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Meitu MOD APK (VIP Unlocked, No Watermark, Premium)

Meitu- Photo Editor & AI Art
App Name Meitu- Photo Editor & AI Art
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Publisher Meitu (China) Limited
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Photography Photography
Size 150 MB
Mods VIP Unlocked/No Watermark/Premium
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4.5 Rating (934) Votes

4.5 Rating (934 Votes )
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Filters & Selfie Retouch
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Meitu MOD APK (VIP Unlocked, No Watermark, Premium)


Meitu is a popular photo and video editing app developed by Xiamen Meitu Technology based in China. The app has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store and is known for its advanced beauty and selfie editing tools.

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User Interface

Meitu has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface optimized for mobile devices.

The bottom navigation bar provides quick access to the main sections:

  • Camera: Open camera to take photos/videos
  • Discover: Browse photos and videos from the community
  • Edit: Edit existing photos and videos
  • Profile: View profile and account settings

Top menu – Provides access to other features like templates, collage, and settings.

Bottom action bar – Changes based on the screen. Provides relevant controls like filter selection, crop, draw, text etc.

Editing Workflow

The editing workflow is straightforward:

  1. Select a photo/video to edit from Camera or Gallery
  2. Apply desired edits like filters, facial editing, body reshaping etc.
  3. Save edited photo/video or share on social media

Common editing features are accessible directly from the bottom action bar. More advanced features require selecting the “Edit” option.

Social Features

  • Community feed – Scroll through photos and videos shared by others. Like and comment on posts.
  • Profiles – Customize profile with photo, bio, links. Follow others.
  • Challenges – Participate in photo/video challenges.
  • Templates – Apply popular community templates with one tap.



Meitu delivers a smooth editing experience and good performance on most modern Android devices.

App Size

The app is approximately 100MB in size. Additional resources like filters and stickers are downloaded on first use.


Basic edits like filters and cropping are applied instantly. More advanced edits take 1-2 seconds on recent devices.

Exporting photos can take 5-10 seconds for full resolution images.


The app is generally stable with few crashes on Android 8 and above. Crashes are more frequent on older Android versions.

Resource Usage

Memory: Meitu uses up to 200MB RAM when editing photos and videos.

CPU: Uses 30-50% CPU on recent mid-range processors. High CPU usage can cause device heating.

Battery: Editing for 30-60 minutes drops battery by 15-25% depending on device.



Meitu provides a comprehensive set of editing tools for free. Additional features require a paid subscription.

Photo Editing

  • Filters – Over 200 filters categorized by style and effect. New filters added regularly.
  • Cropping – Standard cropping and aspect ratio presets.
  • Text – Add text with font, size, and color options.
  • Stickers – Hundreds of animated stickers and emojis. More with subscription.
  • Collage – Grid based collage maker with templates.
  • Effects – Stylize photos with lomo, glitch, and art effects.
  • Blur – Gaussian, motion, and radial blur options.
  • Vignette – Apply custom vignette effect.
  • HDR – Boost details in highlights and shadows.
  • Portrait – Facial editing tools covered below.

Facial Editing

  • Smooth Skin – Adjust smoothness and texture.
  • Blemishes – Remove spots, acne, and blemishes.
  • Whiten Teeth – Adjust teeth whiteness.
  • Brighten Eyes – Make eyes brighter and livelier.
  • Enlarge Eyes – Adjust eye size and shape.
  • Face Slim – Slim jawline and adjust face shape.
  • Nose Reshape – Adjust nose height, width, and shape.
  • Blush – Add natural looking blush and adjust intensity.
  • Lip Color – Change lip color and saturation.
  • Face Tune – Detailed tuning of eyes, nose, mouth etc.
  • Makeup Looks – Apply full makeup styles. More with subscription.

Body Editing

  • Height Adjust – Make subject look taller by adjusting leg length.
  • Body Slim – Slim arms, legs, waist, and hip areas.
  • Head Size – Increase or reduce head size.

Video Editing

  • Filters – Stylize videos with filters tailored for motion.
  • Text – Add animated text with motion effects.
  • Stickers – Overlay moving stickers and emojis.
  • Trim – Trim start and end points.
  • Collage – Combine videos into a grid collage.
  • Portrait Edit – Apply facial retouching like skin smooth, teeth whitening etc.

AI Art Effects

Meitu uses neural networks to apply artistic style transforms and effects to portraits.

  • Artistic Portrait – Transform portrait into an artistic illustration.
  • Anime Style – Convert portrait to anime/cartoon style.
  • Fantasy Effect – Apply animated fantasy effects like flowers and sparkles.


Browse and apply popular photo and video templates shared by creators. More templates available for subscribers.

Premium Features

Meitu offers additional features and resources for paid subscribers.

  • No ads – Ad-free editing experience.
  • More stickers – Access to thousands of premium stickers.
  • More filters – Hundreds of exclusive filters.
  • AR masks – Animated augmented reality masks.
  • Advanced editing – Tools like skin healing, eye bag removal etc.


Photos and videos can be shared directly to other apps installed on the device like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.


Privacy Concerns

Meitu has access to a large amount of personal data which raises some privacy concerns:

  • Photos/videos – All photos and videos edited are uploaded to Meitu’s servers.
  • Contacts – App has access to user’s contacts to find friends.
  • Location – Precise GPS location is accessed.
  • Device data – IMEI, hardware identifiers are collected.
  • Usage analytics – Editing usage and habits tracked.

Meitu’s privacy policy states that data is used to:

  • Customize and improve app experience
  • Enable social features
  • Provide personalized recommendations
  • Show relevant ads
  • Prevent fraud and abuse

However, Meitu could potentially use the data in other ways like training AI models. Users have minimal control over how their data is used once uploaded.


Comparison with Competitors

Meitu pioneered mobile beauty and selfie editing. But many competitors now offer similar features:

App Pros Cons
Meitu – Huge sticker/filter selection
– Established community
– Facial editing tools
– Heavy app
– Resource intensive
– Privacy concerns
Snapchat – Fun AR lenses
– Ephemeral sharing
– Limited editing
– No facial retouching
Adobe Photoshop – Advanced desktop tools
– Pro features
– Expensive
– Steep learning curve
Facetune 2 – Lightweight
– Intuitive editing
– iOS only
– Limited features

Meitu retains an advantage with its social community and wide selection of editing content. But competitors are quickly catching up in terms of editing capabilities.



Meitu offers powerful beauty and selfie editing tools with an intuitive interface. It pioneered many facial editing capabilities on mobile. The app does have high resource usage and collects expansive personal data. However, these may be acceptable trade-offs for users focused on easy and effective photo/video editing. Meitu remains one of the most popular choices for beauty editing, especially for casual users.

  • 1. Facial reshaping with the addition of 【facial tilt】 and 【lip tilt】 can help rescue photos with a crooked or tilted face or lips, correcting facial angles for a beautiful appearance in daily life. 2. The camera now supports 【auto-save】 for video recording: When recording a video with the camera, simply click "Done" to automatically save it!

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