help accelerate progress, though the game is still fully playable without spending. Players have the choice to purchase as much or as little as they want.


Overall, Monsters: Dragon Tamer provides an addictive and strategic monster battling experience on mobile with some depth in terms of collection, training, breeding, and PvP. The lighthearted graphics and setting provide a fun context for catching a wide variety of imaginative dragons. Fans of monster collectors like Pokémon will find a lot to enjoy here. Some pros and cons:


  • Satisfying turn-based battle system
  • Over 100 unique and colorful monsters to collect
  • Fun training and breeding mechanics
  • Great visuals and cute dragon designs
  • Doesn’t require spending money to progress


  • Story is thin and mainly for context
  • Can get repetitive grinding monsters and battles
  • IAPs may be pricey for some players
  • Requires persistent internet connection to play

For Pokémon fans or casual gamers looking for a monster collecting fix on mobile, Monsters: Dragon Tamer is easy to recommend as a free game worth trying out. Just be prepared to deal with occasional grinding and some pushy IAP offers. Overall an enjoyable mobile monster battler.

Final Thoughts

Monsters: Dragon Tamer Mod Apk brings the addictive monster collecting and battling formula to mobile with flair. While light on story, the charming graphics and wide variety of dragons to catch and train provide plenty of fun. The game deserves a look from genre fans, just be prepared for some repetitive grinding.

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