PuzzleMedieval Merge MOD 1.50.0 APK (Unlimited Energy/Gems)

Medieval Merge MOD 1.50.0 APK (Unlimited Energy/Gems)

Medieval Merge MOD 1.50.0 APK (Unlimited Energy/Gems)
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3.5 Rating (360) Votes

3.5 Rating (360 Votes )
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Medieval Merge MOD 1.50.0 APK (Unlimited Energy/Gems)


Medieval Merge is a unique puzzle RPG game for mobile devices developed by Pixodust Games. Released in February 2022, it has quickly become one of the most popular games in the merge genre with over 10 million downloads.


This full review will dive into all aspects of Medieval Merge including:

  • Gameplay and Core Loop
  • Merge Mechanics
  • RPG and Adventure Elements
  • Progression System
  • Graphics and Visuals
  • Monetization
  • Pros and Cons
  • Tips for New Players
  • Verdict

So whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, read on to learn what makes Medieval Merge such an engaging experience.

Gameplay and Core Loop

Medieval Merge combines match-3 merge mechanics with light RPG adventure elements. Here is an overview of the core gameplay loop:

  • Merge items on the board to create new tools and weapons.
  • Use created items to clear obstacles, repair buildings, defeat enemies etc.
  • Explore the medieval fantasy world and complete story quests.
  • Upgrade your village, unlock new areas and advance in the journey.
  • Collect resources like wood, stone, gold to upgrade buildings.
  • Defeat monsters and bosses guarding key locations.
  • Unlock legendary heroes to help in battles.

The loop involves merging items to create the necessary tools to overcome obstacles and progress the story. You need to merge strategically in order to craft the required items. The RPG elements add a sense of adventure and purpose as you rebuild the village, fight enemies, and unravel the mystery behind the evil wizard’s curse. Overall, the gameplay remains consistently engaging without becoming too complex. Next, let’s see how merging works.


Merge Mechanics

The core merge mechanics are simple but addictive:

  • Items of the same type can be merged together.
  • Two items merge into an upgraded version – e.g. two apples merge into a fruit basket.
  • Merging also produces coins, experience points and occasionally gems.
  • Matching more items unlocks combo bonuses for big rewards.
  • Items must be adjacent on the board for merging.

Here are some merge examples:

  • 2 Apples → Fruit Basket
  • 2 Axes → Double Axe
  • 2 Planks → Wooden Beam
  • 2 Knives → Hoe
  • 2 Hammers → Mallet

Chaining together merges results in huge combos that are very satisfying. As you progress, the number of item types increases, making merges more complex. Managing the board space efficiently becomes key. Overall, the merging mechanics strike the right balance between simplicity and strategy.

RPG and Adventure Elements

For an added layer of fun, Medieval Merge incorporates light RPG elements into the gameplay: Story Quests

  • The game has a story campaign with over 100 quests.
  • Each quest involves using merges to accomplish goals to advance the story.
  • Goals include defeating monsters, rebuilding structures, unblocking paths etc.
  • The quests take you through different areas like forests, fields, caves etc.

Enemy Battles

  • Powerful enemies and bosses guard key locations.
  • You need to merge weapons like swords, bows etc. to defeat them.
  • Heroes can be unlocked to help with tough boss battles.

Village Building

  • You gradually rebuild and upgrade the ruined village.
  • Buildings produce resources over time like wood, stone, gold.
  • Upgrading buildings unlocks new item types for merging.

Hero Collection

  • As you progress, you can unlock legendary heroes like knights, wizards, healers etc.
  • Heroes aid you in story battles and can be upgraded over time.
  • Each hero has their own set of special abilities.

The RPG elements give a sense of impact and progression as you rebuild the cursed village and conquer enemies.


Progression System

Medieval Merge offers steady long term progression through these key systems: Player Level

  • You gain XP and level up by completing quests and merges.
  • Higher levels unlock new features like inventory slots, crafting etc.

Village Upgrade

  • Buildings can be upgraded to higher tiers using resources.
  • More advanced buildings generate more resources per hour.

Hero Promotion

  • Heroes are ranked up from 1-star to 5-stars using soul stones.
  • Promoting heroes boosts their stats and unlocks new skills.

Battle Rating

  • Your overall battle rating determines your strength.
  • It is increased by upgrading heroes, buildings, researching technologies etc.

Multiple progression systems give a sense of constant growth and achievement.

Graphics and Visuals

Medieval Merge features bright and colorful LEGO-inspired visuals:

  • Vivid fantasy landscapes like forests, fields, caves, castles.
  • Cute blocky characters and monsters with fun animations.
  • Detailed environments and props like trees, bridges, campfires etc.
  • Soothing visual effects when merging items or defeating enemies.
  • Items and structures change appearance upon upgrading.

The game runs smoothly even on mid-range devices thanks to the optimized graphics. The visual style really brings the medieval fantasy world to life.



Medieval Merge monetizes through optional in-app purchases and a premium currency (gems):

  • Gems can be used to speed up building/research times, purchase resources, revive heroes etc.
  • IAP range from $1.99 to $99.99 for gem packs and special bundles.
  • No forced ads or paywalls that block progression.
  • IAP are not required but offer convenience and time savings.

While all content is accessible for free players, spending money accelerates progression speed. The monetization remains fair and balanced.

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative mix of merging and RPG gameplay
  • Hundreds of levels and quests to complete
  • Adorable LEGO-style visuals
  • Multiple progression systems
  • Relaxing background music
  • No forced ads or paywalls
  • Fair monetization system


  • Can feel repetitive after long sessions
  • Managing board space gets tricky in late game
  • Story is paper-thin
  • Server outages can disrupt gameplay
  • Item drop rates for events could be better

Overall, Medieval Merge offers a fun and addictive gameplay loop with excellent polish and fair monetization. The merge mechanics and RPG elements combine into a gameplay formula with wide appeal.


Tips for New Players

Here are some useful tips to progress faster as a new player:

  • Focus on completing story quests and leveling up initially.
  • Upgrade resource buildings early to accelerate progression.
  • Use gems only for purchasing builders and inventory slots.
  • Plan merges and combos carefully for maximum rewards.
  • Keep some spare inventory slots for emergency items.
  • Defeat world bosses for rare crafting materials.
  • Participate in events to get exclusive heroes and items.
  • Check the shop daily for free energy and items.
  • Watch video ads to receive free gems and boosters.

Following these tips will help you optimize your gameplay in the initial stages.



Medieval Merge executes its strategic merging and RPG hybrid gameplay to near perfection. The simple yet satisfying loop combined with the cheerful art style makes progression extremely addictive. There is a staggering amount of content for free players with no paywalls. While the repetitive nature of merge games won’t appeal to some, Medieval Merge manages to keep the experience feeling fresh with multiple progression systems and steady content updates. The fair monetization and lack of forced ads deserve praise. For merge game fans looking for their next fix, it doesn’t get much better than Medieval Merge. It remains easy to recommend for casual gamers of all ages and can even appeal to hardcore RPG fans thanks to its depth. Overall, Medieval Merge is a must-play puzzle RPG that merges simplicity and strategy into a magical medieval world. Download it now and let the merging addiction begin!

Download Guide

Medieval Merge is available on iOS and Android devices. Just search for “Medieval Merge” on the App Store or Play Store to download it for free. Make sure you have at least 100MB of free storage space before installing. The game is online-only and requires an internet connection to play. Enable notifications to receive alerts on new events and content updates. Now enjoy rebuilding the cursed village through the power of merging! Let us know your thoughts about Medieval Merge in the comments below.

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