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Magic Tiles 3 MOD 10.104.004 APK (Money, VIP Support, No Ads)

Magic Tiles 3
App Name Magic Tiles 3
Latest Version v.10.104.004
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Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Music Music
Size 173 MB
Mods Money, VIP Support, No Ads
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3.8 Rating (238) Votes

3.8 Rating (238 Votes )
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You love music games. Let’s tap magic tiles to the beat in the fun song game
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Magic Tiles 3 MOD 10.104.004 APK (Money, VIP Support, No Ads)

Magic Tiles 3 is a popular and addictive music game developed by Amanotes for iOS and Android devices. The game has been downloaded over 500 million times and has an average rating of 4.3/5 on the App Store and 3.9/5 on Google Play.

In this extensive review, we will cover every aspect of Magic Tiles 3 to help you understand what makes this game so popular and whether it’s worth downloading. We will look at the gameplay, graphics, soundtrack, difficulty levels, game modes, monetization, and more.

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How to Play

The gameplay of Magic Tiles 3 is simple yet highly addictive. As the name suggests, tiles will appear from the top of the screen and start falling downwards. These tiles can be black or white. The player has to tap on the black tiles as they fall down and avoid tapping on the white tiles.

If you tap on a black tile, it will play a piano note that is in tune with the background music. But if you tap on a white tile, you will lose and have to restart the song. The speed and number of tiles increase as you progress through a song, making it more challenging to tap the correct black tiles.

The main goal is to tap as many black tiles as possible without missing any to complete the song. The better you tap along to the beat, the higher your score. If you miss tapping a black tile or tap a white tile, the song ends immediately.

Game Modes

Magic Tiles 3 offers different game modes to keep things interesting:

  • Classic Mode: The standard mode where you tap black tiles to complete songs. This is the main mode where you can access all songs.
  • Battle Mode: Go head-to-head against other players online. Whoever taps the most black tiles and survives the longest wins.
  • Band Mode: Up to 4 players can collaborate by tapping tiles on different instruments to complete a song together. Instruments include piano, drums, guitar, and more.
  • Tournament Mode: Compete in weekly tournaments against players from around the world for the top spot on the leaderboard.


One of the biggest attractions of Magic Tiles 3 is its huge collection of diverse songs. There are over 5000 songs spanning multiple genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, classical, movie soundtracks, and more.

Popular artists featured include Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Beethoven, and many others. New hit songs are added every week to keep the collection fresh. You can also search for specific songs or artists.

The base game includes over 1000 free songs to play. The rest can be unlocked through various means which we will discuss in the monetization section.

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Graphics and Visuals

Magic Tiles 3 features bright, colorful, and modern graphics that complement the music. The play area has a clean black background with the tiles clearly contrasted in white and other vibrant colors like red, green, purple, yellow, and more.

The tile colors help you easily distinguish between black and white tiles. Each song also has a unique abstract background animation synced to the music which enhances the gameplay experience.

The main menu and other UI elements use a minimalist, flat design. The graphics are smooth and optimized for mobile. Visual effects like sparks fly when you tap tiles perfectly on beat. Overall, the visuals are simple yet very polished.

Soundtrack and Audio

As a music game, the audio experience is a vital part of Magic Tiles 3 Hack Apk. The game delivers with high-quality soundtracks and audio effects. Songs are rendered clearly in their full length during gameplay. The audio syncs perfectly with the tile animations.

Crisp piano sounds are played for each black tile you tap. You can clearly hear when you tap a wrong white tile. The background music mutes when you fail a song. All of this creates an immersive music gameplay experience.

You can also easily listen to songs without playing by accessing the music library. Overall, Magic Tiles 3 provides a flawless audio experience to enjoy the extensive song collection.

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Difficulty and Progression

Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk offers a smooth and fair difficulty progression. When you start playing a new song, the speed is slow and there are fewer tiles to help you get a feel for the music.

As you progress through a song, the speed gradually increases and more tile patterns are introduced to increase the challenge. Songs get very fast at higher difficulties so you have to react quickly.

Difficulty settings control the speed and number of tiles. Easier difficulties are great for beginners while expert difficulties provide a intense, frantic experience.

Completing songs and meeting certain point thresholds unlocks new songs and difficulties. This rewarding progression system keeps you motivated to improve your skills.


Magic Tiles 3 uses a freemium model with both free and paid content. The core gameplay is free but certain features require payment. Here is an overview of the monetization:

  • Free Content: Over 1000 songs are free across genres and difficulties. You can play all game modes for free.
  • Ads: Short video ads play between songs which can be skipped after 5 seconds. Ads are the main revenue source.
  • In-App Purchases: Additional song packs can be bought to permanently unlock more songs. Prices range from $1.99 – $9.99 per pack.
  • Subscription: A weekly ($3.99) or monthly ($9.99) subscription unlocks all songs and removes ads.

The monetization is quite fair for a free mobile game. You still get plenty of content in the base game. The ads are not excessive and can be disabled with the subscription. Overall the monetization strikes a good balance.

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Game Performance

Magic Tiles 3 is well optimized and runs smoothly on most modern devices. The graphics are not too intensive which allows it to run at 60fps even on mid-range devices.

Loading times are very quick, getting you into the gameplay in seconds. The game is only 82MB in size so it won’t take up much storage space.

No internet is required to play songs you have unlocked. This allows for uninterrupted gameplay when offline. The game is also very battery efficient and won’t drain your phone’s battery too fast.

Overall, Magic Tiles 3 offers great performance across the board. The game rarely crashes or has technical issues even after extended play sessions.

Social Features

Magic Tiles 3 incorporates social features through its online Battle Mode. You can compete against random players or invite your friends.

Leaderboards track your ranking globally or among friends for tournament modes. You can also share your high scores on social media to show off your skills.

While basic, these social features add some competitive fun and replayability to the game. Playing against others provides a different dynamic compared to playing songs alone.

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  • Simple and addictive tile tapping gameplay
  • Massive song library with 5000+ hit songs
  • Multiple challenging game modes
  • Leaderboards and online battles add competitiveness
  • Smooth and responsive touch controls
  • Bright, colorful graphics and animations
  • Great soundtrack quality for an immersive experience
  • Fair freemium monetization model
  • Optimized performance even on mid-range devices


  • Game can feel repetitive after long sessions
  • Ads between songs interrupt the flow
  • Subscription required to unlock all songs
  • Occasional lag in online Battle Mode
  • Lacks deeper social features beyond leaderboards

Final Score: 4.5/5

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Magic Tiles 3 succeeds in providing an accessible, addictive, and polished music game experience. The massive song collection spanning genres makes it enjoyable for all players.

The simple tap-based gameplay is easy to pick up but becomes challenging at higher speeds. Fun modes like online battles and tournaments add to the replay value.

While the core gameplay loop can feel repetitive after a while, there is enough variety to keep you engaged. The graphics, audio quality, and performance also exceed expectations.

Minor issues like ads and lag do not take away from the overall enjoyment. Magic Tiles 3 perfects the music game formula on mobile. Both casual and hardcore gamers will find something to love in this rhythm-based title.

It delivers endless entertainment and replayability that is hard to find in mobile games. If you even remotely enjoy music games, Magic Tiles 3 is easy to recommend.

  • - Optimize game performance and fix bugs
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