PuzzleLove is in small things MOD APK 1.0.72 (Free Purchases)

Love is in small things MOD APK 1.0.72 (Free Purchases)

Love is in small things MOD APK 1.0.72 (Free Purchases)
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5.5 Rating (711) Votes

5.5 Rating (711 Votes )
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Love is in small things MOD APK 1.0.72 (Free Purchases)

Love is in small things MOD APK
MOD Features Free Purchases
Category Mod Apk
Size 1100 MB
Version 1.0.72
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

Love is in Small Things Mod Apk features romantic cartoonstyled graphics and calming music. The players control a pair of lovers who are trying to find their way back together after a breakup. The game consists of various levels where each one has its own objectives, such as collecting hearts, sending messages or solving puzzles. Through these tasks the couple can heal their broken relationship and ultimately find love again. Each level also offers beautiful backgrounds featuring dreamy landscapes with glowing lights that add to the atmosphere and special effects accented by piano melodies drifting through in order to give an immense feeling of reunion for couples all over the world!

Love is in small things MOD APK

Play With Fun this game?

Players can play Love is in Small Things in two ways: either a singleplayer game or a multiplayer game. In the single player mode, you control both characters and need to complete various tasks before reaching your ultimate goal. The puzzles are simple yet fun to solve because each challenge brings you closer to being reunited with the one that you love! If playing with friends, up to four players compete against each other as they try and complete those different tasks first! With so many levels filled with adventure and emotions this title will bring great joy for families or groups of friends at parties surefire way for an unforgettable experience.

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, Love is in Small Things can be played with up to four players. In the multiplayer mode, each player takes control of one character and has to complete different tasks while competing against each other. This adds a twist of competition and excitement because the last ones standing will ultimately be reunited first! Different characters add unique abilities that allow for greater strategy or faster completion times so its all about who uses them better! Multiplayer offers a great way for friends or families to play together as they enjoy this lighthearted game full of adventure and emotions.

Love is in small things MOD APK

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Key Features of Love is in small things MOD APK

1. Love Story

The game follows a gentle love story where the player needs to help two characters get back together after their breakup. Players will be able to experience various events and complete different objectives in order to reunite this couple once again!

2. Adventure and Emotions

All four levels have unique challenges for players that involve solving puzzles or collecting hearts, as well as special effects that will give an immense feeling of reunion when completing each objective!

3. Two Modes

You can enjoy playing on your own or with up to three friends in the multiplayer mode, which adds an extra layer of competition as they battle it out trying who finishes first!

4 Cartoonstyle Graphics & Calming Music

Love is in Small Things features cartoonish visuals with dreamy landscapes accompanied by calming music throughout all level. The graphics add whimsical touches while showing little details like floating lights that unexpectedly shine across background items providing even more charm into this beautiful love journey; creating memories for multiple replays .

5 Unique Characters Abilities

Unique abilities allow playersto use different strategies against each other while progressing through the different tasks within every level from faster completion times (like teleportation ability), dodging obstacles(like shrinking)etc making it even more interesting between them .

6 Numerous Levels and Events

Players have access to 4 unique levels filled with various events such bustling cities , snowing hills etc ,with increasing difficulty handing rewards at success achieved by touching completion lines .While offering both platformpuzzle elements/styles you never know whats gonna show up next during this fairy tale style romantics!

7 Upgrades System & Unlockable Content

To unlock higher levels opportunities arrive frequently rewarded yet from coins collected thru actual plays /achieving certain milestones rather than ads watching sticking true motives /desires of most gamers.

Love is in small things MOD APK

What is Love is in small things MOD APK Mod Apk?

Love is in Small Things MOD APK Mod Apk is a modified version of the popular Android game Love is in Small Things. It offers players access to all levels without having to pay for them. The game has been modded so that it removes ads, increases character stats, and provides unlimited coins and hearts which allow players to progress further with ease. Additionally, it also adds a few minigames which can be enjoyed while playing with friends or family members! Finally, MOD APK Mod Apkhas adjustable size customizations so that players can enjoy the game on small or big screens more comfortably without compromising details during gameplay.

Mod Key Feature

Ads Free Environment

Love is in Small Things MOD APK Mod Apk will provide an adfree gaming environment so players can freely focus on playing the game without any annoying interruptions.

Unlimited Coins and Hearts

The modded version provides unlimited coins and hearts so that players can progress through levels quickly without having to grind for them or purchase them ingame with real money.

Character Stat Boosts 

Certain characters stats such as health, strength, speed etc will be boosted which will help player easily defeat enemies or conquer challenging stages with ease.

Customizable Size

Adjustable sizes customization provided allows gamers to enjoy higher resolution even on smaller screens/devices enjoying every bit of beauty hidden behind love in small things !

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Downloading: Love is in Small Things MOD APK Mod Apk can be downloaded from various sites that offer modified games or apps. It is important to make sure that the source chosen is reliable as some unreliable sources may contain malicious content. Once the file has been downloaded, it should be opened on your device which will prompt for permission to install it like any other app granting this permission allows its installation process to begin.

2 .Installation : Installation of the game goes while taking security measures like disabling default play store installation check ,robots checking etc making sure no one without authorization attempts or accesses theft codes avoiding software crashes !

3 Device Compatibility :Make sure all versions/devices are compatible with each other,Device compatibility must listed out before starting up ensuring higher compatibility rates with mod apks running without problems!

4 Security Install Note Read Carefully All warnings provided before actual steps towards installing newer apk files playing safely !

Love is in small things MOD APK

Game Tips

1. Spend time with your partner and appreciate small things that make them happy: This is the core of the game, as bigger gesture cannot truly be a substitute for more subtle ones but its still worth taking advantage of events or conversations between each other to really connect in meaningful ways .

2. Take notes: Make sure you take note especially if one half of couple isnt understanding conversation from its opposite party , writing down in points help continue conversation being top topic later on when energies are revived .

3. Communicate through activities: Playing any fun activity together (like board games) helps spike attention landing up continuous discussion chords helping cherish moments !

4 Try talking again and again : Don‘t get discouraged by rude responses pull off another effort trying same topics different approaches works better keeping possibility high as much!

5 Listen carefully : Always remember hearing about small things might create adventure helping express emotions hiding inside struggling whether short/longterm relationships this rule holds true forever learning many new facts !

Graphics and Sound Quality

1. Graphics:

Love is in Small Things has an animated cartoonstyle setting with dreamy, whimsical landscapes to boot; making it feel charming and warm as the player progresses through its events. The game showcases creative visual designs such as vibrant backdrops featuring special effects like glowing lights that bring a sense of magic alongside little details found floating between assets creating interesting touches that can be enjoyed by both adults and young players alike!

2. Sound:

Music adds depth to the story being told within this game not only providing great atmosphere but stressing important moments during gameplay ! Piano melodies drift through each level/situation helping forget barriers automatically tapping true emotions while activating memory senses melody way .Moreover sound effects from moving objects or menu actions gives energetic spurts directly into ears which really goes long way ahead !


Love is in Small Things offers a heartwarming story based game that can be enjoyed both alone or with friends. It has alluring cartoonstyle graphics which bring life to its dreamy landscapes coupled with calming music throughout; providing a great chance for couples to find their way back together, but also making it fun and enjoyable. With 4 levels full of different events plus numerous puzzles and objectives this title is truly the perfect way to reunite after difficult times and discover love in small things! Additionally an exciting MOD APK version without ads & boosts helps players rising up fast with unlimited coins/hearts tempting maximum attraction not provided before ! Finally dont forget take notes while playing understanding most deeper facts from conversations makes difference very quickly achieving desired end results through gaming platforms !

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q: How do I unlock higher levels in Love is in Small Things?

A: Higher levels can be unlocked by collecting coins from actual plays or completing certain milestones. Alternatively, players may also purchase coins with real money if they wish to move forward faster.

Q: Are there customizable settings for the game?

A: Yes, Love is in Small Things offers adjustable size customizations so that players can enjoy the game on small or big screens more comfortably without compromising details during gameplay. Additionally it has extra minigames added for even more delight while enjoying quality time!

Q : Can two player play this game ?

A :Yes ,Love is In Smalls things allows two players to play together either as single mode controlling both characters and playing each event one by one or multiplayers mode competing against each other up four showing them who finishes first .

Q : Is ads free mod apk available of love stories ?

A Yes desired requirements are already satisfied where no ads will show up keeping environment clean while gaming today‘s most modern platforms availing all kinds of tweaks & boosts !

Q :Does unlocking different modes increases difficulty ?

A Unlocking new Levels means harder Puzzles &Tasks To complete but winning team will also handed rewards accordingly at completion through hovering lines suiting true adventurous spirits ushering next t rise quickly over others !

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