PuzzleMahjong Magic Fantasy MOD APK 0.231029 (Unlimited Life, No ADS)

Mahjong Magic Fantasy MOD APK 0.231029 (Unlimited Life, No ADS)

Mahjong Magic Fantasy MOD APK 0.231029 (Unlimited Life, No ADS)
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4.5 Rating (797) Votes

4.5 Rating (797 Votes )
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Mahjong Magic Fantasy MOD APK 0.231029 (Unlimited Life, No ADS)


Mahjong Magic Fantasy is a popular tile-matching puzzle game developed by Aqua Gamez for iOS, Android, and PC platforms. The game combines elements of traditional mahjong with match-3 puzzle mechanics and a fantasy theme. The objective is to match tiles of the same type to remove them from the board, while using special power-up “magic” abilities to help clear trickier puzzle layouts. Mahjong Magic Fantasy features a progression of hundreds of puzzles across various gameplay modes. It also includes collection and upgrade mechanics with adorable fantasy pets. Key Features:

  • Tile-matching puzzles with mahjong mechanics
  • Match tiles within a limited number of moves
  • Use magic spells and abilities to clear puzzles
  • Collection mechanic with pets to upgrade
  • Hundreds of levels across different modes
  • No time limits on puzzles
  • Monthly special events
  • Free to play with optional in-app purchases

Mahjong Magic Fantasy Mod Apk


The core gameplay revolves around completing mahjong-style tile matching puzzles. Here are the basics:

  • Each level has a grid layout of various tile types
  • Match 2 tiles of the same type to remove them
  • Clear all normal tiles to complete the puzzle
  • Remove special gold tiles to get 3 stars and fully complete
  • Make matches within a set number of moves
  • Use magic abilities to aid clearing tiles

There are a few key mechanics that make the puzzles more interesting:

  • Magic: Match scroll icons to charge magic spells that clear tiles in different patterns
  • Special Tiles: Some tiles have extra properties like bombs or locks
  • Limited Moves: Puzzles must be solved within a set number of moves
  • Gold Tiles: Remove all gold tiles to fully complete a puzzle

Solving the puzzles and completing levels earns stars and pets. Stars are used to unlock later levels and modes. Pets provide passive abilities and can be upgraded by clearing levels with them. There are no time limits, so each puzzle can be completed at your own pace. However, efficient matching is needed to clear within the allotted moves. Overall, the gameplay provides a good balance of relaxed, thoughtful puzzle solving combined with the satisfaction of using magic abilities to blast away tiles.

Mahjong Magic Fantasy Mod Apk

Modes and Features

Mahjong Magic Fantasy contains a variety of gameplay modes and bonus features that provide hundreds of puzzle levels:

Story Mode

  • Progress through zones unlocking levels
  • Each zone has 20 levels
  • Earn stars to unlock later zones
  • Levels get more complex with special tiles

Time Attack

  • Complete random puzzles against a countdown timer
  • Earn magic candles from bonus objectives
  • Candles unlock later time attack levels

Monthly Events

  • Limited-time special event stages
  • Earn points to get event-exclusive pets
  • Fresh event every month with new puzzles


  • Unlock pets by playing levels and events
  • Each pet provides a unique passive ability
  • Upgrade pets using coins to improve abilities
  • Bring pets along to levels to use their skill


  • Spend coins earned in-game to purchase:
    • Magic hammers: destroy tiles
    • Extra moves
    • Gold tile radar
    • Other boosters
  • Purchase cosmetic upgrades for the home tree

Social Features

  • Leaderboards to compare high scores
  • Send and receive gifts from friends
  • Friend codes to connect with other players

Mahjong Magic Fantasy Mod Apk

Graphics and Audio

Mahjong Magic Fantasy features a bright and colorful fantasy-themed presentation. The graphics have a cartoon style with cute character and environment designs. The pets and other characters have large expressive eyes and vibrant colors that give the game a playful, lighthearted feel. The environments and level backdrops evoke a lush, magical forest. These include things like giant mushrooms, candy plants, and glowing spirit trees. The detailed backgrounds provide eye-catching scenery to complement the puzzle gameplay.

The audio mainly consists of upbeat fantasy music tracks that create a whimsical atmosphere. The music shifts between gentle, mystical melodies and faster-paced adventurous songs. Matching tiles and using abilities provide fun sounds and visual effects. Overall, the audiovisual presentation nicely complements the puzzle gameplay.

Mahjong Magic Fantasy Mod Apk


Mahjong Magic Fantasy monetizes through optional in-app purchases. The full game can be played for free, but certain boosters and cosmetics can be purchased using real money. The in-app purchases include:

  • Gold Cans – Premium currency used to purchase most items
  • Magic Hammers – Destroys a cluster of tiles
  • Moves – Adds 5 extra moves to a level
  • Monthly Pass – Provides daily rewards for 30 days

The monetization seems fairly balanced. With skillful play, the puzzles are completable without needing to buy boosters. The IAPs can help speed up progression a bit, but are not required. Overall, the monetization is handled reasonably well for a free mobile game.

Mahjong Magic Fantasy Mod Apk

Review Roundup

Mahjong Magic Fantasy has received generally positive reviews across the iOS and Android versions. Here is an overview of the review scores:

  • Metacritic: 80% from 2 critic reviews
  • iOS App Store: 4.5/5 stars from 3.9K ratings
  • Google Play: 4.5/5 stars from 100K+ downloads

Reviewers commonly praise the game for its cute graphics, simple but strategic tile-matching gameplay, and relaxing pace. The magic abilities, pet collection mechanics, and variety of modes are also highlighted as strengths. Criticisms mostly focus on the monetization through IAPs. Overall, Mahjong Magic Fantasy is regarded as an accessible, polished, and fun casual puzzle game.

Mahjong Magic Fantasy Mod Apk


Mahjong Magic Fantasy succeeds at modernizing mahjong with match-3 puzzle mechanics and approachable gameplay. The tile-matching puzzles provide an enjoyable balance of thoughtfulness and quick thinking aided by magic abilities. With a progression of hundreds of levels across modes, unlockable pets, and social features, there is plenty of content to keep players entertained. While the free-to-play monetization includes some less appealing boosters and timers, the overall experience remains fair for non-paying players. With its quality presentation and engaging core gameplay loop, Mahjong Magic Fantasy stands out as a relaxing yet strategic puzzle game. For mahjong fans looking for something a bit more casual and modern, Mahjong Magic Fantasy is easy to recommend.

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