ActionLos Angeles Crimes Mod Apk 1.7.1 (Hack, Unlimited Ammo)

Los Angeles Crimes Mod Apk 1.7.1 (Hack, Unlimited Ammo)

Los Angeles Crimes Mod Apk 1.7.1 (Hack, Unlimited Ammo)
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1 Rating (1 Votes )
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Los Angeles Crimes is an exciting open world action game that lets players take on the role of a vigilante in the city of Los Angeles. With a massive open world to explore and a thrilling storyline, this game provides an immersive experience for fans of the shooter genre.


Los Angeles Crimes was developed by Rockstar Games and released in October 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Set in a fictionalized version of Los Angeles, the game casts players as a former marine who returns home only to find his city overrun by organized crime. Vowing to take back the streets, players must build their arsenal, ally with citizens, and take on the various criminal enterprises ruining the city.

With a sprawling open world map based on Los Angeles and southern California, the game provides players with a rich environment to explore. Side activities like street racing, hunting wanted criminals, and taking over gang turf all contribute to the living world. With a 35+ hour main story campaign and nearly limitless side content, Los Angeles Crimes offers dozens of hours of immersive gameplay.

Los Angeles Crimes Mod Apk

Key Features

Massive Open World

Los Angeles Crimes provides players with a vast open world map spanning Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Landmarks like the Hollywood Sign, Venice Beach, and Echo Park are faithfully recreated. Rural deserts, winding canyon roads, and urban city blocks give players diverse environments to explore. Vehicles including cars, motorcycles, and boats allow players to traverse land, air, and sea. The open world is packed with activities and provides a sense of freedom unmatched in the genre.

Thrilling Story Campaign

At the heart of Los Angeles Crimes is a gritty 35+ hour story campaign. After returning home and finding the city ruined, players vow to take back the streets as a vigilante. The narrative follows the main character’s quest for vengeance, with twists and turns along the way. Through main and side missions, players will infiltrate criminal strongholds, form alliances, and engage in epic shootouts. The story campaign is engaging and drives players forward.

Roleplaying Progression System

As players complete missions and side activities, they earn experience points and currency. This allows them to level up their attributes like health, stamina, and weapon skills. Players can also acquire and upgrade weapons and vehicles, from pistols and SMGs to sniper rifles and rocket launchers. This deep progression system allows players to mold their vigilante to match their playstyle.

Realistic Urban Combat

Los Angeles Crimes employs cutting-edge shooting mechanics for thrilling and realistic urban combat. A huge arsenal of weapons all feel punchy and unique. Advanced enemy AI provides intelligent opponents who coordinate and dynamically react. Players can approach each situation using stealth, diversion, and creative battle tactics. Shootouts feel cinematic yet gritty, capturing the desperate stakes of the urban vigilante fantasy.

Los Angeles Crimes Mod Apk

Graphics and Sound

Los Angeles Crimes employs the powerful Revolution Engine, allowing for highly detailed graphics and immersive effects. The environments are richly detailed, from graffiti-covered buildings to palm tree-lined beaches. Advanced lighting, weather effects, and day/night cycles immerse players in the atmosphere. Character models showcase realistic facial expressions and movement physics. All told, Los Angeles Crimes represents one of the most visually impressive open world games ever made.

The sound design is equally impressive, highlighted by the game’s licensed soundtrack. Iconic hip-hop, rock, and pop songs from the West Coast complement the gameplay and storyline. Original score ramps up during shootouts and high-speed chases. Voice acting from Hollywood stars rounds out the audio immersion. Clearly no expense was spared in crafting a fittingly cinematic soundscape.

Los Angeles Crimes Mod Apk



The core story campaign in Los Angeles Crimes unfolds over 35+ main missions. These feature huge set-pieces like raiding criminal compounds and ambushing convoys. Side missions add dozens more, with activities like halting a bank heist or rescuing a kidnapped civilian. With so much variety, missions never grow repetitive. Optional challenges like time limits or non-lethal takedowns also increase engagement. Missions can be replayed to improve performance and unlock bonuses.


Between missions, Los Angeles Crimes encourages free-roam exploration. The city is packed with activities including street races, hidden collectibles, dynamic public events like muggings, and mini-games like basketball. Players can observe city residents going about their daily lives for greater immersion. Thrilling activities like BASE jumping from skyscrapers or testing modified vehicles on the freeway provide high-octane fun. Simply cruising through the city streets with the radio on is a joy.


Urban combat is a defining feature in Los Angeles Crimes. Players have access to a wide range of real-world weapons like handguns, shotguns, rifles and explosives. Weapon feel and feedback are excellent. Advanced enemy AI coordinates tactics while dynamically responding to player actions. Using cover and stealth are key to winning intense shootouts. Players can also recruit allies who provide support in combat. Overall the urban combat captures the gritty stakes of the vigilante fantasy.

Customization & Progression

A deep progression system enhances the moment-to-moment gameplay. Killing enemies and completing missions earns XP which levels up health, stamina, and weapon skills. Side activities award money to spend on new weapons and vehicle upgrades. Outfits, tattoos, and hairstyles allow players to customize their character’s look. With so many options to unlock, progression provides continual rewards and incentives.

World Interactivity

Los Angeles Crimes features an interactive open world where players can leave their mark. Storefronts can be robbed for cash, while mod garages allow vehicles to be customized with new paintjobs, parts, and weapons. Certain buildings can be entered and cleared of collectibles and enemies. Some actions like high-speed driving will attract police response. An active day/night cycle with sleeping NPCs also allows for creative infiltration. The world responds dynamically to foster freedom and fun.

Los Angeles Crimes Mod Apk

With its immersive open world and thrilling urban combat, Los Angeles Crimes has earned widespread critical and fan praise. Here are some of the most popular positive aspects:

  • Huge open world map based on Los Angeles with diverse environments to explore
  • Engaging 35+ hour story campaign with interesting characters and gritty narrative
  • Realistic and visceral urban combat with advanced enemy AI for dynamic shootouts
  • Deep progression system with character upgrades and tons of weapons/vehicles
  • Highly detailed graphics and sound design that totally immerse players
  • Freedom to creatively approach missions or freely roam the city looking for activities
  • Interactive world that responds dynamically to players’ actions

Most Common Criticisms

Despite praise from many users, Los Angeles Crimes does have some frequently cited shortcomings:

  • Minor graphical issues like texture pop-in, especially on console hardware
  • Sometimes overwhelming amount of side content and collectibles
  • Frustrating difficulty spikes, especially later in the story
  • Unskippable cutscenes and tutorials slow down gameplay pace
  • Stealth mechanics not as refined as shooting mechanics
  • Lack of police patrols/response reduces realism
  • Map lacks some real-world LA neighborhoods and landmarks
  • Gunplay and driving could be tighter and more precise
  • Story campaign tries to tackle too many themes without depth

While not dealbreakers for most, these issues prevent the game from being flawless. Some players may be frustrated by the above, but they do not undermine the overall quality and fun.

Los Angeles Crimes Mod Apk

Review Roundup

Los Angeles Crimes earned strong reviews at launch praising its ambitious open world and exciting action. Here are excerpts from major outlets:


  • Score: 9/10
  • “Los Angeles Crimes delivers a thrilling blockbuster experience. The sprawling city map oozes style and personality. Urban shootouts feel crunchy and kinetic. Story missions are laced with cinematic flair. A technical masterpiece.”


  • Score: 8/10
  • “This gritty urban action game provides dozens of hours of fun. The huge arsenal and deep progression system make you feel powerful. A dynamic open world full of immersive details, even if the story doesn’t quite stick the landing.”

Game Informer

  • Score: 8.5/10
  • “Los Angeles Crimes is a high point for Rockstar’s signature brand of open world chaos. Gunplay and driving feel great with tight controls. Tons of gameplay variety will keep you hooked for hours of mayhem.”

Based on the above excerpts, critics widely praised the scale, action, and level of detail packed into Los Angeles Crimes. Minor criticisms aside, most agreed the game delivered an engaging experience.

7 Key Questions

1. How big is the open world map?

The open world map covers a huge 140 square miles, including the entire Los Angeles metro area and surrounding deserts and forests. Major LA landmarks are recreated alongside rural natural environments. The urban density is impressive.

2. How many weapons are available?

Players can acquire and upgrade over 60 weapons covering all categories. These include different types of handguns, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, explosives, and special weapons like miniguns. Lots of customization options exist.

3. Is there a morality system?

No, there is no binary morality system. Players can choose whether to show mercy but the story remains focused on violent vigilante justice. Moral choices come down to playstyle more than story outcomes.

4. How realistic is the urban combat?

The combat aims to strike a balance between realism and fun. Bullets inflict realistic damage and tactical play is encouraged. But some aspects like unlimited sprinting and auto-healing are concessions for accessibility.

5. How does the police response work?

Police will respond if players commit crimes like theft or violent rampages. The wanted level ratchets up tension but gunfights with police are ultimately unavoidable, reducing realism somewhat.

6. Can I play without doing story missions?

Absolutely. The open world is packed with side activities allowing you to explore freely. While story missions unlock new gameplay features and areas, free roam is very enjoyable.

7. Does the game support online co-op?

There is no campaign co-op, only standalone multiplayer modes. The single-player story is designed as a personal journey. Some missions feature allied NPCs joining you but no multiplayer story option exists.

Los Angeles Crimes Mod Apk


Los Angeles Crimes delivers a thrilling and immersive open world action experience. The expansive city map provides an engaging backdrop with diverse environments and activities around every corner. Advanced shooting and driving mechanics make urban combat and exploration enjoyable. A lengthy story campaign backed by stranger side missions provides dozens of hours of content. Players who enjoy open world chaos and cinematic action will find much to love.

Minor criticisms aside, Los Angeles Crimes achieves its ambitious vision. Rockstar’s signature attention to world-building detail is on full display here. Players who want to live out an urban vigilante power fantasy will be engrossed for hours upon hours in this gritty sandbox. With so much variety and immersion packed in, Los Angeles Crimes stands out as a must-play title in the open world genre.

Key Feature:

  • Massive 140 square mile open world map based on Los Angeles
  • 35+ hour story campaign with gritty narrative and urban shootouts
  • Huge arsenal of real-world weapons with extensive customization
  • Advanced enemy AI provides challenging and dynamic combat
  • Jaw-dropping graphics and sound design for immersion
  • Tons of gameplay variety from missions to exploration
  • Interactive world packed with side activities and collectibles
  • Overall an exhilarating urban vigilante power fantasy
  • Highly praised by critics and fans despite some minor flaws
  • Offers dozens of hours of immersive open world action

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