Role PlayingMASS FOR THE DEAD OVERLORD Mod Apk 1.60.1 (Hack, Unlimited Skill Usage)

MASS FOR THE DEAD OVERLORD Mod Apk 1.60.1 (Hack, Unlimited Skill Usage)

MASS FOR THE DEAD OVERLORD Mod Apk 1.60.1 (Hack, Unlimited Skill Usage)
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5.5 Rating (819) Votes

5.5 Rating (819 Votes )
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MASS FOR THE DEAD is an exciting mobile game based on the popular anime and light novel series Overlord. Developed by Fuji&gumi Games and released in 2018, MASS FOR THE DEAD allows players to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Overlord.

In this game, you take on the role of the main character Momonga and join the challenges within the tomb of Nazarick. With stunning graphics and animations bringing the ruins and guardians of Nazarick to life, MASS FOR THE DEAD provides an engaging gaming experience for Overlord fans.

This article provides an in-depth review of MASS FOR THE DEAD, analyzing its key features, mechanics, graphics and sound, and discussing its pros and cons. Additionally, it answers some frequently asked questions about the game and provides key takeaways and conclusion about the game’s overall quality.


Gameplay and Mechanics

MASS FOR THE DEAD gameplay involves navigating dungeon levels while battling enemies in turn-based combat using Overlord characters and spells. Here are some key gameplay features and mechanics:

  • Role-playing Momonga/Ainz Ooal Gown – The main role is the powerful overlord Momonga, allowing players to experience the story from his perspective.
  • Turn-based combat – Battles happen in turns, with players selecting attack moves, spells, and strategies to defeat enemies.
  • Gacha collection – Players can obtain Overlord characters, equipment, and items through Gacha random collection draws.
  • Party battles – Up to 5 characters can battle together in a party, allowing for synergistic team builds.
  • Dungeon crawling – Various dungeon levels contain random enemy encounters and boss battles.
  • Story campaigns – The game features main story campaigns that unfold the narrative.
  • Events and special missions – Limited-time events and missions provide special rewards and characters.
  • PVP battles – Players can battle against other players’ parties in asynchronous PvP.

Overall, the turn-based combat and Gacha collection provide engaging and addictive gameplay loops for RPG fans. The gameplay captures the feel of the Overlord world while providing challenging missions.


Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound for MASS FOR THE DEAD are high quality and immersive:

  • Character art and animations – The Overlord characters are rendered in detailed 2D anime-style graphics with fluid animations when attacking and casting spells. The undead and monster art stays faithful to the series designs.
  • Environment artwork – Dungeon levels feature dark, atmospheric backgrounds reminiscent of the tomb of Nazarick. Visual effects like hovering dust particles enhance the environments.
  • Cutscenes – Key story moments play out in beautifully animated cutscenes rendered in the anime art style.
  • Music and sound – The game features an orchestral soundtrack with music themes from the anime. Sound effects like slashes and spell incantations heighten combat engagement.
  • Voice acting – Key characters have voice over dialogue clips, often provided by anime voice talent.

Altogether, the graphics and sound deeply immerse fans into the Overlord universe with quality production values. The developers paid close attention to making the game look and feel like an authentic adaptation.


Pros and Cons


  • Captures Overlord’s characters, stories, and settings through high quality graphics and sound
  • Addictive turn-based combat with strategic party-building mechanics
  • Gacha collection system provides tons of replayability and goals
  • Engaging story campaigns expand on the anime’s fascinating lore
  • Asynchronous PvP allows playing against other Overlord fans
  • Tons of characters and abilities to unlock, level up and master


  • Monetization model tends to gate content behind random Gacha draws
  • Can feel repetitive and grindy at times between story beats
  • Some translation issues since the original game is in Japanese
  • Battle system lacks depth compared to complex turn-based RPGs
  • PvP matching can feel imbalanced at times
  • Requires persistent internet connection to play

While the monetization can be frustrating, the overall production values and faithfulness to Overlord make MASS FOR THE DEAD an easy recommendation for fans. The gameplay also has wide appeal to RPG and anime gamers looking for a new addictive experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about MASS FOR THE DEAD:

Is MASS FOR THE DEAD an offline or online game?

MASS FOR THE DEAD requires an internet connection and is online-only. There is no offline single player campaign.

What platforms is the game available on?

It is available as a mobile game for Android and iOS devices. It is not available for PC or consoles.

Does it have an English language option?

Yes, MASS FOR THE DEAD has an English language option which provides translated text and voice-overs.

Is MASS FOR THE DEAD pay to win?

The monetization model is not as aggressive as some free-to-play mobile RPGs, but there is an element of paying for power. Paying money provides more Gacha chances for rare characters and items, which can give advantages. But skill in party composition and turn-based strategy matters more.

How does multiplayer PvP work?

PvP allows asynchronous battles against other players’ set defense teams. There is no real-time PvP. Matchmaking is based on rank earned through winning battles.

Is there a clan/guild feature?

Yes, players can join and create guilds which provide social interaction, shared rewards, and guild-based rankings.

How F2P friendly is MASS FOR THE DEAD?

It is reasonably F2P friendly, especially for casual players. Spending money accelerates progression, but is not required. Patience earning free currency from missions can unlock top characters eventually.

What are the revenue models?

MAINLY the Gacha random reward mechanic for new characters and gear. There are also monthly subscription plans and bundles for premium currency.


Key Feature

  • Polished adaptation – MASS FOR THE DEAD excels at bringing the Overlord universe to life through detailed graphics, art, and sound. Fans will be delighted.
  • Strategic battles – The turn-based combat emphasizes synergistic party builds and strategic choices to defeat challenging enemies.
  • Gacha collection – The random rewards provide tons of replayability but may frustrate players wanting specific characters.
  • Story focus – The narrative campaigns expanding on Overlord’s fascinating story are a highlight for fans to enjoy.
  • Multiplayer elements – Asynchronous PvP and collaborative guild gameplay provide social engagement with the fan community.
  • Well-executed core – Despite some repetitive grind, the core combat and progression are rewarding and addictively fun.



For fans of the Overlord franchise, MASS FOR THE DEAD is an easy recommendation thanks to its faithfulness to the source material and engaging turn-based gameplay. The high quality production values successfully translate Overlord into a polished mobile RPG experience. While the monetization can get pushy, and the gameplay repetitive at times, the charming characters, strategic combat, and expanded lore provide countless hours of entertainment. For RPG gamers craving an immersive new anime-inspired experience, MASS FOR THE DEAD is also worth checking out. Just be wary of getting sucked into its addictive progression and Gacha collection mechanics! Overall, MASS FOR THE DEAD delivers a robust and polished adaptation of the Overlord universe that tactical RPG fans should not overlook.

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