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Last Fortress Underground Mod APK 1.353.001 (MOD,Unlimited everything , money)

Last Fortress: Underground
App Name Last Fortress: Underground
Latest Version v.1.353.001
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Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Strategy Strategy
Size 1.49 Gb
Mods Unlimited everything , money
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4.0 Rating (923) Votes

4.0 Rating (923 Votes )
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Last Fortress: Underground Mod Apk is a free-to-play mobile strategy game developed by Life Is A Game Limited for iOS and Android devices. Released in 2020, the game has received over 10 million downloads and has a rating of 4.4/5 on the Google Play Store.

The premise of Last Fortress: Underground is that the player acts as the commander of a group of survivors after a zombie apocalypse has ravaged the earth. The largest remaining settlement, called Castle, has fallen to the zombies, and the player’s group must seek refuge underground in a mysterious bunker they discover. From this bunker, the player must build and expand an underground fortress to protect the survivors from the zombie threat above.

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Last Fortress Underground Mod APK


The core gameplay loop of Last Fortress: Underground consists of base building, resource management, team composition, and exploration/scavenging.

Base Building

A key aspect of the game is expanding the underground bunker into a sprawling fortress. The player can construct various facilities like power generators, laboratories, living quarters, and more. The layout of the base is highly customizable, allowing the player to design it to their liking. Efficiently organizing the base layout is crucial to maintain productivity and order.

As the fortress expands, more survivors will flock to it, so the player must ensure there are adequate living facilities. Managing and balancing resources like food, water, power, and medical supplies is also vital for maintaining a healthy community

Team Composition

The survivors have different skills like engineering, medicine, science, etc. Assigning them to jobs that utilize their abilities is important. The player can also recruit heroes with unique combat abilities to fight zombies and explore the wasteland. Forming a well-rounded and synergistic team composition is key to success.


Periodically, the player can send teams out of the safety of the fortress to scavenge the wasteland for critical resources. This is risky but necessary to gather construction materials, weapons, and other supplies. Camps can also be established on the surface as forward bases and resource collection points.

Last Fortress Underground Mod APK


Last Fortress: Underground features detailed 2D graphics with a pixel art style. The environments and characters have a gritty, post-apocalyptic aesthetic that effectively conveys the bleakness of the world.

The underground fortress uses a cross-sectional view that provides a helpful top-down perspective of the base layout. Icons indicate the function of each room, making it easy to monitor everything at a glance. The surface wasteland areas have a side-view perspective.

The animations are smooth and the art style creates a strong atmosphere. Zombies have a decayed, undead look while humans have a rugged, worn-down appearance showing their struggle. Overall, the graphics do an excellent job visually bringing the zombie world to life.


Last Fortress: Underground contains an engaging narrative that unfolds through the game’s missions and milestones. As the player expands the fortress, they will uncover more of the backstory behind the zombie apocalypse and the origins of the mysterious bunker.

Early on, the storyline reveals that the bunker was actually a secret government facility designed for continuity of operations in case of a doomsday scenario. This establishes an interesting overarching mystery regarding what the facility was meant for and what secrets it might hold.

Additional story content comes through text-based cutscenes when certain goals are met, providing more details on the fortress inhabitants and their motivations. The ultimate storyline direction seems to be working towards eventually reclaiming the surface world from the zombies.

While fairly straightforward, the narrative provides enough intrigue and character context to incentivize progression. Discovering story tidbits along the way gives a sense of purpose.

Last Fortress Underground Mod APK


Last Fortress: Underground uses intuitive touchscreen controls optimized for mobile devices. The interface is streamlined to make base management as seamless as possible.

The base building controls are excellent. Constructing rooms simply requires tapping open spaces. Dragging rooms or structures repositions them easily. The cross-sectional view allows effortless navigation by panning and zooming.

Character controls are also simple – tapping assigns survivors to rooms or jobs. Heroes can be directed to explore, defend, or fight with taps. Icons clearly indicate characters, facilities, resources, and actions.

Menu navigation is smooth and responsive. Buttons and tabs make accessing status screens, inventory, missions, etc straightforward. Controls are one of the game’s strengths.


The audio design of Last Fortress: Underground complements the visuals effectively. The underground fortress has ambient background noise of machinery and electronics humming. The wasteland surface has howling wind and other eerie sounds fitting of a post-apocalyptic setting.

The music is primarily atmospheric, with foreboding tracks that instill a sense of dread and despair. Upbeat music during successful missions provides contrast. Combat has intense music with pumping tempo. Voice acting from characters is well-done and brings life to the story.

Overall, the sound is polished – it sets the mood and draws the player into the tense, high-stakes world. Audio and visuals combine to make the experience more engaging and immersive.

Last Fortress Underground Mod APK

Additional Gameplay Elements

Last Fortress: Underground contains other gameplay features beyond the core mechanics:

  • Alliances – Players can join alliances with others for collaboration, shared goals, and team battles.
  • Crafting – Resources can be crafted into useful items like weapons, medicine, and gear.
  • Research – New technologies can be researched to unlock gameplay advantages.
  • Hero Development – Heroes gain XP and can be specialized into classes with unique skills.
  • Events – Limited-time events provide special missions, enemies, and rewards.
  • Monetization – The game includes optional microtransactions and ads to generate revenue.

Review Summary


  • Addictive and strategic base building gameplay
  • Detailed pixel graphics and great atmosphere
  • Interesting narrative with mysterious bunker backstory
  • Simple and intuitive touchscreen controls
  • Alliances encourage collaborative play


  • Monetization includes frequent ads and microtransactions
  • Gameplay can become repetitive and feel like chores
  • Hero development lacks depth
  • Online requirement may frustrate some

Overall, Last Fortress: Underground succeeds as an immersive mobile strategy game. For fans of base building and survival games, the core gameplay loop is engaging and rewarding. The production values are high with great graphics, sound, and controls. While the gameplay can become a bit tedious over time, there is enough variety and progression to keep it entertaining. The storyline provides enough mystery and context to incentivize pushing forward. Some players may be turned off by the ads and monetization, but the core game remains accessible without spending money. With frequent updates and events, there continues to be new content to experience. For players looking for a polished mobile strategy game in a zombie apocalypse setting, Last Fortress: Underground is an easy recommendation.

Last Fortress Underground Mod APK

What is Last Fortress: Underground Mod Apk ?

  • Last Fortress: Underground Mod APK is a hacked/modded version of the original Last Fortress: Underground game for Android.
  • It provides unlimited money, gems, resources etc which allows unlocking premium content, items, and upgrades without paying
  • This makes progression faster as the player doesn’t need to grind for resources or wait for timers. It provides a big advantage
  • The mod is completely free to download and works offline after installing it.
  • Being a modded app, it is not available officially on the Google Play Store or App Store. It needs to be downloaded from third-party websites.
  • The mod apk frequently gets updated with new features and bug fixes to work with the latest version of the original game
  • It is always advisable to download the mod apk from trusted sources to avoid viruses or malware being bundled with it.

In summary, Last Fortress: Underground Mod APK allows unlimited free access to premium content and resources, making progression faster and easier compared to the original game. It provides a hacked experience for free but needs to be downloaded from external sources.

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