StrategyModern Age 2 Mod Apk 1.0.54 (Hack, Free Shopping)

Modern Age 2 Mod Apk 1.0.54 (Hack, Free Shopping)

Modern Age 2 Mod Apk 1.0.54 (Hack, Free Shopping)
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5 Rating (1 Votes )
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Modern Age 2 Mod Apk 1.0.54 (Hack, Free Shopping)


Modern Age 2 is a complex geopolitical, economic, and military strategy game for Android and iOS devices. Developed and published by Oxiwyle, it challenges players to rule a modern nation and lead it to prosperity and glory. With no direct analogues on mobile, Modern Age 2 offers unparalleled depth and engaging gameplay. Some key features of the game:

  • Rule one of 181 modern nations as president, with unique histories, cultures, resources, and challenges for each
  • Conduct diplomacy, trade, and war with leaders of other nations
  • Build economic and military power by managing taxes, budgets, technologies, armies, and more
  • Make key policy decisions that impact your nation and people
  • Expand your territory through annexation, diplomacy, or conquest
  • Research technologies to unlock new units, buildings, and capabilities
  • Engaging turn-based gameplay with global rankings and leaderboards

Modern Age 2 Mod Apk


Modern Age 2 gameplay revolves around managing all aspects of running a modern nation-state. Here are some of the key elements:

Nation Management

As president, you oversee your nation’s:

  • Economy – Manage taxes, budgets, construction, trade, and resources
  • Infrastructure – Build facilities like factories, mines, farms, power plants, and more
  • Military – Recruit troops, build bases, acquire arms, vehicles, ships, and aircraft
  • Technology – Research advances to unlock new capabilities
  • Policies – Shape domestic policy on issues like religion, healthcare, welfare, environment, and more

Balancing these elements is crucial to stability and prosperity. You must also respond to random events like natural disasters, economic fluctuations, and civil disorder.


You engage in high-stakes diplomacy with other nations. Options include:

  • Trade deals – Import and export resources and goods
  • Alliances – Team up against common rivals
  • Agreements – Settle border disputes and other issues
  • Denouncements – Publicly criticize and antagonize rivals
  • War – Outright conquest or limited strikes to achieve political aims

Choose allies and enemies wisely based on shared interests and compatible ideologies.


Researching technology unlocks new abilities and options. Key tech trees include:

  • Industry – Improves resource gathering, factory output, etc.
  • Military – Better troops, bases, equipment, and weapons
  • Quality of Life – Healthcare, education, entertainment, etc.
  • Government – Surveillance, propaganda, civil services, etc.

Aim to match technological capabilities with your nation’s strengths and needs.

Modern Age 2 Mod Apk


Warfare occupies much of the gameplay. You must build a capable military force including:


  • Infantry, artillery, armored vehicles, helicopters
  • Generals with skills to enhance combat abilities
  • Bases, barracks, training centers, and supply infrastructure
  • Submarines, destroyers, aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships
  • Admirals with naval combat skills
  • Ports, shipyards, and supply vessels

Air Force

  • Fighters, bombers, transport aircraft, drones
  • Air Marshals with dogfighting and bombing skills
  • Airfields, hangars, radars, air command centers

Nuclear Arsenal

  • ICBMs, bombers, sub-based missiles
  • Nuclear scientists and launch officers
  • Silos, submarines, nuclear testing sites

Special Forces

  • Elite squads for reconnaissance, sabotage, assassination
  • Operatives trained in covert ops tradecraft
  • Intelligence agencies, black sites, spy rings

Use these forces for both conquest and deterrence. Win battles to gain resources and territory.

Victory Conditions

You win by accomplishing one of the following as president:

  • Conquer 50% or more of global territory
  • Control over 50% of world population
  • Establish national religion/ideology in 50%+ of nations
  • Achieve highest global power ranking for 20 consecutive years

Modern Age 2 Mod Apk

Graphics and Audio

Modern Age 2 utilizes simple but effective 2D graphics and animations. The visual style is clean and utilitarian, conveying information clearly without excessive flair. Key elements include:

  • Map – Crisp top-down view of the world with well-defined borders and terrain
  • Nations – Color-coded territories with capital cities marked
  • Units – Easy to identify military units, ships, aircraft, and vehicles
  • Buildings – Iconic designs represent facilities and infrastructure
  • Leaders – Portraits of presidents and generals involved in diplomacy and war
  • Combat – Minimalist battle animations convey key actions
  • User Interface – Easy to navigate menus and data displays

The audio mainly consists of subtle ambient music during gameplay, with more rousing orchestral scores during war sequences. Sound effects include machine noises, explosions, and other combat sounds. The no-frills visuals and audio allow the deep gameplay to take center stage without unnecessary distractions. They effectively support the cerebral, text-driven experience without demanding high-end hardware capabilities.

Modern Age 2 Mod Apk

Game Modes

Modern Age 2 offers two main game modes:

Singleplayer Campaign

In the core singleplayer experience, you rule a nation competing against nations controlled by AI presidents. Options include:

  • 181 starting nations – Each with unique setups and challenges
  • Length – Play 10, 25, or 50 year campaigns
  • Difficulty – Adjust AI aggression and competence
  • Custom nations – Create your own starting nation from scratch
  • Scenarios – Historical scenarios with defined starting conditions

Campaigns allow you to play at your own pace, slowly building your nation over decades.


Online multiplayer allows up to 16 human players to compete simultaneously. Options include:

  • Live games – Join existing games with slots available
  • New games – Create your own multiplayer game
  • Private games – Block AIs and restrict to friends
  • Co-op modes – Team up with allies against AIs

Multiplayer adds new dynamics like real-time diplomacy and multiplayer wars.

Expansions and DLC

Modern Age 2 has received several expansions adding new content and features:

Energy Crisis

  • Oil supply and demand mechanics
  • Renewable energy tech tree
  • Hybrid and electric military vehicles

Dynastic Politics

  • Family members as leader candidates
  • Election campaigns and public opinion
  • Leader traits and relationships

Climate Change

  • Rising sea levels and extreme weather
  • Climate mitigation projects
  • Refugees and humanitarian crises

These expansions add new strategic layers without compromising the core gameplay. Numerous minor DLC packs add new playable nations, technologies, unit skins, leaders, and more. While not essential, they help support ongoing development.

Modern Age 2 Mod Apk

Progression Systems

You accumulate the following resources over your presidency:

  • Wealth – Tax revenue and other income to fund your government
  • Power – Global influence based on economic and military strength
  • Legacy – Overall score earned across campaigns

Wealth and power directly impact your nation in-game. Legacy unlocks new avatar customizations and achievements. You also gain leader experience over time by:

  • Winning conflicts
  • Passing policy reforms
  • Successfully managing crises
  • Achieving specific milestones

Higher experience levels confer bonuses like increased troop morale and research speeds.

Overall Assessment

Modern Age 2 is a cerebral game favoring strategy over flashy graphics and action. The sheer number of options for building your nation can feel overwhelming at first. However, the learning curve is well-paced, with tooltips and tutorials guiding new players. Veterans of similar mobile strategy titles should take to it quickly. Prior knowledge of world politics and history also helps provide useful context. The expansive tech trees, flexible policies, and complex diplomacy systems allow you to lead your nation in almost any direction you desire. You can aim for utopian prosperity through peace and unity. Or, ruthlessly conquer all who oppose your ideology. Most games settle into a tense Cold War-esque scenario, with players jockeying for global influence through indirect means rather than outright domination. Alliances and proxy wars are common, mimicking 20th century geopolitics. With so many viable paths to victory, Modern Age 2 enjoys excellent replay value. Each nation offers a unique experience, and multiplayer adds new dynamics. Overall, Modern Age 2 stands out as a premier mobile strategy game, faithfully simulating the challenges of leading a modern nation on the global stage. Its depth of gameplay and strategic options are unparalleled in the genre.

Modern Age 2 Mod Apk


Graphics: 3/5 Visuals are simple but clear. They effectively convey information without distraction.

Audio: 3/5 Audio is understated but supplements the gameplay well.

Gameplay: 5/5 Wide range of strategic options and scenarios. High replay value.

Depth: 5/5 Tremendous scope for different playstyles and paths to victory.

Learning Curve: 4/5 Steep initial learning curve but excellent tutorials and tooltips.

Overall: 5/5 A superlative mobile strategy game unmatched in its depth and flexibility.


Modern Age 2 is a must-play for fans of complex strategy titles. Both singleplayer and multiplayer offer hundreds of hours of intriguing geopolitical gameplay as you lead your nation in the modern age. Despite visual and audio simplicity, the sophisticated game systems provide endless viable approaches to power and prosperity. The expansions nicely complement the core experience without bloating it. Approach Modern Age 2 with patience and an eagerness to learn, and you will be rewarded with a remarkably fulfilling mobile game that you can play in a wide variety of ways. For the price, you’d be hard pressed to find a mobile game with more depth and replayability.

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