PuzzleMerge Mansion Mod Apk 23.10.02 (Hack, Unlimited gold, diamonds)

Merge Mansion Mod Apk 23.10.02 (Hack, Unlimited gold, diamonds)

Merge Mansion Mod Apk 23.10.02 (Hack, Unlimited gold, diamonds)
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4.5 Rating (435) Votes

4.5 Rating (435 Votes )
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Merge Mansion Mod Apk 23.10.02 (Hack, Unlimited gold, diamonds)


Merge Mansion is a popular puzzle game developed by Metacore Games and released in 2020. The game is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. The core gameplay revolves around merging items by matching similar objects on a board to create upgraded tools and materials. These are then used to renovate and restore an old, dilapidated mansion and its surrounding areas. As players progress, they uncover the history of the mansion and the secrets of its former inhabitants, the wealthy Boulton family. The story is told through conversations with the protagonist Maddie and her mysterious grandmother Ursula. Merge Mansion combines:

  • Relaxing merge puzzle gameplay
  • An intriguing mystery story about family secrets
  • Beautiful artwork and calming music
  • Hundreds of levels across 30 unique areas to restore

The simple yet addictive gameplay has made it extremely popular, with over 10 million downloads on Google Play alone.

Merge Mansion Mod Apk


The gameplay revolves around merging items on a board to create upgraded tools and materials. Here are the key gameplay mechanics:

The Merge Board

  • The main gameplay takes place on a merge board with a 6×6 grid of tiles
  • Tiles contain random items like bricks, planks, screws, etc
  • Items can be merged by dragging one item onto a matching item, combining them into an upgraded item
  • Merging items unlocks new tools and materials needed to progress the game

Completing Tasks

  • Each area has a list of tasks to complete, such as “Fix the Fountain”
  • To complete a task, specific high-level tools and materials are required
  • Players must strategically merge items to create the required tools to finish tasks
  • Completing tasks unlocks new areas and progresses the story

Leveling Up

  • Players gain XP each time they complete tasks or make special item merges
  • Leveling up unlocks new areas and features
  • Current max level is 42

Managing Resources

  • Actions like merging items consume energy, which replenishes over time
  • Players can use coins earned in-game to purchase more moves or energy
  • Gems are premium currency that can also be used for purchases

Story and Setting

Merge Mansion excels at combining simple gameplay with an intriguing mystery story to keep players engaged.

The Mysterious Mansion

The story revolves around the old, dilapidated Boulton family mansion which has been abandoned for over 20 years. Maddie has just inherited the estate from her grandmother Ursula and must restore it.

Maddie and Grandma Ursula

  • Maddie is the young protagonist determined to renovate the mansion of her ancestors.
  • Ursula, Maddie’s grandmother, helps her granddaughter but seems to be hiding secrets about the mansion’s history.

Uncovering Family Secrets

As Maddie explores and restores the mansion, she learns more about her mysterious family lineage and the secrets of the estate through conversations with Ursula.

Intriguing Storytelling

  • The story unfolds gradually through dialogue as areas are restored
  • Hidden clues hint at twists and secrets to uncover
  • Advertisements created an aura of mystery around Ursula’s motives

The unraveling mystery keeps players invested to push forward and learn more.

Merge Mansion Mod Apk

Areas and Environments

Merge Mansion contains a diverse set of environments and areas to explore on the grounds of the large estate. Each area has its own unique theme and tasks to complete.

30 Unique Areas

There are 30 areas that unlock progressively as players gain XP and level up. These include:

  • Overgrown gardens and fountains
  • Dilapidated garages and sheds
  • An old well and lighthouse
  • A beach house and pool area
  • Statues, mazes, and more

Beautiful Art Style

  • Areas feature vibrant, detailed pixel art environments
  • Soothing natural color palettes create a relaxing atmosphere
  • Charming decorations like birds and deer liven up the estate

Hundreds of Levels

With 30 different areas, each with multiple tasks to complete, there are hundreds of levels to play through. The wide variety of environments to restore adds new gameplay challenges and keeps the experience fresh.

Development and History

Merge Mansion was developed by the Helsinki-based game studio Metacore Games. Here is an overview of its development history:


  • Development started around 2018
  • Went through extensive prototyping and testing
  • Art style changed multiple times in early development


  • Merge Mansion launched on iOS and Android in January 2020
  • Quickly became popular in the hyper-casual puzzle genre


  • Regular content updates add new areas, features, and events
  • Special themed events held for holidays
  • Recently surpassed 10 million downloads on Android

Metacore Games has continued supporting the game with updates and new content, keeping players engaged.

Merge Mansion Mod Apk

Game Review and Ratings

Merge Mansion has received generally positive reviews praising its simple yet addictive gameplay and charming story. Here is an overview of professional review scores it has received:

Review Scores

Site Score
TouchArcade 4/5
Pocket Gamer 8/10
Gamezebo 4/5

What Reviewers Like

  • Relaxing merge puzzle gameplay
  • Cute story and characters
  • Beautiful pixel art style
  • No ads or paywalls


  • Story could be more integrated
  • Item spawn rates can be slow
  • Occasional bugs

Overall, Merge Mansion succeeds at creating an engaging casual game with fun merge puzzle gameplay and charming setting.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and strategies to progress faster in Merge Mansion:

Merging Tips

  • Merge items as much as possible to gain XP and items
  • Prioritize merging items needed for current tasks
  • Items respawn faster if the board has empty spaces

Managing Resources

  • Only spend coins on energy refills and extra moves if really needed
  • Watch video ads to double coin rewards from tasks
  • Only spend gems on premium items like energy caps

Gameplay Strategies

  • Focus on completing one area at a time
  • Save high-level items until needed for tasks
  • Take advantage of daily rewards and events

Decorating Strategies

  • Place decorations last after completing tasks
  • Focus on decorating areas needed for quests
  • Move decorations around frequently for bonuses

Following these tips will help players optimize their gameplay and progress faster.

Merge Mansion Mod Apk

Verdict: A Relaxing, Charming Puzzle Game

The Good

  • Extremely accessible merge puzzle gameplay
  • Cute storytelling through character dialogue
  • Beautiful pixel art environments and animations
  • Hundreds of levels across diverse areas
  • No forced ads or pay-to-win mechanics

The Bad

  • Story feels disconnected from gameplay at times
  • Item spawn rates can be frustratingly slow
  • Occasional bugs or performance issues

Wrap Up

Merge Mansion succeeds at bringing innovation to the simple merge puzzle genre by integrating charming storytelling and environments. With relaxing gameplay, beautiful art, and endless content, it’s easy to see why Merge Mansion has become so popular. While it has some minor flaws, Merge Mansion is overall a polished and addictive casual game that provides the perfect way to pass time on mobile. Both puzzle fans and story lovers will find enjoyment as they restore the mansion and uncover its secrets. Overall rating: 4/5 stars

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